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It's that time of the week again. Like always, post anything relating to the lovely Princess of the Night.

Story archive: http://pastebin.com/He5X50m6
Previous Moon-day: Ain't in archive
Big sister loves you.
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get the fuck over here
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should have a luna christmas pic to share in a couple weeks. its for some friends, but the wont mind.
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"Luna ... Please stop crying"
>the dark blue princess still sobs next to you on the bed
>maybe you could fix this
>here goes
"Sometimes I wonder how many pinecones there are in the world.
But the more I think about it , the more I wonder.
What's that got to do with the price of tea in China ?
Because truly ... No matter how much you think about it , research it , "look into it"... It doesn't matter.
Because that's a lot of pinecones.
Sometimes the biggest questions are okay to be answered with an "I don't know".
Other times , it's simple. But no matter what you get told ,just remember: each question brings a new thought to explore.
Like mixing two flavors of soda to see how it tastes.
You never know how it is until you actually experience it , so don't be afraid to make things happen.
So don't be afraid of what might happen , because nothing is impossible until you know from experience that it's not. And even then , those boundaries can be changed.
Limit your boundaries instead of being limited by them. There is nothing that can keep a good person down other than themselves.
Even the most expensive tea on earth is still just leaves and hot water. But it's what it did that makes it so valued.
Keep working at your goals and dreams , because if you don't , there's somebody else that will"
>"a-anon ... What ?"
>no longer crying , she stares at you curiously
>like you would stare at a white kid saying nigger in front of a crowd of black people
>"what was the point of that?"
"There was none my silly little Luna , but you stopped crying . So please just tell me what's wrong"
>"I ... What ?"

Sincerely -shitty /k/ failure
Page 6 bump for the dreamy lil dreamer
Bumping for moonbooty

I like this.
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That was really dumb and cute, Anon.
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Best phone wallpaper coming through
I am posting in bread.
Quit biting my filenames, dick.
pls no steal
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Lol simply eric, dudemeister, I like it, +1.
Fucking faggot.
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Did reddit leak the last few weeks?
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Continuing the story from last weeks Moon-day thread.

Waking Up

The story of a pegasus named Moon Glider. The poor guy had a pretty bad fall and now he's stuck in a coma. Luna is his only shot at waking up...


>From the whiteness you can begin to see your hooves materializing into view. Luna’s form also begins to fade back in.
>A bedroom begins to fade into view.
>This seems very familiar; this is your old house! You are in your parents’ bedroom…
>You look around the room.
“No way… this memory can’t be what I think it is…”
>Your gaze shifts to the king-size bed in the middle of the room. On top of the bed lies a cyan colored mare with a rainbow colored mane.
“This is the memory of when I first got laid!”
>You look at Luna; she immediately lets out a sigh and places a hoof upon her face in dissatisfaction.
>“Oh no…”
>She says to herself.
>“Looks like we got the house to ourselves Moon Glider…”
>Rainbow Dash says to Moon Glider in a sultry voice.
>“…Wanna have a little fun?”
“What do you mean little?”
>Both you and Rainbow Dash laugh, while Luna remains quite.
“Wow Luna, I’m glad we finally got around to a good memory-”
>“Good for you maybe…”
>Luna rolls her eyes.
“Hey! I know how to keep mares from being disappointed, right Rainbow Dash?”
>“Enough talk Moon Glider…”
>Rainbow Dash says to you with a desirous look in her eye.
“Well then, I hate to keep a mare waiting…”
>You begin to climb upon the bed…
>“Moon Glider…”
>Luna says in dour tone.
“Oh no…”
>A terrifying thought strikes your mind; jolt of blackness strikes your vision.
“Were my legs the only limbs that were severely damaged during the accident… or… d-did anything h-happen... to…”
>You look at Luna with a scared look on your face.
>“What?... Oh no, it was a little bruised up from the accident, but your stallion-hood is completely intact and fully functional.”
>A huge burden is lifted from your chest as you let out a sigh of relief.
“THANK THE STARS!... and the moon…”
>You slyly say to Luna with a grin upon your face.

>You use your wings to propel yourself into the air and land directly on top of Rainbow Dash.
>“Ahh! Hehe… Moon Glider…”
>Rainbow Dash lets out surprised giggle.
>You feel the warmth of her body against your belly. Her soft cyan fur feels wonderful as it rubs against your own… Your face directly in front of hers, noses just barely touching each other, both of you with a playful grin on your face. You begin to feel a tingling sensation from between your legs, disproving your fears that something terrible may have happened to you during the accident. You lock gaze with one another, you move in to kiss her on her welcoming lips…
>Luna interrupts before you can proceed any further.
>You look back at her, her face looks a little blurry for some reason; you rub your eyes but pay no mind to this.
“Oh… sorry Luna, this shouldn’t take too long.”
>“-It better not!”
>Rainbow Dash interjects.
“Feel free to check out my parent’s house while I’m taking care of this memory…”
>Luna looks you in the eye and replies:
>“Moon Glider I-”
“But if you want to watch, I mean, that’s cool, I don’t mind…”
>“NO! What I’m trying to say is-”
“A threesome! Well I don’t know… I guess if Dash is ok with it-”
>A small blurry spot appears in your vision while you are looking at the angry expression on Luna’s face.
“Wait, really? How much of a chance are we talking about?”
>“Probably about 90%.”
“Well… there’s a chance it might not happen…”
>You let out a deep sigh.
“I guess…”

>As you look at Luna’s face your vision is starting to be noticeably obscured with an aura.
>The room is filled with silence for a moment and then Rainbow Dash lets out a quick remark.
>“Buts it’s still ok if only I cum, right?”
>Luna yells at the mare.
“Oh, that’s happening to you too?”
“But I didn’t have a migraine the first time I had sex with Dash…”
>“That’s because this is an actual migraine, you’re having it right now…”
“Yeah… I think you’re right.”
>You dismount from on top of Rainbow Dash.
“Now that I think about it… I remember having a migraine during a dream once… and even my dream was blurry. Who would have thought you could get them inside of a coma… while inside a memory…...while almost inside Rainbow Dash…”
>“Just our luck… migraines are different for everyone, tell me what normally happens when you have one Moon Glider…”
>Luna asks in a frustrated voice.
“Well…An aura obscures my vision for about 40 minutes, just a little bit at first, then a whole lot after about 15 minutes.”
>“We are probably at the 5 minute mark right now.”
“After that I regain my vision, but I have a nasty headache on only one side of my head, often with intense dizziness and nausea.”
>Dash interjects!
>“Yeah! I remember when you had one of those during class, you puked your brains out! You were so loud when you were vomiting they heard you in the classroom across the hall! It was so gross. That sounded painful!”
“…that’s because it was painful Dash…”
>“What do you usually do when one occurs Moon Glider?”
>Luna asks.
“I take some pain relievers, which pretty much do nothing… the best thing usually is to just lay down in a dark and quite room.”

>“…and since I’m in your head, I guess I’ll be sharing these same exact symptoms too…”
“Ooo…Sorry about that.”
>You say with a cringe on your face.
>“We might as well wait it out here, this memory is both safe and stable. Moving on to another memory while this migraine is occurring could be dangerous.”
>Luna’s horn begins to glow
>“I’ll get the lights…”
>Looking out the window you see the sun begin to set, darkness, the moon, and an array of stars fills the night sky.
“Wow… nicely done…I wish I could do that.”
>“…You can…”
>Luna murmurs.
“Oh yeah…it’s my head…”
>Luna climbs into the bed, she brushes aside Rainbow Dash with her large wing.
>“Beat it Dash!”
>You look at the colorful pony as she is sitting on the bed beside you.
“Sorry dash…looks like now is a pretty bad time… I’ll call you.”
>Dash shouts in disappointment.
“I’m not happy about it either, but believe me, you don’t want me vomiting on your stomach from this migraine when were in the middle of things...”
>“Who says I don’t…”
>Dash says with an erotic look in her eyes as she slowly rubs your belly with her hoof… slowly moving downwards… until-
>Luna yells as her horn begins to glow.
>“OK OK…”
>Dash quickly bolts out of the bedroom.
>You look at Luna, angrily hunched over in the bed. A few seconds pass.
“Hold on, I’ll go get us some pain relievers, they may not be real, but maybe the placebo effect will help dull the pain once it comes…”
>You leave the room and walk to the kitchen.
>“The things I do for my subjects…”
>Luna says to herself.
>You walk to the pantry and from the top shelf pull out a bottle of pain relievers.
>You grab two glasses and begin to fill them with water at the sink.
>Your vision is getting significantly blurry.

>Just as you turn off the faucet, Rainbow Dash appears outside the window above the sink.
>“Moon Glider! Let’s get a quickie in while Luna is occupied?”
>It takes you a moment to consider this. If you were going to die in your own memories, this would be the best way to go.
“...No Dash…”
>You regretfully tell her.
>“OH COME ON. Listen I’ll be real quick!”
“I’m not happy about it either dash, now please just go!”
>“In and out in just 10 seconds flat!”
>You slam the window shut and close the blinds.
“By Celestia…she’s relentless… I love that mare…”
>You grab the glasses and the pills and proceed back to the bedroom.
“Here you go Luna.”
>She levitates the glass of water up with her magic and removes two pills from the plastic container.
>She swallows both of them in one gulp, you follow suit.
>A few seconds pass, you stare awkwardly at the alicorn lying down in your parents’ bed where you were just about to have sex with Rainbow Dash.
>You begin to make your way to you father’s reading chair.
“Well I’ll just sit over here-“
>“Just get in the fucking bed Moon Glider!”
>You quickly reverse course and get into the bed with Luna.
>Your vision is now extremely blurry; it’s hard to make anything out.
>You close your eyes to avoid nausea.
>A few minutes pass.
>“We need to keep you awake and talking to stimulate brain activity.”
>Luna says in a serious tone.
“Ok, what would you like to talk about?”
>“Do you have these migraines often?”
“No, one every few months or so.”
>A few seconds pass.
“How many ponies have you successfully brought out of a coma?”
>She pauses for a second, you caught her off guard.
>“Uh… several.”
>You can easily tell that she was lying. You know that calling her out on this will not do anyone any good.

“…How many memories do you think we’ll have to go through to wake me up?”
>“I don’t know for sure… That might depend on the intensity of the memory. Hopefully this migraine isn’t going to set back your progress too much.”
>A few more moments of silence passes.
“How do you do it Luna?”
>“Do what?”
“Help ponies overcome their nightmares? There are so many ponies out there, and just one of you.”
>“It’s not easy, I can’t be everywhere at once. Those who need the help the most receive it first.”
“Do you need to help some other pony while I rest out this migraine?”
>“No Moon Glider, I’m not going anywhere. You’re at the top of my list of ponies to help right now.”
>You pause for a second, emboldened, as this sinks in.
“…Wow, thank you Luna.”
>“Happy to help.”
>You open your eyes to see her smiling at you with her eyes closed.
>Your vision is still blurry, but aura is beginning to subside.
>You close your eyes again. A few more moments pass by.
>“So tell me where you went to school Moon Glider…”
“I went to, CCC, Canterlot Community College, the Cheapest Closest College…”
>Luna lets out a chuckle.
“What did you study?”
“I went in undeclared and dropped out after two years…”
>An awkward silence fills the room, you attempt to break it.
“So where did you go to school? You must have a psychology background with all this therapy work that you do.”
>“Well I about 1500 years ago I went to the University of Equestria. And actually no, I have a bachelor’s and master’s in astronomy.”
>“But I took a psychology 101 course back when I was in undergrad…”
>There is a brief pause but then both of you let out a chuckle…
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president pepe.jpg
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This is going to be fun.
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So how many of you moonfags prefer Luna due to your interest in astronomy? Because that's exactly why I like her. Ever since I was small I've been fascinated with the study of Tara and planets.

