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>tfw want to do the main compound lifts
>but also want to do some isolation exercises with dumbbells
any routine that I could do? because apparently touching dumbbells while on SS is haram.

also /routine/ general because there is none.
Just do it you mong. Maintain linear progression. If the weight starts feeling too heavy to less isolation. If it feels fine maybe add another set. Just listen to your body and make sure you're hitting your macros
If you want to do the curls, do the damn curls
eh, don't care that much about biceps. much more interested in triceps. for me it's more about what exercises I like to do though, and I do like to do preacher curls, feels so damn good t.b.h.
Touching dbs on SS is not haram. Do the compound lifts and add whatever you want
on the amap sets, i usually aim for 10 on the 75% weights and 5 on the 85-90% weights. once i can do 2 more reps (ie. 12+ or 7+) add 5 pounds to the sets.

the 2x3 --> 5x3 signifies increase in sets with the same weight until 5x3 is reached, then add weight
i finish my push day routine with 3xF dips, and that always destroys my triceps
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Got a question about pic related. Is the working weight static for all three sets and the increase per workout, or is the 1kg increase for every set?

Increases per workout.
if you can do isolation work after compounds, add more weight to the compounds. jesus fucking h christ
Thanks anon
fuck i love gslp

just recently failed squatting 100kg for 3x5, dropped 10% and squatted 90kg for 10 reps
Doing isolations is fine on SS. Just make sure you do them after compounds.

I guess you didn't read the book.
Is lat pull down an acceptable substitute if I can't do chin ups in general? Or do I just stick with barbell curls?
lat pull downs with the chin up grip is a fine substitute for now to build up musculature - if you can or once it get's easier you could also try chin-up negatives

bb curls are not a substitute for chin ups.
warmup: clean and press 2x10
press 5x5
squat 5x5 (will go from 255 to 270)
bench 5x5 (will go from 160 to 175)
bent over rows 5x5 (will go from 150 to 165)
leg raises, dead hangs

warmup: clean and press 2x10
alt. db press 5x5
front squat 5x5 (will go from 185 to 200)
incline db press 5x5
pull-ups 5x5
trap bar dl 5x5 (will go from 265 to 280)
leg raises


how realistic is it to aim for, in 2 months, to see 20 pound increase in the working sets in the squats/deadlifts and 10-15 pounds for the bench?

3x5 Bench Press
3x5 Dumbbell Rows
3x8-12 Triceps Pushdown
3x15-20 Face Pulls

3x5 Overhead Dumbbell Press
3x5 Weighted Pullups
3x8-12 Lateral Raises
3x8-12 Dumbbell Biceps Curl

3x5 Weighted Dips
3x5 Weighted Chinups
3x8-12 DB Incline Press
3x8-12 Dumbbell Hammer Curl

3x5 Squat/1x5 Deadlift/3x5 Squat

CORE: (Every session)
1x1:30 Plank
2x1:00 Side Plank
1x1:00 Superman Hold

Recently added upper body work out C because I wanted to add a bit more chest which I feel is what's lagging the most. I'm going to do 1 C every other cycle cause I feel that's the right proportions atm. Might switch the DB incline accessory with the triceps pushdown for a while though...
>workout every upper body muscle every day
>work out lower body once a week
>work out squat/dl once every 2 weeks
how bout you don't do this routine
I do a modified SS for the compounds (also not linear anymore).

Example day
Squat 6x3
Highbar atg squat 3x12
Incline dB press
Lateral raise
Superset curls tricep extension
Should have explained better.

Every workout session for me is 1 of the upper body workouts A, B or C, either 3x5 squats or 1x5 deadlifts and the core...

So to reiterate I work out legs every session...
ok that's not so bad

whats the frequency

i.e. AxBxAxx or what

Something like that. At least 1 rest day between workouts but sometimes I just go every other day. Depends on what else is going on...
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Should I do this or phrak's version?
I would suggest bb ohp rather than dumbbell, since ohp is hard enough to progress as it is, ohp will hit the same muscles while keeping up the strength gains for longer and easier.

