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Post those stunningly efficient machines.
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ITT: Trolololol bikes

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Hello, /n/

I've had this recurring desire to get out and do some mountain biking, trail riding. I don't have a bike, I'm going to borrow my dad's box-store Schwinn mtnbike that's probably too small for me and doesn't fit quite right. It was recently tuned up at a local bike shop. My questions are these:

I need a helmet. I'm inclined to buy some $25 deal from Amazon and call it good. What criterion do you look for when spending big money on helmets?

I'd like to get a mountain bike. I'm 6'4" and understand...
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Big money doesn't get you better protection, unless we're talking about full face downhill helmets. It gets you better ventilation, padding, weight, and aero, and fit options. As long as it's ANSI or snell certified, and not a cosplay toy.

Find something that fits. Better fit means better protection.

>If I set about a $300 budget what should I look for on Craigslist? Something with a frame I can upgrade?

Take a look at what a 300-500 entry level new mountain bike gets you for reference.

I'd go with...
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big money does give you better protection in the form of more coverage. But when I say big money I mean like 100€ range, pic related.

Basic POC Trabec, not the funky race MIPS version. It covers really well especially the back of your head, it's pretty damn big but at the same time comfortable and light - I don't feel it sitting on my head.

The only gripes I have with it is that there's nowhere to put sunglasses on and the visor feels really fucking cheap - but that's because it's supposed to come off in case of strong hits, so it doesn't twist your neck. If you want to go a little cheaper, I've heard good things of the IXS Trail RS and Bell Stoker. But the Trabec is the meatiest of the bunch.
I thought the whole point of MIPS is better protection. And MIPS helmets generally cost a little more.

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>still falling for the seat tube meme
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Man, screw the UCI. I want cool as shit aero frames.
OP is a downtube.
>Oh shit, a new thread on /n/! Time to force my meme!

How comfortable is it to have no seat tube though

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4chan cup /n/ is playing right now


This will decide if /n/ advances!
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Scored against by But First

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Is this bike worth $500?

> Medium frame, full suspension 29er, Salsa Spearfish. Rock Shox Reba front, Rock Shox Monarch in the back. SRAM X9, Elixr 3 hydraulic brakes.Crank Brothers seat, seat post, bars & stem.

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Easily worth $1000 unless the frame is damaged or the suspension needs rebuilding.

That's a great bike.
Elixir 3's are a bit jank but they'll get the job done.
REBA is an extremely nice fork.
Monarch is a workmanlike rear shock.

I would jump on that, personally. The geometry is very, very XC-ish so keep that in mind. It won't be a downhill beast.
I have no clue what to look for when shopping for a mountain bike. Any tips or suggestions for bikes you guys own? I'm planning on going to a bike store near me tomorrow, but I'm afraid he'll just try and sell me on their most expensive model since I'm a noob.


Thanks! I'll probably meet that guy and check out the bike.
As long as there's nothing broken they're hiding... Absofuckinglutely

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What is this cap called it broke and I need a new one
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Top kap
Cuck cap
save those grams and just leave it capless man

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my fucking sides...


comment section of video

Pic related
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And people says anime sport isn't real.
That's rediculous. He's probably losing 10% of his power to the rear wheel slipping.
What's with the orange fedoras?

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R8 my bike
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Gonna be part of the "Wall Guard"? Rate it 7/11
The mexicans won't steel your bike.
But that won't stop some nigger from jacking it

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ITT: Times you have encountered downtubes in real life
>be me
>just riding along
>see this guy sitting along the trail with his bike flipped upside down and rear wheel off
>ask if he's alright
>he says he got a flat and is trying to fix it
>he took the tire off
>took the tube out
>put the tire back on, both beads on the...
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pls stop your downtubing

> come across a fixie bro
> 30 minutes outside of the city
> He has a flat.
>I was on my 700x35c adventure bike
> had full panniers of food,
> 3 spare tubes,
> frame pump,
> snacks,
> medical kit,
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>> artisianal cheeses,
>still eating dairy
Enjoy your health issues in your later years, anon!

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dylan and austyn.jpg
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Does any of yall use a skateboard to transport? What kind of places would you want to skate around. Lets make this a skateboard general so we can gather around this thread together to talk about the good during skating and green text some sick stories on a regular basis coz this board is pretty inactive so lets make this board ours.
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Hello sir. That is a very nice board. But we're going to build a community here too. xo
Nah, you'll soon get bored and go back to /b/.

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What is the most successful airplane in terms of mileage? I mean, what airplane has flown the most? How many miles/km? Not a model or a series but 1 single airplane that holds the record.
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Pretty much guarantee you it's some older model Boeing or Airbus commercial jet that's still in service. My guess would be a very old 747.
Sounds about right. Kalitta Air still has a couple 747-200Fs

Helicopters do it better edition

Post cool aviation stuff, stories, questions, whatever.
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I want to get my rotary commercial one day but fixed wing is where more opportunity lies.

Pipe dreams are neat tho
At the moment. Two years ago the opposite was true.

Once the heli industry breaks out of its current slump and the fixed wing side is over saturated with low time pilots that it gobbled up in the panic, it will be reversed again.

But being dual rated is always a good idea. And fun.
Is anyone else super hyped for Oshkosh? Going to do a ton of flying over a few weeks, seeing lots of friends and family along the way!

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Ascetically pleasing train designs
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>pic unrelated
I love British loco designs but come on, we all know the class 08 is ugly as fuck.
Actually they do have a nice look about them.


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I bought this bike a month or two ago, $300 canadian mostly ultegra 6600 parts. It has some carbon integrated into the frame but none of that seems to be damaged in anyway. Was stupid and didn't pay enough attention to notice any of the dents when I first got it.

I'm guessing the one with the nickle in the picture is from a crash and the one on the underside of the downtube is from a bike rack.
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RIP frame

Tubing is strong because it is consistent shape in modern AL frames. The dent in OP would be enough for me to scrap the frame. I saw 3 more serious dents in the imgur link.
so the frame is fucked?

Not sure what you mean by seeing 3 more serious dents. There's a shadow that makes it look like there's another one in my op pic.
Meh, not that bad.

The location in which the dents are located are not enough to compromise the frame desu.

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Doing a bike tour from NYC->Canada next month, trying to buy an old bike on craigslist and tune it up in time. Choices right now are between a Trek 500 for $180 (pictured). cheap and 18 speed is nice but no rack mounts.

Alternative is this old af Raleigh for $350. 14 speed (enough for the tail i reckon) and includes racks, less work in general. Picture in next reply

Of course a classmate wants to get rid of his Schwinn LE Tour II but won't provide specs and he's quite a bit shorter so I won't say anything there. People have recommended that I...
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Here's the Raleigh.

Also my friend offered me free gatorskins but I'm not sure what size they are yet.
>Plus it's cheaper
No, it's not cheaper if you want to get it to mechanically like new condition, completely ignoring cosmetics. Especially not at $350 for that piece of shit.
You think?

$700 seems like a bargain for sure, so I'm inclined to believe you, but are you sure the Raleigh would cost $400 to get into working condition? Not that their performance would be comparable obviously.

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