I want to sit on the roof of Canterlot castle, wrapped in Luna's wing, as she teaches me all about these foreign stars and constellations.

>Luna opens her eyes.
>“The aura is gone!”
>She quickly sits up, and doing so a jolt of pain hits her head followed by a stint of nausea in her stomach.
“It’s best to lie down for another hour Luna… and you’re going to want to avoid moving your head quickly.”
>“I think you’re right…”
>Luna lies back down on the bed.
“Do you have any tips for the next memory?”
>“Maintain control, always keep the end goal in sight, relax, focus…”
“You keep saying that..Relax...Focus...”
>”Yes… it’s my mantra… it helped me get through… the years of isolation…”
>You open your eyes to see the alicorn shivering slightly.
“…I’m sorry that happened to you Luna… that wasn’t right… no one deserves that sort of torture… but the fact that you made it through that for 1000 years… your resolve, it’s heroic…”
>“Please… let’s talk about something else…”
“Of course…sorry…”
>You begin to feel a bit nauseous. Talking is definitely not helping… but you need to keep your mind busy like Luna says.
>You try to lighten the mode.
“I never slept with a unicorn before…”
>Luna quickly opens her eyes and gives you a peeved look.
“I mean the opportunity never strongly presented itself, if it did I would have taken it… but I’ve always been scared that they would roll over in the middle of the night and stab me in the eye with their horn…”
>Luna says in surprise, completely taken aback at what you said.
>She pauses for a few seconds.
>“Would it help if I put a tennis ball on the tip of my horn?”
>She says with a grin.
>You let out a chuckle, but in doing so nausea begins to take its toll, you can see Luna flinch from the nausea as well.
>You both take a second to try to ward off the sickness over taking you.
“No, Luna… that wouldn’t be necessary… I trust you…my life is in your hooves…I don’t think I ever trusted someone more than you…”
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>study of Tara
Fuck me and fuck this autocorrect
I meant study of stars, though Tara is nice too.

>The nausea and pain is no longer tolerable, both of you roll to opposite sides of the bed as vomit quickly begins to make its way up your throat.
>Luna lets out a painful cry as the vomit leaves her mouth. After a few seconds of gagging and strain she turns around to Moon Glider, to see him still hanging over the side of the bed, yet to vomit.
>“Just let it out Moon Glider!”
>You try to vomit but you can’t, it’s as if something is blocking the vomit from leaving your throat.
>Tears begin to fill your eyes and your face turns red. You move your hooves to your throat signaling to Luna that you are chocking.
>Luna quickly bolts to your side and attempts to use her magic to clear your throat.
>Nothing happens, you continue to choke.
>Luna confusingly cries as she is unsuccessful in her attempts of clearing the blockage from your throat.
>“No… you’re actually choking in real life….you’re lying on your back… NO!”
>Tears begin to stream down Luna’s face.
>“IT’S OK…IT’S OK…a nurse is monitoring your heart rate… they will soon notice that something is wrong and turn you on your side!”
>Luna waits and continues to watch helplessly as you are asphyxiating. She is well aware that the clock is ticking, three minutes without air is all it takes for someone to begin risking brain damage and death.
>Three minutes… and the clock is ticking…
>You look her in the eyes…extremely scared…
>Panic begins to grip both you and Luna as you realize the nurse is not coming…
>Luna disappears in a flash.
>You lie alone in the bed… trying not to panic… the pain begins to strike your lungs… flashes of blackness start striking your vision…
>You continuously repeat the mantra Luna told you in your mind… relax… focus... relax…. focus…. relax……


1 minute 1…2…3…
>Luna awakens on her bed at the Canterlot royal palace. She quickly gets out of bed and stands on all fours, the sudden movement causes a jolt of pain to hit her head.
>She cries, but quickly regains her focus.
>She needs to save Moon Glider… but she doesn’t know exactly where he is. He is in a hospital room somewhere in Canterlot, but she doesn’t know which one…
>She charges her horn.
>A flash of light and a second later she appears on the steps of the main entrance of Canterlot General Hospital.
1 minute 20…21…22
>She bolts in through the front door. The ponies in the waiting area are completely caught off guard as Luna enters. She runs to the check-in counter and yells at the receptionist.
>The receptionist, an older earth pony mare, wastes no time and quickly begins searching through the hospital patient manifest.
>After a few seconds of searching, the older mare makes a disappointed sigh and looks Luna in the eye.
>“I’m sorry princess, but we have no patient in the hospital by that name…”
>Luna is struck with a wave of dizziness from the grief knowing that somewhere Moon Glider was slowly dying, alone and helpless… tears begin to form in her eyes… she couldn’t bear the thought of losing another patient… she begins to waver from side to side, the nausea and pain taking its toll.
1 minute 45…46…47…
>The old mare yells to grab Luna’s attention.
>Luna’s head darts upwards… realizing that it is not too late.
>Luna charges her horn again and flashes away instantly.

>Luna was less familiar with Mercy Hospital. She had only passed by it a few times from the air, she never went inside before. Due to the lack of familiarity, her teleportation spell landed her in the middle of a busy intersection right next to the hospital.
>An earth pony hauling a wagon full of goods was quickly galloping through the intersection as Luna appears right in front of him.
>Before he can react he crashes into Luna, hitting her forcefully upon her side.
>Luna is thrown several feet and knocked off her hooves. The wind is knocked out of her from the blow.
2 minutes 1…2…3…
>The stallion yells. He first makes sure that his wagon is all right before paying any mind to the pony which he just slammed into. He eventually brings his gaze to Luna, and realizes who he has just rammed into.
>The stallion stands paralyzed in fear at what he has just done.
>Luna slowly picks herself up… her face is bleeding from scraping against the ground…she struggles to regain her breath as she stumbles towards the glass doors of the hospital.
>Luna attempts to use her magic to open the glass door, but overcompensates, slamming the glass door off the hinges and shattering it into a hundred pieces on to the ground.
>The ponies inside the waiting area gasp in fright at the sound of the door.
>They are equally scared once they see a bloodied Luna enter the waiting area.
>Luna darts to the main counter.
>A long line is currently formed at the counter; the ponies not fast enough to move out of the way are thrown aside as Luna’s larger frame easily pushes them.
>Luna reaches the receptionist at the main counter and struggles to speak as she is still regaining her breath.

>The receptionist, a younger unicorn mare, newly appointed to this job, stares at Luna in fear.
>Luna roars.
>The receptionist quickly looks through the patient manifest. She carefully scans the document before saying…
>“I-I don’t see a Moon Glider in our records…”
>Luna yells, refusing to believe her.
>The mare, now shivering in fear, scans over the documents another time.
>“509…HE’S IN 509!”
2 minutes 30..31…32…
>Luna spreads her wings and lifts off into the main atrium.
>Flying up to the main atrium balcony brings her to the second floor.
>She quickly scans for and identifies the nearest staircase and proceeds to zoom up the multiple flights of stairs until she reached the fifth floor.
>She proceeds down the hallway until she reaches a large metal security door with a sign reading:
>“No Admittance Without Proper Visitor or Security Badge.”
>Luna charges her horn, shoots a bolt of lightning and rocks the metal door with a huge blast. The door is blown to pieces, as well as parts of the surrounding ceiling and walls.
>Fire alarms begin to go off from the blast and sprinklers begin to spray water in the hallway.
>Luna continues to fly down the hallway.
>The hallway ends with a sign pointing with the direction to where each set of rooms are located.
>500-504 pointed to the left. 505-509 pointed to the right.
>509, it was right there at the end of the hallway. She quickly turned to the right flying faster than she ever flew before. She reached the wooden door and violently swung it open with her magic.
>There he was…Moon Glider… lying on his back… a pool of vomit dripping from his mouth…
>Luna wasted no time, she quickly ran to him and turn him on his side. After the vomit poured out of his mouth, Moon Glider let in a huge gasp of air. This is the second time Luna heard this poor stallion make such a gasp…
File: rRRGlXe.gif (150 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150 KB, 500x333

>Luna pants… exhausted from flying…
>She looks down at the stallion, a pathetic site, all four legs amputated below the knee caps. The wounds of where the amputation occurred have long since healed. His dark blue coat… his jet black mane…his cutie mark… a moon, obscured by the haze of a few clouds…a beacon light in the night sky, trying to make itself shown…
>Upon standing still for a moment Luna begins to realize how much pain she is in. The pain of the migraine gripping her head. Her side was extremely sore from the impact of the stallion. Her face stung due to the lacerations caused from sliding against the pavement.
>Suddenly a voice comes from the door way.
>“What’s going on here…PRINCESS LUNA?!?”
>A nurse, a young stallion unicorn with a pair of large oversized headphones around his neck stands in the doorway.
>Luna’s eye’s builds with a fiery rage.
>The nurse sees the vomit on the ground and as well as the alarms going off in the room from the elevated heart rate being given off by Moon Glider.
>The stallion pauses in fear and says nothing.
>Luna’s horn begins to spark.
>Luna’s magical aura grabs hold of the headphones around the stallion’s neck and violently rips them off.
>Luna holds the headphones directly in front of the eyes of the stallion.
>“Do you know how painful a death of asphyxiation is?…”
>Luna says to the stallion, her wrathful eyes locked with his.
>Luna uses her magic to ignite the headphones in a blue flame. As the headphones begin to melt she uses her magic to slowly compress them, first to the size of an apple, then to the size of a golf ball, then to the size of a grape. The flaming ball slowly begins to move towards right eye of the stallion.
>The stallion urinates himself in fear.

>Luna says with a snarl. Luna releases the flaming ball with her magic and it falls to the floor. It hits the ground and the fire is extinguished as it lands in the pool of urine.
>The stallion watches the ball fall to the floor and then looks back at Luna’s furious bleeding face.
>Luna slams the door shut in his face.
>She takes in a deep breath.
>She looks back at Moon Glider lying on the bed, his heart rate still reading elevated on the monitor.
>“Hold on Moon Glider, I’m coming…”
>The mare crawls into the bed alongside the stallion. The bed is too small for her, let alone both the two of them. The mare takes the big spoon position as she moves Moon Glider’s back into the little spoon position against her stomach.
>“You’re gonna get through this… just… hold… on…”
>Luna quickly drifts off into slumber as she begins to enter Moon Glider’s mind…


>Luna re-enters the memory. She phases in at the same location where she left, beside the bed. The room is still dark, it is still nighttime outside, except now there is a severe thunderstorm occurring.
>When she arrives she sees no sign of Moon Glider on the bed where she had left him.
>She cries out.
>Lightning flashes and momentarily lights up the room.
>A deafening clap of thunder quickly follows.
>She thinks to herself. Moon Glider was able to keep the memory is this up… he was able to avoid a collapse… despite being a few seconds away from death… despite the minimal training she had given him… his resolve is astounding…but where was he...
>Luna cries out again...

