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File: Trail-Rider-MTB-v2.jpg (263 KB, 950x634) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be me
>Buy beginner mountain bike
>Ride with friend at local trail
>Spend ALOT of money on bike
>Getting pretty good
>Bike is getting good
>Friend gets into dirt jumping
>Sells trail bike gets dirt jump bike
>Stops riding with me as we ride different disciplines and he is a faggot
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Joining a club really is probably your best bet. Or you can do what I do and just get a couple different bikes and ride whatever.
Dirt jumping is so gay, you're better off without him

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So, it's happened. Alaska Airlines is buying Virgin America. What is Alaska planning on doing with such a completely different airline?

Will it rebrand Virgin into a low-cost subsidiary? Will it take in Virgin's fleet, despite the tremendous differences between each company's corporate structure, fleet, image, and in-flight services?

I'd really like to see some discussion on this topic, as I'm honestly curious as to which way this will go.
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I want the Alaska Airlines name to go away. Or at least from anywhere that isn't Alaska. Why would the West Coast's (now) largest airline still call itself Alaska Airlines?

I'd really like for Alaska Airlines to hang onto Virgin's "hip and modern" image, and solidify itself as THE carrier of the west coast with a new snazzy name.

In the end, I'm just sad to see Virgin go. If anything, I wish JetBlue would have gotten them instead.

If the new airline can stay on par with https://youtu.be/DtyfiPIHsIg...
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Virgin was always my favorite airline to fly; pity that they don't serve the inside of the country where I do most of my flying
god, I hate everything about that video

Current infrastructure projects thread.

Old thread >>897336

An upgrade from 2 to 4 tracks on some 20km of Mälarbanan northwest of Stockholm to separate local from regional traffic will be taken into service this fall.

The effect will be one (1) more commuter train in rush hour.
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Canada's budget for Public Transit.
An upgrade of no holes for lags to eight holes for lags some 2/10ths of a mile behind me.

The effect will be some(8) holes for lags in each new tie.
What exactly can you do on transit matters with $320,000?

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Post Your Bike Thread

old thread >>940810 is kill

thinking about selling it, I hardly use it anymore, poor thing
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Got this yesterday after my dad cleaned it up. He found it covered in mud in a ditch next to a railway

>7 gears with high/low settings for 14 gears total
>The most uncomfortable seat on the planet
>Lyra warrior handlebars so I need to ride with my arse higher than my head

I'm just using it as an exercise bike, but it's probably worth a mint
And of course I forgot the image. Bitches be mad jelly of my butthurt bike

I'll give zero dollars for that wicked cassette chain guard.

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Why didn't someone start a new one edition

Tell about how your training is going, races are going, how you're feeling, anything related to the thread title.
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training to get faster, only one I compete against is myself I guess.

Did 60 miles today, round a 18.5 pace.

Got smoked by a guy on a Specialized 20 miles in, he was going around 22 mph. He drove to the bike trail, no fucks given.

Legs are sore as fuck, gonna ride 2mrw.
In the first week of mid Base (I'm behind almost 2 months due to illnesses). This year I'm doing long Tempo rides twice weekly. Already did 60 minutes at Tempo on my road bike Tuesday, today was 60 minutes at Tempon on my TT bike. Not so great a job as on my road bike because I'm still getting used to the aero position on the TT bike again, but I got it done. By the end of this training block I should be at 90 minutes of Tempo twice a week.
Still in winter mtb commuter mode. Got on the road bike twice and had major back pains. I started way earlier last year, but I have final year of university obligations to tend to. Can't wait until everything is over.

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>$34 to replace one spoke and true rear wheel on a Trek 7.2
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That seems fair to me. Bikes should charge more for labor and less for parts, cue infinite rage by MGTOW DIY cultists
Should have just used the chance to upgrade the wheel.
About how much would a decent rear wheel cost for a Trek 7.2 FX? What site should I buy it from? Would the local bike shop install it for me or would they tell me to fuck off since I didn't buy it off them?

Next time a spoke goes and I need a true I might replace the wheel altogether

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Hilarious! I'm glad though, fuck piling up on some dudes rotor.
Start your own club.

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General
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Ok boys

Years ago, when I was still living and working in the suburbs, I bought a bike off a german intern who was going back home.

It's really nice for the suburbs because you can ride on the sidewalks. The tires on this bike are like pencil thin.

