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Why is this allowed?
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What's the problem? Looks good to me, lots of parkland, trails, and gridded streets.
You think water gets in the way? You should check out areas with lots of exposed rock.
Why is the grid more important than protecting our natural resources and preserving scenic beauty?

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1. Your city
2. Number of funded rail projects

1. Miami
2. 0(Zero)
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1. Toledo

Ehhhhhhhh, that pink one sorta technically. Everything else is working on getting funding.
1. Atlanta

2. Fat funding chance the state let's us do anything useful, or we get the stick up their ass northern taxphobic wealthy to allow it to get funded at all

This seems like the only place this thread would fit, and this is my first post on this board so bear with me.

I'm thinking about getting my CDL and becoming an OTR trucker. Are there any anons here with experience in that field who can tell me a bit about it?

I like driving, I like being alone, I'm goal-oriented, and I can hold my piss for a while. It seems like I'd make a pretty good trucker.

Also, due to social anxiety and awkwardness, it feels like it would be the only job I'd be comfortable in.

Pic kind of related, you guys seem to like bikes a lot.
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pls halp
I have no experience with any of the things you've mentioned. But I do have experience in not following my dreams. Anon, if your dream is to drive trucks for thousands upon thousands of kilometers or miles, and to be a sweaty cabin monkey, you chase that dream! Shaq once said, "I'm not a sandwich I'm a hero on a low carb diet." Chase that sandwich anon. Eat it and savor it because once it's your time to die. Shaq will take your place.

This could help too: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-life-of-a-commercial-truck-driver-like

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go to /o/, search catalog for "truckerfag"

What style bike is this, long, legs extended back hunched. I want to find one like this.
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wow that's dumb
>I want a bike that rides like absolute shit and makes me look like a chopper wannabe who can't afford the real deal
Nah man fuck that get you a scraper bike


File: Bike_Meme_Guy.jpg (145 KB, 457x637) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Board dead? Time to liven it up I guess. Will biking give me this body?
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/n/ has its own pace and doesn't need shit posts to move it along.

In any case your question belongs on ---> /fit/.
Confirmed shitpost, but no it won't.
It will allow you to be lean enough to have such muscle definition - but it won't give you a great torso like that.
not wearing those shoes it wont.

if you spend some time out of the saddle you'll work your abs, lats, and some biceps and in the saddle you'll get massive triceps and some shoulders.
plus [spoiler alert] legs and bum [/derp]

but you'll still have an ugly head.

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I sometimes intentionally ride or walk slow in front of cars, just to exert what little power I have over the 2 ton steel deathcages zooming all over my city. Life in my city can just sometimes feel so dehumanizing. Am I pathetic?
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If a car overtakes me without leaving room, or does so in an obnoxious way I find them at the next traffic light and filter til I'm in from of them. I then slowly roll of the mark when the lights go and make sure its impossible for them to overtake while I trundle along at 12mph (city limit is 20).

You're not alone man, think of it like you're teaching them a lesson in patience and making the world a better place.

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Bought this yellow wheel from hell for my trainer, I can't get this damn thing installed on my rim, any suggestions?
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It's called a tyre moran
File: 1419905731749.gif (3 MB, 412x304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Remember to fap daily so that you have enough wrist strength for this stuff, anon
Thanks for the help you fucking faggots.

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Why has cycling historically been a white sport? Why will it always be a white sport?
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Because whitey is raycis
t. Majah Taylah
Sorry spectating is not a sport. If you are only interesting at looking at things may I suggest /p/
the only times niggers ride a bike is right after they have stolen one.

>inb4 go back to /pol/

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new Akrigg video niggers


one of his best desu
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I like his traversing skills, I love my hardtail. That compact frame is nice.
This guy is awesome. I like this video, but my all time favorite of him, is this one


Y'all /n/iggers need to get on the Phil Atwill train.


File: Cadence carbon.jpg (114 KB, 960x539) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cadence carbon.jpg
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Old one's maxed

just got new carbon forks and she finally rides like she was meant to
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Looks like a great rider - needs black bartape and a photo taken on a cloudy day though.
I think she looks good with a bit of a flamboyant touch. I had pink tape on before and I liked the look. I had this white stuff lyin around but next time I'm thinking cyan or something neat like that. Might aswell embrace the loud colours
File: P_20151211_174610.jpg (2 MB, 4096x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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finally got the right fit, guess the frame's too small but I love it

File: Moyan Brenn_Park_ZE1mSQ.jpg (319 KB, 1475x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Moyan Brenn_Park_ZE1mSQ.jpg
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I'm overweight, around 90+kg (270 pounds) and I've never properly rode a bike before. I did have one with training wheels but it went missing and I never rode until I got on a kid's mountain bike (idk, it had gears). Apparently, I have good cycle balance but find controlling turns difficult. My goal for 2016 is to get a part time job to see up for a bike but idk what I should get. Help me out /n/
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Rigid MTB with slicks
Make sure it fits, that's why you have a hard time controlling
>find controlling turns difficult.
Find a large parking lot, with no cars,
and turn in progressively smaller circles, and then do figure 8s, progressively smaller. Works for cyclists, skiers, and skaters.

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Hey /N/, Long time no see. In the two years since I was last here I have become horrendously unfit and am now part of the gas guzzling masses.

Decided to come back to cycling but being a landwhale, I now will probably snap a roadbike in half, so have decided to go for a meatier cyclocross bike.

Need to keep this as cheap as possible for now so narrowed it down to two options

VooDoo Limba, ugly and about £85 more expensive than my other choice, but the frame looks more rugged, and has gears


Verenti Isolation, one gear, frame looks a bit...
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Thanks, didn't see that!

File: 20151209_115858.jpg (2 MB, 2560x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Let's see those old bikes you have /n/. 1967 Raleigh Sports 3 speed.
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Damn limeys.
>only has new bikes

SA is tried and true senpai. Easy to work on with lots of replacement part on the eBays. Also I am Americunt

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Quite a spectacle, witness the landing of the Russian cargo plane, the Ilyushin Il-76TD, in slow motion.
Although originally designed to be used by the Russian army, its use is fairly common for various companies airfreight, due to its robustness and low maintenance costs.

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>"impressive slow motion il-76 landing"

>a very common plane
>shot from afar through a mesh fence
>with a shakycam
>barely even slow motion

thanks for wasting my time
it's the same autistic neckbeard who poses airplane landing videos as a separate thread constantly

I don't know why these people can't use the general
does anyone know of any videos floating around of one of these things landing but viewed from the navigators deck through that little bottom window?
I feel like it'd be a cool as fuck angle.

File: Avro_Arrow_3-view.jpg (93 KB, 658x472) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /n/! Could you guys tell me some pros and cons about the Avro Arrow project? I'm trying to argue with my friend why it was a good idea
>pic related
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it was an outstanding design and would have been better than any of its compeition except for the F-4 and F-8. I was better than the Mirage III, F-104, Mig-21 and would have out sold all those jets if it was ever put into production.
No, sorry, we can't. This is a board about transportation. Although the Avro was intended to transport cans of whoop ass to enemies of Canada, it is actually considered a weapon (as per the rules of 4chan) and should be discussed in /k/. Sweet if you could delete this thread and repost on /k/ and we can discuss it there.
Alright I'll do that now, thanks

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