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Didn't see one made: Ideal Mate Thread. Describe your ideal
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Didn't see one made: Ideal Mate Thread. Describe your ideal partner and yourself and share some contact info. I'll repost mine:

>calm attitude toward problems
>driven to improve herself and discover new things
>loves sharing things and her interests overall
>reads books, watches movies, is opinionated but open to other opinions
>and I don't mean "OK YOU ARE LIKE THIS WE AGREE TO DISAGREE", I mean "I see your point, I will reflect on it later on" and having a general attitude of wanting to find a common benefit in things
>likes trying new recipes even though she's not super-good at cooking (the attitude is what counts)
>has very good hygiene and likes to dress decently, as well as sharing her opinion on my own way of dressing and willing to share advices/POV
>the above doesn't mean that she likes to be a Gucci/Gabbana/Typical center-of-attention fashion slave. A more subtle "look at me/I enjoy dressing like this" is what I have in mind, but it's difficult to explain it in few words.
>It's good if she enjoys videogames as a media of entertainment, or doesn't mind her boyfriend playing them and discussing the stories, the author's intent and so on, which will happen with books and movies as well.
>facultative: likes to share and discuss about music and getting others to listen to what she listens. I like to hear why you like this or that in general.
>likes to discuss of philosophy, politics and other topics to share her POV or finding a common truth she agrees on. Any radical mindset or closure is not accepted nor is what I seek in an open-minded person.
>likes to keep herself healthy and with various interests: this can go from typical bodyweight/gym schedules to home-exercising to being careful about dieting to do more extreme things like Muay Thai, MMA, archery and others. As long as you want to strive to be healthy or want to hear why I would like you to be, I'll be happy to share my thoughts on it.

To be continued
>enjoys leaving small surprises or being overall caring
>whether sexually open or not, is willing to talk about it and experience if we can be mature and good sexually
>enjoys being in complicity and confidence with her boyfriend as well as contributing to his health with varied meals (attempted or properly cooked);
>willing to work to build a family (whether of 2 or with kids) and have a decent house, decent things to leave afterward like a personal library and a good place to live in, and so on
>doesn't like to share her problems, but knows she can count on her boyfriend and few good friends to always listens; basically an attitude aimed at solving them rather than just complaining.
>doesn't mind different lifestyles or co-existing with different lifestyles (example being with someone that smoke/doesn't smoke, someone that eats meat/doesn't eat meat, and so on. No radicalism should be imposed regardless of your lifestyle, discussing it is ok, communication is good)
>whether in a good situation at the moment or not, with her job, her family or other problems, is willing to give her best to go on
>will take time and efforts into it and dedicate herself to at least try and get to know me, rather than talk with dozens of people for the same purpose. You're free to do the latter if you want, but the point is to get to know each other and see if we can be
1) decent acquaintances that understand it won't work out with more than half-assed tries;
2) very good friends
3) something more
>I don't like revenge attitudes nor childish behaviour: we're adults, we should behave like ones and be in harmony whether it works or doesn't work out. Let's not make each other's life complicated.

I'm all of the above, seeking someone to complement.
These are just starting points of discussion, they're not mandatory, I'm happy to know people and I'm doing this mainly for curiosity.
You can write to me at shelookslikeart@gmail.com
Kik: personalthrowaway
File: CbHfQ_JW8AMzZ4C.jpg (57 KB, 600x601) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 600x601
one last thing: I'm a busy individual, have lots on my mind, and I take time away from other people and other things to talk with you, but I can easily go back to them and the rest if you behave like an asshole.
Don't be rude if I don't reply immediately, don't think I own you pictures, info or anything of the sort because like you wouldn't give it to the first male that contacts you I wouldn't want to do the same with whoever talks to me out of nowhere. Just be a decent person toward others, people are here to invest time into something, not everyone is 'bored' like you.

Just writing this because of a few people that wrote to me. Peace.
File: image.jpg (68 KB, 1143x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 1143x405
Someone who listens to:

David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Joy Division, Nirvana, Metallica, The Cure, Slint, Depeche Mode, Opeth, Tool, Death, Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Swans, Lou Reed, Alice in Chains, Nick Cave, Faith No More, Isis, Electric Wizard, Burzum, Morbid Angel, Soundgarden, Dead Can Dance, Ulver, The Chameleons, Mastodon, Neurosis, Atheist, Coil, Nico, Mr. Bungle, Edge of Sanity, Akira Yamaoka, The Sound, 16 Horsepower, Deftones, David Sylvian, Have a Nice Life, Ephel Duath, Tiamat, Moonsorrow, Oneohtrix Point Never, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Flower Travellin' Band, Strapping Young Lad, Einstürzende Neubauten, Scott Walker, Godflesh, Bohren & der Club of Gore, Cult of Luna, Katatonia, The Damned, Voivod, Negură Bunget, Rosetta, The Gathering, Arcturus, Bauhaus, Paradise Lost, Black Flag, Sleep, Type O Negative, The Sisters of Mercy, Warning, Killing Joke, Deathspell Omega, Ministry, Jay Munly, Mad Season, Prodigy, Meshuggah, The God Machine, Kino, Fields of the Nephilim, Henry Rollins Band, The Angelic Process, Moonspell, Melvins, Fear Factory, Tenhi, Armia, Woven Hand, Cocteau Twins, Dir en grey, etc.
I wonder from time to time if you'll make another site to share music. I miss Zion-radio.
File: d5ymXYt.jpg (53 KB, 475x633) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 475x633
>Can challenge me
>Passionate about what she does
>A genuinely good person
>Looks have to click too, but I don't have much of a general preference, except fit or slim body type
>Doesn't smoke
>Would be great if she liked to cook, but this is just nitpicking

>6'4, Athletic, curly brown hair
>Creating is my passion (Music, art, writing etc.)
>Play several instruments
>I like to think that I'm honest and kind
>Quick to smile and laugh
>Rain puts me in a good mood

reply for contact, or if you want to know anything else, idk
Can fog a mirror.
>is caring and passionate
>open to ideas that challenge her own(new stuff)
>Kind and gentle but can also be rough if needed
>is near my age maybe even higher by about 3 or so years
>loves to spend quality time even if its just sitting in the same room in silence doing our own thing
>takes care of herself, doesn't eat herself into a coma
>sex isn't that important but its good to have a decent drive maybe even above average to want to get down and dirty
>has her own ambitions and dreams that she's working or willing to work towards
>supports me and stands by my side no matter how bleak things seem

>6"3 medium build
>tanned skin, black fluffy hair.
>Soon to be in the US if things go smoothly
>i'm passionate and care allot
>honest and objective. Emotional thinking way of seeing things
>I like to cook and am interested in baking when i get the chance
>patient and difficult to angery, props if you get that far
>dark sense of humor
>i like a good debate
>like playing vidya and listening to any kind of music.
>usually high energy happy type altho my past can sometimes come up and make me depressed for a bit.

can't really think of the rest at the top of my head, reply if you're interested.
Ideal Male:

>Tallish (5'10"+)
>Bulky (Likes bulking + working out is a massive +)
>Sexually dominant
>Likes to shitpost, banter, and joke around
>Emotionally supportive of my graduate schooling
>Likes to play video games (League, Overwatch, DotA)
>Can hold a conversation

>Work/Study in Medical. Biochem graduate
>Golden medium length hair, green eyes
>Very loyal, honest, submissive
>Like to joke around a lot and be relaxed, am very laid back and chill at heart
>Speak 3 languages

err just ask if wanna know more, or ask if you want contact.
>Lives in US
>Taller than me
>Bulky/chubby but strong (If this makes sense)
>Big arms
>Ginger maybe?
>Tattoos, no facial piercings
>Masculine, knows how to take care of shit
>Geeky (vidya, superheros, yaddayadda)
>Not obsessive
>Into food
>No smoking, no drugs, drinking is eh
>Funny and not too serious
>Loves animals
>Listens to Lil Dicky
Basically if you're a sarcastic, shitposting lumberjack who is into everything geeky, let's get married.

>Female, 19, White
>Pale af, dyed my hair brown (it was pink)
>One tattoo so far
>Into fitness, decent body but my face is trash
>Love to cook
>Love animals
>Vegetarian but I don't care if you are
>Sarcastic and cheesy sense of humor
>Into makeup
>Not very religious, not an atheist though
>I only wear dresses
>Not a feminist
>Likes camping
Seems like I'd like you, Skype?

I'm from the UK, but i fit most things, Skype?
the dream:

>passionate in his/her beliefs but still open to change and willing to admit when he/she is wrong
>long hair if guy, short hair if girl
>more into movies than music
>actually understands that the art of good conversation is asking questions
>doesn't get rustled easily
>believes a bit in the supernatural, or at least is open to it
>can take negative criticism without crumbling
>goes for the older dogs at the pound, instead of the puppies
>loves the cold as much as i do
>i legit do not care about looks/age.

>half black/half white
>30 and no longer need to work
>just play games and watch stuff all day errday
>content fatty, but losing weight for non-aesthetic reasons
>6ft tall unfortunately...
>love roleplaying and drawing
>am always honest, even if it's bad
>don't really like kids...
>more often giving than recieving
>truly appreciate every good thing in my life
>almost never struggle with indecisiveness

i'm actually perfectly happy alone, but hey. who would say no to their dream guy/girl?
File: 1451625008539.gif (2 MB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x400

>has the guts to pursue her dreams with or without me; enjoys sharing those passions
>enjoys reading and talking about books
>loves games of all sorts (video games, board games, etc)
>isn't above taunting the competition, all in good fun of course (OR IS IT?!)
>also enjoys going outside - beaches, hiking, small trips
>realistic worldview but tries to see the good in people
>has strong principles and convictions, but can agree to disagree
>clever; can thrive on my vacillating cold sarcasm/goofy humor
>smiles brightly, laughs easily
>secretly a hopeless romantic
>just kidding, she's a deep, tormented soul and only I can save her from her dark past
>just kidding about just kidding
>enjoys alone time and gets that we both need it
>cuddly and loving during together time
>paints her nails with bumblebees or some other doodad
>if not, she understands the linguistic intricacies of the term 'doodad'
>knows the small things can make all the difference
>values family, eventually wants one
>no hard drugs; weed is ok
>she thinks the picture I posted with this is either hilarious or incredibly frustrating

>shorter than me; the shorter, the better
>exact body type is less important than pleasant proportions
>I like bright hair colors
>large sleeve/torso tattoos are a turn-off, but smaller, more concealed tattoos can be very hot
>earrings, yes; ear gauges, no
>relatively high libido
>comfortable communicating physical needs
>enjoys erotic massage, oral sex, trying out new positions

>Northeast USA


>26, male, white, green eyes, glasses, dirty blond hair, beard, 6'0", slim-toned body type
>calm, intellectual, protective
>I get inordinately frustrated with bad drivers
>a terrible but enthusiastic dance partner
>in pharmacy school
>I love to write and I'd like to do that full time someday
>I can easily kick your ass in Mario Kart
>Aladdin is the best Disney movie, if you disagree, you're wrong.
>No, Up is a Pixar movie, those are different categories.

