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PC Restarting Without Warning, not Overheating
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I've got a very strange issue where my PC will restart during specific actions, consistently, and I have no idea what is causing it, can't find shit online either. So far, I have replaced the mobo, PSU and my primary HDD.

What makes it so strange is that it happens at extremely low temps (10°C when I've let my house freeze to -10°C to test it) and it always happens with specific actions, some examples:
-There is a checkpoint in Metal Gear Rising in R-03 before the Sam hologram walkway, every time the game tries to make that checkpoint, it will restart, but it happens nowhere else in the game
-In the Witcher 3, in the sewers under Novigrad, something down there causes it to restart every time I load a save made there
Unfortunately those are the only exact ones I know, but it is happening in almost every game now to unplayable levels. I've ordered a new CPU as that is the next thing I will attempt to replace, but I'm curious if anyone here has ever heard of an issue like this. At this point I'm certain it has to be either CPU or GPU.
I seriously doubt it's CPU.

Probably corrupt GPU memory? or bad drivers?. Upgrading OS might be worth a shot.
Would GPU cause complete restarts with no warning? It's an idea, so if the CPU doesn't work (Since I already have it on the way) I'll know for sure that's what it is.

I have done a completely fresh install of Windows, including all relevant drivers, twice to try to fix this, so I highly doubt it's drivers.

Yeah It can I'm pretty sure. Windows even has a setting to auto-restard on bsod's or something. You can turn it off. It might still restart if the problem is very serious I think though.
Can you post the system logs?
Which ones specifically?
If you open the event viewer, and click on system. You can then export this under file.
Open a command line and enter:
>bcdedit /set numproc 1
then restart your PC and look if it fixed the restarts.
Alright this should be the relevant stuff, unless there's something different I should have done with it, since I've never done this before;
No dice on that one.

Another symptom I forgot to put in the OP though, if I launch the new Doom game with audio being output through HDMI I can make it in game for a bit, if I output audio through my 3.5mm headphone jack though, the game will crash immediately upon loading the main menu.
And if you remove your sound card?
Only have an integrated sound card.

When I do HDMI audio, that's outputted through my GPU, when I do 3.5mm, that's through my mobo.
Are both of those areas graphics intensive? Do they use specific graphical effects?

It looks like either specific pipes in your GPU are fried, or it's doing stuff it doesn't normally do and the increased power draw forces it to reboot.
Thread replies: 13
Thread images: 1

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