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For those who find the self driving car to be a remarkable and interesting piece of technology this timeline is for you, if you have any updated information PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reply with it, this is by latest possible buy:
Google: 2018
Tesla:2018 (do not buy, unless you want to die)
Uber(driverless fleet):2030
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Fuck so-called 'driverless cars/autonomous cars', I LIKE driving myself. I wouldn't get into one if you PAID me. Also I think they're garbage and will be for decades to come because we can't even figure out how a human brain does what it does, therefore we can't build anything that works the same, therefore you'll NEVER build any fucking 'driverless car' that can drive even as well as a human being UNDER ALL CONDITIONS AND CIRCUMSTANCES, so fuck that shit I WANT TO LIVE, I'll...
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Calm down there anon, world doesn't revolve around you
Oh, it's THIS guy AGAIN.

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Any riders here? When they're finished rebuilding the Waterbury Branch , its going to change the game for people in Connecticut.

That line is a single rail and incredibly shitty , but now connecticut has a brand new Rapid Bus Transit system that runs into downtown Waterbury, it has Millions of new riders and new customers for the shittiest part of Metro North so FINALLY things are being rebuilt. Upgraded Multi Tracks , switches , signal lights , ext. I cant wait!
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Heres a map of the rapid busses coverage so youll get an idea of what i mean.

This bus line has its own private highway so youll never get stuck in traffic. It feels like lightrail.

This will boost the hell out of the Waterbury Branch
I have no idea why Connecticut bothers with trains and such

I'm in NYC and every time there's an article in the Times about transit or bikes, some cager says "I'm from Connecticut and this is going to make everything worse when I drive down to NYC twice a year to watch The Phantom of the Opera, all bike lanes and trains should be destroyed to make room for people from three states away to be able to park their cages for free in midtown"

You dont know how much of a shitshow getting into NYC from Connecticut durring rush hour.

Miles and miles of bumper to bumper traffic if you drive

It's time for me to buy my first pair of clipless pedals and I need your guidance /n/

Can a clipless pedal double as a platform or if I want to wear regular shoes will I have to keep swapping out pedals?
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It must be strange to be as grossly inept as you
Can information be found on the internet? Is there something that I can search through? Can I just hang back and let everyone do everything for me in life?
You can buy pedals that are clipless on one side and flat on the other. Use >>>/n/bqg next time.

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I don't know jack shit about bicycles.
About a month ago I bought a mountain bike to commute to work. Today I have discovered a different way to ride my bike. I don't know if it's supposed to be the right or wrong way, which is the purpose of this thread.
So far I would normally just grip the handles and pedal normally. Today I realized that using my full body makes cycling much more fun. To be specific, I realized that the allocation of the weight is of outmost importance. When pedalling on the left, I grip with my right hand and push all of my weight...
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This is why mexicans need to build a wall
Rocking the bike from side to side underneath you is normal when you ride out of the saddle, standing on the pedals. And riding out of the saddle is normally done when you need to put out extra effort during a steep climb, or to sprint, or just as a way to stretch your legs during a long ride.

If you're shifting your weight around that dramatically while seated then you might have an issue with your saddle height, but otherwise nope, nothing odd about that at all.

Keep a relaxed upper body.

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How does /n/ feel about these?
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ree and stuff i guess
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I don't have a qt to carry.
>women always looking for a free ride

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What's wrong with having a kickstand?

Why would you willingly lean your bike up against random precarious shit as opposed to just standing it up wherever you want?
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ride harder
gtfo of /n/
So you have no actual reasons?

Just wanted to confirm. Thanks.

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So, I found a frame near one of the charity clothes containers. It's from a Focus Black Raider LTD size M. I'm not sure about the year tho.

How to find out the size of the wheels only from the frame ?

I googled this bike model, and found 99% 26" wheels, but when I put the 'new' 26" back wheel, the brake mounting points are too low, almost on the level of the rim.

The parts I bought 2nd hand pretty cheap.
26" alu. back wheel, it was used with the original bike. With Shimano 14-34 Thread-on 7-speed Freewheel (I think)....
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Interested by this.
Looks to be a 2010 model but can't be completely certain, likely no newer than that though due to having V brake mounts.

Are you sure the wheel you have isn't actually 24"?
Tourney is Shimanos lowest of the low tier group.