>Kik: star_rider01
>a biological women
>likes /out/ stuff and astronomy
>will do weeby stuff with me
>a bit needy and clingy
>nurturing and loving

All I need desu
File: _20160703_100023.jpg (205 KB, 1440x1371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
205 KB, 1440x1371
>Own a house, good job, good benefits, insurance etc
>Heavily tattooed
>Hobbies include pool, ping pong. Project 1999, drinking, hiking. Fishing. Golf
>6" 175lbs
>Want someone to take care of, hopeless romantic
>Overly complimentary, somewhat clingy I suppose
>Animal lover. Love both my cat and dog to death. Cats are my favorite by far though
>want kids/marriage/family.. so much so that I've resorted to 4chan
>Like live shoes. Movies, theme parks, museums, state parks... I enjoy getting out once in a while but like to actually DO something
>Loves taking tons of mini trips. Mountains, beach, just exploring another city
>Desperately want to travel more
>Enjoy music like Fleetwood Mac,interpol, the drums, misfits, nine inch nails, Bob Dylan, led zeppelin, Aesop rock, the smiths, and tons others (wide range.. I like ton of stuff)

>Short, thin.. thick is okay but not obese
>Preferably short hair
>Glasses are cute
>Self described nerd
>Smarter than me (won't be hard)
>Dresses very girly... dresses, leggings, tights. Super hot
>Likes video games but not obsessively
>Enjoys good shoes like it's always sunny, workaholics, Rick and Morty, Steve Brule .. anything we can laugh together watching
>Enjoys nights in but also the occasional date night out
>Is okay with my clunkiness/over protective ways
>Can cook
>Things In common with me

I don't give a damn about age.

Would it really be that weird to meet someone on here? Life doesn't surprise me anymore.

Kik- extentofmysin
>dark hair
>glasses are cute
>under 5'5"
>tattoos or piercings are a plus unless excessive
>plays games or tolerates them
>likes cars or tolerates them
>likes or tolerates Anime
>somewhat shy
>somewhat clingy
>decent sex drive
>non smoker (weed is ok)
>doesn't drink a lot
>prefers to stay in
>night owl
>can take sarcasm
>likes offensive jokes
>hates country music
>prefers simple easy to make food or eating out over fancy meals
>likes dogs
>doesn't want kids

>Short (5'5")
>blue eyes
>short dirty blond / light brown hair
>skinny borderline fit from work
>3 tattoos
>night owl
>kinda quiet unless talking about something I like
>into nerdy things (superhero movies, computers, GoT)
>work in the oil and gas industry
>Gaming is my main hobby, Cars being a close second
>Prefer staying in the house unless it's to a car meet or the track
>Don't smoke anything, drink rarely
>I love dogs, cats are ok to but I am allergic
>Only anime I actually watch is Dragon Ball Z and Initial D
>sleep a lot
>I like going for midnight drives to Mcdonalds or Tim Hortons

skype and kik: stevo8o7
My dream guy is intelligent enough to realize that things are fucked and the reason is that most people are cancer, has a face that doesn't look like it was smashed in with a baseball bat and isn't double his bmi.
Pretty liberal requirements
And yet, almost noone can meet them.
It seems like it would be easy to find someone like that based on your interests alone. What are they?
Oh, I forgot another: he can't be a raging whore or drug addict. And I'm a guy.
File: FUCK YA.gif (2 MB, 450x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 450x251
That'd be me, i suppose.
>I'm a guy
There it is

>can't be a raging whore
Ya, most gays are, from what I have it understood. If it's any consolation, most of the women around here are both.

Best of luck, gayfriend.
So you're a gay man who isn't a whore and is attractive? Yeah no. Such a thing does not exist.
I'd consider myself attractive, as it's what most people have told me, i'm clean and don't sleep around like a joint at a party, and i'm actually bi.

It's not really ego when i know myself enough not to be an insecure bitch.
File: 90.jpg (15 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 250x250
>20, male, canadian
>pale as snow
>long shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes
>charismatic and talkative when around lots of people but otherwise pretty reserved
>into vidya like Metal Gear, Dark Souls, Hotline Miami, fallout etc
>loves 80's action movies
>really into vaporwave, synthwave, infie folk and 80's pop / rock
>super casually into comics
>cosplays occasionally
>prone to depression and anxiety
>romantic at heart
>likes simple things

>average body type
>if you made me pick, ginger is my favorite but I love dark hair
>interest in vidya, hopeuflly similarly so
>likes david bowie
>cosplay is a massive plus but just wish fufillment
>has a nice fashion sense
>encourages me to be more outgoing
>has creative outlets, passions
>likes to cook with me
>doesn't mind nerdy stuff
>likes cuddling up with a movie as much as going out
>likes dressing up for silly occasions
>enjoys the tiniest bit of sub / dom play
>likes lingerie

skype / kik : sardoniccharm
I'm a dude, but Hotline Miami is the shit
(also metal gear, aye)
Hope you find your counterpart m8.
I don't think it's ego. It's just so uncommon as to be non-existent.
I had her for a while, but she left. Keepin' the chin up.
File: JAZZ HANDS.gif (3 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 500x281
People find what makes them happy, i take pride and i'm glad I look good, I make effort to get there too, only issue is my hair and slight acne.

Other than that i'm pretty much dandy.

People lose hope in themselves and never find it, I tend to honestly look at myself and learn from what is good and not good. It helps.
File: Eyes.gif (240 KB, 500x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240 KB, 500x282
I lost my dream girl too, but she had none of my interests in honesty.
We all find ours mate, if not, marry a fucking tree, it'll be better than nothing.
was a weird scenario with my last girl, she started out totally perfect and we had such similar taste it was terrifying. i've never met someone who makes me that happy again but I'm crossin' my fingers

I'm all of this except

I have a lot of body hair, just not on my chest/torso
>cute Emo girl
>nice and caring
>preferably in California
>willing to hang out some time

>honest and a pretty nice guy
>likes all kind of music, really artistic

Idk not great at describing myself just ask me anything
Skype: keptainkek (was made a long time ago lmao)
File: 1440804858799.jpg (521 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
521 KB, 1920x1080
>As long as she's chill, friendly, and has a good relateable personality, i'm good.
>I prefer em short and nerdy.
>It's literally not even being shitty, just like skinny.
>UK, preferrably.
>Live in the UK
>Do IT here and there.
>Rather tall ginger fellow
>Play a lot of games. (A lot)
>Enjoy books and classical music, but open minded to everything
>Enjoy philosophy and deep thinking, i always love a good discussion about life.
Basically an exact copy of me would do, just without the depression.
i really should get a kik...
in the meantime i've got skype? banglady
Interested in kik?
My ideal girl would be someone who is artistic in someway and is caring and understanding. Im really attracted to people with big hearts because I like to be affectionate and show them how much I care, but that doesn't mean I'm needy and engage in pda all the time. It would be a big BIG plus if we had similar taste in music and she wouldn't mind listening to the same song for a week straight. I have a big thing for girls with short, dark hair. Not everyone can pull off short hair, but when they do they REALLY pull it off (when it rains it pours). Shorter than me (5'7") and at least 18, I don't really have a preference for body types, a pretty face takes all.

I'm 21 and a musician. Again I'm 5'7" and ~135 lbs. I also have blue eyes and wavy/curly brown hair, if i grew it out it would look like jimmy page. I almost don't want to say I'm an introvert because it's such a meme to be one, but I'm quiet to people I don't know very well but when I get more comfortable I can become a big weirdo ;). I like all kinds of music but the artist that influence me the most are John frusciante, Elliott smith, Alice in chains, buckethead, Maurice ravel, Chopin, and velvet underground. I have a cat named Elliott and I'll talk and send pics of him all day. I try to be a very understanding, caring, and supportive person. My brain can be like an on off switch so I will be indifferent about some mundane things but be obsessed with a few things and have them on my mind for a couple of weeks. I've been playing guitar for almost 12 years, piano for about 3, and I've recently been working in singin while playing. I also like to draw and paint. I don't play a lot of video games except Pokemon and elder scrolls but I don't really mind if anybody else does. I have a "to each their own" mentality, I care more about who you are as a person than anything.

Kik is new.m00n if you're interested
>good at video games
>laughs a lot
>likes emo music
>understanding and patient
>knows multiple languages (cute accents are a plus)
>long hair
>sexually dominant

>short (4'11") and fat
>wears a lot of dresses
>likes baking, gardening, and esports
>mentally ill

skype: asdf.ghjk294

I like your description of yourself! Personality-wise we may be a good match; I like your femininity. But I'm pretty far from your physical ideal other than having a beard and being taller than you. And you'd have to introduce me to Lil Dicky.

