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How many people on /n/ commute to work every day via public transit (buses, trains, metro, ferries, etc)? How long is your commute? Is it convenient? Do you own a car otherwise?
>inb4 everyone is a NEET

I'm moving to Seattle in a year, and getting to work using the buses will take 1.5 hours, 3 transfers, and 3 different transit agencies. May as well just drive at that point.
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night auditor for some 4-star hotel
>distance from home
70km ( roughly 44 mile)
40 minutes
>mode of transport
bike(from home to train station)-commuter train-metro
I guess. The train could have wifi service(since I spend like half an hour on it), but yeah
>do I own a car?
No. I do have driver's license though. It's just that I'm...
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>getting to work using the buses will take 1.5 hours, 3 transfers, and 3 different transit agencies
As someone who did that every day for a year, don't do that, especially in a place that gets so little sun during the winter months, you'll want to do nothing more than kill yourself. That's of course assuming that driving is quicker, because if it's not, I highly recommend you live closer to work, because a 90 minute drive to work is just as insane unless you can carpool...
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I'm a NEET as of now, but commuted for 4 years to my university which is a few towns over, about a 40 minute train ride. Door to door it took me about one and a half hours though, since it took me a lot of time to get to and from the stations.
Used to do tram > subway > train > bus.

It's amazing how much infrastructure we have (literally Berlin-sized subway, double tracked electrified commuter rail, couple of tram lines, the works) and yet getting anywhere takes you about as much time as...
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What does /n/ think of this?
>Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 30 minutes
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Wouldn't building conventional high-speed rail be more feasible?
Apparently not for americans

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Post cities which are really bad transportation-wise, and tell us why. Pic related, it's Münster, Westfalia, Germany.

>great for cars
>great for cyclists
>so many fucking bicycles clogging up everything else
>central train station is currently being rebuilt, forcing people to walk 10 minutes from the main entrance to the trains
And worst of all
>no tram/light...
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Yessir, the bus system is shit. The drivers all seem to run on their own schedules, and the routes are too short for certain areas.
Light rail is meh.
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Baltimore, Maryland, USA

> walking/biking friendly
>multimodal infrastructure
> dense compared to surrounding region
> city has fostered a strong streetcar network historically
> community support for better transit
> train line to surrounding region and Washington DC

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just watch this video.
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lancia stratos and bmx

two of my favorite things

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Expected them to be way more obnoxious than the Bikemessengers but they were pretty chill, and that looked fun.
Have another Stratos

this is now a stratos and bmx thread

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even though I already pay taxes for my cars, I think there should also be a bike tax and registration as well... nothing drastic but when cyclists get all uppity and start demanding a bunch of crap then we have to pay for it somehow... want bigger bike lanes then create a tax to pay for it. Want street cleaners to take care of bike lanes and get the debris out? someone has to earn a wage and pay for the equipment to do that... bike tax and registration could take care of some of that.

>inb4 trolling accusations
>what are property taxes

Insurance pays the insurance company, not the state.

Registration is registering your car. If there is a road fee attached to it, it only pays a small part of road constructions and maintenance. The major source of funding for roads is property taxes.

Gas taxes are a substitute for sales taxes. Basically, instead of paying a sales tax that goes towards many things, the sales tax you pay on gas goes towards roads, by taking away the portion that...
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To put it another way, lets say you got a special coupon for $10 off a buffet, so you get a free $7 buffet meal. But you decide you also want to spend an extra $5 on drinks because you're thirsty and you want more on top of the buffet. Another guy just gets the buffet and water, and pays $0. Just because you paid $3 because you needed more stuff doesn't mean you paid for the other guy's meal, or that your $3 paid for even your portion of the buffet. It's arguable, that $3 doesn't even fully cover the difference between what he got and what you got.

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>Pro BMX biker Dave Mirra, who was one of the most decorated athletes in X Games history, was found dead Thursday of an apparent suicide. He was 41.

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Rip in peace Mirra.

I don't know about his history with concussions but I'm guessing he suffered from CTE...
Read the rules motherfucker
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Really bummed out about it, he was the man. He was racing triathlons for the last few years and was insanely fast.
In BMX there is a dynamic where a lot of riders don't respect the big time contest riders, but everyone no matter what segment they came from or what they aspired to be had huge respect for Mirra, definitely one of the best to ever do it. RIP

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>be me
>delivery guy in nyc
>1500 electric work bike got stolen
>rents coming up
>shit weather
>what do?
rents coming up
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thats what you get for having a shitjob in a thirdworld country
Get a real job

And next time get a real lock
It snowed once this winter. Weather is pretty nice now.