>Upon further inspection of the room, everything seems slightly off, it all appears to be slightly larger…
>“This memory is from the perspective of a foal… he’s reverted to an earlier mindset…”
>Luna says to herself in fear.
>Luna says, panic filling her voice.
>Luna here’s a faint voice coming from outside the master bedroom.
>She quickly leaves the bedroom and darts down the long dark hallway.
“He-here… I-I’m in… he-here… p-pl-please… h-help…s-she’s c-coming.”
>Luna is able to pinpoint which room the voice is coming from, she quickly runs to the front of the door and swiftly opens it with her magic…
>Looking straight ahead she sees a bed in the far corner of the room. On top of the bed she saw him… the colt version of Moon Glider, wrapped in blankets, cowering in the corner of his bed.
>Upon seeing the frightened child, Luna lowers her voice.
>“Moon Glider… its ok… I’m here…it’s me, Luna…”
>The child does not look at Luna as she speaks to him. His gaze continues to remained fixed on the far side of the room.
“S-S-she’s in there… m-my cl-clos-closet… s-she’s in my cl-closet…”
>Luna’s stomach begins to sink in fear…
>“No one is in your closet Moon Glider… you’re safe…try to relax.”
“NO!…S-she’s in there…pl-please you got to be-believe me… n-no one ever b-believes me…”
>“Moon Glider, p-please… don’t be afraid…”
>The fear within Luna’s voice is becoming apparent… she knows what the child is afraid of… but given her present state, she doesn’t know if she can handle this right now…
>A loud bump occurs behind the closest door. Luna cringes in fear upon hearing it… tears begin to form in her eyes.

>“Moon Glider, please listen to me, there is no one in your closet, it’s just your imagination…”
>Another louder thud occurs in the closest and the door shakes.
>The child trembles in fear and places the blanket over their eyes.
>The closet door begins to rattle violently.
>Luna stands in front of the closet door and braces it closed with her front hooves.
>“Focus…relax… you can do this Luna…”
>The mare tells herself trying to remain calm.
>The rattling suddenly stops.
>A few seconds pass.
>“She’s gone… Moon Glider its ok... she’s gon-“
>A huge crash knocks the closet door off its hinges. Luna is blasted back halfway across the room.
>The child gasps in horror at what they see in the closet, then goes deathly silent, paralyzed in fear.
>Luna, prone on the floor, slowly raises her head…
>Before her lies a vile monstrosity… the large creature just barely fitting inside the child’s bedroom…horn scraping along the ceiling…wings fully outstretch spanning then entire room…long gangly limbs… completely jet black in appearance… surrounded by a hazy dark aura… long sharp fangs coming from its mouth… enraged, green eyes, emitting an unnatural, eerie glow…
>Luna’s gaze meets the eyes of the beast…the beast looks down at her, eyes fuming in rage…
>The child lets out a scared whimper…
>The beast breaks its gaze with Luna and then focuses on the child lying on the bed.
>It begins to slowly walk forward…
>Luna begins to stand up on her hooves.
>Luna begins to charge her horn. The beast continues to walk forward.
>Luna lets out a bolt of electricity at the beast. The bolt creates a hole in the chest of the beast from which a black viscous fluid slowly pours out.
>The beast continues to walk forward.

>Luna lets out three more bolts of lightning, two hitting the beast in the body, the third hitting it in the face. The head shot blows half of the flesh off of the creatures face, but below its white skull remains fully intact. Without the flesh the full extent of the creature long fangs are made apparent, which are now dripping with the creature’s black blood. The beast continues to move forward, unfazed…
>Luna begins to panic in desperation… she decides to change her tactics.
>Luna charges her horn and casts a shield spell, creating a bright white magical shield through the middle of the room.
>The creature approaches the wall and then stops. It looks at the shield and then stares deep into Luna’s scared eyes.
>Luna continues to focus all of her energy on maintaining the shield spell, although she has trouble ignoring the visage of the hideous beast gazing at her…
>She says to herself.
>The creature slowly raises its front right hoof and places it upon the magical barrier. Its gaze still locked with Luna…
>The beast begins to push its hoof against the shield.
>Luna struggles to keep the spell alive.
>The flesh of the creature's leg begins to sear off as it is slowly pushed through the wall. A buildup of the creature's black fur and blood begins to drip down the white magical shield below from where the leg continues to progress. The skeletal remains of the leg continue to move forward though the shield.
>Luna, using all of her mental ability to maintain the shield spell, tries to ignore the hoof slowly moving towards her… but it gets to a point where the hoof is just a few inches from here face.
>At this point Luna can no longer help but to divert her gaze to the skeletal hoof. The second she does her shield spell begins to falter. The beast lunges its full body at the shield, breaking it to pieces. The skeletal hoof slams Luna across the room.

>She slams against a wooden dresser next to the bed of the quivering child.
>The beast returns its gaze to the child and begins move forward, slowly opening its mouth to reveal the long row of fangs dripping with the black grimy fluid.
>Jolts of black begin to strike both Luna and Moon Gliders vision as the creature draws near.
>The child eyes lay fixed on the sharp fangs slowly coming towards him.
>Luna slowly raises head. She realizes that a collapse is imminent, a collapse which Moon Glider will likely never recover from… she had failed to protect the child against the abomination…
>“Moon Glider… I’m so sorry…”
>Luna charges her horn, tears flowing from her eyes…
>“Please forgive me…”
>Luna strikes Moon Glider’s head with a bolt of lightning.


That's all for tonight.

Pastebin has been updated.

This is my first time writing a green... Any feedback is welcome.
Thanks m8, like the story, have a good night
>Luna stares at Moon Glider
>"Oh Moon Glider, there has something I wanted to tell you for a long time"
>"What is it? Moon Glider says with a questionable look in her eye
>"The truth is...*pulls out big vainy cock* I HAD A FLOPPY PENIS ALL ALONG
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>nmm threads turn to shit due to some faggot posting about his cat
>moonthread apparently being raided by cuck enthusiasts
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You're making the Wooner sad.

Don't make the Wooner sad.
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Grrr, I know, it sucks you had to go back to school today!
Whatever you say, I'm here for Moonbooty, not dicks.
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Mods, we need mods!
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Mods can't save us now, what we need is a hero.

That hero is apathy.
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Ayy, damn right
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Wooner still
File: 1417575812822.gif (706 KB, 360x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Get out with the horse
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Oh okay, sorry, wow jeez I might kill my self for being so meanwhatwouldcelestiadoplsfuckmeinmydirtytwat
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I don't think it's ever been my main reason, but I've thought about moments like those often. To just sit and listen, asking questions about the constellations, bundled up against a chill. Yeah. I'd like that quite a bit.
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That almost happened the other way around, actually.

B-but then I played Space Engine and realized how terrifying space is.

Wooner still a qt, though
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Nice to see pretty moon horse and her thread can take a beating. She's no major favorite of mine but I'm glad she's around.
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A twelve year that stepped out of /b/ for the first time is hardly a beating.
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Moon for the moon god
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I've been having hard time sleeping Anons. I know the Princess appreciates my attempts of staying up all night to look at the moon and some constellations/stars but I'm quite sure she wants me to get some rest and have some good dreams too.

Any suggestions /moon/?
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Just fall asleep Anon.
What I personally do to help me fall asleep is to sleep with my Luna plushie.
I used to praise the sun every day, but ever since my new work schedule, I've seen nothing but the night sky. I even caught myself praising in the direction of the moon once or twice
I may as well call myself a moonbro now
I'm sorry best princess, I have betrayed you ;_;
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Is it bad, if you've got a need for her motherly affection(nothing sexual, no RP, only the feel that she cares) for an evening? Just one damn evening when you could literally let everything get loose, curl in a ball and get hugged into a sleep with her reassuring words that everything would be ok.
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I'm going to preface this by saying that I'm so far loving the story. The concept is extremely fitting for Luna, almost obvious, but I don't think I've read another with the same premise.

That said, I'm really not a fan of the all caps sentences. They kill any way to put emphasis on a particular word, and I tend to want to just skip over them. Luna also has some moments where she sounds a bit..off. >“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE DASH!” really jumped out at me as something I can't imagine her saying...but that might just be my autistic headcanon at work.
At the same time, >“YOU SHALL NOT HARM THIS CHILD! RETURN FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!” felt spot on, to me.

The description of the monster in the closet (Was that a changeling or Nightmare Moon? It seemed like the second, but I would think Luna would recognize her, in that case.) could have been broken up. For example, and please let me know if I’m overstepping by doing this,, I would have written it like this,
>Before her lies a vile monstrosity, its outstretched wings span the room as its horn scrapes the ceiling.
>The jet black creature bares its dripping fangs as its green eyes meet Luna's, the only points of light behind the shadowy haze surrounding it.
>The child lets out a terrified whimper, tearing the beast’s attention from Luna.
>Reaching out a long, gangly limb, it takes a step towards the child, its intentions clear.

Overall, yes, it could use some improvement, but damn if I’m not eagerly awaiting more. I can’t wait to find out if Moon Glider’s going to make a full recovery.
I want to like this story but the language you are using is making it really hard. The swearing is unnecessary and doesn't fit with the characters, especially in the case of Luna.
File: image.jpg (26 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Celestia is insightful and calm. Surely she bores no ill will.
File: 1444283288720.gif (1 MB, 540x593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Or, you know, you've just learned to appreciate both of them. Nothing wrong with that.
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Of course it's fine Anon.
Sometimes everyone just needs a little comfort and reassurance. Sometimes you just want a little attention.

It feels bad to feel bad, but it feels great to feel good.
What a way to ruin a gif. Would've looked a hundred times better if she had her canon wings instead of that crap.
I think I remember something about the artist being wary of Hasjew's legal team.
IIRC the wings and slightly different color scheme were animator's desperate (and silly) attempts to avoid getting hit by a C&D
File: photo-116.jpg (62 KB, 1130x706) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 1130x706
Pretty sure the creator had to do that to avoid the old Hasjew cease and desist.

I really appreciate for the feedback, I've been dying to get a detailed response.

Yeah, the concept is really fitting for Luna. I know the whole coma thing can be a little cliche, but I think it works really well. I am not familiar with any similar fan fictions about something like this, but I haven't looked very hard.

Sorry about the all caps, I know a lot of people hate those. I try to only use it on the shouting, but come to think of it there is a lot of shouting in this story... I'll try to tone it down.

Yeah... Luna is a bit out of character. I have been having Moon Glider's character rub off on her a bit to much. Moon Glider is supposed to be a bit rough around the edges, not so much a stupid brute, but someone who's had it kind of rough in life and this is reflected in his personality. I'll try to make Luna a fit more formal in her speech, although given the circumstances she is in a breach in formality is understandable.

I purposely did not name the monster in the closet Nightmare Moon during the description (although the description should have hopefully made it clear that it was her). I tried to make it based off of Nightmare Moon, but exaggerated and made more horrifying by Moon Glider's imagination. I also kind of did this when describing the changeling. Moon Glider's memories distort a little and remember things a little scarier than they actually were.

I agree, my description definetly could have been broken up a little more, increased spacing not only makes clearer but more suspenseful.