Here's mine:

My kik's in the post if you'd like to chat.
>200 lbs, not skinny, not fat, a bit of chub
>short black hair, curly when grown out
>hazel eyes, freckles, strong jaw, broad shoulders
>Love video games, art, movies, making people smile, hanging with friends
>very open minded and love to have long conversations/ debates
>Work at a deli, and go to school for Electrical Engineering
>Was depressed for quite some time and found that one thing that makes me happy is making other people happy/laugh. I love doing improvisational comedy and often do so on stage/ in front of an audience.
Her: (In order of importance to me)
>Nice personality, silly, makes jokes, smart, likes to debate and have conversations. Can be outgoing but also likes to just chill at home.
>longer hair the better, darker the better (IMO)
>Cute face, smile etc, (physical looks aren't the most important thing to me)
>Similar interests like art, video games, movies, etc.
>Age is of no importance

starting of with me to not waste time
5'3 1/2
>black hair
>cuteish face
>kinda spoiled
>loves talking
>people pleaser
>loves a good laugh
>absolutely loves dogs
>cries at any movie

>cute face
>stout/heavy build
love a hairy man
>somewhat of a ''manly man"
>shy is nice too
>Or an extrovert also
Even over confidence
> knows how to have a good time
>18 -?
has to be funny
kik: jesuschristjpg
Forgot to add that I am white, kinda pale
what a catch
File: 1459822470494.png (29 KB, 591x422) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 591x422
>understands my cynical wittiness
>smaller than me (183cm-92kg)
>enjoys to exercise :bonus if she lifts with me
>likes horror movies
>makes healthy meals
>will massage mah muscular body
>smokes dudeweedlmao with me often but understands theres a time and place
>will play old video games with me and cuddle
>kind and caring
>cheer each other up after a hard day knowing we always have each other
>be my best friend

why would I even post this
>6` 220
>super sexy
>Joke too much
>Love goin to concerts and shitty bars
>Vidya, movies etc
>Do smoke pot
>Work a lot

>24 or older
>longish hair
>cute face
>sense of humor
>Not a guy
>not retarded
>Smells nice
>big tits is a plus
>Likes giving head

Kik bangbangVA
>Used to do heroin
>Works in massage but not a hooker
>I don't even believe the body I have
>yes really, I've done stupid shoots
>Anxiety is debilitating
>Probably mentally ill

>likes being tied up
>pixie cut is super plus

Yeah that'd be nice
> thin/skinny/athletic/petite
> very short to average height
> long, dark, maybe curly hair, or else short hair of any color
> laughs a lot, generally happy person
> passionate about something, has hobbies (especially art- or music-related things)
> preferably listens to music that i dont listen to, but is open to listening to new stuff
> no drugs/smoking, little to no drinking
> kinda geeky
> is adventurous, likes trying new things
> also content with just chilling at home sometimes
> educated (is currently attending/has attended university)
> doesnt want kids
> pretty high libido
> sub

> Male
> 20
> 5'11"
> 172 lbs
> thin, fairly athletic build
> half asian, half white
> listens to all kinds of music, but especially folk punk and ska
> plays a few instruments, does art stuff
> attends fairly prestigious university
> pretty geeky (not so much vidya though)
> pretty easy going
> sarcastic, jokes around a lot
>A bigger guy than me
>Doesn't bring his friends along everywhere
>Always has a plan
>Loves planes and aviation
>Inspires loyalty in others
>Wears a mask

>I'm CIA
For you.
These never pan out so I'll keep it short.


Rather Thin
Hazel / "Swamp Green" eyes.
Kinkster / Dom
(Tease & Denial / Tease & Delay specialty)
I read a hell of a lot
Interested in medicine
Fair knowledge of pharmacology (though not degree-status)


Shorter than me, bonus if under 5'10
Prefer at least ear-lobe length hair
Enjoys reading and discussing books
Same with movies, watching together and talking about it.
Preferably submissive but not required if vanilla sexually.

Skype - Tremefy

Since I always get Skype's along the lines of, "Uh, just wanted to check, are you into guys at all?" No, sorry.
If you were older I'd hit you up. I'm like a goddamn teddy bear.
>165 lbs
>works out just enough to stay fairly fit, but not particularly muscular
>only drinks a bit on weekends when out with friends
>doesn't smoke or do drugs
>not very outgoing outside of my friends
>loves animals
>likes geeky things
>has a few tattoos

>preferably shorter than me
>a little chub is fine
>reserved but not a total shut in
>likes animals
>open to new things/ideas
>likes to watch movies together

Hmm, 28, not ginger and no tats but other than that I'm exactly on there. Seriously, and you sound pretty great yourself. Camping, fit, feminine, not too serious. All right.

Still wanna kik? It's FinishingManeuver
hey whats your skype i match all those
I meet just about all of those criteria. I'm just not ginger, I don't have a beard, and I'll be living outside the US for a couple years.
>Slim (the skinnier the better)
>5'8 and up
>Anywhere around the world is fine
>Any race is fine, but usually attracted more to whites
>Any hair colour is fine but brown is a big plus
>Has something going on for him in life, ideally a good education (such as uni) and a nice paying job
>Being ambitious is a huge plus
>Any eye colour is fine but blue and green eyes always reel me in
>Little to no peircings and tattoos
>No drugs, not an alcoholic. I can tolerate weed
>Enjoys video games, table top games,anime/manga
>A big plus if he's into building and painting models
>Enjoys traveling
>Enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and camping
>Has a sense of humour, not easily offended
> A big fan of classis rock would be great
>Dominant in sex is always a plus
>Having some sort of passion
>Loyal, honest, loving, carring, ect

>long golden brown hair (to my lower back)
>blue almond shaped eyes
>White, more on the pale side
>Only a social drinker
>Graduate student (economics and business)
>No peircings or tattoos
>A combination of muscular and chubby but I'm still in the process of losing weight (was a former landwhale)
>Outdoorsy person (camping, hiking, long walks, picnics, traveling,ect)
>Also enjoy staying inside, playing games, really enjoy painting models
>Don't really wear much makeup
>Cheap ass jew
>I love to cook
>I'm more on the quiet/shy side
>I'm not funny at all but I try to be
>I love music history
>Collect and play some instruments
>Huge fan of rock music (classic, prog, stoner, post,ect)

Wish I wasn't 28, bulky and liked building/painting models.

Where you studying econ? That was my degree, too.
21, 5'7", slim white with brown hair. I used to be into model tanks and planes. I have an associates and I'm Army shooting for warrant officer. Greenish bluish eyes with a few tattoos. I enjoy video games and such but being in the army I'm no stranger to the outdoors. I love rock. Despite the numerous anti-sexual harassment/racism briefs, I'm not easily offended. I do drink but only when I'm out with friends. Currently stationed in Korea.
Haha well it's just ideal, not everything has to match completely. Also I study econ in KY

Do you have skype by chance?
Not on my current computer. Been using Kik lately.
Are you an actual Jew or just cheap?
To clarify, my old computer was a laptop with a built in mic and cam. Now I'm on a desktop but I have yet to buy those.
Damn >:
Skype: ravioliii_
Bad at these, but hey...
>sweet and caring
>a little shy or introverted
>loves cuddles
>likes to spend time together
>can talk for hours about her passions
>patient and understanding
>red hair is a bonus

>hair somewhere between brown and ginger
>decent face
>open once you get to know me
>love writing, vidya games
>hate parties
>straight talker, honest
>can be a bit sappy/romantic
>aspergers, but no one seems to notice

Kik/Skype: Overworlder97
I mean, unless you're into older dudes.

>Brown hair
>Have the GI Bill and other education benefits to use, waiting on clearance to work
>Eyes are blue on the outside, green on the inside
>No tattoos or piercings
>No drugs, don't drink much alcohol
>Enjoys video games, anime, and would like to play tabletop again
>Love building things, haven't done much model building
>Enjoys traveling, been to three other countries so far
>Enjoys hiking and camping
>Has a sense of humor and doesn't get offended easily, bad at jokes though
>Raised on classic rock
>Loyal, honest, loving, caring, etc

I think we should be friends.
Skype: MediocreAndChrome
>Taller than me, fit, nice face
>Not a big freaking jerk
>Not very very religious, and not a hurrdurrreligionlmao athiest
>Has outdoor hobbies
>can make me laugh
>Intelligent (but doesn't judge people who aren't or don't hold higher degrees lmao)
>tidy and doesn't hoard shit or drop shit on the floor without picking it up
>not a liar
>doesn't hate his job
>doesn't live with parents or an untidy flatmate
>dosen't like spending entire days inside
>doesn't make rape jokes
>can handle my odd moody fit
>isn't really really into anything weeaboo e.g anime, pokemon, videogames
>likes to cuddle and kiss
>also for 5 extra bonus points: foot fetish

>5"10, fit, not ugly
>very content most of the time and happy with my current life
>cook and bake pretty much everything from scratch, cooking is my big hobby
>Into outdoorsy hobbies
>Reasonably wellread
>ocasionally needs space but also potentially can have big abandonment issues.. hahaha guys..... ..
Me (male)
>Eastern United States
>white (family of Mediterranean origin, so I can get pretty dark in the summer) with dark hair.
>Shaved head, trimmed beard
>185, working on dropping about 10 pounds, or turning it into more muscle (most of which is currently in my legs/butt courtesy of cycling)
>Hazel eyes
>pursuing PhD in hard science field, ultimately want to teach/do outreach
>Very capable of being serious, but I prefer to approach most things (that aren't inherently serious) with a sense of humor and snark
>As you might expect from a grad student, I love to learn new things
>Massive bookworm. Mostly read sci-fi, fantasy, and history
>Bit of a cosplayer, can't afford to make it to too many cons, but I thoroughly enjoy it
>Gamer. Mostly into grand strategy games lately. Probably couples with me being a history nerd.
>Generally leftist, politically speaking
>Mostly a sadist with some dom tendencies. Love bondage, for instance.
>Two tattoos, want more.
>Social drinker, non-smoker
>Huge metalhead, also into classical music (Dvorak is god)

>Don't much care about age, but like anyone on this board, please at the very least be legal.
>Height really doesn't matter unless maybe you tower over me, but I'd still be generally curious about that
>In at least decent shape. I enjoy being an outdoorsy person when the weather is nice, and would like you to be able to join me without difficulties
>Intellectually curious
>Able to teach me things. As such, I don't too much care what you study (or studied), so long as you care about it.
>Nice eyes and legs. I'm a sucker for both.
>Kink friendly or at least curious. Masochists get huge bonus

