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n goes to o.jpg
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I guess this is the place to ask. I'm from /o/ so I'm not used to taking the bus between states. So I need to go to San Diego and found the bhanmi bus but It only takes me from chandler az to chinatown in la. How would I get from chinatown to San Diego?
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90s rigid MTB
It's what 2 hours by car. That's like 8 hours of biking.
>90s rigid MTB
with slicks
or an OTS. A Peugot, preferably.

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When did you first learn to ride 2 wheels, /n/? I was 10. Very late, I know.
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idk, maybe 3-4. I had this bike with squared off wheels and training wheels. My Dad would bend them until it became obvious they needed to just come off... and then we began jumping bikes, but thats another story.
21 years. I know, I know >lazy fatlard etc
Since then I tried to move and practice on a bicycle.
6, I won a bike on a drawing contest

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lets get some i/n/fo regarding rain

how much rain days do you get per year?
do you train/ride on rainy days?
bonus: raintips regarding bike care and what to wear to be confortable during rain riding.

>Santiago, Chile, 46 days of rain a year (thats what stats say)
>nope,i teng to avoid rain and i feel like a faggot cause of that
>as stated before, im a pussy so i dont have too much real adivce, but one thing i alwyas do after riding on the rain is cleaning the transmission.

lets see how other behave in comparision to how mch rain they have... lets go!

PS: pic not related, this is a bike thread!
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>this is a bike thread
>no information about whether you ride the train on rainy days
>no information on whether you fly on rainy days
OP, you kinda suck.
About 12 tons of water in a second at about 135mph.
I'd rather take the bus. :)

I' do dry and relatively cold only.
if i admit i suckm,coukld you be may girlfriend?

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old mans beater.jpg
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/n/ could you please spec me a new modern group set to replace the one in pic related.

Bonus points for replacement front mech and shifter only. I look at all these Deore XT and modern Alvio stuff but most of it is for 9-10 cassetes while Dad's bike is 8. Don't know if its compatible and am confused.

TLDR: Front mech is fucked on old beater bike and need a replacement. Send help.

(also sry if this is more /DIY/ than /n/)
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Tourney or Altus or whatever was already on there.
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You're fine, /n/ is the place for this stuff.

If you want to order a replacement front derailer online, get a Shimano FD-M310, but know that when you figure in shipping it'll probably be cheaper/same price to go to a local bike shop (take your bike along), and if they've got an old derailer laying around then it might be a lot cheaper than ordering online.
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Here's what you need OP.

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>not being able to hold 5wp/kg on a climb

Why don't you just give up now
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I can barely do 3w/kg should I just end it? Everyone on strava is better than me.
Well that depends on how long and steep the climb is
Ok lets say a 10km climb @ 4%

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Do you bike with your dog? How do you bike with your dog? Pic related is my bike model.
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I almost had to kick a dog in the face yesterday
we had 2 malimute (sled breed) mix dogs when I was younger.
My dad had an old coaster brake cruiser bike and would use that to keep the dogs from going to fast while he held their leases with one hand and handle bars with the other.
File: kure.png (542 KB, 985x1097) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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under the guise of being their ally and cooperating

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plane cessna.jpg
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Yoke and Pedals Edition.
How much of your flight is IFR?
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I've had my instrument rating for like a year, and I've had 0 IFR flights outside of training. The IFR conditions are pretty scarce, considering I live in Arizona. Either it's nice and sunny or a monsoonal thunderstorm. Or the occasional icing conditions in winter. It's only helpful if I'm flying to some place in Southern California where dodging class bravos and deltas left and right is annoying.
I haven't even started IFR training, yet. PPL checkrides are expensive.
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Attention MILW foamer of /n/

One of their bridges in Montana is for sale.

Now's the time to fulfill those dreams of yours.
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>autistic user stalker calls someone else an autist
File: MILW_E77_3_w_t_s2.jpg (223 KB, 900x588) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks for the info f@m, it would be cool to see this scene recreated, but it sounds like you're more obsessed with the railroad (or with me) than me at this point if you're finding this kind of info.

