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So I fucked up /n/
While I was looking up some symptoms of my rear tire some places told me to replace the bearings with some fresh ones of the original size.
I was lucky to have some and I went to take apart the hub because I do NOT have the money to go to repairs or buy a new tire.
Well as I took apart the hub I was careful to set out the spacers just as I had put them in.
Then as my friend just came over I ran out to go meet them. Later during the party though it turned out his daughter had gotten into my garage and had touched a bunch of shit (including my stacks...
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It was your friend's fault for not controlling his crotchspawn

Why are kids always given a free pass?

That little shit owes you a new wheelset, you're a pussy if you don't beat it out of her
>because I do NOT have the money
>throwing a party
you deseve it, m8.
can a simple 4chan browsing poorfag not get together with his friends

So my bike is pretty much only rideable in low 1 and high 6 gear, anything else makes the chain slip, its pretty annoying since i love biking and dont have any more to spend on repairs, any way i can fix this on my own? any help would be apreciated, if you need any more information i'l give my best to provide you with it
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Have you tried adjusting the tension of the shifter cable?

If not, delete this thread. There us usually a little knob that you spin to adjust it. It's usually near the shifter itself. Turn your bike upside down, adjust, test and repeat.
How did you mantain the chain in the past months/years?

is the bike used?

Because it seems like you got a worn out cassette.
Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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>stem shifters
>schwinn accessories
>27" wheels

stop now
>I'm an elitist
how can you tell that they're 27"? genuinly curious

File: cannondale_scalpel_29.jpg (360 KB, 2400x1451) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I bought the 29" mtb meme, got a good discount on old stock.

Would it be possible to convert it to a 27.5" without too much effort? Or would the dimensions be all wrong? Or perhaps keep 29" in the front and go to 27.5" in the back?

Overall I like it, but its literally a tad too big and overkill for the type of riding I use it for (some street/light trails). Also, I look like a doofus riding a 29" at 5'11".
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A decent wheelset is expensive, and youd need to buy some new tools or pay someone to swap everything over.
BB height would go to shit too.
Ifthe bike is too big its because you bought the wrong size, not because of the wheels. I ride 29s with my paltry 5'7"

I bought a Large frame Cannondale Scalpel (OP related)

Perhaps the frame is just too big? Once I get going I crank on it but its a lumbering monster at low speeds
I had the same issue, what really fixed it for me was swapping my stem for a shorter one. Went from a 100mm to a 60mm, and it handles better than my old 26" now.

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Today I just bought a 2005 bmw 325i for my first car over a 2003 Cadillac CTS. Both exteriors and interiors were flawless. The CTS was gold with tan leather interior and wood finish inside. The bmw was silver with black leather interior. The bmw has 90k miles on it and the CTS has 67k miles on it. Both prices were $5600. The flaws were the radio on the CTS didn't pickup any signal, and the passenger window on the Bmw doesn't work, Both could be fixed. Did I make the right decision choosing the bmw? What do y'all think?
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You could have picked up a Canyon Ultimate CF SLX if you weren't such a disgusting ameriblob, but given that your only choices are Trek, Motobecane, and a GMC Denali, I can see why you went with the cage
Not sure buying an import that old is ever a good idea. I've heard plenty of horror stories about people buying used VWs and getting crushed by part cost for even simple repairs.

File: 1408852633732.png (606 KB, 680x967) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know I'll probably catch some shit for this, but I'm planning a bicycle tour soon, and I have a question. I'm an ex heroin addict that is now clean and I want to go on an adventure now that drugs no longer control my life. I completely quit hard drugs and alcohol, but one thing I still like to do is smoke weed. I'm planning on biking the ACA southern tier route in January next year, and I am skeptical of whether I should carry weed on my during my travels. I have no problem going without it, but I could see how it would be useful to have after a long day...
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And why exactly would you "disrespect" them? Are you planning on smoking weed at the same time you ask cops for help?
I don't know. They could smell or something, and I think it would just make me feel dishonest.
Well, in your first post you said you'd be smoking pot to help with the post-ride aches and to help you sleep, which would mean you'd be smoking at night. Since you'll be talking to cops before this, it shouldn't be a problem.

File: IMG_20160529_172201.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hello /trans*/,
I want to talk canoes and canoeing with you all. Do you canoe? Where? What's your canoe? This thread is for all the J-strokers and wooden yokers out there. Come on in!

>pic related, my canoe
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Though the thread does belong in this board, I think /out/ would know about this more than /n/.