Thanks again, I'll try to apply some of these suggestions before I post the next part of the story!
C & L
I suppose I can't argue with dubs.
Plus, she'll always have best sunbro at her side
who said my name
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3 MB, 2400x3000
>I've been dying to get a detailed response.
I am here merely because of coincidence

but I used to occasionally criticize greentext 2-3 years ago. the writefags were always very thankful. but let me warn you, I am harsh and direct. english isn't my main language and I've never been much of a reader. but I am good at analyzing

so if you want more, I might have time tomorrow to look at it, just tell me

English isn't my main language either, bad English is...

I'll take whatever you have to offer Anon.

>You can hear a mare crying… you feel a sharp pain in your head… you slowly open your eyes.
>Luna is standing over you. You are in your childhood bed back in your old bedroom.
“What’s wrong Luna?”
>You ask the grieving Mare.
>Luna looks up, a glimmer of hope in her eyes.
>“You still know who I am?”
“Of course I do, how could I forget about you, after all we’ve been through.”
>“What is your name?”
“What?! Moon Glider… haven’t we already been through this?”
>“What is the last thing you remember…”
“We were lying down in a bed together… I…I mean we were in the middle of a migraine… I had to vomit… but I couldn’t … I was chocking… you left to save me… you saved me!
>“Do you remember what happened after that?”
>You try to remember, nothing comes to mind.
“No… what happened?”
>“You reverted to an earlier mindset; you were stuck in the middle of a bad childhood memory… does the name Nightmare Moon sound familiar to you.”
“Uh… no… sounds a bit ominous, who is she?”
>“Me. I am… was… Nightmare Moon.”
>Moon Glider looks confused.
>“Moon Glider…”
>Luna’s head drops in despair.
>“You were having a childhood memory of imagining that Nightmare Moon was in your closet. The memory was too strong for me to handle. You were on the verge of collapse, I had no choice but to use my last resort spell…”
“Last resort?”
>“It’s a spell I deigned for ponies which are victims of extreme trauma or sexual assault and have severe problems functioning because of the experience. The spell permanently erases memory of the incident.”
>You pause for a second, but then calmly reply.
“Luna, its ok, you did what you had to do to save me from going back into a collapse. I think I can do without a few childhood memories of being afraid of things that go bump in my closest.”

>“No… it’s not that simple… certain memories can be linked to other memories… in my haste to erase the memories of Nightmare Moon I may have erased several other memories as well…”
>You pause for a few seconds… beginning to worry about what just transpired…
“H-how do we tell?”
>Luna pauses, then replies in a serious tone.
>“How long has Celestia ruled Equestria.”
“Since… forever.”
>“How long have myself and Celestia ruled Equestria together.”
>Just a few years…
>“What happened just a few years ago to cause this?”
“Uh… you just sort of appeared, I’m not sure how…”
>“It’s alright… I’ll fill you in on the details of that later.”
>Luna says quickly while looking off to the side.
>Luna resume her questioning.
>“What happens at the end of October?”
“Uh… harvesting?”
>“Are there any major holidays that occur around this time?”
“Uh… none that I can remember…”
>“Nightmare Night, costumes, candy… none of that seems familiar?”
>Fear begins to grip your mind.
“Uh… n-no I don’t remember anything like that…”
>“When you were a colt and you went camping, do you recall telling ghost stories around the fire?”
“My family never went camping much… we mostly stayed in the city…”
>“Ok… when you were scared in the night what did you do?”
“Uh… I don’t know… I guess I would have gotten my parents.”
>“What were their names?”
“Cloud Glider and Wind Glider…”
>“Good… good…”
>Luna says, letting out a sigh of relief.
>“Do you recall ever running to their room in the middle of the night about something being in your closest.”
>Luna looks out the door of Moon Glider’s bedroom. Moon Glider’s parents’ bedroom was far down the hallway, however there was another door directly across from Moon Glider’s bedroom.
They really think that negligible changes are enough to avoid a C&D? They didn't even change her name, and NMM still looks very similar to her canon form, not to mention the context that she'll be placed in the animation itself.

>She begins to think, what if Moon Glider didn’t go to his parents’ room for help whenever he heard a bump in the night, what if he went to one of his siblings for help instead…
>“Who’s room is directly across the hallway from yours…”
>You strain to think, but nothing comes to mind. This is your childhood home, but you don’t know what was in the bedroom across from your own.
“I…I…I don’t know…”
>Luna’s voice begins to waver…
>“Did you have any siblings Moon Glider, who else lived in this house?”
“No… only me and my parents lived here…”
>“Moon Glider…your sister… do you remember her?”
“My… sister?”
You ask in fear and disbelief.
>Luna recalls earlier when Moon Glider once mistakenly called her “sis” when she rescued him from them sand.
>“The sand… do you remember being buried in the sand…”
>“In the original memory… who dug you out of the sand…”
“I..I don’t remember… I had a sister?”
>Tears begin to pour down your face…
>Luna’s voice turns saddened as she comes to a realization.
>“She was the one who helped you overcome your fear of Nightmare Moon being in your closet. I’m sorry, but in erasing all memories of Nightmare Moon, I… erased all memories of your sister as well…”
>A bolt of blackness strikes your vision.
>“Moon Glider! You need to control yourself!”
>Luna yells trying to hold back sobs of her own.
>You begin to stabilize… still sniffling in fear…
“So what does this mean?...”
>“There is going to be gaps in your memories. She likely had a huge influence on your life so some things will no longer make sense. But we need to proceed! We need to get you out of this coma!”
>You pause for a second and then divert your gaze from Luna to the floor.

>Luna thinks to herself… in an effort to save this stallion’s life, she had just killed a small part of him… he had already suffered so much… it was not fair that he had to go through this too…
>“If you need a few moments-”
“No! Let’s go!”
>Luna pauses for a second and then asks.
>“Are you sure you are ready?”
“Yes, let’s move on to another memory.”
>You quickly raise your front hoof to Luna.
>Luna grabs your hoof and begins to charge her horn.
>You continue to look at the floor.
>“Look at me Moon Glider”
>Luna says to the sullen stallion.
>You lift your head and lock gaze with Luna. Luna sees the confused and conflicting emotions being displayed upon your face. She is unsure what to say to you.
>You see the saddened and unsure look on Luna’s face…
“Luna… you did what you had to do… I hold nothing against you for that… you’ve helped me so much… do not feel guilty for what you did to me…”
>You come around to meet her face to face, and then place your other front hoof around her, embracing her in a hug.
>“Thank you Moon Glider…”
>As you embrace her Luna begins to shift both of you to another memory. Whiteness begins to overtake both of your visions.
>”Thank you…”


>You and Luna materialize into a hall of a nice building.
>Moon Glider detaches from Luna and looks around.
>In front of you is a doorway which contains a large amount of grieving ponies all dressed in black. In the center of the far side of the room lies a closed coffin.
“We’re at a funeral, I remember being here, but…”
>Luna cringes upon awaiting your response.
“I don’t know who this was for…”
>Moon Glider looks to Luna.
“It was for her, wasn’t it…”

“How did she die?”
>“I believe, like many other thousands of ponies, she died the day of the changeling attack.”
>Your mind begins to remember the attack, as well as the recent memory you just relived with Luna…
>The mare and her child being mauled by the changeling inside the convenience store.
“That mare at the store… she died the same way my sister did.”
>“No… your sister died fighting, she was a guard… she managed to save a handful of ponies with her actions.”
>Luna motions to a couple of families sitting in the back of the room.
>You look around the funeral home and see the faces of several friends and family. Each of them quietly grieving and talking amongst themselves.
“What did she look like?”
>“She looked a lot like you… even your cutie marks were similar…”
>You gaze upon the closed coffin.
“Those bastards mauled her… that’s why this is a closed funeral… isn’t it…”
>You slowly approach the coffin. Luna slowly follows behind you.
>You see your parents sitting in the front row of seats inside the funeral parlor. They gaze upon you in anguish.
“She was the successful sibling, I was the fuck up, wasn’t I…”
>“NO!… Moon Glider… don’t say that.”
“That day she died a hero… I kept on living a life as a regretful coward… and I don’t even know what she fucking looks like.”
>You place both hooves on the lid of the coffin.
>“Moon Glider, don’t-”
>You open the coffin.
>Inside there is nothingness, a black void of nothingness.
>Luna places a hoof upon your shoulder.
>“You both loved each other very much, there will be opportunities to relearn about her when you waken…”
“If I awaken…”
>“MOON GLIDER, listen… this is terrible I know… but you can’t give up now, you need to stay focused.”
“…you’re right…”
>You slowly and carefully close the coffin.
“Let’s move on.”

>“Very well…”
>Luna strengthens her grasp upon your shoulder as she begins to charge her horn.
>You take one last look at the coffin before whiteness slowly fills your vision


>You materialize into being sitting at a table. You are drinking a bottle of hard cider. The cool crisp liquid slowly pours down your throat. That crispness and the alcoholic taste feel good upon tongue.
>You continue to drink until the bottle is empty.
>You swirl the bottle around with you hooves and then place it straight up above your mouth, gathering every last drop from the bottle.
>“Where are we Moon Glider?”
>Luna asks you.
>You divert your gaze from the bottle and look around.
“We’re in my shit-hole studio apartment.”
>Piles of unwashed dishes are piled up in the sink. Your bed is unmade; various cloths are strewn about the floor. A thick layer of dust covers everything that is not used daily. Small pieces of food litter the floor. A large pile of unopen mail is building up on the floor in front of your front door. The garbage can is overflowing…
>Before you on the table lies six empty bottles of Sweet Apple Acres hard cider.
>You feel drunk… your stomach is swelled from drinking so much cider.
“I remember this…”
>You say as you wobbly stand up from the table.
“After the funeral I hit some pretty dark times.”
>You walk towards the refrigerator, wavering back and forth along the way.
>“A lot of good ponies have faced drinking problems in the past…”
>You open the refrigerator and grab another bottle of cider.
“I’m not a good pony.”
>“Yes you are!”
“Luna… c’mon, really?”
>You place the bottle cap against your kitchen counter and hit it with the top of your hoof, the bottle cap pops right off.
“Just look around you… look at this shit hole… look at me…good for nothing scum bag…”
>You take a large gulp of cider from the bottle. The familiar crispness feels soothing as it goes down your throat.

>“That’s not true-”
>You yell at Luna while pointing your bottle at her.
“You could be out there helping ponies who deserve your help, I sure as fuck don’t!”
>You place the bottle back to your lips and begin to take several large gulps.
>“Moon Glider, stop doing that to yourself! You will find no solutions to your problems at the bottom of a bottle!”
>You laugh at her…
“Yeah… you got that right…but what’s the fucking point…shit job… shit life…”
>“You were not always like this, this was just a brief stint wasn’t it?”
“Yeah… so…”
>“What brought you out of this?”
>You strain to remember but you can’t…
“I don’t know…I probably ran out of money for cider…”
>“NO! She brought you out of it! Your sister! Even though she was dead, she still inspired you to stop drinking and turn your life around!”
“She did…?”
>You look down at the bottle in your hoof.
>Your mouth craved another taste of the crisp cool liquid…
“She… she was a really good pony… wasn’t she…”
>“Yes she was…”
>You begin to cry…
>You raise the bottle closer to your lips.
“I bet I could never be like her… she sounds like one in a million…”
>The cravings to take another sip are very strong… your body craves more…
“But..but...I sure as FUCK am going to try!”
>You raise the bottle above your head and throw it down into the kitchen sink. It shatters into several pieces.
>You shout at the cider as it begins to drip down the drain.
>You look at Luna… she looks emboldened after watching what you just did.

