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What is cross country bike. Any difference from 1995 to 2016? I was born in the 80s and rode a lava dome and a Kula. Should I get one of those again. I live near trees. Should I do cross country races.

Do old bikes get out performed by new bikes. If so how much.
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you really need to be spending at least 5500 on a carbon bike
Where did you get this arbitrary sum from?
What has changed= most xc racers now ride 29er wheels, disc brakes are amazing, way better air suspension forks, pedal Bob minimal with new air shocks,stems are shorter, top tubes longer, handlebars wider and most importantly a new bike will be significantly lighter.

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How many seasons before this is standard on all decent road bikes? It's annoying that this is still considered a niche feature.
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"the peloton" will never want these because wheel swaps would take too long

so they'll never been as popular as you want them to be on high end bikes
What, precisely, is your problem with dropouts?
> Literally asking for another useless standard to blow money on

Repent before it is too late, capitalist heretic.

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Probably not enough to matter, unless you're cranking out some serious watts on a tour(lol)
so what is behind the "you need stiff soles for cycling" thing. thats been around for longer than clipless systems

It helps, for sure. More so if you're at/nearly pro level and crank out some serious watts.

For touring? It seriously doesn't matter a bit. It's not worth the extra weight of bringing hardsole shoes for pedaling AND trainers for campwear/exploring. It always baffles me when people buy hundreds and hundreds worth of titanium shit even cut off the handles of their toothbrushes, yet bring way too many clothes and fucking two pairs of shoes plus sandals.

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>This many bike threads
Come on /n/iggers, let's put the TRAINS back in TRA(I)NSportation!
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ooh the old PCCs. I wish they ran those every now and then on the green line instead of just having them all out in Dot/Murdapan (assuming you're from the Boston area)
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>this image triggers cyclists
Nice Little Hoes

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I put on a new bike chain but I'm too lazy to clean the cogs and gears. Now the chain is dirty and sandy after one ride.

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2/10 confident enough to try to do something yourself, lazy or shit enough to fuck it up
Dumb fuck/10
I've done that.
I'll never be that dumb again though and you better not either.

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Any of you /n/erds live in a harbour city, got ferries?

Auckland - NZ. Comfy commutes crusing past volcanic cones
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Sydney's ferries look cozy. Don't know if pic-related is just a touristic harbour-tour service or a functional commuter
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what cute harbor cruises
Looks like your average yacht

Wisconsin here, rode pic related across lake michigan a few weeks ago, shit was cash

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The thing is Tory knows the Subway extension is bullshit. He was a strong supporter of the SLRT before he ran for office. Add to the fact that he was once CEO of Rogers Cable so he knows it is ludicrous to spend what could be 4 times more money for such a low return on investment. He is in way to be deep now to go back and he is to bone headed to admit it.

/montreal/ here.

This city and this province would be the worse in the country if it weren't for Toronto and Ontario.

Thanks guys.
Even dead Rob Ford is a better mayor than this guy.

>Researchers find game-changing helium reserve in Tanzania


The team estimates that just one part of the reserve in Tanzania could be as large as 54 billion cubic feet (BCf), which is enough to fill more than 1.2 million medical MRI scanners.
"To put this discovery into perspective, global consumption of helium is about 8 billion cubic feet (BCf) per year and the United States Federal Helium Reserve, which is the world's largest supplier, has a current reserve of...
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>the reserve in Tanzania could be as large as 54 billion cubic feet (BCf)
>global consumption of helium is about 8 billion cubic feet (BCf) per year

Cool, so we got another 7 years of supply for helium consumption?

This changes nothing.
>one part of the reserve in Tanzania could be as large as 54 billion cubic feet

One part, mate, total reserves are estimated to exceed 200 billion already
>using helium for blimps and balloons
our descendants hundreds of years from now will hate us

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PoPo appreciation fred
File: 2013-12-24 15.24.58.jpg (852 KB, 1632x1224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2013-12-24 15.24.58.jpg
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When I go up a hill I notice that it's usually my right quadriceps muscle (I am right leg dominant) that is feeling the burn a lot more than my left leg, even though they should be doing the same amount of work.

