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First Responder Routines
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Okay, relative newcomer to fitness here.

Let's say I want to be a firefighter/police officer/EMT/soldier/etc. Somebody who has to carry gear around, get into physical altercations with people semi-regularly, or just help lift people off the ground a lot and deal with them.

I'm confused as to what kind of routine would be best for this. Would it be some kind of mostly calisthenics routine with some weight lifting mixed in? I've researched some stuff and it seems like that is the way to go, but I don't really understand the concept of training muscle groups.

Like, if I did this:

Chin Up
Overhead Press

Three days a week forever, would it not make me pretty strong and good at my job (LET US ASSUME FOR SAKE OF SIMPLICITY THAT I DO NOT CARE ABOUT AESTHETICS)?

I mean, your hitting every muscle group three times a week, does it really matter if you switch it up every now and then for a different excericse? I try to find the answers online but all I usually get is conflicting information or piecemeal info.
Why would you focus on calisthenics if you need strength?
Just do a strength routine + cardio.

And no, you aren't hitting all muscle groups just by squatting, benching, doing chin ups and ohp.
Like what, though? There's 8 million routines.
incorporate weighted squats and deadlifts to a calisthenics routine like startbodyweight.
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I was a retained firefighter for a couple of years (part time firefighter) though the entry tests and training are the same as wholetime.
Cardio training is far more important than strength.
The strength standards are a joke. Even the women on the course pissed through them.

Dunno about police or military (but judging by the shape a lot of police officers are in, I doubt its hard work)

Anyway, if you're talking about being good at the job, deadlifts, prowler pushing, farmers carries etc.. basically dynamic strength and conditioning work. Squats and pressing aren't realistically going to be much use.
EMT here. All I do is 5/3/1 BBB with some judo 3 times a week and some conditioning.
I was a soldier and am now a firefighter/paramedic. SL and cardio is what I recommend. After a while you'll come up with your own plan that works best for you. But to start you should be doing SL and cardio. It's all about short bursts of energy.
There are milllions of different routines precisely because there isn't one specific correct routine.
I work in law enforcement and this is what I do

incline bp 15 10 8 6 6 4 2
flat db press 4x8
incline db press 4x8
smith machine press 10 8 6 4
arnolds 4x6
front and lat raise 4x10
skull crushers 4x10
reverse grip press 4x10

t-bar rows 10 10 8 8 6
machine pulldown 4x10
shrugs 4x12
bb curls 4x10
db curls 4x10
hanging leg raises 3x failure
oblique crunch 3x12
full body crunch 4x15

squats 15 10 8 6 6 4 2
dl 4x8
leg press 4x8
leg extension 4x8
leg curl 4x8
calf raises 5x failure

Mon rest
Tue A and BJJ
Wed B
Thu C
Fri A and BJJ
Sat B
Sun rest
My lifting is 5x a week
So basically PPL with bjj
Pretty much. It's not rocket science. Stay strong and fit and focus on the skills you need to perform your job. Being strong doesn't mean shit if you perform poorly at training and if you cam't grasp the details, procedures and rules of your job.

Judging by your post, I just get the impression you're killing yourself over finding the perfect routine that would make you a good candidate while overlooking the kind of shit that can get you cut off from the job.
I'm not op you stupid fuck
>replies to a post directed at the OP
>is surprised when he is mistaken for the OP

kek I think reddit suits you better. They have usernames and points there bb
I'm sorry what is SL?
Once you're more comfortable in the gym and have a little experience you'll add to this routine or just change it up.
>implying only you and OP are itt
>implying others won't comment
How's your first week on 4chan?
Firefighter: climb trees x f
Police Officer: kill niggers x f
EMT: dead nigger body drag x f
Solider: kill police x f
Running and martial arts
Maybe some basic weight training 2x week max (you shouldn't be able to do more anyway if you take the rest seriously)
>And no, you aren't hitting all muscle groups just by squatting, benching, doing chin ups and ohp.
Lol yes you are
>he thinks squats are enough for core
>he thinks benching + chin ups are enough for arms
Why are you deliberately misguiding a beginer?
I laughed at EMT portion.

Career firefighter here, just do grey skull lp for awhile. Its simple and quick. On your in between days run a mile or two. As a firefighter you just need leg strength, upper back strength, and endurance. Its a piss easy job desu. I only get paid 60k a year but half the time at work I'm sitting around watching movies or shit posting on fit. I also get five days off a week so I can work a second job if I want to.
>I only get paid 60k a year
That's 5k a month. Not a bad amount at all, unless prices are really out of control in the US.
LONDON Firefighter here.

Mirroring other people's comments, but as far entry and most bits go cardio is definitely more important. I've got a pretty good lifting routine, but a decent fitness level is definitely preferred. The tests to get in are very cardio orientated, as all the strength tests have to be passable by women.
p-post body pic?
I highly recommend Stew Smith's training programs. He has specific programs tailored to beginners, first responders, and all branches of military.
>>he thinks squats are enough for core
I don't care how many leq raises or crunches you do.
If you can squat 2xBW, your core is fucking strong.
>>he thinks benching + chin ups are enough for arms
I don't care how many reps of curls you do.
If you bench 1.5xBW, your arms, shoulders and chest are fucking strong.
If you can pull yourself from a dead hang till the bar touches your collarbones with half your BW in plates hanging from your waist, your arms, shoulders and back are fucking strong.

If you can OHP your BW, your arms, shoulders and core are fucking strong.

Why are YOU deliberately misguiding a beginner?
>t. Mark Rippetoe

You should phone your local fire department and tell them to dismiss everyone and just hire the heaviest squatter they can find, retard.
Legs once a week ?
Kill yourself, my first post was >>37898307 where I clearly didn't emphasise that firefighters train for strength.
Out of every 3 weeks, 1 has only one leg day, yes.

I thought that was pretty obvious and no one would think to go back to A after ending a week in B.
You jumped into the conversation like a pedantic sperg because your lack of a father figure at home has made you addicted to naysaying and correcting people. Is your mom a powerful woman who don't need no man? Do you even know what the context of this thread is?
Nobody cares about your strength standards, faggot. OP's question was about first responders and appropriate routines and as far as I know there's not a single force in the world that asks their squad to have a routine based on 4 exerccises because they are not enough. Deal with it and go back to /plg/ and fap to Isley.
Ahh didn't see you were alternating weeks , my bad.
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wtf. Dude I rub bodies for a living. Bodies of fat disgusting blobs, hairy men, elderly women, weirdo goobers, and rich cunts who talk to me like I'm their personal slave. Everyday I fantasize about killing myself. Give me your life.
look up tactical barbell
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Lol EMT here. Gotta say its more dead nigger bodyboard carry. Fuck I can't wait to make it onto fire
>unless prices are really out of control in the US.
They're not. You can live like a king on $60k+ as long as you aren't dumb with your money or live in a major city like NYC. It also helps if you have no kids and your spouse works, of course....
>Give me your life.
Why not get certified as a paramedic and apply to become a firefighter?
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You only gotta be an EMT in my city, but I hear the majority of big cities will be switching over to a paramedic requirement soon.

FF routine from my city's website
Thread replies: 37
Thread images: 5

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