That's all I can really think of for now.
Skype: sn_1987.a

I have kik also if you want, but real conversations are much easier to have via Skype
>unfortunately not taller than you at 5'7"
>I consider myself to be a nice person
>I honestly don't think much about religion one way or the other
>I do camp from time to time and when I work out, its almost always outside
>I have an associates degree. Not an idiot, but also not much to brag about.
>I've been raised to live nice and tidy and
I don't live with parents (though I do have a roommate)
>I love my job
>making rape jokes will likely get me demoted
>moody people don't bother me much since most of the people I work with I'm beginning to believe are sociopaths
>loves to cuddle
>and my foot fetish will depend on how cute your feet are ;)
>Midwest, Usa
>221 lbs 20% body fat(going for 12%)
>Husky(still losing weight) great frame
>Goldish brown hair
>blue eyes w/ yellow rings
>Not ugly, but not 10/10
>Into weight training and dieting
>Likes outdoor activities; fishing, camping, hiking, bike riding, kayaking/rafting
>Also enjoys movies and video games
>Works in Factory
>Owns Truck
>Looking for better job/or going to progress in school
>Very honest dick
>Doesn't mind social drinking
>Member of social clubs
>Has ccw
>Family oriented(not looking to make a family for couple years however)
>Wants to travel
>Wants motorcycle
>Wants to own a large home and many dogs
>Has large family
>Starting on tattoos soon
>Doesn't like girls who wear pounds of make up or are constantly bitching
>Hates being yelled at
>Can be sarcastic
>Loves taco bell

kik: randommang
skype: ran.dom17
File: image.jpg (50 KB, 552x704) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 552x704
>Biological female
>Short, like 4'10"-5'4" preferably, but anything 5'8" and under is fine
>Any race
>Any color/length hair, but long, straight black hair is a plus
>Just not super skinny/super overweight, ideally chubby-curvy. Like hourglass with a slight muffin top.
>Glasses are a plus
>Shy or not, just playful in their own way
>Silly, child at heart, doesn't take things too seriously
>Kind/sweet personality
>Very "touchy feely" likes physical contact
>Into "geek culture" (animu,vidya, etc)
>Additionally, music nerd a huge plus
>Likes animals
>High sex drive, is a closeted perv
>INFP/ENFP a plus
>Okay with staying in, or going out (maybe to go on a Pokemon Go adventure?)
Plz exist

>21, male, USA
>Average-Slightly chubby build
>Brown eyes/hair
>No facial hair
>Working on Associates degree
>Also working a full time job
>Silly dork most of the time, serious when needed.
>Likes vidya and some animu
>Dog person
>Likes cars, guns, and music, can talk about them for hours
>Also like arts and crafts stuff
>High sex drive, perv, switch

Basically I just want a short nerdy girl who is okay with getting bear hugs at any given moment.
Kik is rpgspitfire if that's you.
I'll try again even though i know nobody will reply.

>lives in the UK
>athletic or skinny/thin or curvy
>no tattoos or piercings
>dark hair
>plays games or at least tolerates them
>not extremely into anime or manga and weeb stuff in general
>loyal and honest
>somewhat shy
>prefers to stay indoors
>doesn't use excessive makeup
>clingy, obsessive/posessive
>has some interesting hobbies or job
>not a vegetarian or a radical feminist
>preferably a virgin and sexually inexperienced but the less partners she had the better
>kinky with high or medium sex drive
>believes in soulmates
>doesn't smoke
>assertive and somewhat dominant personality
>doesn't mind taking charge
>loves travelling and will travel with me
>knows what she wants in life and can take care of herself
>wouldn't mind a relationship or a LDR

>live in the UK
>125lbs and 5'11, medium build
>green eyes and no glasses
>not really muscular but not a skeleton either
>long thick hair
>young looking and not extremely manly, maybe somewhat feminine
>currently working full time and going to study from september
>financially independent
>really funny and easy to get along with i crack jokes all the time with my friends
>bit shy at first and introverted but i also like going out with my friends when i can
>love writing, reading and anything history related as well as intellectual discussions
>i play games frequently but not a total nerd or spend my time playing games 24/7
>fluent in two languages
>don't care much about sex and want intimacy and emotional bonding instead
>love cuddling
>loyal and honest i don't like arguing
>bit shy at first
>i listen to any music genre
>no piercings or tattoos
>i dont do drugs or smoke and only drink socially
>not religious
>love travelling and frequently travel every year

Kik: atazs
Skype: assman300 (dumb name i know)
>doesn't make rape jokes
You're no fun. What's the point of erudition if you cannot still find jocundity in the trivial, banal, and absurd?

Or is that just a specific trigger?
>female with XX chromosomes
>nerdy, love learning things
>open-minded about open-mindness
>shy at first, energetic after knowing better
>silly and childish, but not immature when it comes to serious decisions
>has some passions
>is able to enjoy the little things in life - a walk in the park, singing together a good song while laying lazily in bed, spontaneous pillow fights, etc
>is doing something with her life: studying, working, improving herself somehow or willing to
>average build
>don't think that this is faggotry: xD =O ;P <3 >=D

>all the above (except that I'm a male with XY chromossomes)

Bonus points:
+ short
+ pale
+ wavy hazel hair
+ knows that LoTR is WAY BETTER than Harry Potter ;P
I am almost all of this. Only exception being that I live with my parents part of the year because I am back and forth between two states and can't afford to have my own place in both states.
>rape is 'trivial, banal and absurd'

obvious troll and/or trying extremely hard
Not rape, but jokes about it. I am of the opinion that anything is open for joking. It is low-brow humor, yes, which is why the humor itself is banal and absurd.

But I suppose troll is appropriate, since I'm having a giggle here.
File: 1462692069825.jpg (257 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
257 KB, 800x800
>tfw every girl in these threads "likes to hike and camp and be outdoors"

I will never find my gf who enjoys staying inside
more than a specific trigger, it might have happened to her or someone she knows. The best thing to know would be to discuss the matter privately, that is, if the other is up to discuss it.
That's why it's always good for people to know each other better than merely saying "I fit this and that and not this etc.", I find that too much of an attempt to try and raise the interest of the other, whereas I would like for people to be open to what doesn't seem alluring and finding themselves nicely surprised for discovering a very good person and talk with such person about problems and not, making each other more enriched with that.
I agree, quote honestly, with every word you said. My longest relationship was with a girl who had a great sense of humor, and we only kept practical jokes off the table, since we both have a tendency to react to a potential emergency very quickly.

However, I am providing this cat picture as a rebuttal.

You sound too good to be true and I fit your ideal mate almost to the word (I guess "big fan of classic rock" would be a long stretch and thus the only point I don't fit). Where's the catch?
>Under 25
>Likes animals
>smol (I want to carry her)
>owns long socks
>likes hair being played with

>Pierced and tattooed
>sometimes a bit feminine? I care a lot about my hair
>Music degree student
>love cats so, so much
>slim, 6ft

I live in England but long even long distance is cool. Also fine with being just friends
Kik: S846
File: WTF am I doing.gif (1021 KB, 235x156) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
WTF am I doing.gif
1021 KB, 235x156
Maybe a little too specific, but oh well.

>early to mid 20s
>preferably European
>wants to move/escape to the US
>preferably French or knows French (I want to learn the language someday)
>little to no makeup
>no tattoos or weird piercings
>has her natural hair color
>non smoker or wants to quit
>has intellectual interests (loving history, like me, is a plus)
>can actually hold a conversation and can debate issues
>wants to have kids and a family

>6 feet tall
>light brown hair
>blue eyes
>enjoys history
>enjoys visiting museums
>plays way too many video games
>I know a poor bit of German (haven't used it in years)

Throwaway email: dylorss@gmail.com
File: 1330502168743.gif (482 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
482 KB, 500x281
>However, I am providing this cat picture as a rebuttal.

Should switch genre.
I'm here.
Do you want to Kik?
Classic gif, I have that one as well. Still, my kitties are more existential.
speaking of Good and Evil things, I wish I could find "The Heart of Man: Its Genius for Good and Evil", whether in paper or ebook.
File: image201606300013.jpg (20 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 640x480
>2 X chromosomes
>loves me for who I am (lol is this even possible)
>Not abusive
>Not underage b&

>117 LBS
>Likely going to get IT Certs over the summer
>Liklely going to CC for Compsci
>Diagnosed Sperg
>Kind of Mealoncholic but quiet about it
>I'm kind of a weirdo
>Rapidly become attatched/clingy but I often quiet about it
>Paranoid enough to reverse-search the image of you I have to make sure you're real
>I can be kinda stalkerish but I won't if you tell me not to
>Really strange interests
>I play lots of Vidya, especially EU4, CK2, TF2, and Stellaris.
>I enjoy cats
>I enjoy reading about history and discussing it with friends

Skype: oogeneral_ryanoo
SteamID: R509
>weight isn't an issue
>extremely talkative
>likes fashion
>knows when to be serious but doesn't only want to talk about serious things, light-hearted

>19, 20 very soon
>mixed (1/4 black, 1/4 white, the rest is other stuff)
>semi-fit, semi muscular (dieting + lifting for 6 months, currently ~155lbs)
>very masculine/dominant
>love challenging videogames (ninja gaiden etc)
>open book, I hide nothing and usually answer everything
>grounded (rarely get upset or shaken by things, like once a year maybe)
>hopefully starting actuarial science course in September
>like deep house, 80's pop, noise rock
>always have something to say

Kik is ssds7k, Skype is the same.

Loyal and willing to stick things out
Somewhat domestic
Creative (artistic)
Loves sex with me, but hasn't slept around with many guys (preferably none but that's next to impossible these days)
Not depressed (Hard to find a non-depressed woman)
Dresses sexy but not slutty (love long legs)
Takes the initiative sometimes. This is a big thing with women. I don't mind taking the lead, but damn if every relationship I'm in I don't feel like I'm the one pulling all the emotional weight and trying to keep things together. I want someone who at least cares enough to fight for me.
Jealous and doesn't try to hide it
Has a dark side
Loves animals
Wants to live out in the woods
Bit of an exhibitionist
pale, feminine, small, I like tiny, sensitive girls, I like to pick them up and throw them around

Chubby but strong
Dark hair, currently long hair and beard but not super committed to that
Like strategy vidya, occult horror stuff, outdoors, AI, philosophy, some history
Currently engineering graduate student, really bored with pretty much every other student I know here though
Can be extremely passionate
Not very social, life experiences and wandering have made me bored with most people and most of my old friends live far away now
Love animals (2 cats and a dog)
A bit of a scatterbrain
low tolerance for petty bullshit
Indulges in occasional pretentious rant/criticism about sterile modern world

If you're with me, it's us against the world, and I'll stick with you as long as you don't give up on me.

