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Is there anyone still doing translations?
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Because I am SO hoping someone has taken up or will take on this one.

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And I humbly that the person doing it.

This sucker is 260 freakin' pages. 8o
>Let's bukkake all over Tsukishima's body!!
>ngu ah--!!
>hehehe This guy, how many time you do it semen keeps coming out
>Stop teasing Takuma any further!!
>A senpai feels for his kouhai makes me cry [translation could be wrong]

the black haired/Tsukishima guy is the senpai, while the buzzcut is the kouhai

>Let's make this this fatty be the pig
>ngu o--!!
>hehe It suits him
>Starting tomorrow your training(as an animal) will start
>We'll leave you with that appearance as is. Be sure to rest well.

Opened the link. Not really my thing, makes me shudder really lol
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I know. I was like "YIKES"! And that was just the initial. I checked further and found this in it too.
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That old guy is NUTZ! And not in the goofy sense!
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I really enjoyed this doujin
hope someone translate it one day
I am really hoping someone takes it up or already working on it. I just love the viciousness of it. Even without knowing Japanese you pretty much can understand the story, but reading it would be a biggy.
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I don't know what hold he has over this kid, but damn if it isn't firm.
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the ending to this story was pretty nice
Full comic here : http://g.e-hentai.org/g/607091/f23106bfdb/
"Gallery has been removed"
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Yeah, I found that one the other day. And even if it was there, I doubt it would be translated. Thanks for the search though.
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Guy drew the boy a damn nice hole too.

(Refer to bottom left hand panel) :)
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Ah! Here you go. Try here. You can DL the whole thing in one shot.

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Damn he's got control of that boy!
It's still available on exhentai : http://exhentai.org/g/607091/f23106bfdb/
But it's easily accessible here.
>P-please, stop... We're both guys... Ah <3 Ah <3
>It's your fault, Leon... It's cuz you're so cute, even though you're a boy... haha (Here, I'll jerk you off)
>N-no, I'm not... <3
>Ah... I'm coming! I'm cumming into your boy pussy, Leon! You're so good!
>Ah <3 Ah <3 St... Nooo <3

I can try to translate the dog thing but I can't typeset
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LUV colaborations...

I took only a few liberties with your dialogue...
I actually appreciate the liberties. Looks much better.

>Bukakke all over Tsukishima's body!!
>Hehehe, this guy never runs out of semen
>Stop it!! Leave Takuma alone already!
>You're so considerate to your kohai, you're gonna make me cry.
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Just saying in advance, I'm terrible with sound effects and translating screams and such, so sorry about that.

>Fainted again...
>Khaaa (sound of the air entering the ball gag)
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>All of these slaves are so fragile!
>Isn't there anyone with more willpower?
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>If you don't mind, I'd like to collect the slave introduction fee.
>Introduction fee?!
>A boy this weak isn't even worth my time!
>I said I wanted the perfect sex slave!
>Even so... I don't think anyone could handle such extreme torture...
>Money is no object!
>If you can present me with a slave that will satisfy me, I'll double that.
>Whoa! Check out that wad
>What should we do?
>There's no way we can get the perfect sex slave...
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>Understood. We'll accept your request.
>I see... I anticipate good results.
>Hey, Massan
>What are we supposed to do, promising him all that?
>Just leave it to me
>Ken... You entered your Uni's Baseball club, right? Aren't there any tough members?
>It's not that there aren't, but being tough doesn't mean they're a masochist.
>Doesn't matter. We can train him to be.
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>Do you know which club you want to enter, Ryota?
>Nah, I haven't decided yet. Have you, Takuma?
>Uh huh, I decided
>...so which is it?
>Baseball Club!
>I've been playing since I was in middle school
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>Tsukishima-sempai's going to this Uni
>Tsukishima, huh? Was he in your club in high school?
>Takuma, we should probably get going now
>Can you put my glove away for me?
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>Sempai, you're going to graduate soon, huh?
>Yeah, I am
>What are you gonna do for Uni, sempai?
>I'm thinking about studying in Okuyama U's science and technology department
>Huh? You're not gonna keep playing baseball?!
>My dad says he wants me to take over the family's factory, after all
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>But I don't want to completely stop baseball.
>I heard that Okuyama U also has a baseball club
>Well, then, I guess I'll go there, too. I want to be the only one who catches sempai's pitches.
>Stupid. What would you even do if you went to Okuyama U?
>You should just follow your own track, Takuma
>Huh? What's with this reaction?
>Could it be that I've... for sempai?
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Last one for the night

