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Need help with backlog.
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So my backlog has grown really huge and i'm not sure that all of these shows are worth watching.

What should i watch right now? What should i save for a rainy day? What should i drop?
Watch Gankutsuou, Kino no Tabi, Monthly Grils, and start watching GaoGaiGar, Bunny Hat is doing the BD of it currently and is about 1/5th of the way done.

Also this is important, have you seen Gunbuster? If yes you're fine to watch Diebuster at any time, but it's not as good as Gunbuster, if no, watch gunbuster instead it's great.

Also Amagi Briliant park, Inuyasha, Deadman Wonderland, Jitsu wa Watashi wa, zankyou no terror, The devil is a part timer, and Hyouka are all pretty bad and I wouldn't recommend watching them, and I wouldn't even watch Monster Musume unless you are particularity fond of ecchi harems.
>>115157 (just my opinion)


Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal (really short and the tv series from ep 60 to 95 are fillers not really worth watching some exceptions tho.)
Azumanga Daioh + School Rumble
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya + Movie
The Tatami Galaxy (if you liked Welcome to the NHK)

- comfy (rainy days)

Non non biyori
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

- save for later

Texhnolyze + Lain
Detroit Metal CIty
Spice and Wolf
The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

- drop

Hokuto No Ken (you could just watch the movie instead the tv series are too long - +150 eps.)
InuYasha (it's a really slow show. and again +180 eps + 4 movies)
Sakura Card Captor (and all the precure's)
Corpse Party (unless you like gore in which case watch shigurui instead)
Space Dandy (unless you can handle the robot's annoying voice)
Kokoro Connect (while the plot might be interesting it's get boring too quckly)
Midori Days
Golden Time
Yu Yu Hakusho (it's not bad but +100 ep's and the manga seems better)
Amagami SS (the only reason i enjoy it was because it was one of the first series i watch but if you're looking for an anime with plenty of different types of waifus that could be it)
>Drop Zankyou no Terror

No, watch it. The visuals and music are amazing. It just takes a few episodes to get momentum
Except for the fact that it start off better than it ends.
I was gonna list what you should watch but there's so many keepers on the list I went with what you could safely drop or drop to lowest priority.

Consider dropping:
Dungeon ni
Trinity Seven
Blade Dance
Rail Wars

Note that I don't necessarily think all these shows are bad (I've watched most of them to completion myself) but having done so I can safely say you're not missing a whole lot.

Stuff you can just put at the far end of your queue:
Valkyrie Drive (unless you desperately want yuri makeouts and boobs)
Amagi Brilliant Park
Boku Tomodatchi
Hentai Ouji

Overall you're backlog is indicative of pretty good taste though.
Silver Spoon is my third-favorite anime. Recommended.

My Neighbor Seki has no downsides. Slightly absurd premise and humor. 8 minute episodes, so it's great for whenever you've got a small time-slot.

Mankind Has Declined... is the most disturbing anime I've seen. Cute and cuddly with some VERY dark humor. I adore one of the characters and really want to see him more, but I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the second episode. It was too much for me, but I'm a lightweight.
Thread replies: 7
Thread images: 1

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