Has anyone actually ever met people via threads like these? Kik: megicman
>isn't really really into anything weeaboo

but i am 6'1 sensitive mixed qt that likes feet

>Age: Somewhere around 20 is fine
>If you are small, that's a plus
>Doesn't use way too much make-up
>No piercings
>Doesn't smoke
>Likes to do indoor stuff but also wants to do something outdoor from time to time
>Doesn't have a problem with me liking videogames and stuff like Tabletops or RPGs
>Plus if she likes it too
>Likes to talk about pretty much everything

>20 Male
>Pretty slim
>Longish dirty blond hair and blue eyes
>Don't smoke/drink/do drugs
>No piercings or tatoos
>Studying Games Engineering right now
>Obviously likes games
>Loves animals
>Just wants someone to cuddle

Oh forgot to mention
My age: 29

Her age: Younger than me, preferable by around 3-7 years
10/10 am into older dudes
-Age, don't rly care
-Height 5'6+
-Preferably UK but, I don't rly care
-Brown/ blonde hair
-Kinda slim
-Likes to play games with my head
-Knows their own self worth but also doesnt
-Will humour me when I say things that don't make a lot of sense
-Someone chill with me being spontaneous but is reliable themselves
-Independent. Would be just fine without me
-Honest where it matters
-Confident, or at least pretends to be
-Has other friends
-Is proud to be be with me, wants to show me off
-But also kinda rude to me
-doesn't tread on eggshells around me. Treats me as if as if I can take it
-Will talk about a bunch of random crap
-Has good stories
-asks really random questions
-Will chase me but tell me if they've lost interest

-GoT Blonde
-Glasses sometimes
-A little wild
-extroverted but also not
-open af
-I'll mess with u when I'm into you
-I don't dress all that princessly but I dress nicely
-Teaching myself guitar
-I'm into politics, philosophy, music, ghosts, movies, scifi, etc
-I don't sleep a lot
-I'm really nice to strangers
-honest but not obviously
-420 friendly, but it's cool if you're not
-really awkward at taking compliments
-I'll come out with some really random crap at like 4 in the morning
-I'll do whatever you do and I'll enjoy it
Contact details:
If u want, reply
22, M, east midlands, you?
London. It's a riot!
>Humorous. Being funny is extremely important to me. Especially if it's sarcastic/dry.
>willing to get into discussions. About anything. I really don't mind. But it'd be nice to have someone who was both opinionated and open-minded.
>preferably taller, because I'm somewhat tall. Looks really don't matter. They're the last thing I care about. I've been with guys that have been 4/10 to guys who've been solid 9/10s. Personality is what I care about.
>has ambition. Willing to do something to better themselves. Something akin to goals. Granted I'm not shallow enough to only date a man because of money (majoring in computer science, I plan on supporting a family as well), but a NEET has no appeal. Typically lack the characteristics I seek, but who knows. People are different.
>unimportant stuff, but gives good cuddles. Lil kisses here and there. A nice smile. A calm and rational personality. I admire logical responses over emotional ones. These things will send me over the edge.

>female. Slim, tallish, 5'8. Slight sloucher.
>dress rather simple and clean. A fan of the 70s/90s fashion comeback
>not very emotional, tend to follow logic and reasoning, i seem cold. But I'm honestly very empathetic and I care about others. A lot.
>constantly shit talk. Unless I mention my gender people assume I'm male. I kid around. I'm on 4chan after all.
>enjoy talking and venting. About anything. Love deep discussions.
>love food. Especially creamy stuff. Chocolate is great.
>I run, draw, prefer movies over TV shows. Music wise I listen to mostly alt/indie rock and alt/indie pop. But in truth I listen to anything that I can dance and sing along to. Hobby wise I'm meh, but if someone else has something they're interested I love listening to them talk. I rarely get bored.
>dogs are better than cats
>I 420, but I don't drink. Alcohol is bleh
Tldr; INTP

If interested, leave kik. Meh
kik is randommang
File: 1467239529172.gif (2 MB, 320x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x245
g1ebguy on Skype
Hello from Scotland!
File: legendary.jpg (138 KB, 375x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 375x500
You sound pretty okay, what are those contact details?
Know a dude who'd fit your description. Don't know if he'd like me posting his kik tho lol
Is Pokémon Go an outdoor hobby?
Underrated post.
>5 '7
>antisocial shutin
>enjoys literature
>loyal and polite
>not shallow
>also a shutin
>likes to watch movies
>doesnt have a lot of female friends
>likes adventure
>doesnt put dating as priority
>doesnt lurk soc often
>doesnt watch porn
>loyal and honest
No, really, I fit like 90% of what you wrote.
I have about a decade on you, but I might redownload KIK.
>tall like 5'10" I think
> likes art stuff
>I like to laugh a lot (silly)
>I want all the neck kisses
>Caring and positive
>I like hip hop, r&B, and some indie stuff
>be in the USA
>Tall (6'+)
>Is willing to give all the neck kisses and cuddle
>wants to go do fun things like later tag or hike, but also wants to stay in and watch netflix in our pjs
>Will share your shirts
>Honest and kind
>Just an over all cool guy who will love me
kik abazaba18
File: image1.jpg (148 KB, 750x1334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148 KB, 750x1334
Forgot the pic oops
Pretty ok? Aha wow I'm bowled over by that compliment.. but sure! my kik's Mel_Rus3k
I dropped you a message :^)
I match all those points. Do you have Skype?
yes. my skype is ihateeverythinng

I'm 26
>Slim (the skinnier the better)
Slender, trending toward fit
>5'8 and up
>Anywhere around the world is fine
>Any race is fine, but usually attracted more to whites
I'm white too!
>Any hair colour is fine but brown is a big plus
Dirty blonde hair. Does that count as brown?
>Has something going on for him in life, ideally a good education (such as uni) and a nice paying job
I'm in my last year of pharmacy school and I'm an intern in the profession.
>Being ambitious is a huge plus
I love to write. That's the dream!
>Any eye colour is fine but blue and green eyes always reel me in
Green eyes.
>Little to no peircings and tattoos
>No drugs, not an alcoholic. I can tolerate weed
I drink socially; I only 420 when it's offered to me by others
>Enjoys video games, table top games,anime/manga
Yep. I've never played a tabletop but I've always wanted to!
>A big plus if he's into building and painting models
>Enjoys traveling
>Enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and camping
Absolutely. I've been up Mt. Washington three times.
>Has a sense of humour, not easily offended
You bet.
> A big fan of classis rock would be great
I'm listening to The Who right now. Keith Moon is my hero. The whole genre so much richer and interesting than pop. I'm not much for the history, maybe you can teach me something!

>Dominant in sex is always a plus
I'll bring the handcuffs, you bring the massage oil.
>Having some sort of passion
Science, current events, writing, personal fitness
Yes, but I do require alone time as well.
>Loyal, honest, loving, carring, ect
These are things I look for in others as well.

You sound absolutely lovely. I really like that you're improving yourself. And you're obviously smart if you're in a graduate program for economics. I've never painted models but it sounds like a lot of fun!

If you'd like to chat here's my info:

skype: anon_2598
kik: star_rider01 (that is a Foreigner reference, FYI)
Since we're going for dreams here
>North Eastern USA
>Fit or a chubby pear shape
>Tanned or dark skin
>Has some form of passion, though doesn't have to be successful
>Not a smoker
>Can enjoy board and video games
>Will sit there and watch sappy romance anime with me.
>Treats waitstaff like human beings
>Generally a decent person

>Chubby and trying to work on it
>Enjoys board/video games, reading, cooking
>Did some college for computer science but money issues
>Cold weather and snow/rain storms are my thing

Will drop info if someone's interested.
Probably should have added in that I'm male, given any ambiguity.
Some of these are soo weird to me

>-But also kinda rude to me
Holy shit, you are literally me
Here that's me. I'm not in the UK but in Europe, so not that far away.

Also intp, if i remember right, I'd imagine conversations with your would be engaging at the very least
Ninjex-if you're interested
>22/M/Western europe
>198lbs (looks a lot less, yay genes)
>Mixed black/white
>Kinda shy
>Into fine art, music, fashion and litt. Love cinema too but dont have the pretention to know much about it
>Loyal, honest and really caring about important people around me
>420 friendly, alcool is ok
>Really loyal, honest and supportive
>Love deep talks about politics, religions, senseless stuff

Idk what to add cause this person sounds like me and its weird : >>24039197
Actually hit me up if you see this

>Lives in europe but ldr is ok too
>Slim to thick is ok, guess chubby is ok too
>Dress well, being into fashion is a plus
>Has ambition
>Really love music and art and/or willing to know more about it
>Has interest in politics
>Honest, loyal...
>Exists ?
Idk what to add

Skype is : throw.away223
File: sssskittyani.gif (24 KB, 480x356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 480x356
Small bump
Just incase it maybe my post then yields a reply, here's a photo of me
(Photo was taken as a joke and I ended up liking it, would not normally take photos like this)
You should go for the Snake Plissken look, you have something of Kurt Russell in you.
Short blonde hair, average in looks, quiet and standoffish but sweet when you get to know them. Funny personality.
Am not really sure how to take that, but my hair does grow like this Snake Plissken character's if it gets longer (have not seen the films he is a character in)
You should watch them, they're classic movies and have a nice thematic to them. A bit of Metal Gear Solid vibe, and a bit of anti-governmental/dystopia thematic on the United States. Carpenter is an interesting director, he was disillusioned by Hollywood.
I think the catch would just be the long distance.
I'll add them to my watchlist, thankyou for the recommendation

Haha, how do you know where I'm from? Just guessing from the time of my post?

