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Welcome to an exciting afternoon of rugby league action.

We've got three crackers on today.

To start our day, we've got a Queensland Cup battle between the Easts Tigers (3-1-1) and Wynumm Manly Seagulls (0-5) at 1.30pm AEST live from Langlands Park. Easts will to looking to keep in touch with the top 5, while Wynumm will be desperate for their first win of the season.

Then the action begins in the NRL.

First up, it's a battle of the beaches when the Cronulla Sharks take on the Gold Coast Titans. Both teams are 3-2 at the moment and only points differential separates them on the ladder. Kickoff is at 2pm AEST live from Endeavour Field.

And to cap off the afternoon, the Newcastle Knights (0-1-4) will be looking for their first win of the year against the Wests Tigers (2-3). Kickoff is at 4pm AEST, live from Hunter Stadium.

As always, banter is welcome and encouraged, but no racism, misogyny, homophobia etc will be tolerated.

Let the games begin!
First for WalkBro.
Cheers mate.

I'll be starting an /arl/ Supercoach draft league if we can get enough interest.
Tariq Sims is back today.

I think Newcastle will get their first win because the Wests Tigers "pack" won't be able to compete with the Knights.

Btw that Qld Cup game overlaps with the first NRL game.
Yeah, I'll be watching the Qld Cup game and not the Sharks v Titans game, as I don't have Foxtel and would rather not watch on low quality illegal streams.
The mods have autosaged us.

I can't fucking believe this shit. What a fucking joke.

It's as if you MUST post in a fucking general for every single sport, and not have separate game threads, unless it's soccer.

If it's soccer, feel free to flood the board with shitty threads that no one will reply to.

Fuck 4chan.

I'm going back to the other website.

Tokenofhon out. Peace.

Bump for based tokenofhon.
Who /cowboys/ here?
based Greg Bird
If you quantified the hatred I hold for all the rugby league players that I hate and then add them together, it still wouldn't add up to how much I want to see Michael Ennis have his neck broken in a dodgy tackle.

There has never been a bigger grub in all the history of the NRL
Michael Ennis is hilarious. His antics are every bit as funny as Hodges' were, and I enjoy watching him play.
I am calling out Poosterbitch to biff on

Accept it you piece of shit
Name a time and place, cunt. I'll fuck you up.
read the /arl/ rules faggot

>Biff out your beef: Call out a user you have a beef with, they can either accept via replying “accepted, lets biff etc”, reject by replying “nope, rejected etc” or ignore it. You CANNOT start biffing until they accept, once they do you can go for it, only 1on1, no one else may comment in their chain. Just like in real life, usually when you have an issue with someone and you biff it out, both parties end up respecting each other and moving on, im taking this principle to the internet. You can insult each other, but no death threats or family insults etc.
>confusing r/arl with /arl/
Hello newcunt.
/arl/ was created to be a mirror image of the elite r/arl/ community

stop trying to run away poosterbitch
I literally created /arl/.

The purpose is to be a fun, banterous community to discuss rugby-league in a serious yet light-hearted manner, and to keep out the /nrl/ cancer.
walkcunt on suicide watch
Thread replies: 21
Thread images: 2

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