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What is the weirdest thing you've ever seen on the city bus? I just saw a old white man walk up to the door and his pants fell down.....he was going commando.

The strange thing was, he didn't react quickly. He just looked down, stared at his junk, then lifted his pants up and walked out......I mean dafuq mate?
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Once my very old high school science teacher had his pants drop when he got up. He was wearing a lab coat.
Once when I sat in a bus waiting for it to take off, some dude came up to the driver (a lady) and started talking to her about something, I don't know. I think he wanted to ask the price for a ticket and then decided he didn't have the money. All of a sudden, he raised his voice slightly so that the whole bus could hear it and said to the driver: "You have beautiful legs." Then he quickly walked away. The whole bus laughed and I stared at him, slightly amused and bewildered. He noticed and showed the most shit-eating cheeky grin I've ever seen.
Mostly just drunk guys trying to hit on girls.
One time this guy was emptying a 0.7 L Jack Daniels during an hour long ride, and in the last five minutes, just before the last stop he pukes it all over the place.

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Hi guys, im planning to take the Amtrak Crescent line in April from New Orleans to Atlanta where i will get to meet my fiancee's family.
So we are making the trip but would love to save as much as possible, therefore, we are taking the coach seats, and hoping we can have a lot of fun and adventures on this trip.
What advice can you give me, what can you tell me about the amtrak trains, this particular route, etc.
An tips welcome. Also you are welcome to discuss this route, or this kind of trains.
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Searching "Amtrak Crescent trip reports" might help you. Sorry this is a slow board. You can crosspost in /trv/ and ask about Atlanta in /int/.

Have you taken a train before?
It's probably better to fly desu.
Thank you! that's helpful. I already have been googling a lot, and also crossposted as you reccomend, but was curious what the train loving bunch here had to say about this.
You never know. Also, this board might seem slow, but its fast compared with forums, where not only i have to sign up, and sometimes follow rules, to get less replies in more time.

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>Motors scandal: Indications that Belgian Under 23 rider becomes the first to be caught for mechanical doping
Her bicycle contained a hidden motor
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>Warren Anderson told CyclingTips that he expected the system to be of particular interest to female riders who are looking for a bit of helping keeping up with their male training partners.

did e really need a second thread about this?

help wire the battery correct please if u know
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cut the red wire, it's always the red wire

delete thread and remake it in DIY
get rekt

Check the Belgian cyclocross bike general thread.

File: chariots.jpg (132 KB, 1333x837) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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why do women have to cheat at everything?



(Reuters) - Cycling was being forced to confront a new controversy on Sunday after the sport's head confirmed the first top-level case of "technological fraud" with a hidden motor being found on a Belgian cyclist's bike.

Yet the 19-year-old Van den Driessche denied suggestions she had deliberately used a motorized bike in the women's...
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Why do idiots like you have to make threads that already exist?

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Let's talk about custom bikes with low cc motors (max 250cc), because you don't need to be a rich old retired guy to enjoy the roads!
Pic related: my Kansas 150cc 2008, cost: BRL 3000,00 (or three months of minimum wage), on time of purchase: USD 750,00
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i know nothing but nice bike, I also think small/cheap bikes are kind of cool and will probably start researching about them after school
No idea if this is the right place to ask but what are peoples opinions on the hyosung gt250r?
I don´t ride a bike because it´s not fiscally responsible.

File: IMG_20160201_160506.jpg (3 MB, 2368x3200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There's a better way to do this right? It's connected at 4 points, but how should I actually be attaching my backpack?
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That Batavus Champion looks incredibly familiar.
Do you live in the Netherlands?
If so I think that was mine 2 owners before you. I sold it to a guy who sells bikes. He probably sold it to you then.
No sorry, I live in the US. I wish I lived in the Netherlands, or at least somewhere with a little bit better attitude towards bikes.

Here's another shot from when i had saddlebags on it

A 13 kilogram velomobile.

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Still gay.
so, can that clear a speedbump?
>not disembarking from the velocar while it's still in motion, taking it on your shoulder and hopping over the speedbump

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