If you want to skype, we can still do that though.
>younger than 24
>shorter than 5'8 but if you're tall that's alright
>fringe/bangs or otherwise nice hair
>cute > "hot"
>wears skirts semi often
>interested in film/cinema
>interested in music
>reads some
>open to adventure/travel
>likes animals
>can handle differing opinions
>will check out the things I show them

>blondeish hair
>average body type/former chubby
>interested in music/film
>wants to raise goats and chickens after living in the city
>lives in the US

kik: ledesordrecestmoi1
>6 ft tall
>crying health goth ghost woman
>dark hair
>lefty politics
>crushes the weak
>generally a good person
>knows at least 3 ancient spells
>strongly identifies with garbage
>mentally ill
>likes solitary activities
>hates people/doesn't care about people
>somewhere in the 20 to 25 age range
>socialist/communist (socialist preferred)
>skinny and short I guess
>Doesn't smoke tobacco, don't care about anything else
>No heroin, meth, coke, or RCs related to them
>Doesn't drink alcohol/doesn't drink often
>likes shitty music (goth/riot grrrl/etc)
>Horror movies pls
>asexual/low sex drive
>doesn't care about money beyond not starving or living in some shitty shelter

>mentally ill, clingy, sex averse, mostly solitary
>leftist as shit, socialist
>horror movies and shitty music
>personality disorder
>minimum wage slave
>Bad at selling myself

>>crying health goth ghost woman
Idk what that means but those words sound nice together what is crushes the weak but also a good person how do those go together?
Hope youre still lurking
kik is Sevilish
Hmm, I'm not sure if we already talked, but in case, my contacts are here, bottom: >>24033813
File: Mary_Poppins5.jpg (62 KB, 477x355) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 477x355
To 24029304 (id: HL+CBkLR) on previous Ideal mate threat.

Skype or Kik?
>no tattoos or strange piercings
>doesn't play video games
>has few, if any, goals in life
>likes literature
>likes cinema

File: bmo.png (7 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 225x225
I'm not sure I want to know what makes me like someone.
Sometimes I just can't explain, and I think it's great, but here is probably what I like into a girl:

>Open minded not scare to try new things, food or whatever
>Likes to travel, to discover new cultures, meet different people
>Would be happy to travel with me
>Push me to be a better person, to achieve my ambitions, wants me to push her to be a better person
>Is a bit nuts (see Sam from Garden State or Daisy from Barefoot)
>Keen for adventures
>Likes my sense of humor
>Can be naughty
>Loves to eat what I cook and bake
>Not racist
>Loves animals, a family without a pet isn't a happy family
>Not judgmental
>Have passions/hobbit, she likes to share them with others
>Into movies and series
>Bonus point is wear glasses
>Like outdoorsy activities and inside ones
>Do no do cocaine and such
>Is happy to be with me

Me (in a nutshell)
>Green eyes
>Sarcastic sometimes
Not the poster you replied to but sounds ideal. kik?
File: 1464411154252.png (147 KB, 350x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 350x450
I pretty much fit your ideal. Do you use kik or skype?
>brown hair, white, brown eyes
>i like video games
>music is great. some of my favorites are: boards of canada, cocteau twins, dredg, tame impala, modern baseball, neutral milk hotel, swans, sigur rós, the antlers, pity sex, and lights
>i like animals, i have a cat and a dog
>dark sense humor and i wont apologize for it
>i like watching movies and anime
>loveable, shy at first, funny, and i hate writing about myself
>making people laugh though, i like it
>falling asleep on skype

>5'8" and up
>funny, sweet, mean (in a playful way)
>ok with long distance if its manageable
>dark hair and dark eyes?? (not a must)
>likes video games and anime too, also will listen to music with me
>sexually dominant but let me have some kind of turn
>respectful and kinky at the same time
>please love and say kind words to me, tell me how hot you are for me but how beautiful i am at the same time
>just be sweet
>watches movies and anime with me over skype
>will travel and go on adventures with me
>can spend all day talking to me/texting me
>like animals too?
>dresses nice, has glasses??, no really long hair pls (its ok though, im not really one to judge.)

contact: uiiumae
contact is for skype purposes
So we match each other pretty swell, I suppose.

I can't do video games, because I have seizures sometimes with them, and I never got into anime. But I want to message.

And I love animals as well, but I also like to garden.
File: gnarly dude.jpg (49 KB, 540x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gnarly dude.jpg
49 KB, 540x960
tfw i post in these hoping my dream girl will respond and it breaks my heart every time but fuck it

>clingy, ultra-affectionate, wants to see me all the time
>loves anime and video games
>any race is a-ok
>just be over 18
>any body type but chubby/curvy girls a best
>loves to cuddle
>sexually dominant with a high sex drive
>likes to adventure
>bonus points if you like industrial music or are musically adventurous

>21 years old white american (pic related)
>kinda husky but i'm now on a diet and workout plan
>anime and video games are rad
>i make industrial music
>hopeless romantic
My ideal woman would be:
-In her mid twenties
-Well educated and argumentative. Will correct me when I'm wrong
-Strongly opinionated, doesn't have to agree with my politics or opinions though.
-have interests that include philosophy, science, gaming, literature (particularly involving the prior three) and animals.
-(bonus points) a cigarette smoker

If any of this sounds like you, I'd love to get to know you. I'm a male from Canada.
Fuck we're almost perfect
It might be late but i am 21 years old 5'9 about to finish studying civil engineering in canada doesn't drink nor smoke so be as health as possible to travel and do outdoor activities into video games and anime. Some people call me cute but i am not sure about that one lol . Very passionate towards Females and love to make them happy hope u reply :)
>muffin top body type, 6'2'' making good progress on changing that though
>mostly in introvert with a few close friends
>black hair with a grey stripe
>very chill and forgiving person
>only a couple past relationships
>employed, little time to play vidya unfortunately
>movie junkie

The general stuff
>a little on the chubby side, preferably with a cute tummy
>good sense of humor
>likes vidya
>creative in some way
>smart conversations
>at the same time be okay with the corny jokes
Specific stuff
>would want to work out with me
>(preferably) red hair
>(preferably) under 6'
>likes to cook/cook with me
>passionate about what she does/wants to do
>slightly clingy, and maybe on the shy side
>okay with going out to new places with me
>also okay with spur of the moment, planless, adventures
>Taller than me, fit, nice face
>Not a big freaking jerk
>Not very very religious, and not a hurrdurrreligionlmao athiest
>Has outdoor hobbies
>can make me laugh
>Intelligent (but doesn't judge people who aren't or don't hold higher degrees lmao)
>tidy and doesn't hoard shit or drop shit on the floor without picking it up
>not a liar
>doesn't hate his job
>doesn't live with parents or an untidy flatmate
>dosen't like spending entire days inside
>doesn't make rape jokes
>can handle my odd moody fit
>isn't really really into anything weeaboo e.g anime, pokemon, videogames
>likes to cuddle and kiss
>also for 5 extra bonus points: foot fetish

- Basically it may sound weird but i fill every spot in here i hope u reply with a kik snap or skype .... i hope u contact me so u believe
forgot to mention im 20 and would prefer someone 18-22
May I ask where do you live?
>398 pounds
>Most likely have ADHD and BPD
>Can't hold a job (quit all eight that I've ever had without notice)
>No passion in life
>Two friends
>No hobbies anymore

>5'7 - 5'10"
>Very feminine and proper
>Has a good relationship with her family and friends
>Doesn't feel the need to gossip or start drama
>Is faithful
>Loves kids and animals
>Loves me

I've resigned to the fact that I will never be happy.
>knows how to cook
>preferably spanish or chinese/japanese
>5'2" or shorter
my demands are simple
be male looking for female
>short 5'0''-5'3''
>blonde hair
>fit as fuuuuuark
>lives in the gym and likes to be competitive
>enjoys shooting, camping, fishing, hunting, just country things
>likes to play video game and watch anime
>likes to meal prep and eat clean
>enjoys adventure and isn't boring
basically I want to find the female version of me
File: image.png (431 KB, 600x828) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
431 KB, 600x828
>pic related
Fuck 3D women.
we need to mate immediately
except I am 6'3'' and not that short lol
Hey! Don't know if you're still lurking but i'd love to have a chat with you! Kik is perpetual.loop
Kik mostly, but I do have Skype
Morning bump.

One word: some people don't post anything beside "I hope you reply with your contact" to others that say "leave your contact if interested" and still haven't posted it. In my opinion, I think you guys would be better off leaving a contact directly and wait for one or the other to be free from talking to others, because it's common to just ignore/forget those kind of requests.

you remind me of a friend of mine. Might add you to skype today later, when I'm not busy, to talk from time to time.

Just my opinion, but I think it's better if you leave a contact and some information of the girl from the previous thread, I'll let you choose which one and whether to do it beside the contact.
Do you have skype or kik by chance?

I actually have no idea where you're at. I just assumed we're far from eachother. Haha
Yeah, my skype is droppedbook

Keeps me engaged in a conversation. Loves discussing - listens to others, doesn't treat people who disagree with him as inferior, can justify his positions rationally, doesn't talk through slogans and doesn't follow an ideology. Knowledgeable, good story teller or good with words in general. Smart is sexy. I love learning from my partner.
Sarcastic and witty. Teases me, can take and make a joke. Doesn't treat me like a delicate innocent flower. Can make me laugh when things suck - If someone manages to do it, I'm sold.
Calm, upfront, self aware, wise. Doesn't bitch, doesn't create useless drama, doesn't play games. Is going to work on our issues instead of yelling or ignoring problems. Good communicator. Willing to improve himself with me.
>Golden heart
Caring and loving. A good partner and a good father. Trusting. Kind to everyone. Generous. Makes me proud of him.
Shares some of my interests. Has similar taste for media. Likes travelling and is willing to do it often. Introverted. Not a morning person. Dogs > Cats. Wants a family, one day.
A bit more sensitive and empathetic than me. Keeps me sane when things get overwhelming. Doesn't get discouraged when life doesn't stick to the plan (because I fucking do). Is fine with me being tomboy-ish and a bit of a control freak. Lets me take care of him in everyday life.
>Good at flirting, moderately affectionate.

Physically, I mostly do not care. Taller than 1,65 m/5"5', reasonably in shape, hygienic. I like pale skin, brown hair, light eyes, beards, glasses but it doesn't really matter.

I know it's not the purpose of the thread and whatever, but you two sound super fun. I'd actually like to be your friend.

