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So, I recently got myself an N64, and picked up a few games at
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So, I recently got myself an N64, and picked up a few games at my thrift store, along with good condition copies of Mario 64 and Diddy Kong Racing for a decent price.

I almost have enough saved up to buy an SNES and some games for that, but I want your guys opinion.

What are some good tips for finding places that sell good condition older games, and some overall advice on what games I should be trying to get. I am fairly new to collecting retro stuff and could use some help.

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Yeah, quite a few of these games are shit, but they were like $5 bundled together
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You want my honest opinion? Stop "collecting" and start playing.

Or else one day you'll wake up with 17 different color N64s and 2000 games most of which are shit, and almost all of which you have never played.

If people spent less time at work saving to buy out all the world's stock of old games, and more time chilling at home actually playing the damn games we'd be a lot better off and happier in general imo.

But hey, it's up to you if you want to be the kid that plays with the toys or the adult that keeps them "mint in box". Who am I to judge.
Craigslist, ebay, pawn shops, garage sales.

N64 games?
>SM64 (which you already have)
>Paper Mario - good, cheap RPG
>Mario Kart/Party/Golf/Tennis
>Harvest Moon 64
>Mischief Makers
>Doom 64
>F-Zero X
>Bomberman 64
>WWF No Mercy
>KI Gold
Good luck finding those for a decent price, but they're staples.

SNES games?
>Mario World/All Stars
>Zelda ALTTP
>DKC 1-2
>Mario RPG
>Mario Kart
>Street Fighter II
Haha, that price -tier:
>Super Metroid
>Chrono Trigger
>Secret of Mana
>Harvest Moon
More staples, you can find most under $30, expect to pay for RPGs though. Mario RPG is good and cheap though, under $60 easily.

Also this. Just get the basics or the games you want.
>Haha that price tier

tfw live in japan and chronotrigger is regularly on the bargain shelf in stores that don't even usually stock video games.
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1. Retro gaming is quite expensive.
save money time and space (you will thank me later) I recommend getting a ever drive. This is a cartridge that plays all the games and has all the games on it. Costing around $60-100 depending on whether u get the Chinese version from aliexpress. You will save so much time energy and space. The retro market is insane nowadays.
Games that used to cost a dollar have multiplied in price for no reason. (Well there are several reasons but we won't get into that)

2. If you don't heed my warning I recommend you check

A. Goodwill auctions- much less traffic than eBay and no one knows about it.
B. Craigslist- you can often find deals here, but it depends on your area.
C Pawn shops- most pawn shops have retro stuff and if it isn't displayed you can ask for it.
Most of the shit has been sitting there for years and cash often talks.
Don't be afraid to haggle.
D) check out the recently listed "buy it now" eBay auctions. Sometimes you can find a desperate deall from someone who needs $$$
E) consider importing games from Japan.
First and biggest piece of advise

Purchase games you intend to play and play immediately. If you have 10 different shitty N64 games on the shelf that you do not play, or played for 5 minutes and haven't touched again in months, get rid of them.

Purchase games you intend to play and play multiple times if you buy them. There is a growing number of "shelf collectors," these weird fucking people who make it their life mission to buy out all the old games and put them on a shelf in a room and that's the only function that room serves, like a retarded library that only they have access to that they don't touch 99% of.

Do not do this.
Save up and get a flash cart. For the snes you'll have to buy incompatible games, but only the ones you like to play. You can find compatibility lists online. For disc based systems there are workarounds(disc drive emulators*, modchips, etc, some have no or easy to bypass copy protection so you can play burned games). It saves a ton of space, all the games you want to play on an SD card or in a single cd binder. You'll end up with a bunch of games you don't play or play often, taking up money and space. I love glover, but I maybe put 5 hours into in the last 3 years. If I didn't already own it I wouldn't want to own it if I could load it on an ever drive.

*a disc drive emulator isn't a system emulator, it makes the system read a disc image file as if it were reading much like virtual clone drive or daemon tools does with a pc. GDEmu is one for dreamcast, and the guy that makes that was also working one for the Saturn last time I looked over a year ago. There's a Russian guy who figured out how to hook up an ide hard drive to the dreamcast and boot games from that. 2 other guys were working on something with the same goal for the playstation as well, PS-IO, which would make the system read the image file from the serial port instead of from the disc drive. Last I checked that it was very close to being done.

It'll take more money up front to get, but as long as they last you'll be more or less set, able to play just about anything you want. And there's an option for every mainstream system, as well as a couple that never got big followings.
Don't "Collect" just to collect. Get games you want to play and play them. I suggest beating every game you have before buying more. This hobby will not get your money back later. It can get stupidly expensive simply because of market demand and asshole resellers.
In a decent sized city I suppose. I have two game shops right down the street from each other, both of which sell tons of retro games. Prices aren't out of this world but usually a couple bucks cheaper than Amazon/Ebay prices. Been collecting some N64 myself recently and was able to get DK64, South Park, Pokemon Stadium, SM64, Starfox 64, Pokemon Snap, and Castlevania for about 50 bucks.
I have played all the games here, and usually have my buddy come over and we play games together. Only reason I bought those shitty games was because they were $10 for all 4.

Thanks for the good info. There have been quite a few garage sales and stuff that I have gone to, but they didn't have anything worth buying, or they were asking too much for what they were selling. Thanks for the game recommendations, too.

Not planning on getting a shit-load of stuff, but I do want to get some good systems and games. I do agree about the space problem, but I would rather own the games themselves. It just sits with me better. But I will have to check out that Goodwill auction tip. Thanks for the good info.

Those people who own all of the super hard to find consoles and games make me cringe. I admit, I would like to have SOME of the cool rare things out there (Like the MGS:TS GameCube which I can't find a decent deal for,) but I would have them to use them, not to put behind glass to only be looked at.

Damn. I payed $20 just to get a good copy of Mario 64. Sounds like you live in a lucky area (Compared to me at least.)
Same with Final Fantasy VI and Mother 2. Most if not all Japanese games are dirt cheap. I got a set of Rockman 7, X, X2 and X3 for less than a single Megaman X2 cart.
Well Mario and Star Fox were the most expensive. Once you weed out the must haves it usually gets down to like 5-10 bucks a game.
Thread replies: 13
Thread images: 4

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