Have you become a secret fan?
I didn't call him autistic, nor do I stalk him.

I know he's here, and found something that would be of interest to him.

I actually found the info on another not-really-specifically-railroad-related website.

Just figured it would pique your interest :')

How fucking based is this diesel

Build in the fucking 60's and it's still being used more than diesels built in 70's 80's and sometimes 90's

barely even see 56's anymore meanwhile these fuckers are everywhere, and being used for all kinds of haulage

what went so right?
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>Build in the fucking 60's

and that is the correct answer
and they sound fucking AMAZING
Tractors have done well for themselves, but do prefer it's big brother, the EE Type 4

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Plasti-dip is a spray on material like paint but rubber based

can remove it by peeling the edge without any harm to the surface under neath

how does /n/ feel about coating their frames in plasti-dip?
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muh gramz
I'm a dirty casual and i still feel like this about plastidip >>960299
Never thought about using it on a bike frame. I might try this on my scraggly mtb. Shit is haggard

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What does /n/ think of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail?
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I rode it last spring, its a pretty nice way to wander around indie. It connects up well with other trails and you dont have to deal with roads much. It was an unexpected surprise to me being for in indiana.
*for being
bumpitty bump bump

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Allah snackbars at it again

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>All the news services showing a thumbnail of an A330

and I'm a lycra not even an insufferable plane foamer
This is why bicycles are better.

You're proposing to bike from France to Cairo?
Good fucking luck with that.

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So I am looking to get back into biking and was wondering if anyone could help me out. I used to bmx in my teen years and got pretty good. I had a Diamondback with a lot of custom parts. It got stolen so I quit at age 17.

I'm 22 now and really want to get back into that world, partly to lose some weight but mostly just to get me out of my apartment. There are some amazing street places within a minute ride from my place.

The last time I rode was almost 6 years ago. I hear a lot has changed with modern bmx bikes. My question is- what is a good intermediate...
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Come on lads, already been to like 5 other boards with no help
Doesn't /asp/ have a BMX general? We're not big on BMX here on /n/ since they're not great for transportation.
First place I posted, people told me to come here =/

File: Skateboard.jpg (43 KB, 700x547) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I guess skateboard general?

Considering getting a skateboard to help me get around for my job.

While I would love to get a bike, it does not fit well for Car pools/Buses, So ya.

Basically is building my own from parts best?

How much does a decent skate board cost, do I need to spend more than 50 bucks for something decent? only ever bought the cheapest off the shelf stuff.

I only need it for riding, probably going to get something compact so it can fit into my bag/on my bag

Do they make security trucks with a loop for locking it up...
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But I have no need for doing tricks or whatever
There's a skateboarding thread there. You'll probably find better help there but I can answer.

>is building my own from parts best?
Probably not unless you know what you want.

>decent board cost?
You can get a Churchill Penny Killer for $75.
Check the rest of the boards on that page, pick what length/shape you like.

>Do they make security trucks with a loop for locking it up to something?
No. If you're going for a small board, it'll be easy to keep it close by and keep an eye on it.

Have you ever ridden before? What distances do you plan on riding? The penny killer is 23" so it's pretty short, the cruisers are 28" which would be more stable at speed.

File: DoubleDeckerBus.png (2 MB, 1612x1356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
Does a double-decker bus have any advantages over a standard articulated bus? I know a few years back London introduced artics into the fleet and of course the people of London made it clear they vastly preferred the double deckers. Is there any situation in North America where a double decker would be the preferred option over an artic?

>for the tea-nigs, an aritculated bus or "artic" is the same thing as a """bendy bus"""
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well if you're going to pull faggotry like that, then bikes belong on >>>/asp/
File: nova1.jpg (125 KB, 500x255) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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We have them here in NYC for the tourism trade and that's about all they are practical for. In the NYC metro area it would be a hassle with all of the tunnels, low bridges, and height restricted routs. I can't comment on other US municipal transportation systems as I lack knowledge and experience.

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