Sent you a request
>5'2"/158 cm, 134 lbs/61 kg
>Heterochromia (brown/blue), glasses
>Dark blond, beard optional
>Freelance translator, so work from home/wherever and lots of spare time
>Good personal hygiene, somewhat lazy when it comes to cleaning the house
>Introverted but also very talkative; not shy
>Intact sense of humor
>Don’t have to be always right, respect other opinions
>Not many good stories to tell, but happy to listen to even the most banal
>Not clingy, obsessive or overly nice
>Brutally honest
>Generous; tend to say yes more often than no
>Like to hang out with small circle of friends (the crazier, the better), care a lot about them
>Very passionate about computer nerdery (audio/video stuff and programming in particular)
>Love to experience other things however. Take me outside!
>Diverse taste, open to just about anything
>Don’t play vidya much lately, but I like arena shooters, RPGs and the usual Nintendo variety
>Drink beer, 420 when offered. Never both, never excessively
>Like pets, prefer dogs
>Flexible (read: totally fucked-up) sleep schedule, don’t get pissed when someone wakes me up
>Not religious, don’t care if others are as long as they leave me alone about it
>Like to cuddle
>Not distinctly dominant or submissive, more of a switch

>Not a landwhale
>Not obsessed with her own appearance
>Likes banter, schadenfreude and sarcasm; will crack immature, offensive jokes
>Doesn’t try to be too considerate, says what’s on her mind
>Will spend time without me and follow her own interests
>Likes to hang out with my friends once in a while
>Likes to chill at home just as much as being outside
>Night owl
>Enjoys or tolerates weeb things (it’s part of my work)
>Enjoys cooking together, doesn’t have to be good at it
>Social drinker
>Will take the initiative

I don’t have a Kik or Skype account but I’ll set it up if you insist.
IRC, Mumble or Email is fine, though. 9@hong-mailing.de
Seems I and at least 200 other guys who see themselves in that description would get along with you pretty well.

>Is fine with me being tomboy-ish
Actually I’m quite into that.
Add robot_encounters on skype
I just saw Tame Impala a couple weeks ago at Firefly Music Festival :)

You seem pretty cool :) I fit your bill pretty closely, whokilledjimmorrison sent you a request on Skype and thats me :)

>brown medium hair
>been lifting lately, dem gainz
>i love reading+writing
>love watching movies (dramas+crimes+documentaries especially)
>I like some drugs (psychedelics+alcohol only)
>I love the indoors just as much as I love the inside
>I am a metalhead (Agalloch, Cradle of Filth, Slipknot etc ) but I love all sorts of music too: indie/alternative, punk, ebm/darkwave, classical, rap, psychedelic, etc
You seem nice but I bet you're from North America and Europe.
Your post is really nice, I actually wonder if we would get along and I could see myself into your description. My two posts with contacts are here:


>I know it's not the purpose of the thread
In all honesty I'm doing precisely that, getting to know others better since I like talking with people, as well as possibly becoming good friends.
I have dropped in my skype and talk with her from time to time, I don't think the second user has spoken with me yet on kik or email. If you'd like we can exchange skype contacts through her, or you could send me yours via my gmail. It would be nice to have fun/reliable friends to talk with.
I fit most of your expectations, would love to chat sometime.
My skype is Random.voice1
There's a paradox, I forgot its name, but it goes like this: imagine that you build a ship, now due to some circumstance you switch new parts with that ship, until there are none original parts left. Is it the same ship or not?
There's no right or wrong answer to that question, but it asks another. Every 7 years a human beings dead cells are replaced with new ones. The process isn't instantaneous, it lasts for those seven years but when it finishes, the person technically has new skin, new bones, organs, even a new brain. So like the ship, are you a different person than you were 7 years ago?

If you're in the UK or Scotland, then add me: g1ebguy
26 / M / Katrina U.S.

>U.S. Preferably south-east, but what-evs
>Weight doesn't matter if not obese
>Height: 4'4'' - 7'10''
>Hobby: Anything. Show me what you like. Show me something new.
>Be Opinionated, but not vehement
>Be Egalitarian, not feminist
>Enjoys more than money
>Love affection
>Intelligence is a turn on, but not necessary. Just be able to carry a conversation.
>Makes the attempt to communicate. Fucking dropped if you expect me to carry. Or given only one word responses.

>Love video games. A must.
>Enjoy the outdoors.
>Willing to go hiking and rock climbing, just as much as binge gaming
>Music: minimal rap
>No drugs
>Weed k tho

>Would be cool if you're willing to let me teach you how to fight (MMA/Jiujitsu/etc)
>Possessiveness is somewhat cute, don't overdo it
>Your own personal strength. I'll help you stand up, but I expect you to get what you want.
>If pure submissive, probably wont work out. My mams told me I'd need a strong woman. I never would've guessed that she'd be right.
>Not Materialistic

>170lbs - Medium - Athletic
>Dark Brown Hair
>Dark Blue eyes
>Neither Dominant nor submissive
>On a scale of -10 to 10 (pure feminine to pure masculine) I'd say about 4
>Loyal to a fault.
>Love to sing
>Love video games.
>Love going out and being active
>Gaming, I play anything that I have friends for.
>No drugs
>No alcohol, no smoking

>Dr. Steel
>Dr. Steel
>Dr. Steel
>Dr. Steel

>I won't fight for your attention.
>If you're not going to give me the time of day, No problem, I'll find someone else.

>Contact on request
>shy but secretly a huge freak
>long hair, preferably dark
>likes to write
>can manage to surprise me

>dark hair, glasses
>a little on the skinny side
>a bit of an introvert
>dark sense of humor

I would continue but I'm realizing as I type this how much of a nu-male I'm making myself sound like
>There's a paradox, I forgot its name, but it goes like this: imagine that you build a ship, now due to some circumstance you switch new parts with that ship, until there are none original parts left. Is it the same ship or not?

The Ship of Theseus/Argo-Theorem.
>shares some of my interests
>has similar tastes in media

>doesn't describe herself at all
Did you send me a request on skype?
I added you!
>24/m/6ft/sorta twinkish.
>Alright face
>Enjoys cooking real well-made meals.
>Plays WoW shamelessly, even has a mild collection of figures and books
>Career driven sort of guy.
>Enjoys comedy, has worked bits and pieces at some improv shows and stand-up amatuer nights.
>Wasn't half-bad, either. Really enjoy the discussion of how comedy works and why the chemistry is so interesting.

>Feminine, so regardless if you're transgender or not, I just enjoy feminine qualities to a human.
>Red hair is a bonus, but not required.
>Laid back, easy to chat with, actually has common interests
>Likes punk
>Can laugh easily and return a joke
>Enjoys the English language.
>For extra bonus can identify the lyric, "As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean" from a certain band.
>Quadbonuspoints if they know the name of the poet who originally wrote that line.

Kik: Polymind76
>love the arts and I draw but i'm good with maths and physics
>chose the less risky path, currently doing space engineering

kik is tipsyastronaut
I think you would like me.
you sound exactly like what I am looking for.

except the 420, I like my girls stone cold sober.
and Kik, I don't have kik, only skype.
and you probably don't live anywhere near me.
damn shame, might have been fun to get to know you.

>184 CM
>brown curly hair, blue yes eyes, glasses
>outside kind of person, I do not like staying inside all day, though it often happens.
>I play TCG's
>Coffee addict
>hobby Cook
>Live on dutch.german border


>Likes spicy food
>Willing to go outside with me
>Also in europe
>Does not bash people for what they like and think
>age between 18-25
File: CagC1UvUUAAhcrC.jpg (29 KB, 436x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 436x409
>not leaving a contact and try to discuss anyway instead of publicly mumbling about yourself and what could have been.

>not leaving any kind of information to let her understand who you are.

"2nd Millennium AD, planet Earth: the insecurity and 'effort' attitude of humanity brought to a decadent society of declining birthrates and detached interactions."
It's an oldschool psych trick. He's fishing to get you to ask him for his skype in excitement while at the same time being a beta fuck and giving up before trying, that way if you say no; he never offered, and if you say yes; he'd gladly accept.
By unpopular demand; I want a manly man, who agrees with stereotypical gender roles.

I'm based in the UK. Leave your details and I'll holla @ u.
File: CdQxuneUsAAhmz4.jpg (26 KB, 300x325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 300x325
>resorting to tricks and not just being directly honest and mature with each other and the results.
Wish granted

I'm 29, white, traditional and conservative, old-fashioned, and believe in family values.

My email is gallinskald@gmail.com

I've had a lot of girls describe themselves this way before and it almost never turns out to be true but I'll bite

kik: megicman
>5'8, glasses, curly brown hair, fatty
>likes to cook
>console gamer
>kind of autistic
>very chill
>kind of an alcoholic
>very outdoorsy
>caring, kind of clingy
>may have slight anger/control issues

>doesn't mind autism, is kind autistic himself
>understanding, patient
>likes to fish/hike
>not too flirty
>watches movies with me

pls reply with contact info (kik/skype/snapchat)
I might fit the bill for you, sent ya a friend request on skyperinos C:
File: 1382726968688.jpg (66 KB, 802x621) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 802x621
>is biologically female
>lives in mainland western europe
>doesn't weigh more than 90 kilos
>doesn't smell bad
>isn't older than 35
>has a functioning vagina
>biologically male
>live in western mainland europe
>don't really have a body odor
>white immigrant in white country
>wear flannel shirts and somewhat skinny jeans with vans and hermès perfume
>somewhat long light brown hair i tie in a manbun
>work in a museum
>chain smoker and alcoholic

No one will probably be interested, but that's okay. I don't even care at this point.
>bear mode
>broad as fuck frame, filled out with both muscle and chub
>baby face
>short beard, short hair
>hockey enthusiast
>giant fucking nerd
>relatively confident for being a giant fucking nerd

>same personality as Holo from Spice and Wolf
>that's it
Are you the same person?
This guy isnt me, i just made a skype account this morning.
Feel free to Kik me: buttsmackenzie
I actually wrote a description of myself, then I got busy and never posted it.


