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So I want to buy a bicycle 'cause workplace is 40 minutes away by foot, and because apparently I love cycling but I always were too much of a poorfag to afford one. I want a GOOD one, so I can fuck around every day with it, and also go to work.
tl;dr is pic related a good bike? It's that 'unstealable one' that was crowdfunded. That thing is like 450$ as far as I know. Can I get a better one for that kind of money?
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That's just about the worst bike you could ever buy

Also please use the general
Way to gimmicky. Get something more normal
i think the only way we get ustealable bikes is if the government starts making a line of all proprietary parts that no bike pawn would want anything to do with that can only be bought and traded in through the govt and if it gets stolen they supply you a new one and you have to be registered to ride them.

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Weather is hit and miss, but well on its way to being too hot.
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I really want to ride but the weather is bad and all I can do is train on my rollers.At the end of the week I think there will be a day without bad weather.
You should get a bad weather beater and go out riding in the rain. Feels great man.
Finally got some rain today, air should be nice and crisp tomorrow. Hope it's sunny.

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>The Belgian paper La Dernière Heure (DH) said the five-time Tour de France winner is suspected of giving the commissioner of the Brussels-Midi police force and his wife two top-end bicycles made by his company in order to win a €15,000 ($16,700) contract to supply 46 cycles to officers in Anderlecht in 2006.
>be eddy
>give away two bikes worth $11,000 each
>that's $22,000 combined
>secure contract to sell 46 bicycles...
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>get your first contract though bribery and net loss
>make contracts with other cities because you now have good rep from the first contract

>the police ride your bikes around town all day
>they're basically acting as billboards for your bikes
Why wouldn't you just bid $0?
So he gifted two Bikes and therefore got a contract done? How is that corruption? Thats Buisness, thats common

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Let's say you're going from point A to point B, the terrain are 50% flats and 50% moderate hills (500m max). You will be riding on the road all the time. Sun is shining, no shade in sight and the temperature is around 25°C. You should maintain average speed of at least 30km/h, and are allowed to take 15 minute break every two hours. The catch is, it's just you and your bike. No water and no snacks. You can prepare however you want before the ride, but you can't take anything with you. You can drink/eat only after ariving to the point B.

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No snacks for a two hour ride is fine, just make sure to have had a good breakfast and something before leaving.

No drink? I don't particularly feel like getting a dehydration headache. MAYBE 45 minutes. Probably more like half an hour.
One hour and glucose will drop to zero
Absolutely sure? Maybe just something like 30 km on road bike. What's the point of breaks if you're not allowed to drink or eat. 30 km/h is pretty fast and at 25° and under sun dehydration will come quick. And over two hours without snacks isn't cool either. I mean if you've had huge breakfast it's not easy to ride 30 km/h.

Shit thread. Sage

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Pic related except in white
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the hell created a thread instead of replying, kek sorry mods delete.

you must be 18 or older to post on 4chan, and 15 or younger to ride a BMX bike.
>he doesn't bmx
you poor obese creature

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current year man.jpg
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its 2016, why arent you using disc brakes on road bike?
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Why are you electing idiots?
Because I have allready bought 2 new bikes in the couse of a year. I'm gonna get disc brakes if I update to garbon at some point.

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Soup /n/.

So I need to travel from NYC to Vancouver, Canada by a method other than plane.

I also need to smoke the whole way.

I've thought about renting a private railcar, renting a luxury RV and driver, but neither is very feasible.

I also looked at cruises but there's only one and it leaves in 2018.

Anyone have any recommendations?
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I also tried a vape liquid which is 100% tobacco juice and all the nicotine is from tobacco, but it doesn't help.
You could walk 500 miles, then walk 500 more, but smoking the whole way means you'd probably fall down before you reach their door.
fucks sakes man you can't drive a car and smoke at the same time?

this is weirder than most posts on this board

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...when was the last time you got ticketed for speeding on a bicycle and how much over the limit were you going? Pic related.
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If there's a 30 km/h speed limit, you can get a ticket for going to fast even if you're running it.

Speed limit counts for everyone, but I don't think you'll get a ticket unless you're acting like a madman
Germany here, speed limits apply to motor vehicles only. I have tripped stationary speed cameras a few times on purpose, just because.
I got pulled over once for doing 30mph in a 20 when I was 12y/o. The cop took me home and wanted to give my parents a ticket for me speeding, but they called his station and his boss told him to "Lighten up, Francis."

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giant reign 2013.jpg
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Post a photo of bycicle you own and model name
me Giant Reign 2013
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giant reing broken.jpg
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Now is broken
broken 2
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Got the IGH swap done. Ended up adding about 700g (11.9kg now) which is a bit more than I expected but still not a huge amount, the benefits more than make up for it.

Need to replace one spoke and paint the rim so it matches the front. May even replace the rim altogether when I can be bothered to lace up a new one but this'll do for now.

bike porn thread?

bike porn thread
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>bike porn
>black white and red fredshit on cover
your sister is a keeper
What's porn about this? It's a shitty bike that doesn't even look that good, if it wasn't for the fat tyres it'd look like 99% of 90s rigid MTBs.

>That bar angle

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Just bought a sloped frame bicycle. Reynolds 500 tubing. Worth putting work in?
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yea, fix your saddleangle you cripple

Not really.
>dad burble granksed :DDD

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There are those shitty marks on my new carbon frame due to the carton's packaging. Is there a way to remove/clean it without damage the carbon ?
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It looks like someone peed on your bike anon.

Go look up on how to care for carbon. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Just water and a paper towel might be enough.
You mean those tiny little scratches that look 2mm long?
These aren't scratches, in fact there was some cardboard around and it indeed looks like scratches but these are just some traces

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Am I going to die?
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Yes, death eventually comes to all living things.
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>he's never heard on jellyfish
jellyfish aren't real tho

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Are the R32s the most aesthetic subway car ever?

Here's a pic I took just a few hours ago
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>rolling toasters

never change, subway foamers
what do you like, those trains that look like Optimus Prime's dick?

Probably anything that doesn't literally look like the side of a cheap warehouse.

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I want to get into road racing and have the opportunity to compete in a cat 5 race tomorrow. I have never competed in a bike race, I have never even done a group ride. I have a good road bike (Trek Madone 5.9 with Red and Force components). I just got it, only have 125km on it so far. The last ride was with my dad, a little slower than I'd go on my own, but my other ride (when I was lone) I averaged 31.0 km/h including stopping/starting. So while actually moving I was averaging about 32. It was only an 18.5km ride, but it was stormy and windy which slowed me down, plus...
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OP here, also going to add that the race distance is pretty short by my standards. I haven't done a ride that long on my Madone yet, but I've done much longer rides on my steel bikes (longest being over 300km). So the distance doesn't scare me, I just want to know if I'm fast enough.
Are you fast enough? Yes. But do you know how not to crash?
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are you sure it's not an ADA conference?

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