Now I've moved a few miles west to Chicago, and holy fuck it's almost impossible to ride on some streets

The sheer amount of pot holes and shitty infrastructure make it so I have to contest with cars on main streets because my bike is too suburban

So my question is: what do i do? The...
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If you have enough clearance, you could put some wider tires on it. Something like Vittoria Randonneur Pro II or Michelin City in the 32mm-40mm width range. Just make sure you have enough clearance before buying any.
>And for those of you who bike in the city, what kind of bike do you guys recommend?
Depends. If you want something for commuting, something that can handle rough roads, etc, then something like Marin Muirwoods 29er, Kona Dew Plus, Specialized Sirrus, Trek FX, etc.
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And just to clarify, the road bikes (Pacer and Space Horse) are going to be more pavement oriented, so not really what you're looking for.
The bikes I listed before that have flat bars, they'll be good on rougher terrain, be it bumpy roads, gravel, dirt, whatever. The cyclocross bikes I listed at the end are basically the same except they have drop bars and are a bit more aggressive. They'll be a bit faster and give more hand positions, but won't be quite as stable on rough roads and also give you a lower riding position which isn't as ideal in city traffic (where you want a good range of vision, and you want to be visible to drivers, both of which suggest a higher position as provided by flat bars).
For commuting, drop bars vs flat bars really comes down to personal preference. Ride both, see what you like. I love both and I use both for commuting.

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touring bicycle.jpg
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Fenders are the most fucking stupid thing ever invented and there is literally no reason to use them. Riding with fenders is almost as bad as riding without a helmet. Prove me wrong. Protip: You can't.
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Pro-fender logic: Fenders keep you dry

Intelligent person logic: Rain falls from the sky so a jacket is what keeps you dry
inb4 serious replies
OP is right. And you know what else is fucking stupid? Rubber inner tubes filled with air. Weight weenies think that a pneumatic tube is going to be soooo much lighter than a solid rubber tyre, but when you figure how much time gets wasted fixing flat tires, a solid tire actually saves time if you're not an elite rider with a team maintenance car following you around.

>Elitist tdf wannabes BTFO

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Why are bikes in japan so expensive?
The second hand market is full of bicycles like pic related half eaten by rust for ~70$

Decent ones are $300+ overpriced stuff.
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because they're highly sought after pretty much everyone needs one and not everyone has one
also a good cargo basket is $$$$ in japan, legit dude a fucking basket will sell in an instant
File: bianchi-minivelo8d.jpg (284 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Probably because the bicycles are quality and not cheap chinese shit. Or maybe not - I'm just talking out of my ass.

It seems that the nips have a fine appreciation of mini velos and other nifty folding bicycles.

Livery thread!

Post your favorite airline liveries! I've always like Southwest's colors. Some think it's ugly, but I think it's a nice splash of color in a sea of boring blue and white planes.
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File: BRANIFF_DC8[1].jpg (691 KB, 1346x593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Not posting based Braniff

Believe It!
File: 455740_D_Wimbledon.jpg (1 MB, 1973x1465) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Funny how a completely unrelated train operating company of the same name in the UK uses the same color scheme.
File: aaeroflotssj100.jpg (95 KB, 600x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Always been a fan of all the Aeroflot liveries, especially the current one.

File: suburbs.jpg (939 KB, 2000x1490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Suburbs hate thread

Discuss the greatest travesty to city planning
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older eastern US suburbs are great though. because the houses sit on at least an acre of land.

the ones like in OP's picture are mostly in the southwest or newer mcmansion developments.
Glorious. Just build a brick firewall in between the houses and you have a nice row of townhouses.
Those houses are shitty ass duplexes for poor people. Look at how small the plots are. You can't even throw a frisbee with a yard that small.

At least my house is a proper McMansion with a yard big enough for my own mini forest and god no I don't share any walls with neighbors. Fucking poors.

Who looking forward to this>?

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It's shit
Needs a blimp
It's a fundamentally bad idea AND Musk flat out lied to the public about the costs.

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ITT: Road Designs We Hate

I exclusively road a bike for first six or seven years I was eligible to drive a car, and now that I've been driving for a little under a year, there's a lot of shit that seems outright retarded to me.

Can anyone explain to me why it's ever a good idea to have an exit from the left lane?
Right seems reasonable, since if your exit is coming up, you can hang in that lane without someone up your asshole, and all cars exiting are going at a comparatively lower speed to the rest of the road.
With left lane exits, if you're...
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>>Why the fuck is this done?

seems like the ones I've used are due to terrain or existing infrastructure that block a rightward exit. better a lefty than going to the next exit and having to double back.

but you're right, driving is a PITA that most people are conditioned to accept.

you should probably make a thread on >>>/o/
What >>933661 said. Seattle has a few, and there's nowhere to put them on the right side. Actually, if drivers would pull the collective sticks out of their asses and stop with the whole "left lane is muh passin' lane" bullshit (what they really mean is "I want to go as fast as want wherever I want, safety be damned), ESPECIALLY in urban areas with massive traffic volume, the left lane exits would be considerably easier to use. But considering the...
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It will be all better when self-driving cars are ubiquitous.

So much better in so many ways.

File: cleatcompare1.jpg (98 KB, 600x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What are the pros and cons of cleats?
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They go clippity clip when he walk
heres your (You), you are begging so hard for.
Steep trails.

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