After I'm done in those hours after when I get some wobbly legs from the biking, both legs feel the same, but going up the hill itself, only one leg feels more

Anyone else experience this?
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you're using your dominant leg more than your other to push the bike up the hill. you can train yourself out of this habit in a few weeks if you're conscious of it.
op i knoe dat feeling

r u using clipless?
But I mean both legs go up to the same height. Is isn't like I'm pushing down harder with one leg I don't think

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Ok so I'm planning to go with some friends on some downhill trails. The trails aren't too crazy or anything from what I've been told. I need to buy a bike though. Haven't rode one in quite a while. Never done any downhill trail stuff, just normal kid stuff. Riding long distances and cruising through town.

So I'm completely new to this. My friend told me to get a used freeride bike. What should I be looking out for? Keep in mind I also want to do some distance stuff. A freeride bike would be fine for that too right? I mean it's not made for...
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Patrol 4.jpg
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you're talking about discipline-specific equipment for several different disciplines.

the best bike for shit you want to do seems like a long-travel AM bike with lots of slack. general consensus for 2016 is that the transition patrol is THE 1-bike-quiver bike if you live in an area with a lot of DH or are planning on traveling to DH bike parks. they start pretty cheap considering the sport you're trying to get into (3k for the low-end spec). i'm personally riding a transition scout, which is a shorter...
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Well it's not exactly multi discipline. I just want to do some distance stuff for exercise. I don't need to do so efficiently.

I also don't have an assload of money to spend. Also this whole thing is meant for fun, not sport. One of my friends competes but she's not extremely knowledgeable on anything but straight up downhill racing. If it helps the trail we'd be riding would be the Post Canyon trail in Oregon. It's not crazy.
Also I'm 6 feet tall, what kind of size should I be looking for?

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Don't mind me, I'm just going to crash into everything and generally act like a 3 year old would act if given an adult body
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Have fun.
dont hate- they having interracial fun and that nigger prob didnt even steal that bike.
There are very few niggers in my country, but every time I see one on a bike they're doing a wheelie

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Hey /n/, I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I need help. I am looking for a casual commuter bike for travelling to and from work (6 miles each way). I am new to biking and would greatly appreciate if you all could give me some feedback whether this would be a good purchase or not.
Any and all help is appreciated.
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looks like a pretty good buy if its your size swipe it up before someone else does
It is my size, thanks for the input man
Shameless self bump

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Pic related: Insterstate 3 in Washington State, from Tacoma to Port Angeles.
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Here's a better idea: stop building roads, and bar cages from using the existing ones

Then maybe idiots would stop buying property 3 hours away from anything useful, and then another 363,241 people buy property in the same isolated patch of land, and then they all bitch and moan about not enough roads and we have to build about fifty more
agreed I am a libertarian too
I'm a big government socialist and I'm OK with this

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Is anyone else scared of riding down steep hills?

I have decided to start riding my bike to work and to get from my house to the main road is basically 2 miles straight downhill before even getting to the road. I hit like 30 MPH going down it and I always get terrified that I will burn out my brakes or crash that speed.

Even though going up that hill is tough, I like it more than the fear that downhill riding gives me.
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the secret is to top bar tuck so you get down them before you start to get scared
I hit 47mph today without a real tuck and pedaling down the hill. I guess I'm not too scared of hills but I do make sure I have plenty of space to brake and I dont brake late into corners. I guess you can say I respect hills and the possibilities of dying if I do something stupid.
Unless it's a straight road, I take my time to go down, and even on straight ramps I just go until I top 50km/h, it's a hobby, I'm not getting paid for going faster and if I fall, things can be bad.

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