On topic, I once saw a huge canoe that sits 4 abreast. Don't know how the two in the middle paddle.
I have a canoe. So much more agile than a row boat. And much more fun.

Usually take it out by the lake at my cabin during the summer. Occasionally in the sea by my home. Have done a few trips down different rivers with my brother. Plan to do an overnight trip from the cabin back to home this summer. Should be able to do ~175 km in 2 or 3 days down a gently flowing river right?
Can kayaks be in this thread? I've been thinking maybe i should get a kayak to complement the exercise i get from cycling.

File: galaxy_xi_org_2100.jpg (790 KB, 2100x1212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey, /n/, so I'm picking up a road bike. I'm 5'-5" and I don't plan on taking it off-road. Is this a good bike for its price? I'm trying to stay under $250 if possible. I would be getting the small 46cm one in orange.
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Post your local Craigslist

That bike would work but it's kind of a last resort
the question of a good new road bike for the price of less than $250 is a tricky one, because it's not a good bike, and nothing in that range is, so it's hard to say whats better or worse.

like nobody here can really determine what all the shimano shit below claris-tier is worth.. because it's like... what even is that?
bro you gotta understand /n/s a slow moving board, you posted about this in /bbg/ and got some answers. go with the dawes, it's got wider tires but is otherwise the same bike.
lurk moar and learn to be patient

File: 2013-Can-Am-Spyder-first-ri.jpg (224 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Are these guys the freds of the motorcycle world?
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I thought squids were the freds of the motorcycle world. Or is it the joeys of the motorcycle world?
I would think it would be those dickheads with "loud pipes"
They are the airsofters of the motorcycle world.

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why does cycling have bike weight limits?
just looked up the answer
shit time to be alive
>be me
>get credit
>buy 3000 bucks carbon wheelset
>train with them the first time
>they explode

File: BnIpMG6g.jpg (90 KB, 680x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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for use at windham bike park just for a day. wont do anything extreme. will i be ok?
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Pump track/flow trail with small hills? You'll be fine.

Chairlift park on a big mountain? Not such a great idea. You'll probably be fine but it won't be much fun and you might boil your brakes.

I don't know anything about Windham. Do they have beginner-appropriate singletrack?
File: 20160513_134616-1.jpg (1 MB, 2808x1780) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2808x1780
If you're talking about a local dirt jump park you'll be fine. I've gone dirt jumping on pic related so that bike will be good

this is the type of trail ill be doing.

Old one reached the bump limit.
So /n/, I'm in a conundrum- I want to buy a new road bike for road rides and maybe a little racing down the road. I'm stuck between two Fuji bikes I work at my LBS so I get minimum 30% discount, but we have a partnership with Fuji so I could probably get them even cheaper, so the price isn't the issue.
I'm ton between (pic related) the Gran Fondo Classico 1.1 and the Sportif 1.1.
the gran fondo is carbon, has rim brakes which I prefer, pretty basic wheels -700x25, ultegra derailleurs and shifters, no rack mount whatsoever,...
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Those two are pretty similar bikes - the main difference is that the Fondo has a slightly longer wheelbase and toptube, meaning the Sportif will have slightly snappier handling, while the Fondo will require slightly less effort of out you to keep it pointed in a straight line (beneficial on a long ride, and when riding at higher speeds).

Frankly I think you'll be fine either way, so go with your gut and get the Fondo.
Sup /n/aggers, yet another bike noob here.

Is this worth 290 freedom dollars?
Worth is not an objective quantifier. It all depends on you own situation; needs, requirements, expectations, finances, future plans, local availability.

File: DSCF3029.jpg (338 KB, 1000x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is OK, right?
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If you took it into a bike shop, they'd probably say that they would ride on it but don't be surprised if the sidewall blows.

Move it onto the rear wheel, a rearwheel blow isn't dangerous, a front wheel blow can kill you if you're going fast/downhill.
No, your depth of focus is too shallow
>not having glorious f/1.4
>tfw its on aps-c

File: fred on red trike.jpg (186 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fred on red trike.jpg
186 KB,
>yfw there is a website devoted to freds
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Yeah it's called bikeforums.
isn't this sheldon? i still don't get the circlejerk about him, just because he wrote down numbers he seems to be a god
He popularized the idea that you can be a serious cyclist without being a racer

File: Image.jpg (1 MB, 1281x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>look outside
>see this guy with your bike

What do you do, /n/?
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that nigga looks like straight carbon
kindly thank him for taking that trash out to the bin.
I don't know why blacks waste their time and money getting tattos that are barely visble.

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