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a refreshing bathh.webm
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I'm 25 and I still can't ride a bike without holding the handlebar. I can let go and sit up just fine, but I always begin drifting left or right.
I've used the same bike all the time though, don't know if it's harder on some.
Should I kill myself?
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I'm 34 and can't bunny hop or wheelie.
Faster is easier, seat at the correct height, bike setup well (headset isn't too tight and tyres aren't at a low pressure). Steer with your body, you should be able to correct the drift with your hips and legs with your arms by your side.
Use your abdomen to stand and balance yourself.
If your headset is too loose it'll tip to one side at any irregularity.

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What the hell is cycle cross and how do you brake when going down steep hills with bars like that.
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you hold down those things sticking off the handlebars
disc brakes are very dangerous though, you could fly over the bars

there is a reason UCI requires rim brakes
Yes, neo-luddism

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I saw one of these beasts in a campground in Colorado. The German owner said he had shipped in into the US by boat after traveling in South America. It's seems like it's more for crossing the Sahara than off-roading in the US. Anybody know anything about them?
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Off-roading in the US is generally a sport.

Off-roading in most other places is generally just what you have to do to get from a to b.

Those are not specifically for Sahara crossing and even then that doesn't seem kitted for it at all.

Terrain in certain parts of the US can resemble terrain in other temperate countries which the unimog is primarily used.

It all depends on your purpose.

Eg. If you want to go mudding then why would you spend all that money on importing a unimog and not some beater half ton and throw super swampers and diff locks on it?

The weight alone on those things makes them not particularly great off road compared to a lot of other vehicles. If you're using it as kind of an overgrown camper it's fine I guess, but there are much better vehicles for the purpose.
Unimog means universal motor gadget.
It's not a fun vehicle. Its a serious workhorse.

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How long did it take you guys biking to start recognizing differences with your body? Endurance (biking or running), muscle size, etc? And what changes did you notice first? All that stuff is my question here
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riding a bike every day is treating my depression and manging my diabetes II

and it made me better at sex by giving me more leg strength

so, thanks bikes
My bum is feeling firmer after a month
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spooky tip.jpg
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My legs and arse were more nicely shaped and I got out-of-breath a lot less. I also generally have more energy now than before I exercised (talking several years ago now).

thank mr bik

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stadler KISS.jpg
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full July 7th agenda here:


>Award of Contract to Stadler US, Inc for Procurement of Electric Multiple Unit Vehicles for a Not-to-Exceed Amount of $550,899,459

Which means Caltrain will get some modified KISS units, pic related but with double doors on each side (for low and high platforms).
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They'll most likely have the new front though. Pic related KISS made by stadler for ODEG in Germany.
I don't get how having high and low platform doors is going to work long term. I get that the low platform doors are for the near term and the high ones for once all stations have been modified to have high platforms. But once that happens, will they modify the trains to remove the low doors and put seats there instead?
only in America would such a thing even need to happen

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235_pierre bezier.jpg
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>on commuter bike
>top speed 57km/h
>he doesn't bomb the fuck out of local hills on his commuter
I know! That happened to me. Real issue on Android. Swapped to the other OS and it seems more stable.

>inb4 not using dedicated cyclo-meter-o-tron-GPS-DooDadd

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when will this meme end?
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Maybe they'll switch back to front derailleurs once di2 is really affordable, but for now it just makes a ton of sense.

It's nice and simple if you're just racing through the woods.

And for full suspension it really helps framebuilders if they don't have to incorporate a front derailleur.
>It's nice and simple if you're just racing through the woods.

Im mean, yeah , for DH specific build it makes a lot of sense, for anything going up or half up its just like cutting a steak with a spoon.

>And for full suspension it really helps framebuilders if they don't have to incorporate a front derailleur.


>dat chainline
>dat b screw tension
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Aside from the normal considerations of weight, complexity, handlebar real estate, etc chainring size effects suspension behavior. It is a lot easier to get a perfectly tuned suspension if there is only one chainring to consider. This is important enough that chainline issues are a worthwhile tradeoff for many disciplines.


1x on a hardtail or road bike is thoroughly ridiculous.

I've also seen it...
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What kind of bar tape do you guys like?

This thread brought to you by foamers, good job causing the demise of the Hokkaido train thread, but there just isn't room for you here anymore :(
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Fizik microtex is the best I've ever used.
I like cinelli cork tape, and soma "thick and zesty" serrated tape

The cinelli can't be re-wrapped in my experience, it just dissolves when you remove it. Soma tape I've managed to salvage

The serrated stuff feels good on your hands. The Cinelli cork is just nice quality compared to the cheapest stuff, and only ~$3 more

I don't believe lizardskins or leather or cotton tape could really be better than cork / fake cork, at least in non-racing / fop wagon applications So why spend the money..

I rode lizardskins tape for a season.
It was alright but nothing special. Better than cheap cork.

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