>You're going to Okuyama U, right?!
>What? Why?
>I want to go there, too! Teach me how to study!
>O... Okay, but why?
>Yes! Just wait for me, sempai!
>Welcoming new club members! (in the back right)
>What is it? Why are you posing like that?
>We've got good kids! (in the back on the left--kids may also be girls. i've never been to a club festival so idk the context.)
>Hey, over here
>Out of service -- Stay out!! (sign)
>Carry it quietly
>We brought him, Massan
thanks for translating them
File: img073b.jpg (3 MB, 2358x1758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2358x1758

Here we go...

But remember, this pup's 260 pages long so it's going to be awhile.
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I gave it a shot...

You can imagine what I was doing to make the sounds... :P LOL!
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You might want to try a different font as well as match it to the page's black (it looks too brown currently).
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Oops! Sorry, my bad.

Just de-saturate the first ones, I'll ensure the rest are correct.
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Wow, thank you so much! This looks really good! My only problem is that in the last panel here, the implication was supposed to be that he had feelings for Tsukishima. Like, "I'm... (in love) ...with sempai?"

>...! Satoru...? (Probably. 悟 can also be read Satoshi and Satori.)
>Don't tell me you're even eating candy at school
>....don't tell anyone, okay?
>We can be accomplices! (Aah)
>So let me have some of it

>What's wrong, Satoru? Hurry and eat it
>This is what you wanted, right?
>Sa... Satoru...

>H-hey, Sato...
>Uh... Satoru.....?
>You were bad, sensei
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No problem!

>This is the guy. Yuji Tsukishima... He's the baseball club's ace!
>He's the only one in the lousy club actually practicing seriously
>I blindfolded him, so we can torment him as much as we like
>I see. This guy seems like he'll sell for a lot.
>Bastards! What are you planning to do to me?!
>What we're gonna do is have some fun with you
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>Hey, Yamada! Hold this guy down!
>Hehe... Looking good
>Here we go~ Opening the doors!
>Let go!! If you don't let go of me, you'll be sorry!
>Well, then. First we should evaluate the product.
>Wh-what are you doing?! Stop!!
>Hmm, I wonder what kind of pro-dick you've got... (pro-dick is a pun on product and dick. If you can think of something less awful combining the two words, be my guest.)
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>Whoa! Check it out!
>He's got some major foreskin, and he's tiny! (The term in Japanese --仮性包装-- seems to specifically be referring to a dick that is completely covered by foreskin while flaccid, but with an exposed head when erect. I don't know if there's an English term for that, so I just kind of went with something else.)
>Will this thing be enough to satisfy old man Kumagai?
>If it peels back when he gets hard, it should be fine
>Then how about we try getting him erect?
>Let's do it
>Good idea! Everyone, time for the autopsy! (the word, 解剖, means autopsy or dissection. feel free to change this to something that fits better.)
>Take off his underwear, too!
>Le-let me go! Mfhh!! (muffled)
>If you tease it like this...
>W-wa-- Don't!
>See? It's getting bigger.
>Ah... Aaah
File: img017.jpg (355 KB, 1102x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
355 KB, 1102x1600
>How's that? Who'd have guessed you'd have a proper dick
>The old man should be happy with this
>Hehe, let's take a look at his asshole, too
>Woah, amazing!
>What a filthy ass
>His balls stink, too
>What do you know? He seems pretty sensitive!
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361 KB, 1102x1600
This is probably the last one for the night. I might do more, but I'll be slower.
>Look, I've got two fingers in now
>You should put in all five
>Hey, hey, is it okay to be playing around this much with his virgin ass?
>His dick's been rock hard since we started stimulating his asshole, kuku
>You shiteads, I'll remember this! Damn it!
>Let's see, the G spot should be right about...
File: BAD Sensei01.jpg (331 KB, 480x690) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
BAD Sensei01.jpg
331 KB, 480x690
Oh I know that's what you meant...
I was just using urban slang. (Song: I gotta thing for you, baby.)
The implication: "Could it be that I've got a...(thing) for sempai?!?"