5'5", reasonably in shape, hygienic, pale skin, brown hair, light eyes. No beard or glasses, tho. Dress modestly, nearly no make up.
I either adore people or not give a shit about them. When I like someone, I am extremely caring and I love making them feel like they are the centre of my world. I am a perfectionist and I work constantly on myself. I try to be a positive influence in people's life. I hate drama deeply and wholeheartedly. I am very upfront and calm. I am more on the rational side, I am a bit clueless when it comes to emotions. I am reserved, introverted and organized. I enjoy teasing and flirting.
I like discussing about ethics, religion, life and such. I read the news and I love talking about it. I am also interested in history, sports, science (maths, biology and physics), art. I read a lot. I absolutely love food, and I'm a decent cook. I travel often. I listen to rock (mostly classic or alternative), indie stuff, jazz and classical music. Movies and tv shows... huh, I just honestly detest spooky and meaningless shit, everything else is watchable.
>Other stuff
INTJ, for those who are into that. I drink socially, rarely (if ever) smoke, don't do drugs. Dogs are love. Morning sucks.

Not from the UK, sadly. You seem fun.

I'll add you in a bit!
>19 5'11, 128-135 lbs
>Into lofi pop or rock
>fav food is sushi/burritos
>plays videogames (Mostly being a dirty Janna picker)
>very affectionate

>not obese
>likes being a big spoon
>likes being a big spoon while watching cheesy movies or anime
>likes me as much as I like her

Kik: yaoifanclub
>6' 3"
>Fan of hockey fashion
>Machete expert
>Hates swimming
>Hates teenagers
>Mama's boy
>Loves tracksuits

>Not the brightest
>Loves getting naked
>Trips while running
>Mid twenties, but pretends to be younger
>Enjoys camping

Who doesn't love a good slasher?

kik: ultracowlord
>6ft 1in
>chubby but with decent muscle. hard to explain really. I guess BuiltFat
>Shoulder length hair dark brown hair (starting to get a lot of noticably gray hair)
>Glasses but currently transitioning to contacts
>Into gardening, baking, occult and macabre, along with the regular vidya and drawing
>not a socialite but not a NEET. prefer to be indoors when im not in the mood for something outdoors
>Parents were really overprotective and sheltering but now since I moved out I'm just trying to experience new things.

Ideal #1
>not depressingly morbid but not "lol XD I see dead peoplezzz"

Ideal #2
>Large and in charge
>Assertive and Dominant
>Pretty rugged.

kik: TheSpookHouse
I'm tall & post on /out/

Kik is Keep_Burning
Probably shouldve put age in there.
Ah, the relationship you and your dream lad would have...
>hockey fashion
Wouldn't church be a better place to look than /soc/? If you're still a virgin, you can claim your free husband there.
odd, am also nordic with essentially same ideals.

>if I was a girl I'd message you
Tfw i just want a female who's mildly attractive who likes to be dominant over me.
File: asis.jpg (2 MB, 3872x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3872x2592
I want a half nigger, like pic related
File: yogibear.jpg (16 KB, 236x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 236x289

>blue eyes
>fabulous wavy long brown hair
>hairy body
>"farmer's tan"
>chubby but muscles underneath, broad shoulders
>sometimes kinky (rapeplay, rough stuff, roleplaying etc), sometimes vanilla
>into a bunch of nerdy shit but not a weeb
>social drinker, sometimes smoke when drunk
>supporting, understanding and reasonable (imo) but can get annoyed as fuck if I feel someone is being an unfair shit
>can joke/riff on people sorta harshly when I get comfortable with them
>smarter than the average bear

>not obese, not a total skeleton
>hairy or shaved, just be comfortable with it
>submissive in bed but doesn't need to be 'dommed' all the time
>likes cuddling
>shares some of my interests/tastes so we have something to do after sex
>can communicate if something is wrong, doesn't bottle it up and explode later on
>can handle being alone without freaking out
>doesn't have short hair, doesn't have bangs
if you have a skype, mine is nottodayscrewtomorrow

i don't have a device that can use kik at all so oops
shaynehall12 is my skype

Slightly chubby, tall and would watch all the movies you'd like
>taller than me
>decent fashion sense
>has decent life prospects
>not too mentally ill
>sexually dominant
>not arrogant
>sense of humor doesn't rely on edgy, offensive humor and memes
>doesn't mind cute things
>properly hydrated
>strong, lumberjack-esque looks are a plus
>asians and gingers are my weaknesses
>slightly nerdy, but not too autistic about it
>not really clingy, doesn't mind me doing my own thing sometimes
>listens to all different kinds of music
>enjoys going out, socializing, parties, etc.

Honestly though, all the physical stuff is secondary to personality.

>5'4, chubby(pear shaped, small tits, wide hips)
>mixed race (hispanic & white)
>naturally pale, but currently very tan and freckly
>waist-length, dark brown curly hair
>wears work out clothes when not working out
>owns too many big t-shirts
>owns 14 different pairs of glasses
>currently in university
>dances as a hobby
>enjoys fashion, but rarely dresses up
>slightly more girly fashion sense (dresses & whatnot)
>keeps things to myself mostly, not very open
>loves dogs
>properly hydrated
>decently active, hates running, but has decent physical strength
>smokes weed occasionally, doesn't drink often, but binges when I do
>loves cute things
>favorite color is pink
>according to the test, I'm an INTJ, but I'm not sure how true that is.
>loves horror movies
>never wears shoes

I suppose you could reply with contact info if relevant
kik is chimsoncrin
Welp, may as well throw another hat into the ring, kik is buzbyblue
I fit most of these pretty well, kik : facedown7up
If you're interested, Kik is mrb594
Ideal girl:
>Not a bigot
>Into movies, and/or books, music, other art. Taste isn't too important
>Likes traveling! Local and far
>Should enjoy food
>Maybe willing to hike and maybe camp with me
>Knows a bad joke or two
>Nerdy interests ++++
>Good cuddler

Me: 28/M/West Coast, USA
>Lover of museums of all types
>Always down for adventure..and for eating things that make me feel bad while watching things that should make me feel bad
>Plays guitar and sometimes records songs when feeling adventurous/dumb
>Goofball sense of humor
>Mellow at times but not passive
>Reads a ton
>Loves animals
>Brown hair, blue eyes, 6'2

>We have our lazy mornings with cuddling and breakfast with dumb tv shows and movies
>Also have adventures nearby and far and wide
>Learn things big and small from each other
>Best friends that always have each other's back
>But also fuck a whole lot
>We have far too many books and records in our place
>Inside jokes!
>Watch weird movies together, preferably cuddled up
>A good mix of goofy and loving dynamic
You seem really interesting. kik: TheSpookHouse
File: rat-vision.jpg (13 KB, 300x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 300x200

You're probably right. I guess I also do not write it (contact info) straight in the post by sin of pride.
File: Donkey.jpg (29 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 640x360
Hi! I added you (onion and feijoa) ;.)
weekly waste of time and concept


warble warble warble

my genetic fitness is supreme

like the gentlemen I am

that's what r9k sez

im clearly a chad

send gf

fucking hedonists
Sounds cute. Hit me up.
Whoops. Forgot my Kik. BlueRoseDagger.
>long hair
>loves animals
>a little shy
>not very smart

>has similar interests
>gentle giant
>has a nice voice
>likes kids and animals

Kind of vague but I really can get along with just about anybody.
I like to stay at home and take care of my garden, smoke weed, play video games, and bake. I'm looking for a chill guy who likes the same.
dat brain damage fag
kik : facedown7up

Im pretty chill and have been told i have a very nice voice, this could be fun
>non smoker
>light drinker
>a few tattoos
>college education
>mostly dressed in casual clothes (jeans, tshirt, etc) outside of work
>can be a bit nerdy
>loves crime shows

>around same height or shorter
>can be chubby (at least a little chub is actually preferred)
>breast size isn't super important
>likes animals
>likes girly things
>nice person, not rude
>can drink or smoke but not excessively preferred
>likes movies
Kik is Derpobviously
Just a chill stoner, bored out of his gourd most of the time.
Since I already posted my Kik, might as well post my stuff

>average height (5'7"ish)
>160 pounds
>works out a few times a week
>has tattoos
>like hanging out with friends
>loves animals
>likes to travel
>enjoys nerdy things but not openly cringy about it
>likes watching movies
>currently in a foreign country so I can only Kik or Skype and stuff like that

>under 6"
>if smoker, doesn't smoke too much
>likes music
>like animals
>likes to watch movies with people
>kind hearted
>has a natural hair color (not neon green or blue)
>open and likes to talk to me
I'm curious lol, would anyone actually date this?
>Dull brown hair
>Not very feminine body type
>Diagnosed BPD
>Into video games but with shit taste
>Vaguely skilled at many things
>Likes very little of them
>Medical school
>Very physically affectionate but not verbally
>Doesn't see the point of things like marriage, anniversaries, or much past the initial dating stage
Maybe. Would have to talk to you first. Get to know you.
I already posted my Kik earlier if you want to chat.
I would have to hear your voice to decide
be brutally honest
Pretty voice.
Aww shit, is dat sum Lovecraft?
No thanks; good luck on your search
Thanks, I've always that that it was too masculine
Yeah haha, I have a literal tome of his stories. The Music of Erich Zann is my favorite, but I've been rereading it and my bookmark happened to be on The Call of Cthulhu.
Nice Lovecraft
cute voice desu
I'm not actually looking for a relationship, I can't keep them at all haha
So then what are you lookin for?

Something I put together for a vocaroo thread a while ago. Just throwin it out for a fellow Lovecraft fan.
I've been meaning to get into lovecraft.

Kik : sardoniccharm
I'd love to chat.
Oh, I know...

By the way, you'll be sufficiently stable for a relationship on your current timeline in about 28-30 months, but taking the offer the gray-haired man gives you in a green envelope and following through will decrease that time to about a year and a half.

Good luck.
Your voice isn't too masculine. Like I said, it's pretty.
File: 1398997331500.jpg (469 KB, 900x1391) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
469 KB, 900x1391
Good day everyone.

I'd say to put away your pride, because it helps a lot with other people contacting you. In particular, many women aren't as straightfoward as men in seeking a contact and requesting it, posting it gives you a better chance of communicating with nice people that don't feel like it's good to ask for the contact.

hmm, somehow I think I heard your voice somewhere else. I'd like to know a bit more of you. As for the dating, if you are a decent person relationships happen easily, the problem is then keeping them up and dealing with the work they bring to the table. If for the moment you don't mind talking for friendships purposes and sharing things to read and see, my contacts are here, at the end of the post: >>24033813
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