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Aside from Ebay & Craigslist
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I dunno but maybe I could check that girl's rectum. Maybe I find something, maybe I don't. But I'm willing to dig around for as long as it takes to be sure.
Local shops/co-ops
Why isn't she wearing any shoes?

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Bring it all senpai
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gotta go aero.jpg
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Can we talk bike shorts? My booty is starting to get sore so I'm looking to invest in my first pair.
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What is your question
What's a good brand that won't break the bank?
Well first of all those are rowing shorts

Is it possible to bike to work without looking like a complete faggot?
Post your commuting outfit pls.
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bump cuz I'm interested
>skinny jeans and windbreakers
>looks like a fag
Padded shorts with jogging shorts over them and whatever t-shirt
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I guess the only thing that makes me look like a faggot is having one pant leg rolled up but that's because I don't want chain marks all over the side of my pant leg. Are you doing just general shitting on people in kit or did you blow in from /fa/ looking to match your bike with your outfit?

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What is the best conveyance for someone who is about to go full MGTOW?
Do not need to impress anyone, just want to have fun and get where I need to go reliably.
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Why not ask Reddit, where you came from?
carriage drawn by team of ponygirls, how do you not already know this?
Depends on so many things.

Wanna go fast?
Do you need to go outside the city?
What is the terrain like?
What is the climate during whole year? Do you have seasons?
Is your neighbourhood filled with niggers?
Are you rich?
Do you often carry passengers or cargo?
Why are you such a faggot?
What is your typical commute?
Does your city have good infrastructure for different types of vehicles?
Do you have disabilities?
How old are you?
Do you need to appear representative because...
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>visit /n/
>/n/ is located under Japanese culture
>notice that trains aren't even on the first page
>just a bunch of admiration for stupid bikes
wow, seriously? Is there no train lover in here? Is there no one who admires Japanese train transportation system? Japan has the most advanced train system in the world. Any train otakus here?

more train threads pls
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please go trainscum don't you have to obsessively count the cars passing by your window or something anyway
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Not a train otaku, but I do like my trains. I like them so much I get paid to ride them. :D
Don't worry OP, I'm sure "how to train for a race" threads are much more related to transportation.

Why aren't you twinks posting 26" rigid drop bar conversions?
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Have you told your dad that you're a sissy?
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Why are you going to finally man up and dirt drop yourself a mountain tarck?
You really think the bike you already have is cool enough?

You really think that?

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Just posting some bikes from an event I went to.

End blog post.
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1987 Ibis Mountain Trial

This 1987 Ibis Mountain Trials was completely handmade by the Ibis design team, making it a rare cycling artifact and a testament to the company's craft.

Ibis cycles began in 1981 under the direction of Scot Nicol. After taking an early interest in mountain biking. Nicol found many mountain bikes too bulky and awkward and decided to design a more nimble bike. Interviewers and Ibis enthusiasts in the 1980s found Nicol to be a conscientious and meticulous designer, customizing each bike per request and personally investigating problems....
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> an unusual brake lever support that resembled a closed fist.
What, are you sure you don't mean cable stop or something?
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1997 NukeProof Mountain Bike

NukeProof originated from a group of passionate bikers and mechanics in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The experienced team created dependable bikes that advanced design along with the emerging needs of mountain bikers.

The 1997 NukeProof Mountain Bike has an unusual front suspension fork setup. Its shock absorber resides inside its head-tube and is connected by a double Parallelogram Linkage System. The structure of this bike lends itself to zero stiction and true travel.

The company continues to innovate to this day, as NukeProof...
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A high-speed TGV train has derailed near the eastern French city of Strasbourg, killing at least 10 people, officials say.
The crash happened during a test run in the town of Eckwersheim, on a new Paris-Strasbourg line.
The train was carrying 49 railway technicians when it derailed, caught fire, and plunged into a canal. Eleven people suffered serious injuries.
The derailment was due to "excessive speed", officials say.
Pictures showed the locomotive partly submerged. Wreckage was also scattered in a field beside the track.
Reports say the Paris-Strasbourg...
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Something something isis
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>speeding at the end of a LGV
Had that one already.
There are reports that 10 are dead. Anyone confirm?

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Old one is ded.
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File: 20151026_123850.jpg (1 MB, 2048x1350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Built them a new wheelset and changed a few other shit (cog, chainring, chain)

Pretty happy about it.
Also switched to 28 tyres. My god, it's comfy as fuck.

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I hope everyone enjoyed the debate tonight. We're one step closer to creating some wonderful, environmentally friendly coral reefs.

The question is: once the cagers have been placed in the bottom of the sea, where they rightfully belong, what will become of the schrader valve? Will retrogrouch hipsters begin to collect them, much like with rim brakes and cloth bar tape?

Or will they be relegated to a curiosity, for museums only?
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Is this even a question? They will continue to be used in air-sprung suspension units.
Feel the burn!
Need some cold water for that OP?
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There is literally nothing wrong with Schrader.

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Do you like to ride low?
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dont do it unless you pedal standing, I screwed up my knees by having the seat set to low, its been over a year and my knees still havent fully healed
Shiny. I don't think that material will breathe though.

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US high speed rail map.jpg
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Would this be a sufficient and good High Speed Rail system for the US ja Canada?

What do you think?
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>transcon HSR
You're one dumb motherfucker.
I think the best way to approach HSR in the US is to create mainlines where trains travel at 220mph and the have various branches of dieselized service connecting to the Main lines. An eastern mainline like Boston to NOLA, Midwest mainline from NYC to Chicago (perhaps MN?) And a western mainline Seattle to LA and having spur lines which take you from the less major cities to the Main line cities. Like Charleston to Atlanta or such.
Transcontinental HSR is a profoundly fucking stupid idea.

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Is there any way to like just destroy/ flag the shit out of someone's Strava account? There's a guy who is constantly taking people's KOMs on an E-Bike and he does it strictly to annoy people. I don't take Strava too seriously but it does take the fun out of rides when you technically have the 2nd fastest time on a segment but I digress.
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>I don't take Strava too seriously
After you decided to make a thread about it, that's a hard sell
Just flag the KOMs for whatever segments you've also ridden that he's cheated on.
>I don't take Strava too seriously
cool story bro
just put on a number and race bro. strava is good for keeping track of your weekly kms, nothing more

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Why do turbofans even exist when turboprops are more efficient and produce longer range?
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"The cowl around the turbofan's large fan allows it to perform better than an open propeller at high speeds..."

> produce longer range

The Dash 8 400 series can take 68-86 people up to 1567 miles at 414 mph.

A comparably sized jet, the E-175 for example, can carry the same number of people up to 2400 miles at 553 mph.

An ATR 72-600 can carry about the same number of people less than 1000 miles at a cruise speed of 316 mph.
Turboprops are shorter range, though, OP. Turboprops are more fuel-efficient and cheaper to run but have shorter range, hence their being used on smaller regional lines

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