>You focus your mind…you are able to eliminate the feelings of drunkenness and a bloated stomach which plagued you just moments ago.
>You extend your hoof to her.
>Luna looks down at you hoof, and then back to you.
>She grabs ahold of your body with both hooves in a massive hug.
>“We’re gonna get through this, I’m sure of it…”
>She says to you, tears of joy coming from her eyes.
>Her horn begins to glow, whiteness over takes your vision as your apartment fades from view…


That's all for tonight folks. A little change up from the intense action scenes I know... Well time to follow up that last bit by going out to the bar to have a couple drinks...
Thx mang, it's hard to be like a statue 24/7. Feels bad to even write like that.
File: image.jpg (185 KB, 1280x1765) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185 KB, 1280x1765

A song for you. Luna

'Cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of stars
I'm gonna give you my heart
'Cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of stars
'Cause you light up the path

I don't care, go on and tear me apart
I don't care if you do, ooh
'Cause in a sky, 'cause in a sky full of stars
I think I saw you

'Cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of stars
I wanna die in your arms
'Cause you get lighter the more it gets dark
I'm gonna give you my heart

I don't care, go on and tear me apart
I don't care if you do, ooh
'Cause in a sky, 'cause in a sky full of stars
I think I see you
I think I see you

'Cause you're a sky, you're a sky full of stars
Such a heavenly view
You're such a heavenly view
File: 1417259791209.jpg (247 KB, 800x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But that place we call heaven unfair to me
To me , Luna's more than just a heavenly view ... Hell , she could be the heavens and nobody could question it
"Well you're crying ... Somethings gotta be wrong"
>"just leave me alone , I knew you were just going to make fun of me! Just get out!"
>Luna breaks into heavier sobs than before and probably needs some time to calm down
>leaving , you think of what could cheer her up
>streamers or a party were out
>off to the kitchens it is
>you got a bit lost , but eventually you wandered your way into the kitchens
>thankfully nobody was there to question you
>yay 3:30 AM!
>you are not exactly sure what she likes , might as well get a bit of everything
>miniature cheese wheels , crackers , apple slices , baked potato cubes , the extent of your culinary prestige
>a meal of sides is the meal of champions
>once you get everything onto its own little tray , you realize : there are no drinks!
>grabbing the tray and some chocolate milk from the kitchens refridgerator , you make towards Luna's room

Hope you guys enjoy my post absence update , I'll make more if I don't pass out
>once you finally get there , you're thankful to have not dropped anything
>these floors really are bumpier than they have any business being
>as you approach the door , the sobbing has definitely died down . Though still plainly (hearable?)
>you knock on the door
>"go away" you hear through the door
>you didn't get this food for nothing
>you won't be denied
>as soon as you get inside the room you can feel the death stare of the princess
>"I said to leave"
"I did , but now I brought snacks"
>"I should have the guards throw you out"
"That's not very nice"
>as you proceed to her massive bed , you set the tray down beside her
"So do you want to tell me what's wrong ?"
"And why is the answer no ?"
>"because you would make fun of me if I told you"
>seeing the sadness in her eyes , you press the topic
"And if I made fun of you then you could just have the guards get rid of me. I just want to see you happy"
>"alright , I'll tell you. But lock the door first"
>oh , you left it open
Alright , I think I'm going to get my 2 hours of sleep. I've admired the night sky here in Arizona and it's currently obstructed by rain clouds
Same weather over here in Texas. Anyways, have a good rest
Moon bump
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>Not even including a picture.
File: 1419491544046.png (341 KB, 525x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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if dubs...
File: 1363472016961.jpg (247 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Page 8 ain't great
File: 1231231231.png (274 KB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You and Luna materialize onto the streets of Canterlot. The sun is shining brightly.
>You are sitting at an outdoor café with a group of friends eating lunch.
>Suddenly several ponies come frantically running down the street.
>A guard pony come approaches the café and yells.
>“Lord Tirek is approaching! Evacuate at once!”
>All the ponies in the café scream in terror and then frantically begin running down the road.
>The guard pony drops his spear and joins the herd.
>After a few seconds it’s just you and Luna standing alone on the street.
>You walk over and pick up the spear.
>“Are you sure you don’t want just to run away Moon Glider?
>Luna asks you hesitantly.
>“Maybe it would be best if we tried a different memory…”
>You look Luna in the eye and shake your head, a determined look upon your face.
>“How are we going to take on Tirek?!”
>She yells at you.
>You calmly look at Luna’s concerned face.
“Luna, I need you to trust me…”
>Luna pauses for a second looking at you angrily, then finally lets out a sigh.
>“Dammit Moon Glider… alright then… so what is your plan…”
“Well… in about 30 seconds Tirek is going to round that corner and come down this street. I figure I will hide in that alley over there, and once he walks by I’ll stab him in the face!”
>Luna pauses for a moment, a bleak expression upon her face.
>“That’s it…”
>Luna lets out a sigh.
>“He’ll probably notice you in the alley… you are going to need a diversion…”
>Luna cringes.
>“I’ll wait in the middle of the street to distract him…”
“What! Are you sure Luna?”
>She pauses.
>“Yes… I am sure… I trust you… now hurry into position, the fiend approaches...”
>You scramble down the alley with your spear. You hide behind a dumpster.

>You can hear the footsteps of Lord Tirek approaching.
>The huge centaur rounds the corner. He stands two stories tall and is as long as a train car.
>You look down at your spear.
>You begin to wonder if maybe you should have just run away like you did in the actual memory.
“No… you can do this Moon Glider… you can do this… relax… focus…”
>You tell yourself, steadying your nerves.
>Lord Tirek sees Luna standing alone in the street and approaches her.
>“Well if it isn’t Celestia’s little bitch!”
>Lord Tirek yells with a laugh.
>“Shouldn’t you be helping little foals overcome their scary little nightmares?”
>Luna holds firm, Lord Tirek continues to approach her.
>“You were absolutely no match for me the last time we met, this time will be the same. Do you know why? Because you are WEAK! You are PATHETIC! You are LITERALLY always in the shadow of your sister Celestia-“
>“ENOUGH Tirek, your reign of terror ends now!”
>Luna yells out
>You continue to watch Tirek approach, just a few more feet and you will be able to ambush him from the side.
>“Oh really, your race of colorful, pudgy, little ponies is going to stand up against ME?!”
>“You underestimate us Tirek!” Luna yells back.
>“No… I don’t think so… a civilization whose national pride comes from friendship? That has got to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been alive for thousands of years! As soon as I absorb all of the magic out of you puny ponies, I shall SQUASH all of your skulls beneath my MIGHTY HOOVES!"
>You continue to watch… he’s almost in position… just a few more feet.
>“Starting with YOU!”
>Lord Tirek opens his mouth. A red magical flame-like aura begins pouring from Luna’s horn as Tirek begins draining the magic out of her body.
>You say to yourself, Tirek is not yet in position, but you have no choice, you have to charge him now.

>You bolt out from behind the dumpster, spear in hand, flying faster than you ever flew before, aiming straight for Tirek’s head.
>You are nearly there, but at the last second Tirek notices you and quickly jolts up in surprise. Instead of the spear hitting him in the head, it strikes him in the neck.
>Tirek ends his magic draining of Luna, she falls to the ground.
>Tirek slams you with the back of his hand.
>He sends you flying; you crash into the storefront window of a hardware store. You continue flying through the store until you crashing into a shelving unit.
>Luna yells in fear as she watches you disappear into the store.
>Tirek yells. He pulls the spear out from his neck.
>“You tried to take me down with THIS?!? This is nothing more than a TOOTHPICK compared to me!”
>Tirek easily snaps the spear with one hand and throws it on the ground.
>Pain covers your entire body after the impact. You struggle to stand up, but you can’t. All of your limbs painfully ache.
>You look down at your limbs, your legs are severely contorted, likely fracture in multiple locations.
>Your wings are both completely broken, blood and feathers are strewn everywhere.
>Your vision slowly beings to fade to black. The pain seems so familiar to you. Memories of the accident come back to you…
>The blackness gets to a point where you can barely see anything around you. You continue to bleed out upon the floor.
>You struggle to speak.
>You try to focus as hard as you can on not passing out.
>Blackness completely overtakes your vision.
>Your memory begins to collapse; your sense of feeling begins to fade away.
>It feels as if you are floating in a void of nothingness…


>You take a deep breath in. You exhale deeply.


“…no… NO!”


>You slowly begin to feel the pain again.
>Your vision slowly begins to fade back in.

>“There goes your champion Luna!”
>Tirek yells to her as she lies on the ground.
>“I take back what I said, I will not crush your skull beneath my hooves… instead I am going to SKULL FUCK YOU TO DEATH!”
>Luna is lying prone on the ground beneath the monsters hooves. She raises her head. She sees clearly between his legs and has full view of the minotaur’s massive genitalia.
>She lets out a cry:
>She charges her horn and with the remainder of her undrained magic she shoots a bolt of electricity at Tirek’s groin.
>The bolt causes both his penis and testicles to explode upon impact!
>Tirek lets out a massive yell in pain.

>You look down at your legs which are all severely in pain.
“They’re not real…the pain isn’t real… focus… relax… focus… relax…”
>You close your eyes and try to visualize yourself… you remember what you looked like before the accident… a strong healthy stallion… all limbs fully intact…
>Eyes still closed you attempt to stand up.
>You open your eyes. You are back on all fours. Your wings are back to normal as well.
>You look around the store to see where you are. Something on a nearby shelf catches your eye. You begin to grin…

>Tirek picks up Luna in his massive hands and brings her body up to his face.
>He slowly begins to crush her with his mighty hands.
>Luna lets out a scream in massive pain.
“Let go of her you BASTARD!"
>You yell from the broken window of the hardware store.
>“You again!”
>Tirek throws Luna onto the ground and faces you.
>“You WEAK, PATHETIC pony dare stand up to me? You’re not even a unicorn, you can’t even cast spells! How do you expect to last a second against me?!?”

>You pick up a chainsaw lying on the floor beneath you. Holding it with both your front hooves you grab the pull string with your teeth. You pull the string back and the machine loudly comes to life.
>The chainsaw growls loudly in your hooves, a grin forms upon your face as you look Tirek in the eye.
>The two story Tirek looks at you silently… he was not expecting this… you caught him off guard…
“Let’s dance.”
>You bolt off flying at full speed towards Tirek, the growling chainsaw in hand.
>Luna lifts her head from the ground and watches you fly toward the minotaur.
>Tirek shoots a large bolt of fire at you from his mighty horns.
>You narrowly dodge out of the way. The fire singes your fur as it closely misses you.
>Fear strikes Tirek as he continues to watch you approach, he quickly casts a shield spell around himself.
>Flying full speed ahead you approach the shield and let out a cry:
>You swing your chainsaw forcefully into the shield. The shield instantly shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces. You continue to approach, aiming straight for his head.
>Tirek watches in utter horror as you approach.
>Tirek says in confusion.
>You swing the chainsaw into the left side of Tirek’s face. The chainsaw instantly tears through his outer flesh and then begins to steadily cut through bone. Blood begins to spurt out everywhere, getting all over your face.
>Tirek drops to his knees, you maintain your grasp on the chainsaw as it continues to sink deeper and deeper into his skull.
>Your face and body becomes covered with more and more blood the deeper the chainsaw sinks into his head.
>You yell at the minotaur as his face begins to go blank. He collapses from his knees to the ground.
>Chunks of brain and skull begin to accumulate in your fur.

