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bike (3).jpg
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post ya bikes
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Another one?
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other is autosaging famiglia

Oh, I see.

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What did they say to eachother /n/?
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"It's all about performance."

It's a bit heavy but thanks to the doping my balls are the size of raisins so it cancels out.

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The announcement of a major infrastructure project, in this instance the state government's sky rail proposal, is overshadowed by "angry" protesters (can protesters ever be moderately agitated?), politicking from the opposition and an overarching poverty of imagination. Welcome to Melbourne: where bold ideas are immediately torn down and the selfish and small-minded have right of way.

The government proceeds on its election promise to remove the railway crossings that bring gridlock to suburban streets, cripple the capacity of trains to run more frequently and cost the economy billions. But according to some local petitioners, the plan to replace the level crossings on three sections of line from Caulfield to Cranbourne/Pakenham with elevated rail is an outrage.

According to the objectors, a rail tunnel is the only acceptable option, thus rendering any other option a cynical manoeuvre. I'm yet to hear a convincing argument why the new line must go underground. Admittedly, the government could do a better job explaining why it need not do so — why tunnelling this stretch of line would be too disruptive, expensive or restrictive from an urban planning perspective.

But let's not pretend this would persuade the protesters thundering "No sky rail." Their chant leaves me dubious about suggestions the Andrews government might have prevented this barney with "proper consultation".

Ambitious building projects invariably impact people living closest to the site. These residents should not be permitted to hijack public debate. They are, however, entitled to voice their displeasure. And the No Sky Rail president, who lives one metre from the rail corridor, deserves some sympathy; when frustration and fury overtake us we tend to throw everything at an argument, without sifting the outlandish from the reasonable.
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It is reasonable to complain, as she does, that the nine-metre structure will likely block her northern sun. It is outlandish to evoke a hypothetical disaster scenario, such as a derailment causing "80,000 tonnes of fully laden freight" to come crashing down on homes. Yes, and planes can fall from the sky but we still have flight paths above residential areas. And the less said the better about her concerns paedophiles can peer down into her backyard pool when the kids are swimming. (Besides, the government says barriers will be erected on the viaduct to protect the...
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"Nobody voted for a sky train way up in the air cutting a swathe through densely settled suburbs," said opposition transport spokesman David Davis in comments so dim they offend settled principles of physics. How can a structure "way up in the air" cut a swathe through a suburb on the ground? And don't existing railway lines divide communities? Isn't that why our ancestors referred to undesirables as coming from "the wrong side of the tracks?"

The government says the sky rail frees up "11 MCGs' worth" of public space...
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And I reckon there are also benefits for rail passengers, assuming they're not all paedophiles. On a recent trip to Bangkok, I travelled from the airport by sky rail, enjoying an expansive view of the city's vibrant chaos, the old districts nudging the gleaming skyscrapers, the jumble of freeways, concrete towers, footpaths bursting with life. It made the metropolis legible and gave me some perspective.

We could use some perspective in Melbourne. The kind that helps us see the big picture.

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just wonderin if this is a mememobile or a solid choice urban commuting? just need a ride not become a /n/ genius
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It is garbage. Make sure that you have drop bars for urban commuting.
is there anything not garbage recommended around this price point?
Yeah, are you American?

You have two great options.

Bikes Direct and Craigslist.

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Biannual new thread edition

Photos, questions, projects, discussion; talk about anything related to model trains in every scale from T to backyard RRs

old thread: >>839846
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The detached and bent frames seen in the pic is the reason I can't take O scale seriously. So unrealistic looking.

They look fine on straight track, but once they round a curve it loses all credibility.
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choo choo.jpg
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I've always loved model railroading, but lack of real estate has prohibited me from setting up anything more than an oval around the Christmas tree. This year, however, my old Minitrix Decapod has started to give me some problems. Anything under 40mph and it barely starts, and once it's started, I have to keep cranking up the speed as it starts to slow down every so often. Given the age of the engine, I'm wondering if it's worth the time, money, or effort to fix it/have it fixed, or if I should let it retire and find an engine that was made more recently.

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There are wide curves in O. 042 and up. Gargraves makes track that you can bend in a curve.

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Why are trains autism magnets, /n/?

They're just big cars.
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They travel along a fixed track and have predictability and make steady, reassuring rhythmic sounds. You may recall that autistic folk are disturbed by chaos and lack of consistency. A slight change in routine will turn a 'tist into an inconsolable ball of rage, tears, and 'tism. Meanwhile published route maps and complex mechanical systems give them an outlet for their love of memorization.

Also, the operator of a train appears to be solitary and enclosed in a comforting womb of heavy machinery. This too seems well suited to the autistic person's disposition.