And with this one, I had to take a bit more license because the text bubbles were so small for the dialogue.
File: BAD Sensei02.jpg (322 KB, 480x699) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
BAD Sensei02.jpg
322 KB, 480x699
File: BAD Sensei03.jpg (307 KB, 480x697) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
BAD Sensei03.jpg
307 KB, 480x697
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Packing a 'Meat stick' seemed the most logical choice. What do you think?
File: img016.jpg (943 KB, 1101x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
943 KB, 1101x1600
Hey it worked perfectly. Gave me something to play with...metaphorically.
File: img017.jpg (896 KB, 1102x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: img018.jpg (921 KB, 1102x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey you pick the pace. I'll just try to keep up.
File: img085.jpg (886 KB, 1089x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oops! Sorry. I realized I missed one at the beginning of the thread.
Can someone translate this part, 0090 and 0092?
And do those type of nipple clamps (by the looks of them, areola clamps) really exist?
Any takers?
Does anyone know of similar sort of stuff? I... please I need more... so much more. It's the perfect level of fucked up/humiliation/slavery... anythign similar that anyone can suggest? I saved everything I could find. So damn hot.
I know, right?!

As soon as I found this, I could not believe it hadn't been translated yet. It's SO freaking HOT!

I mean......GAWHHH!!! The whole DOG bondage senario?! Man, that is just AWWWWESOOOOME!!!

In this first story, this guy and his pal (and a few other boys) are really put through the wringer.

I have no problem setting the type, I just cannot translate. I got a pretty good idea for some of the dialogue, but I hate guessing. I'm hoping like crazy the last anon or someone equally as fluent in Kanji will pick it back up.
Oh god... the dog bondage scene... I've needed something like that for so long and now... I have this perfect thing! Translations would be nice but I would just love.. more of this theme... this art style... Pretty boys do NOT do it for me and neither does standard sex. This is the most glorious story porn I've ever seen and it's also hard to just look at single images now. Damn I want more..
This is by Makoto Kai.

I found 1 more of his in a similar vein, though not as graphic. Seems more like an initiation ritual with suspension and anal toys. And yes (like Training Dog), it is not translated. However, it is pretty short so it could be done in an hour or two sitting.

[Makoto Kai] Chijoku no Tokyuba

short or not its still pretty damn nice
also wish it was a bigger image scan
ahhh thank you. The art style is just so nice... damn everything about these works is nice... Thanks anon!
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This is just too good.
>How is it? A special(ly made) dog slave for dogs. Is it comfortable?
>a, a..a...
>could be some thing like "There is nothing to do in the case of this guy" or "In the case of this guy he can do nothing" I'm really lost on this one.
>this penis hall (after googling just seems to be a cock sleeve thing like he is wearing, don't know what they're called) lets the cock be erect as well as chastised.
>and with this muzzle you can only bark like a dog
>You can't even stand on your feet like a human.
>Come on and kneel!!

a very bad translation, I don't know kanji very well, sorry.
>I am not interested in slaves cumming. (start says eagle?? so I just changed it to I)
>but to be forever harnessed is good.
>But you might come if you provide service with your tight asshole (the work white at the end really through me, googling the term hasn't helped? so basically this translation is probably way off)
>grunting like n uaa goaa i think
>it can also thrust into the ass.
File: img086.jpg (970 KB, 1082x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
970 KB, 1082x1600
Hey, no apologies necessary. It gave me more than enough to work with.

Check it out.
are you guys gonna translate the whole thing
or just whatever gets posted here?
The hope is to do the whole thing, but remember, this is more than one story with over 200 pages. The more people working on this the better.
File: img090.jpg (951 KB, 1087x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
951 KB, 1087x1600

Sorry, I misspelled bitch's in the last bubble, and I also felt the dog at his boi-cunt just didn't seem eager enough to get at it.
I hope the translator and the editor in this thread will team up and get the time to translate the whole thing
this is /y we dont allow furry here fuck off
The old man put him in DOG bondage, dumbass.

Read the story from the beginning. You see TWO pages and you automatically assume it is a furry story.

But I'm sorry, reading is too much. You're only here for the PICTURES.


0098 thru 0107 would be great additions.
Not them but bestiality is also a no go on /y/

I agree with you but you gotta admit that there are a lot of rules that have grey areas on this board.

No shota but South Park and Pokemon threads usually go off with out a hitch.

No bestiality but monsters on people are OK and some of them are like literal lizards and bugs and shit.
OOOKaaaay... you wanna play all legal?