>The chainsaw gets midway through Tirek’s thick head and then gets stuck.
>You try to pull it out but it does not go anywhere.
>You proceed to pummel upon Tirek’s bleeding skull with your hooves.
>Luna, in awe at what you have just accomplished, slowly struggles to pull herself to her feet.
>Suddenly, out of nowhere, Discord appears next to her.
>“Why hello Luna! It’s been so long since my last surprise visit, I simply love watching you work! What fruitless task are you trying to accomplish this time? Helping another colt overcome their fear of the dreadfully scary Nightmare Moon?”
>Luna shoots discord a furious look, daggers in her eyes.
>Upon hearing Discord’s voice, you stop pummeling upon the pulpy remains of Tirek’s head and gaze over your shoulder.
>Discord turns his head towards you… he stares blankly for a few seconds, the carnage of the scene before him too much for his brain to take in.
>He vomits in disgust upon seeing Tirek’s brains spread in chunks upon the ground.
>You place both of your front hooves upon the chainsaw lodged inside of Tirek’s skull. You place one of your back hooves against Tirek’s skull and plant the other firmly on the ground. You pull strongly, letting out a loud grunt in the process. After a few seconds of pulling, the chainsaw breaks free, blood and pieces of brain go flying. A small chunk of brain lands right at discords feet.
>Discord looks down at the chunk of brain right in front of him… he is paralyzed in fear.
“This is all YOUR fault!”
>You yell at discord as you slowly walk towards him, completely covered in blood and chunks of brain.

“We trusted you, and you betrayed us…. YOU BETRAYED ALL OF US!”
>Discord gets ahold of himself… he decides he no longer wants any part of this and attempts to teleport away…but nothing happens…
>“Where do you think you’re going?”
>Luna say’s with a devious grin upon her face. Her magical aura gripping him, preventing him from escaping.
>You let the chainsaw roar as you slowly walk towards Discord.
“We accepted you Discord, despite all your past transgressions, we forgave you, and THIS IS HOW YOU RETURNED THE FAVOR!”
>You stand directly in front of Discord, he sees up close the blood and brain chunks dripping from your fur.
>“PLEASE, I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again, I mean it, PLEASE!”
>The motor of the chainsaw continues running in the background.
“Really discord? We pardoned you multiple times for your crimes against Equestria, yet you keep committing them. You can never change!”
>“YES I CAN! PLEASE! I’ll never bother Equestria again! I’ll leave every pony alone!”
“How does that expression go… fool me once… shame on you... fool me twice… GET OUT YOUR MOTHER FUCKING CHAINSAW!”
>The blade spins inches from Discord’s face.
“Alright fine… I’ll leave it up to Luna. What should do with him Luna?”
>You look Luna in the eyes and she stares right back at you, smiling a sadistic grin.
>Discord desperately looks to Luna.
>“Luna please…”
>“I think you should decide Moon Glider.”
>You laugh
“Oh really… alright then.”
>You roar up your chainsaw and slowly move it towards Discord’s face.
>Discord yells as he drops to his knees.

>You stop the blade and gently slap Discord across the face with the blunt metal part of the chainsaw.
>Discord lets out a pathetic whine as you touched him with your chainsaw.
>Discord looks up at you.
“What’s the matter discord, you never SAW that coming?”
>You begin to laugh, Luna also lets out a small chuckle.
>Discord stares at you bewildered.
“Discord, you’re lucky I have a sense of humor… otherwise I’d cut off each of your fucking mismatched limbs and hang them on my wall.”
>“t-t-thank you…”
>Discord says, still in shock.
>You throw your chainsaw to the ground. You use your hooves to grab ahold of Discord’s face and bring it just a few inches from your own.
“Now remember what you said Discord… If you even THINK about betraying us…”
“Well then, that’s just FANTASTIC! Looks like we're friends again!”
>You pull discord up close to you and give him a long kiss upon the lips. Completely caught off guard, Discord squirms but cannot escape your grasp. After a few seconds you push him away.
“You call that a kiss? Come on discord, no tongue?”
>Discord tries to reply, but can’t. He opens his mouth to find that his forked tongue is missing.
>You look to Luna she has a large smile upon her face, both of you let out another laugh.
“Come on Discord, this is comedy gold!”
>The scared Discord trembles in terror before the two of you…
“Alright, enough’s enough. Luna let him go”
>Luna detaches her magical aura from Discord.
“Now get the fuck out of here before I change my mind.”
>Discord vanishes in a flash.
>You look at Luna…
“Funny, I don’t remember Discord being in that memory, how the hell did he get here?”
>“That was actually Discord.”
>Luna tells you with a smile upon her face.
“What? NO…”

>“Yes, no joke.” she grins “Except for the ones you made. Every now and then he will enter the dreamscape in an attempt to annoy me. That wretched creature receives amusement by hindering my efforts of trying to help those who need it… although I don’t think he will be doing that again anytime soon… or ever…”
“No shit… so I just successfully intimidated the god of chaos?”
>“Yes… you did.”
“Wow…ok… so how did you know I wasn’t going to kill him?”
>“I didn’t…”
>She says with a smile…
>You both begin to laugh.
>A jolt of whiteness strikes your vision. You begin to feel a low rumble in the distance.
“Did you feel that?”
>You say to Luna, you begin to feel funny.
>“It’s happening… Moon Glider it’s HAPPENING! You’ve triggered enough brain activity! You’re pulling out… YOU’RE WAKING UP”
“I AM?!?”
>More jolts of whiteness begin to strike your vision, you look at Luna, she is becoming blurry.
>“I knew you could do it Moon Glider! I knew yo….”
>Her voice begins to fade out.
>Her face slowly fades away as the whiteness overtakes your vision…


>You feel the warm comforting embrace of another pony upon your back.
>The taste of vomit lingers in your throat.
>You open your eyes…
>It takes a few seconds for your eyes to adjust. Before you lies a window. It is a clear night sky. The moon and stars shine brightly above, while the Canterlot skyline buzzes with life below.
>You are very stiff, painfully stiff. You attempt to stretch. As you attempt to move your legs you realize that you can’t fell anything.
>You slowly look down and there they are… stumps on the ends of your knee caps where your legs used to be.
>You are overcome with an immense wave of sorrow and begin weeping uncontrollable.
>You can feel the pony embracing you tense up upon hearing your cries, but after a few seconds their body relaxes… they pull you in closer…

>“Everything’s going to be alright Moon Glider…”
>Luna says to you.
>You continue to cry… but are comforted by her warmth and embrace.
>A few minutes pass, Luna continues to hold you in her hooves.
>You slowly begin to regain your composure…
“Thank you Luna…Thank you…”
>“You are welcome Moon Glider… you are… my first… my first successful rescue… I’ve never been able to bring someone out of a coma before… I was beginning to think it couldn’t be done.”
“Well I hope it was good for you as it was for me.”
>You say with a snicker…
>“I’ll never forget this assignment, that’s for sure…”
>You both shudder thinking about the experience you just went through.
“How long Luna?…”
>Luna lets out a sigh.
>“…12 years, 4 months, 13 days…”
>A wave of dizziness overtakes you…
“T-twelve years…”
>“I’m sorry Moon Glider…”
>You mind begins to shift towards the friends and family you had before the accident.
“My father… he was being treated for heart problems right before the accident… is he still alive?”
>Luna says in a somber tone.
“What about my mother?”
>“…she passed away from cancer a few years ago…”
>Tears begin to fill your eyes as another round of grief strikes you. Luna continues to hold you in her in embrace.
>A few more minutes pass by… Luna speaks to you.
>“Moon Glider… I expect to you to make a full recovery… I will personally commission you a set of prosthetics made from the best craftsman in Canterlot. I also will get you the best physical therapist. I expect you to be up and walking in no time.”
>Still deep in sorrow, you let out a bleak response.
“Thank you Luna…”

>Luna slowly leaves your embrace and gets out of the bed. You look at her real face for the first time. The mare's face is dripping with blood.
>LUNA! What happened to you?!
>“Oh this… nothing… just a flesh wound… my ribs though…I’m not sure if they are broken or not…”
>“I had to get here in a hurry to save you from asphyxiating, remember…”
>“My teleportation spell didn’t drop me in the most… ideal... location. I’m going to go get patched up…”
>She begins to walk towards the door.
“Luna… you’re a fucking hero… you know that right…”
>She smiles as she looks back at you.
“Thank you Moon Glider…”
>She opens the door with her magic.
>“Once you are able to walk, come to my palace, alright…”
“…I’ll be there.”
>She steps through the door and walks away.


tbc that's all for tonight
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Oh my...
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Bitch don't kill my vibe
I could never write my wrongs
>What do you call 49 lawyers on a 50 seat bus plunging off a cliff and into the ocean?

A terrible waste of a seat.
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[moons internally].gif
190 KB, 500x281
I see you guys are plagued by the same faggot bumping with no content.
>What do you get when you cross a mountain climber and a mosquito?

Nothing, you can't cross a scalar with a vector!
Quit biting my filenames you fucking dickless wonder.
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we post sad pics now ?
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aww yiss.png
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oh god that's majestic
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Sad Moonie thread now.
File: Luna senpai.jpg (220 KB, 859x959) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Luna senpai.jpg
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>A week passes since you’ve awaken from your coma.
>You are still very weak. You limbs are slowly regaining muscle mass. In a few more days the doctor says you will be able to attempt walking with the prosthetic limbs.
>Your next of kin are notified about your recovery. You are the last of your immediate family, but several members of your extended family are still alive and happy to see you.
>You a resting in your hospital bed after a long session of physical therapy and suddenly a visitor arrives to see you.
>“Hello Moon Glider, I’m a reporter from the Canterlot Times. I heard about how Princess Luna helped you recover from a coma… and I was wondering if I could interview you for a story?”
“I’m not really in the mood right now…”
>“I completely understand… but… your recovery is truly an amazing story… if ponies hear about this story… well, I think there is a good chance that you can inspire a lot of ponies…”
>You ponder for a second at what the reporter told you. You really didn’t want any extra attention, but if you could help inspire hope in a few ponies… ponies which may be a little down on their luck and are in a bad place…
>Memories of your past begin to flood your mind.
“Alright, fine…”
>You say reluctantly.
>“Great! Thank you, this story is going to do a lot of good.”
>The reporter pulls out his notebook.
>“Can we start from the beginning?”
>Just thinking about the accident makes you cringe.
>You give him your full account about what happened. You don’t get too specific, especially about the details of the traumatic memories you had to relive to stimulate brain activity. He attempts to pry for more details…
“NO! And stop asking!”

>“Ok… sorry… well despite not having all the details I still think we have a pretty good story here. I’ll probably run this story in the next day or two.”
“Fine… now please leave…”
>You say bluntly, you have grown tired and annoyed with reporter.
“Of course, I wish you a speedy recovery”
>The reporter leaves the room. You quickly pass out on your hospital bed.