I would suggest swapping lat raises and triceps pd, so you can get more delt work on bench day and more triceps work on ohp day.

there's no real need for C, and imo would just reduce the frequency of the other lifts which I would assume are more important (i.e. bp more important than dips). if you want more chest work I would advise swapping the triceps pd with dips, as dips heavily hit triceps anyway and then you get the added chest work on OHP day.

that being said you can also use db ohp instead of lat raises for now to get more triceps work alongside lat delts, though it's not necessary and might make the pressing a bit too high for some people.

other than that it could be solid
Is trappy dead?
How's this for a beginner PPL routine?
i know it's reddit, but the routine seems ok
the fit version
You're SUPPOSED to add isolations on SS, dumbbell exercises are fine.
Did this for 8 months. Very easy to plateau on. But it's a fun routine for a while.
how long did you make gains for before plateauing?
Way too much unneccessary shit and too many days in the gym for a beginner.

8 sets of curls? 6 sets of tricep isos after a heavy 5x5 then 6 more sets of pressing? Barely any resting days? There are no gains to be made here unless you have the work capacity already built up to handle this kind of volume with any challenging weight.
Wendlers 5-3-1's for your compounds (no BBB) with your own isolation/accessory scheme (i p much do PPL as accessories)
Are you retarded? Please explain how to squat so hard you cant curl after.
Running a modified SS, still need to settle on the assistance work I feel

Workout A
>Squat 3x5
>Bench 3x5
>Chinups 3xF which is 6-5-5 rn
>Deadlift 85% 5rm

Workout B
>Squats 85% 5rm
>OHP 3x5
>Deadlift 1x5
>dips 3xF (8-8-7)
>db rows

Added the light DLs because I was having problems progressing, especially with grip strength, db rows helped with that too.
I could do stiff legged, would still help grip, AND I would also do my weak hammies and I wouldnt be as destroyed as regular deads
Added Facepulls because my post delts are shit, my upper back is shit, I have no external rotation
Dips because they are awesome.
DB rows to help with my non-existent lats, tried chinups but after DLing I just cant. Thought about doing shrugs instead but I feel like that's something to do once I have some more of a frame to work with.
Light Sqwats because I want to be fresh for dls and I have pretty big legs and dont wanna make em huge

I think I should do some more pushing, to help with the presses, which are pretty weak as well as my lats.
Was thinking of starting doing pushups every day (except day before BP), was thinking the same about chinups, but I dont have a pullup bar and the calisthenics zone at my park is always full with aggressive bodyweight manlets.

PS: I'm using the athleanx abs app, everyday except day before DLs, it's convenient, trying to gain back some ab strenght, then I'll get a wheel and do my own shit.
PPS: I do run HIIT on rest days. 30sec run-1min rest. 6 cycles
do you have anything you might recommend?
>Nogains: the routine
Dude you're supposed to do ppl and 6days/week only as you get to intermediate
Probably about 6 months. But they weren't very fast. I'd suggest SS or Greyskull instead.
I would very much advise you to do coolcicada's ppl, 2x / week. I have made more gains on it than I ever did using a brosplit or any other split. I'm also making strength gains because it includes a main compound lift first and you train that for strength, and than add accessories for that lift and bodybuilding style exercises for aesthetics.
Does someone mind posting the sticky Trappy made
How do I find my 5 rep max? Do I just grind out sets until I find one I can't finish? On grey skull lp btw
If you're a true, blue newbie then a 3-a-week fullbody like Reg Park's novice routine will give you the most efficient and speedy gains your body can handle. Start simple with a few balanced barbell compounds and add variations/accessories on when you feel you can and would benefit from it.

Literally anything will work for a new lifter, but do yourself a favour and do a bit of research into why most novice routines are programmed the way they are.

Or alternatively try a different style each week until you find a frequency that suits your preferences. Maybe fullbody the first week, then a push/pull, then maybe upper/lower (the true patrician split), then round off the month with that PPL you found.
Thread replies: 41
Thread images: 5

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