Fine. Then you better pop into the No Boner thread and give them what for because even the 1st pic has a guy and an octopus doing the nasty.

And THEN zip into the Disney thread and check out the blowjob the gator is giving to Capt. Hook.

An that's just me looking in TWO threads. Don't get me started with what I saw in Tentacles. Just admit you have it in for this thread.
Waittaminute... I get it now.

You're a CAT person, right?

That has to be it because in the Final Fantasy XIV thread there is cat guy galore with cat guys doing it and everything, and I see no reprimand whatsoever there.

So that's it. You just hate dogs and the whole 'Training Dog' story theme hacked you off.
I saw what you mean in the why boner thread.

There is a gif of a dragon using a saiyan as a onahole lol.
LoZ/Link thread... LINK is being MOUNTED by a DOG...
File: image.jpg (266 KB, 790x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
266 KB, 790x1200
Is anyone able to translate French?
Still trying to translate 'Training Dog' I am hoping one of the translation sites got wind of this and will use what we have already done and run with it.

I'm raring and ready to type-set some more.
File: img081a.jpg (2 MB, 2238x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2238x1600
I did a fix on this centerfold page the other day.

Just need it translated. If you have downloaded the story, checkout pages img082 and img083, and you will see what I did.
Has any of you ever had wax up your bung hole?

That can't feel good.

I have, wasn't so bad.

You wanna talk bad, surprisingly toothpaste.

That shit burns and is very uncomfortable.

I used to sub a lot but now I'm pretty vanilla except for in my porn.
Sure thing, bud. What d'you need ?
I would just like one of these torture/rape-y type stories to have a.... good ending?
Like where the dude they think they've broken into a mindless sex-slave ends up killing them all or getting his revenge in some way.
This one kinda have a good ending
he ends up happy being the bug guy's pet
Meant to say big guy
Yeah as some sort of broken sex puppet no doubt.

I want a true happy ending. I wan vengeance, death or at the very least broken bones. Police. Some form of justice.

I feel the need of pointing out that some dudes out there actually enjoy this mindless sex toy business for real and some of these outcomes would be literally heaven for them, so I mean... You probably want a normal ending. A "you kinda just raped me soooo" kind of ending, but for some dudes that'd not necessarily entail "happy".
And kinda ruin the mood of the comic.

It's like reading an incest story and the ending being the family splitting, the parent never seeing his son/whatever again and some jail time involved. Like... yeah, normal, but let's not.
Better broken with his friend than broken with some random stranger
Okay, let's see...

You are COOL with the subjugation, bondage, humiliation, defilement, torture, debasement, mind-breaking, spirit-breaking... Oh hell, just totally fucking the guy(s) up, right? You just want a karmic comeuppance.

Okay, no problemo.

Tagame has a few of those too.

This series is one of his best, ending with a whole village of samurai pretty much going to hell for what they did to a father and son.


Really want to get back on 'Training Dog' though.

Not to mention a few others I have found.
this is great! not the anon you responded to but thank you nonetheless!
File: img153.jpg (381 KB, 1076x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
381 KB, 1076x1600
You're welcome.

Now let's get back to translating this puppy.
File: 9.jpg (132 KB, 724x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132 KB, 724x1024
When we finish 'Training Dog', I am hoping we can start on 'Disposal'.


It's short and very graphic.
If a translator anon could post a txt file with the dialogues one can type set it in a weekend or so
I'm rarring to set.
Would love to get a translation of this plz
Have been looking for a TL for this for ages so I hope someone picks it up. Hell, I'm even gonna do the typesetting if need be.
That's our only problem.

We have folks willing to type-set (which is good, saves time by distributing the load), but we are WAY short on translators.

This one panel you posted would be a real quickie. I hope someone takes up your request.
File: 1467958097477s.jpg (3 KB, 125x88) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry. I was talking about this panel.

But the same goes for Disposal. It is a real short story, and would take no time at all to type-set, especially if more than one person is working on it.

I tried learning Japanese, but Kanji script is WAY out there for me.
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AND...just found another one with great potential. Looks kinda 'Scooby Gang-ish'.


Oh please oh PLEASE send us a translator!
There's two I've been wanting to find out where they came from for forever, and definitely wanting to see if I could figure out a translation.
Actually found another one. For some reason image search just isn't helping me much with 'em.
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