>Another week passes. The doctor says you are improving greatly.
>You pretty much have full control of your wings back. You can use them to move around, but the doctor advises you not to become to be over reliant on them, as neglecting using your legs will decrease muscle mass.
>With the assistance of you physical therapist you are able to make take a few steps at a time using your new prosthetics.
>One day, after another round of intense physical therapy, you are resting in your bed and a cyan colored pony with a rainbow mane shows up at your hospital bedroom.
>The mare closes the door behind her as she comes inside.
>She cries as she comes to your side. She pauses for a second before hesitantly hugging you.
>“I came as soon as I read about you in the paper.”
“It’s been awhile…”
“>Yeah it has…”
>There is an awkward pause. Both of you are unsure how to proceed with the conversation. It’s been more than a decade since the two of you meet. Your old relationship with Dash was complicated, you would always hook up whenever she was in town visiting Canterlot, but she spent a lot of time traveling for work.
“So how’s the Wonderbolt gig going?”
>“GREAT! I broke all sorts of records and invented a bunch of aerial maneuvers!”
“That’s great, I’ll have to watch you the next time you guys perform.”
>Rainbow Dash pauses.
>“…I don’t perform anymore, I’m a flight instructor now…”
>You can see the disappointment in her eyes.

>You try to cheer her up.
“That’s still pretty cool!”
>Rainbow Dash says, trying to hide her dismay.
>A few more moments pass, you decide go all in.
“I had a pretty sweet dream about you the other day… both of us on my parents bed…”
>You give her a sultry look.
>Dash smiles upon remembering that memory… but then frowns…
>“I’m married now Moon Glider…”
>You let out a sigh. It has been 12 years; of course a beautiful mare like her would have been hitched by now.
“Oh… congratulations…”
>“Thanks… we just had twins two years ago… they are quite a handful.”
“If they are anything like their mother I’d image they would be.”
>Rainbow dash smiles.
“So who’s the lucky guy, any pony that I know?”
>Yeah… Bulk Biceps-
>“Yeah… we got to know each other really well while working together at the Wonderbolt Academy…”
>“…I know, I know…”
>She lets out a sigh.
>“…turns out he’s really good with kids…”
>You shake your head in disbelief, you move your front right leg out from under the covers of your hospital bed and attempt to facehoof, out of habit. Before you realize there is nothing there your face falls forward past your amputated leg.
>You and Dash both look at the stump upon the middle of your leg.
>You look back at Dash, she is still staring at your amputated limb, she notices that you are staring at her and quickly looks down to the ground.
“It’s ok Dash…”
>Tears begin to form in Dash’s eyes.
>“I… I wish things could have been different…”
“Me too Dash... me too…”
>Dash approaches you again and gives you another hug, much more compassionate and sincere then her first attempt.
but she's saying sorry!
You are the one who has to be sorry

>“There’s someone I’d like you to meet Moon Glider.”
>Dash says as she walks towards the door.
“Dash… please don’t let Bulk Biceps in here…”
>Dash chuckles.
“It’s not Bulk Biceps…”
>Dash opens the door.
“Moon Glider, come in here honey...”
“What are you talking about Dash, I’ll already here?”
>A small colt hesitantly walks into the room. The colt has a dark blue coat…his rainbow colored mane contains several steaks of black. A cutie mark containing a moon lies on his flank…
>“Moon Glider… this is your son… Moon Glider… junior… SURPRISE!”
>“Turns out right before the accident you ‘gave’ me a little gift to remember you by…”
>Dash, says with a smile upon her face.
>Dash looks at her son…
>“Well junior… don’t be afraid… go say hi to your father…”
>The child looks at Moon Glider, lying stupefied on the hospital bed.
>“H-h-hello d-dad…”
>He looks just like you, he even has the stutter you had when you were young…”
“H-hello son…”


>Several more weeks pass by.
>You are finally able to walk on your own using your prosthetics. You are a little jittery still, but you can manage.
>You haven’t seen Luna since the night you woke up.
>She seemed pretty adamant about meeting with you once you were able to walk, you would hate to disappoint her by making her wait.
>You had a lot of legal and financial matters to take care of after being in a coma for 12 years, but all of those could wait.
>You couldn’t wait to see her again. She was your savior, both of you had been through so much together.
>You figured the only way you were going to get an audience with Luna was by attending her midnight court.
>It’s the middle of the night, a taxi drops you off in front of the royal palace. Almost no one is around.
You are sorry.
Call her Moonchild
Dancing in the shallows of a river
Lonely Moonchild
Dreaming in the shadows of a willow

How are you all doing tonight, moonfags?
File: 1433748068616.png (882 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
882 KB, 1024x1024
Could be better

>In front of you stands a large stone staircase, at the top of which are the main doors to the royal palace.
>One lunar guard, an earth pony, guards the main door. He has his eyes on you. He notices that you are a quadruple amputee, and lets out a sigh. This is not what he wanted to deal with right now.
>You are tempted just to fly up the steps, but as your doctor said you shouldn’t become over reliant upon your wings...
>You slowly and carefully move up the steps. After about five minutes, you finally make it to the top of the stairs.
>The guard pony speaks to you in a pissed off tone.
>“What do you want?”
“I’m here to have an audience with Princess Luna.”
>No you’re not.
>You ask confusingly
>“Her court ended early tonight, you’ll have to come back tomorrow- no wait… its Friday. You’ll have to come back Monday."
“Oh come on… why didn’t you tell me that before I climbed all those fucking stairs.”
>The guard pony laughs to himself.
>“So I could see the disappointed look on your face, that’s why.”
“The fuck is your problem guy!”
>The guard pony angrily yells at you.
“Listen the princess requested an audience with me, I don’t want to keep her waiting any longer than I have too.”
>“Ain’t my fucking problem, my job’s to keep deadbeats like you off the palace grounds.”
>You realize that coming straight from the hospital you haven’t had much time for proper grooming of your coat and mane. Most ponies who visit the royal palace likely wore formal attire; you barely had a clean coat of fur...
>You try to control your anger.
“Listen, can you please just let the princess… or her clerk… or just any pony in the palace know that Moon Glider is here.”
>“You better get lost or else I’ll shove those fake limbs DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT!”
>You quickly turn around and lose your balance.

>You being to stumble down the stone stair case. Luckily your reflexes kick in in time and you are able to curl into the fetal position. By the time you hit the bottom you are a little roughed up but there is no serious damage. However, two of your prosthetics limbs fall off as you fall down the stairs.
>The guard pony laughs.
>“Serves you right!”
>The guard pony yells at the top of the stairs.
>The door to the palace slams open. An officer, a bat pony, comes out.
>“What’s all the commotion out here!?”
>The earth pony at the door salutes the officer.
>“CAPTAIN ORION, nothing to see here just another bum.”
>The captain looks down the steps to see Moon Glider on the ground.
>The captain sees the amputee stallion and instantly recognizes who he is.
>“HOLY SHIT, that’s Moon Glider!”
>The captain turns to face the guard pony.
>“Don’t you read the fucking paper?!”
>The earth pony pauses for a second and then lets out a bleak response.
>The captain decks him in the face as hard as he can. The earth pony falters backwards several feet and struggles to stay on his hooves.
>”You just pushed Moon Glider down a flight of stairs!?! You will receive forty lashes for this!”
>You begin to crawl upon the ground to collect your detached prosthetics. Hearing what is going on at the top of the stairs you decide to say something.
“Hold on Captain… he didn’t push me down… it was an accident… I fell…”
>“Is that so…”
>The fuming captain looks at the earth pony, bleeding from his snout.
“Looks like you’re getting off easy private… this time… something like this will not happen again, RIGHT PRIVATE!?”
>The private stands straight.
>“You’re DAM right it won’t!”
>The captain yells.

>His attention returns to Moon Glider. The captain quickly flies down the steps and helps you reattach your prosthetics. Once they are secured he helps you back on all fours.
>“Come inside Moon Glider, Princess Luna will be most pleased to see you.”
>You fly up the steps this time; you quickly pass by the earth pony at the door. He continues to look straight as you pass, avoiding looking at you.
>As soon as you are inside you plop down on all fours. The captain closes the door behind you.
>“Sorry about that Moon Glider…”
“It’s alright…”
>“Listen… can you do me a favor…”
“What’s that?”
>“Please don’t mention that incident to Princess Luna, you’re really important to her and… she might overreact a little bit… and um… every once in a while…”
>The captain looks around to make sure no one is listening.
>“Every once and while I get reports about ponies somehow mysteriously dying in their sleep… and well… I don’t want to write out letters to the next of kin of deceased guard ponies… especially in the middle of peacetime… it’s just bad for everybody…”
>You stare at him blankly for a moment, completely surprised. You are not sure if he is telling the truth or lying to cover himself and his men. You decide to go along with him.
“Yeah… of course… besides that asshole got what was coming to him when you landed that punch!”
>“That was a pretty good hit wasn’t it?”
>You both let out a laugh.
>You continue to walk through the many corridors.
>The guard chats with you along the way.
>“I’ve been captain of Luna’s guard ever since she re-ascended the throne, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her as happy as she has been in the past few weeks.”

>“Yeah, you improved her moral significantly Moon Glider. She deals with a lot of shit, way more than any one pony should handle. She takes it upon herself to protect the mental and emotional well-being of all ponies in Equestria! And most of the time she’s doing it behind the scenes, so most ponies don’t even notice that Princess Luna helped them. It’s a thankless job… and it sure as all fuck shouldn’t be...”
>You arrive at the bedroom of Princess Luna
>“Hopefully we can catch her before you goes back off to work…”
>Captain Orion knocks on her bedroom door.
>There is no answer.
>“Dammit… she hates begin waken up while she’s working… but I think with you here she’ll make an exception…”
>Caption Orion opens the door to Luna’s bedroom.
>There she was… the magnificent alicorn… gracefully sprawled out upon her bed. Her facial wound was completely gone from the last time you saw her.
>Captain Orion looks at you.
>“You can have the honor waking her up… shit... you’re probably the only pony in Equestria who she wouldn’t be pissed off at for waking her…”
>You nod to the captain and you slowly walk over to her bed.
>You kneel down at the side of her bed and look at her eyes. Beneath her eye lids her eyes are quickly darting back and forth, she is in the middle of a dream… someone else’s dream.
>You feel a bit sorry for interrupting the pony she is currently trying to help, but can you wait no longer.
“Luna… it’s me… Moon Glider…”
>Her ears twitch as she hears your voice… her eyes stop moving back and forth. After a few seconds she opens her eyes
“Moon Glider!”
>She says with a smile upon her face.
>Her body quickly spins around in her bed as she embraces you with a large hug.
>You are completely caught off guard as she hugs you while you are kneeling.
>The large mare tightly squeezes you to the point where you can barely breathe.

