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UV Tips
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Hey /3/, i need help about UV Unwraping. Look at the image, this is what i've done using UV Headus Layout and it was "just for fun".

But i want to know, since i'm noob, does this kind of UV works? I mean look at the numbers of stuff i cut just to make a UV of a simple model...

Does cutting the model a lot works fine for future works?
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Keep UV island sizes consistent and minimize seams. I can only make out the head and tongue on that UV map and you will have a hard time getting that mesh to have good textures unless if it's only just solid diffuse colors.

Think of UV unwrapping as skinning an animal.
Show os the model for us to make a fair observation. If it is organic, it is best to keep it in pelt formation like poster said above. If it is man made/mechanical, lots of cuts and islands are usually necessary.
make the most out of the UV space and focus on islands that carry the most detail or the detail that will be most visible in your renders. the bigger the islands the more defined is the texture on that island
but yeah, try to keep proportions pretty similar to ur actual model
File: new uv.png (183 KB, 1170x782) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
new uv.png
183 KB, 1170x782
Hello guys, its OP here. I did it again follow yours tips, and heres the new result of the UV.

Is this better to work with?
File: model.png (147 KB, 1177x784) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 1177x784
Heres a shot of the model Itself
OP, if you're going to make a texture that is symmetrical (same color, detail, w/e on both left and right sides) there's no need to unwrap every part of the model.

Unwrapping half of it if it is going to be symmetrical will not only give you more room on your unwrap, but it will also allow you to add more details because the extra space will let you expand your maps some more.

I see. Well, i dont know how i could unwrap only the half of the model in UV Layout. I did symmetri as you can see in the images, but i dont know why it only did symmetry at the body, maybe because the body is separeted from eveything else when i imported it.

Im actually noob at the art of Unwraping stuff....
symetry on face?hahahaha you amateur?
I always see people discuss organic models when talking about UV unwrapping but rarely about hard surface. Are there some different aspects to it?
Like separating all main sides of the low poly model if you are going to use normal map on it. Does the same rule apply for chamfered objects?

I'd like to learn more about unwrapping for games, specifically unwrapping and texturing environment and not some fancy character. Simple stuff like doors, tables, tileable walls, non tileable parts of walls or floors. How to use one texture for couple objects etc.
Man I can't tell you how much I look forward to the day when UV mapping will be an obsolete practice.

To me it is the most tedious, boring, annoying task possible.

So i think i did a good job unwraping my model..?
I mean not the first img i uploaded, but the second one, wich is kinda more clean, less islands than before...

Well, thanks for the tips anyway
Meshes that deform need uv maps with as few seems as possible, even at the expense of consistent uv size. Rigid meshes need consistent uv resolution and can easily hide seems in places you know will always be hidden.

It's not all or.nothing though. Every mesh would look best if you could make it seamless with perfect uv resolution, but you cant do that.
Quick question for relevant thread.

Do you UV the low poly only, and then apply the high poly's maps?
Thread replies: 16
Thread images: 5

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