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>Have 5 mile ride home up 900 foot elevation increase
>Two 7% grades, one is 0.5 miles long the other is 1 mile long
>One 10% grade that is 0.2 miles long
>Google maps says it will take 45 minutes
>I finish in 30 minutes including around 5 minutes total of rest/walking on the 1 mile 7% grade monster
>rarely ride my bike

Am I gonna make it /n/?
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Oh also this same ride takes 15 minutes by car.
Good for you.

I find that if google maps say that it takes 45 minutes, you can usually get trough that in 30mins without breaking a sweat. Seems like the phase it calculates is for women or something.
Very cool thread

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UK Steam Thread

Let's go boys
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best train reporting in
how does it feel that the leftist parties you vote for because they are pro-public transport also want to ban steam trains because they pollute as hell.

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Guys have you ever had a tire explode? I'm really really low on money and can't afford. I use my bike to get to work.
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If you are that poor, don't eat during a day, and buy a tire with the saved money. And next time, learn to save money, don't spend it all.
Put your most questionable tire on the back wheel, I've had blowouts on both wheels and it's much easier to control the bike and avoid crashing if the back tire goes flat suddenly.

why is there no honor among cyclists?


taly’s Corriere della Sera and France’s Télévisions Stade 2 carried out a collaborative, rather insane joint investigation, and they claim to have uncovered proof of seven cyclists moto-doping at two races in Italy last month using thermal cameras disguised as television cameras.
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Schwalbe one
hooly fuck... at 2:40 cancelara shifted.. what the fuk man... THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SINGLE SPEED RACE FUCK SAKE
I didn't watch the entire thing, but it seems like they're really reaching, and pointing at anything that glows faintly. I saw the head from the actual motor test, and the shit they point at looks nothing like that or to the degree, and they seem to ignore the fact that every wheel glows just as much as the bottom brackets and dropouts they point at.

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Who /Little500/ here? I go to IU and this weekend is the biggest collegiate bike race in the US.

I guess bike racing general. What do you guys have on the horizons?
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p.s I know who u are, come to the Ceraland crit and give me a kiss (if you dont know who i am, just look for the most handsome person racing, it will be me)
I go to DePauw up 231. We have a "Little 5" race that is road, not track, racing. We do 1km TT, 200m Street Sprints, and a 50m crit.

I met a few former Phi Psi's/ATO's at a college race in Kentucky. They seemed cool.

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I want the cheapest possible mountain bike that won't fall apart and isn't Walmart shit. I'm not looking to compete or anything, I just want to go on the trails here without getting thrown over the handlebars when I hit a root. Is this possible for less than $300?


Anything good here?
So /n/

What pushbike do I buy at walmart?
->ibefore the most $$$ one
You don't buy at Walmart

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I got signed up for a 25 mile Bike Tour for some charity. The only bike I have is an old beach cruiser. It's heavy as fuck but the seat is comfy. The trail is supposed to be on flat paved roads. No idea if there are any hills. 25 miles isn't much and I believe we'll be going at a leisurely pace, enjoying the farmlands and good weather.

Would a beach cruiser be okay for a 25 mile scenic route or should I borrow a more appropriate road bike?
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I suppose you could, 25 mile is a short travel, and you can always man up and pedal harder if there is any hill.
Those rides are slow as fuck, any bike will do
Okay thanks. I was looking at the pictures of their website and these seem like long term bikers. All spandex, those weird pointy helmets. And here I show up with a fat cruiser.

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People often talk about wanting to use a bike to commute, how much quicker and easier everything would be. Infact I'd argue most people would bike to work but a few obstacles seem to get in the way.

People buy bromptons and folding bikes all the time yet still complain about how much work goes into assembling the bike or taking it about. Normal bikes, even mini velos still suffer from being too big, not suited to mass transit.

Why hasn't the unicycle taken off by storm? It's literally one wheel with a seat, super light and takes up even less space...
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It's like when your pants dont have pockets.
Your lycra pants have pockets?
seriously, just take a normal city bike, works fine. every house as a damn place where you can store your bike. if its a cheap one you can even let it outside somewhere.

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Hey /n/, what if we like put a train ON A ROAD!
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Rubber on tarmac is woefully inefficient compared to steel on steel. Also railways don't tend to have other personal use drivers to kill with one tiny error.
Depends on how you look at it. You actually want a lot of friction when it comes to wheel based movement. It gives a better transfer of torque and lets you stop more quickly. Steel on steel has lots of slipping, and as we all know, wheel slip is highly inefficient, potentially dangerous, and harmful to wheels/tires and the road/track surface.

The huge advantage of railroads is actually from aerodynamics and a larger more efficient prime mover.
The efficiency comes from the ridiculously low friction. It lets you roll and roll and roll. It's about having just enough friction to get by so you can keep your momentum. >bait
Further reading: the micheline and the flop that was
If you really wanted to piss about, you can consider the acceleration of various rubber tired vs steel rolling stock. The rubber tired stock wins most of the time but in the realm of commuter trains, you can have stupidly high acceleration on steel if you really wanted so, like trams and MTR stock

Also, trains on road yes

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cri/n/ge thread

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The original video is removed, but the ytp version is on Dailymotion.

You posting this everyday getting no replies is cringe.

Autism is a hell of a drug.

The thing is though, I did the same shit when I was a teenager obsessed with Sonic+ Roller Coasters.

I imagined an amusement park the size of Cedar Point in Knothole Village that was built by Starfleet and...augh.

I'd be in this thread if YT existed back then.

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New episode
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Strava thread.

Post Strava.

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>Avg Dist / Week: 9 km
Strava is the cancer that is killing cycling. Even with the changes they've made it still encourages the worst behavior out of people, and no matter what they do it allows people to believe they're 'racing' while they're actually doing nothing of the sort. Plus, you can easily cheat at Strava in so many different ways. If you want to race, then go sign up for a real road race, otherwise stop pretending. It's almost as bad as that silly 'virtual racing' crap where you're on...
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I'm sorry you're so narrow sighted. I'll continue using Strava to track my rides how I please.

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>be me
>want to compete in races
>get a credit
>buy 3000 bucks wheelset
>compete in first race with new wheelset
>wheels just exploded
how do i get out of debt now, /n/?
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>this pasta again
fuck off
Suck a few circumcised jew dicks
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>not being sponsored by a huge manufacturer and sleeping with 10-12 pairs of ENVEs in your bed

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ITT: Times you have encountered downtubes in real life
>be me
>just riding along
>see this guy sitting along the trail with his bike flipped upside down and rear wheel off
>ask if he's alright
>he says he got a flat and is trying to fix it
>he took the tire off
>took the tube out
>put the tire back on, both beads on the...
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Grow up
You're trying to force this way too hard man. Just let it go, not gonna catch on.
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So this Saturday someone got my bike (pic related), with a list price of 699 € and my actual purchasing price in a sale for 549.99 €. It was locked outside a grocery store and during the 15 minutes I was in with my son, the lock was cut and they got away. At least the bike of my son was left behind. I had to go to the cops, there I was allowed to fill a form and with a nice-weekend-wishes they sent me home. They made clear that I will never see it again as they have other problems in our 40k town than look for a bike, which I understand, but it feels shitty.

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Get a high quality lock, you didn't say what you had before. Not much more you can do.
You can also write on the next one with UV so if it does come up it might be more easily IDed

There's still a chance it might come up on a facebook buy swap sell
Sue the grocery store for negligence

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