>Captain Orion sees the look on your face and lets out a chuckle. He then quickly chimes in.
>“Princess Luna, I imagine you would like a private audience with Moon Glider, unless there is anything else you need from me will return to my post.”
>“Thank you Captain, you are dismissed.”
>Captain Orion leaves the bedroom and closes the door behind him.
>Luna releases you from her embraces and you are finally able to breathe again.
>Luna leaps off her bed to stand beside you. You stand upright on all fours.
>Luna looks you up and down.
>“You are able to walk again I see.”
“Yup, the physical therapist you assigned to me did a fantastic job.”
>“And the prosthetics?”
“They are great!”
>You lift your front right hoof up into the air to show her.
“Perfect fit, the weighting and balance is superb.”
>“How’s everything going with the friends and family?”
“Great! Everyone has been really supportive… and turns out I have an 11 year old son…”
>Luna smiles at you.
“Yeah… tell me about it…”
>“Well it’s great to see you again, Moon Glider… but pleasantries wasn’t the only reason I asked you to come here… I’d like to offer you a job as a royal guard.”
“What? Come on Luna, I can barely walk… let alone swing a spear.”
>“Not just any guard pony, you’ll have a very special role.”
“…wait, do you mean like… in bed…”
>“Yes exactly…”
>She pauses for a second.
>She blushes through her dark blue coat and you try not to grin.
>“Dammit Moon Glider…”
>She lets out a sigh, followed as well as a small chuckle.
>“Moon Glider, I’ve seen firsthand what you can do with your mind. Your lucid dreaming skills, mental and emotional control, and ability to adapt and overcome to your surroundings quickly are exactly what I need for my mission.”

g2g will wrap the story up later tonight.
File: 1137434410219.jpg (1 MB, 1600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1600x900
Ight, I'll be waiting
File: 1450682359714.jpg (305 KB, 1024x1365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw want to read this story
>tfw ability to learn visually is shit
Life is unbalanced.
File: 1363839220410.jpg (286 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Okay, sadhorse time is over.
But I'm sadperson all the time

Hey do you think Luna will help me commit suicide
Sorry about that, emergency D&D session. No worries though, the campaign is over, lawful good righteousness has been restored...

No lets finish this shall we...

“Your mission of helping all the ponies of Equestria overcome their troubles through the dreamscape?”
>“Yes, it’s an ambitious mission I know… one that I cannot do by myself… that’s why I am enlisting your help!”
>You stare at her confused…
“But I’m not a unicorn… I can’t cast the spells needed to do that…”
>“No… but I have something that may assist with that…”
>Luna walks to an antique chest in the far corner of the room. She pulls out a small, dusty, wooden box.
>Luna brings the box over to you. She slowly opens it up.
>Inside lies a golden jeweled crown. At the center of lies unicorn’s horn, as well as pieces of the surrounding skull which the horn was once connected to.
>You stare, partially disgusted and partially horrified at the crown.
“Luna...there’s a pony’s horn on that crown…”
>“Yes, you’ll be able to use it to cast spells and traverse the dreamscape.”
“But… where did you get that from…”
>“Oh… this old thing, it was just lying around…”
>You continue to stare at her…
>“Hey they don’t call me the Princess of the Night for nothing…”
>She says with gentle laugh…
>You shake your head… but can’t help but smile at her…
“How does it even work?”
>"You just need to put it on and it will work."
>You hesitantly look at Luna, and then back at the crown.
“Well… here goes nothing…”
>You attempt to grasp the crown with your prosthetic hoof, but you are not able to maintain a steady grip on it.
>“Let me help you with that, it’s best not to accidentally drop it… I only have one… I would hate to go through the process of ‘acquiring’ another one…”
>You shudder thinking about what that process might entail.
>Luna grabs the crown out of the box with her magic.
>You get down onto your knees and lower your head to her.
>She slowly lowers the crown upon your head.

>As soon as the crown makes contact you can feel the magical power of the horn as it runs through your body.
>After a few seconds the feeling of magic power begins to fade.
>You stand up.
“So how do I use it?”
>You ask Luna.
>“You just have to think about it.”
“Just think about it, how…”
>Luna shakes her head.
>“Here, let’s just do a test.”
>She walks over to an end table containing a large vase.
>“This is a priceless antique given to me by my sister Celesita for my birthday a few years ago…”
>She lifts it up with her hoof.
>“Catch it before it hits you in the face.”
“Wait, what!”
>Luna throws the vase at you as hard as she can.
>You close your eyes and flinch in anticipation of being hit.
>A second passes… nothing happens.
>You slowly open your eyes to see the vase being suspended in dark blue aura of magic
>Luna lets out with glee.
“Wow… I did it…"
>You look closely at the vase you are levitating in midair.
>You attempt to move the vase to and fro with your mind. The movements a bit rough, but the vase mostly moves the way you want it to.
“Hey, I think I’m starting to get the hang of this.”
>You say as you look towards Luna. Suddenly your concentration falters and the vase goes crashing onto the floor.
>You cringe as you look upon the shattered remains of the priceless vase.
>“Oh no… pity… that vase really tied the room together…”
>Luna says insincerely.
>“I guess next we’ll have to practice with all the antique dishes Celestia gave me last year.”
>You yell at her.
>“Alright… alright…”
>Luna says with a laugh.
>You let out a sigh of relief. You notice a mirror hanging on a wall a few feet away from you. You walk close to get a better look at yourself wearing the crown.
>The gold and jeweled crown shines brightly in the light atop your head. The color of the horn is dark gray; it almost matches your coat.

>You continue to watch the mirror as Luna walks up to your side.
“Never thought I’d become an alicorn prince before…”
>You say with a smile on your face as you look at Luna in the mirror.
>“Together we can do a lot of good Moon Glider, will you join me?”
“Well, considering that I can’t make deliveries anymore…”
>Luna’s face begins to light up.
“Actually… I don’t know, now that I think about it, I had a pretty good thing going back at that convenience store…”
>Luna lets out a laugh and replies.
>“Oh really?...”
>Your tone of you voice changes from joking to sincere.
“Luna, you brought me out of a coma… you saved my life… I owe you so much… “
>You divert your eyes from the Luna in the mirror to the eyes of the actual Luna.
“I’ll gladly help you on your mission.”

>“Excellent!” Luna says with delight.
>“We’ll start immediately. Using that horn you’ll be able to piggyback with me into the dreamscape for the first month or so. We’ll train your magical abilities while out in the field. Once you are comfortable enough, you’ll be able to handle solo missions I assign to you.”
>She pauses for a second.
>“Although… for the extra difficult assignments it may be best if we work together as a team to overcome. If this all works out as planned it will double the effectiveness of my mission.”
>The thought of you and Luna working together again to take on horrific nightmarish monstrosities both scares and excites you.
“Wow, you have already thought this through haven’t you?”
>“Yes, I’ve been searching for the right assistant for several years now…”
“Alright, let’s do this.”
>You say with a grin.
>You follow Luna to her bed. You get in and lay next to each other lying face to face. Her horn begins to glow; a magical aura links from her horn to yours, your horn begins to glow as well.
>She pauses for a second
>“I owe you too Moon Glider… you helped get me out of a rut I was in… this job… can be straining…”
>You smile at her as you look her in the eye.
“Luna…we’ve been through quite a lot together haven’t we…”
>She smiles back at you.
>“Moon Glider…. that was just the start…”

The end
Cute ending.
It's over? Dang I liked it, good ending tho
File: 12312341241324.jpg (66 KB, 628x511) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Awww... Thanks you guys...

I had a real fun time writing it. The intensity of a few of those scenes really kept me going while I was typing this. Sorry about the large amount of all caps, I tried to tone it down, but I felt that Tirek scene really needed them.
big sister save
File: y5LDt.gif (953 KB, 450x252) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Little Sister SAGE

I'm kidding tho, pls no bully
>mfw I'm all out of sad Moonie pictures now.
Learn from the best, darling
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Pick your poison
File: 1450660548905.png (589 KB, 768x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>It was all a bad dream
File: 1364437164922.jpg (230 KB, 1009x632) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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One day Bill Clinton is walkin through a park. In the snow he sees "Bill Clinton Sucks" written in urine. So the he calls the secret service and tells them too find out whos urine it is.
The next day the secret service calls. The agent says, "Do want the good news or the bad news first?"
"The good news."
"It was Al Gore's urine."
"And the bad news?"
"It was Hillary's handwriting."
Knock Knock

>Who's there?


>Frank who?

Frankly I don't know!
>Why did the chicken cross the road?

To see his flat mate.
A man sits down at a resturant and looks at the menu. He tells the waiter, "I think I will have the turtle soup."
The waiter leaves, but the man changes his mind to pea soup. He yells to the waiter, "Hold the turtle, make it pea!"
File: 1451279146301.png (1 MB, 800x980) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: nightmare mad.png (530 KB, 1240x672) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nightmare mad.png
530 KB, 1240x672
Lol oh my god, my fucking sides, what subreddit do I subscribe to for more of your humor?
File: 1451760788414.png (135 KB, 732x672) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135 KB, 732x672
I thought >>26048978 was worth a chuckle. The rest are stupid, though.
If Luna find them funny would you laugh out of politeness

plot twist. Luna wrote those jokes and you insulted her
File: large.jpg (153 KB, 1280x935) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No, Luna is more of a fan of dark humor...
File: 54454443_p9.jpg (228 KB, 1474x2125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 54454443_p6.jpg (263 KB, 1474x2125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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better than some lame ass 'bump'
k, I'll stop then...
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Nostalgic day n night
File: 1447855859856-0.png (246 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I pay pilgrimage to another Luna thread.
Though I've been here three times this week, I still find it worth my time.

Here, my brothers in night, I share one of my favorites.
Page nine?

Shut up bitch you don't get to die until next moonday
here's one of my favorites then
All Luna drawings by Koveliana are great
File: image.png (466 KB, 709x1216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You rang?
What is that thing.
File: image.png (912 KB, 1400x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
912 KB, 1400x1050
What, the green lizard?

>you will never receive warm slobbering kisses from Lulu nor will you taste candy flavored lipstick as she pecks your face.
A very creepy artist with an unnatural kissing fetish.
File: 1435731292809.jpg (136 KB, 379x557) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: Luna 31.png (335 KB, 854x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Luna 31.png
335 KB, 854x470
Goodnight, friends.
File: image.jpg (69 KB, 555x456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Luna is so cool
It's half seven you bloody knob ed

Luna is british innit
File: 1358775333061.gif (30 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nightmare Moon is beautiful and I like her.
That's not night.

This is night.
excuse me? Nightmare moon.

I'm very lonely. Can I have a hug?
>How about a kiss, instead?
T-thank you
File: luna_park.jpg (190 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's where people park their Lunas.

In America, we call them parking lunas.
File: puncess_carlostia.jpg (69 KB, 1024x723) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 1024x723


Puncess Carlostia: 'I have a bone to pick with you, sister...!'

You can't just make bone puns when they're completely irrelevant to the conversation.
File: puncesscarlostia.jpg (61 KB, 1023x722) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 1023x722

Puncess Carlostia: 'Awwww, I'm sorry. Did I rib you too much by my wanting to patella you a joke like this? Perhaps I should get my sister Lunate to perform a song for you instead: 'Bone, Bone on the Range', whilst she's dressed as Pelvis Presley?'

That certainly is a litany of bones.
File: pffffft.gif (39 KB, 247x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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PFFFFFT!!! that is all plus princess(well queen to me) luna and nightmare moon ARE BEST ALICORNS!!!
File: 12341241212319999.jpg (346 KB, 3475x2539) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
346 KB, 3475x2539

Sister! What are you doing in my thread? You better stop skulking around here or else everything is not going tibia ok... And halt all of these bone puns, they really get under my skin...

...suddenly a Wild- ly adorable Nicemare Moon appears!
File: lunatavia.png (201 KB, 720x266) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Octavia: 'Do you like Clavicle music, o Puncess Luna? Shall I play some Prokofiev? That should stirrup your soul, anvil make you dance!'
File: luna_and_octavia.png (169 KB, 764x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169 KB, 764x600


...the classiest of ships.
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