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Hiring a longboard
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Hey guys, I'm going backpacking in the Ardennes pretty soon. I'm also planning on longboarding there but I don't own a longboard. Does anyone have experience with hiring one or just some advice?
Hire one? Surely you would be better off buying one that suited you before the journey began.
You may want to consider biking instead. Longboarding is fun but it's not energy efficient and over a long distance I suspect you'd wear yourself out. Plus you can strap stuff to the side of your bike and balance the load in a way that (I assume) is impossible on a longboard.
If you really want to rent a longboard, at the very least make sure you practice on a longboard or two at home if you can't already ride one.
Thanks for the advice
as someone who has skated plenty of downhill in the ardennes, let me give you these pieces of advice:
1) if you don't know what you're doing, please don't do it at all. we put a lot of measures into taking down roads safely to ensure we don't get hurt or blow the spot by drawing police attention
2) if you know how to skate downhill, please do your research about the road and environment
3) use spotters and/or follow car, roads can get small and hectic in the ardennes at times, be aware of this factor
4) know how to coleman slide / footbreak (this is really mandatory)

we have a number of spots we frequent and we always take a lot of measures, such as:
- dawn patrol in case of high traffic road
- helmets and gloves at all times
- follow car and/or spotter if necessary
- enough research
- walkie talkie on the rider
- make sure you can get away from a spot quick of some locals get heated about it and call the police

tl;dr: please please please don't ruin our spots by doing stupid reckless shit, we've seen it happen enough
I'll be careful, anon. I have experience with both skateboarding and longboarding
are you really sure?
someone who's asking to rent a longboard doesn't seem all that experienced to me
I'm going with my mate who taught me here in the Netherlands, with his board though. That's why I asked. Just considering now if I want to hire or buy a longboard
misschien kun je er een maken
als je er al ervaring mee hebt, lijkt het me leuk om er eentje te bezitten
No experience of that area but having uses rented boards in Barcelona I'd also say you're better buying a board.

The rentals I tried were beat to hell, and not set up for downhill, ldp, or anything other than poor cruising.

I now just pack a board in my rucksack.

Also, boarding with weight is different, I'd consider ldp for a rucksack but downhill ... Yeesh..
Thread replies: 9
Thread images: 1

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