Wow, this actually makes perfect sense. I've always wondered why poor souls on the spectrum get so into trains and "train culture". Thanks for your analysis. I'm sure this will hit very close to home for a lot of people that browse this board who do not want to accept what you have said. Looking forward to all the autistic replies.

there's no autism quite like bicycle autism

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Hey guys,

I have 9 speed hoods, is it possible to use a 10 speed rear derailleur with them or will it burst into flames first time I shift?
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Burst into flames
The latter
I 100% know for sure that using a shifter designed for LESS gears works perfectly fine paired with a rear derailleur designed for MORE gears.

I've mated 9 and 10 speed rear mechs with 7 and 8 speed STI shifters, and an 11 speed rear mech with 105 10 speed shifter. Everything worked just fine.

I have no idea whether you can do the opposite, 11 speed shifter with 10 speed mech.

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What the fuck is this shit /n/? Trans and women only bicycle events? Men are now second class citizens?




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Tour de Cyclists-with-frankfurters-between their legs is men only. Please go back to /pol/
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<------- /r9k/ is that way
Women would get dropped in the tdf.
It's really a kind of courtesy.

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Does anybody else have an irrational fear of large watercraft? Something about them makes me feel uneasy.

Here's an image I find particularly eerie and unsettling.
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Probably something to do with Pinocchio
>the part where they turn into donkeys
That scared the fuck out of me as a kid.
Not of ships, but of industrial waterfront facilities, yes. Dams and locks terrify me. Or anything of that sort that suction a great deal of water. Used to have nightmares as a kid, still uneasy/irrationally afraid.

Probably would be that way for ships, but I work on them, so there's far less unknowns.

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$_20 (1).jpg
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Is this bike a good buy? How much would you pay for it? Its selling for 490 usd 650 aud

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Agent smith street/jump bike

Rock Shox argyle forks

Thomson stem and post

Chris king headset

Profile Hubs

All the good gear

The wheels alone are worth more then what I'm asking

Selling because it doesn't get ridden

go to the bike buy general
Seems like a decent buy but only if you are into urban assault and jump shit. You can get a BMX for half that price and that bike is just a BMX w/ a disc brake and a sus fork.

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Favorite Railroad?
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four trains ready.jpg
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narrow gauge railroads

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How to stop little bastards manually rolling down windows in the back seats of a car when I'm tankin it down the motorway, I thought some bright spark would have invented a child safety device or something would be available
Inb4 ... Little bastard, child seat, and duct tape
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rigid '90s Miata w/ slicks
>put childen up for adoption
>get yourself fixed so you don't have any more
>sell car and buy a bike
>delete thread and post on /o/
>kill yourself

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What happen to merchant submarines? Why don't we see massive cargo submarines that are in size and scale of cargo ships.
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They're horribly inefficient* and slow on top of being expensive and complicated.

*Under conventional power. You could propell them with glide planes and constantly vary their bouyancy, but that would stress the hull enormously.
What about normal subs then? because surely the same would apply.
there isn't really a point for them, why would you need to conceal a vessel carrying legal cargo?

on the other hand, the drug cartels like to toy with the idea

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How many of you breath hard, in and out, consistently for the whole ride? I never get into a good breathing rhythm. Sometimes I'm choking trying to get enough air into me.
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Sounds kinda like asthma bro
Nah. Been tested extensively and I apparently have a good heart and lungs. I mean I get into the rhythm, but it never lasts.
I have a nice rhythmic breathing throughout my ride until I start climbing, then everything goes to shit

The entire D.C. metro will be shutting down at midnight for 29 hours in order to conduct emergency inspections.


>“The investigation into yesterday’s cable fire at McPherson Square is ongoing," Wiedefeld said. “As a preliminary matter, the conditions appear disturbingly similar to those in the L’Enfant incident of a year ago, and our focus is squarely on mitigating any risk of a fire elsewhere on the system.”

Who shuts down the whole...
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T1 and TR.jpg
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Toronto, Ontario.

Left: T1, built by Bombardier. Found on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth, and Line 4 Sheppard.

Right: Toronto Rocket (TR), also built by Bombardier. Found on Line 1 Yonge-University, and soon on Line 4.
Operating a train on the right-hand side seems pretty degenerate to me.
>Do you think this is just a precaution or do they know the whole system is completely fucked?
It's the latter. WMATA spends fuck all on maintenance and the feds are constantly up their ass about it. Every single accident or derailment they have (which they have much more often than any other agency) ends up being the fault of lack of maintenance.
That, and the massive amounts of corruption and all around not caring about the job leads to nothing being done. Oh, and I forgot,...
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