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The T1 Trust Program / "Build" of the PRR T1's
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While I am positive that ninety percent of the population here already knows about such a thing, unusual as it may seem.

For those who are knowledgeable of the various rolling stock of the Pennsylvania Railroad, the T1's were their last steam locomotives built and the most controversial. They were ambitious, technologically sophisticated, powerful, fast, and distinctively streamlined by Raymond Loewy.

As some have stated, the locomotive is claimed to be capable to run at speeds over 140mph, (225 km/h) almost two times that of the record set by LNER Class A4 "Mallard".

Unfortunately, all T1 locomotives were sold for scrap between 1951 and late 1955. The last engines were towed westward for scrapping in early 1956.

However, a non-profit group known as "The T1 Trust" plans to build an all-new, fully operational T1 using the original plans with subtle performance improvements where necessary. Their goal is apparently to provide mainline steam excursion service, and to set the World Speed Record for a steam locomotive.

So I ask of you, what are your thoughts/opinions upon such a funding program?
Do you believe it can be done?
Do you believe they can break the land speed record for a steam locomotive?
If so, than what after?
>Implying that hundreds of angry Britfags will be ready to strangle them at any moments notice if it actually happens.

T1 Trust Homepage:
Didn't a bunch of Britsharias already do this with one of their beloved locos?
They did.

The LNER Peppercorn Class A1 60163 Tornado, the first mainline steam locomotive built in the United Kingdom since 1960.
That's the one.

Well, as for OP, I think it'd be based if they pull this off, but desu I'd rather see them rebuild one of the F-7 Hudsons.

Ain't even Milwaukee Road autist.
Either that, or the New York Central J Class Streamlined Hudsons.
Selfless Bump.
As tempting as it is to rebuilt a now extinct class, one could argue that it would be more worthwhile to bring into operation existing static locomotives
I'd rather see one of those Class As get rebuilt
nice cast. looks about 2m dia
>the locomotive is claimed to be capable to run at speeds over 140mph, (225 km/h) almost two times that of the record set by LNER Class A4 "Mallard".

Mallard is the holder of the world speed record for steam locomotives at 125.88 mph (202.58 km/h)

Their level of research is outstanding.

To go twice as fast then they'd need to... erm ..125.88 X 2 + 251.76 mph.

Not a hope in hell of that pal.
I hope they deal with that slippage problem. I have old videos of those T1 barely making it out of the station.

I actually realized that hours after I posted this, but I was too much of a procrastinator to go and correct my mistake.

: /
A sustained 140 mph would be a heck of a thing to see from steam.
Mallard needed a lot of work after that little run.
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Didn't it run again sometime during the 80's?

If its possible, could you try and upload them sometime? There isn't much content online, least where I have searched.
She ran shortly after, junked restored and lives again..
Somewhere I have a pic of all six of these in line astern.
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Typhoon, Mainline steam.
Do or do not, there is no try.
Post links pls
It would be great to see one of those huge monsters alive again, but I suspect an attempt on the world speed record would be scuppered by a lack of track that's permitted for speeds that high. The only option seems to be the Northeast Corridor, if you can squeeze your run in somewhere on the busiest bit of track in the country.
High speed rail comes to mind.
Where is Howard Hughes when you need him.
Quoting from the site:

"Presently there are only two possibilities, neither of which is likely for revenue service - The USDOT test loop in Pueblo, and portions of the Northeast corridor. The DOT facility is where we would intend to perform high speed testing to confirm the locomotive's tracking qualities and top speed potential, with an instrumented test train, and only in compliance with all applicable DOT regulations. High speed running is not necessarily part of the routine service plan. Our intent is to maintain schedule on whatever railroad is willing to host the locomotive for excursion service. We anticipate this will be limited to 79mph top speeds on one or more of the Class 1 railroads. If, however, Amtrak can be persuaded to allow excursion trains on their system, we would plan on operating at speeds of 85-110 mph plus to match their timetable."
I can't see Amtrak letting them play mad scientist on their tracks. Too much at stake if something goes wrong. The NEC is critical infrastructure.

If I were a mad billionaire I'd fund it.
I like that Tuscan scheme on the T1, would've been cool if Pennsy had done them that way.
While I have been rather neutral upon the subject ever since I first heard about it, I would like to see them pull this off, as it would be quite a feat.

However, I'd rather them not make an attempt at breaking the land speed record for a steam locomotive, as it just doesn't seem fair within my eyes.

Here they are, creating a completely "new" locomotive with modern knowledge, to compete against something which were designed back within the late 30's.

If America had actually cared about having the fastest trains back within the 30s and 40s, then surely they would have created the "ideal" locomotive to be marked down within the history books.

>"Europe invented the railroad, but America perfected it."
Thread replies: 23
Thread images: 8

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