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Feel good about yourself
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Let's feel good about ourselves and share, no bad feels. Judge and compliment others
Post three things three good things about you.
>inb4 fag, kys, there's nothing good about me

I'll start:
> really deep voice
> fairly intelligent
> self-aware and common sense
>I have extremelly good memory and I am kind of sharp which makes me funny because I am able to recicle funny things quite spontaneusly.

> Thanks to 3 years of compounds I have nice forearms while being a wirstlet
>Good voice
>Good jaw and pretty good looking (Except for my recent acne that came out of nowhere)
>While my efforts are scattered, shallow and without much solid direction (Depression) I put some time towards being better on the inside.
>fags hit on me on occasion
>vivid dreamer during REM cycles

Thanks anon, I really needed this today. We're all gonna make it!

>Intelligent enough to make passion my job
>Good legs
>Now finally at a fitness level where I don't have constant back problems anymore.
>managed to land at White collar job despite having been a neet for years
>figured out a diet and routine that I enjoy doing so now I'm actually in my 1 month consistency period, haven't felt this fit since highschool
>getting in the habit of not being a lazy cunt, sitting on my ass all day makes me restless so I distract myself with chores and quick sets of bodyweights
Np, we're all gonna make it bruv
>to make passion my job

Self educate while she's looking for a job I'm guessing.
>people tell me I look like a GQ model..blue eyes, nice hair, no balding genes
>have an iq around 140
>rare personality type INTJ masterrace
>know that with hard work I will one day make it big time.

I love you /fit/.. a year ago I was a loser piece of shit that stuck a shotgun in my mouth every night. /fit/ couched me through getting a gf, losing my virginity, and improving both my mind and body. I am truly thankful
Keep it up man. All improvement will pay off in the end I promise you. I've had my battle with depression for years but every single day I fought it as hard as I could. Ironically as I was on the brink of blowing my brains out I met a depressed girl on tumblr and we eventually fell in love and my life was changed forever. Depression is a journey we all must go through. Keep fighting. You can do it.
holy shit, both these post are mine... I got trips and dubs..

I think we're all gunna make it.. I feel it
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>grew hair out
>started lifting
>daily basis friends compliment it
>first random 'mires
>everyone says I look like Jesus

Can't wait to see where these godly gains take me
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what does it mean if you go to the gym and a girl makes eye contact with you and smiles when you walk past?

also i feel more confident in general and like i have more energy and smoother control of my body
>finally developed a spine and willpower plus a plan for the future general sense of self needs and likes
>good noob gains
>down from 300 lbs to 240 lbs.

All these and Im planning to at least talk to a few regular girls at my gym since that's my only social life. I kinda know how to start and keep a conversation with the front desk girl.
I was pretty passed I didn't have time for anything but worknight shift full time. now Im trying to go back to school and date. Where this goes I don't know but I will try
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>/r/ing cap of dude who talked to his kid about his consummation at the range.

Same question except no smile just stare and less humble brag
Thank you.

Tonight was especially bad. Every few weeks I have a weird depression-panic and can't stop over thinking.

I'll keep trying. It's so hard to stay dedicated to a method for a long period of time just to see if it works but it will be worth it.

I'm glad you're doing better.
I'm still sort of trying at least
2 more.

You've got it in you.
I was almost content for a while until summer started
I've managed to avoid sleeping all day so far
That's a start and we both got dubs.

That's a good sign.
I don't know what it is, I just always feel so terrible in the summer months.
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I picked up and fucked a stripper last night, is that a win?

>tfw not sure

fellow intj reporting in

>unbreakable willpower
>nearly done with med school (final year)
>progressing (albeit slowly) on compounds despite currently cutting

we're all gonna make it
I feel you man.

I feel the same way around August/September when a bad breakup of mine happened around two years ago. I was 19 and didn't know how to handle a break up, especially since I loved her with all my heart and still struggle with thoughts of her to this day.

Did something bad happen in summer for you in the past? Could be a memory stored deep down. Sometimes really simple shit that that gets to people. Humans are sensitive whether we like it or not.
Nice trips.

Could you summarize the tips fit gave you?
Sort of similar;
>last year
>have intense summer fling with girl I've known for long time, and have really always liked
>spend pretty much every day together in bed for like two months
>suddenly goes completely cold
>never wants to meet
>doesn't text me sweet little texts anymore
>wonder what the hell
>go to party
>she shows up
>suddenly has a bf and had said nothing to me
Haven't spoken to her since, felt worthless as fuck. Still want to just go to her house every single day and tell her I love her even though it's fucking stupid and pointless to even entertain
That probably explains why you're sad in the summer. This kind of thing can happen with locations too.

I know what you mean about the house thing except in my case it's angry yelling.

It sucks because it feels like after all this time these feelings should go away but sometimes they don't. They overstay their welcome.
I think I was running on pure rage for a good while, especially when she tried to reach out to me I would go punch a hole in something, but the steams gone out of that lately too
OP here, I know how you feel (I used to be severely depressed and have tried to an hero twice).
Something that helped me a lot was the idea that all progress is progress, be it however small. The psych who I visited at the time told me to set tiny goals for myself. The absolute smallest e.g. smiling when at the cashier at a store, organize some work that wasn't correctly filed, make a breakfast, not be ironic about being depressed in a conversation and try to be energetic, cook lunch for self ... until you can do anything.
Just wanted to give input as another /fit/izen, be it shitty or not.
I'm making it, you're gonna make it, we're all gonna make it.
>have a soft red panda

Thank you man, that actually hits close to home since I'm a chronic "Perfectionist" even thought I get jack shit done and if I'm not perfect or the exact copy of what I want to be I hate myself, so doing one tiny step at a time would be good for that.

I'm in a weird position where I feel like I'm taking more steps back than forward but it's probably just self doubt.

We're gonna make it.
>not a virgin
Plot twist: can't talk to girls to save my life
>30 lbs away from 1000 lb club
Plot twist: been spinning my wheels for like 6 months on 3 pl8 squat
>have non fit related hobbies
Plot twist: forced to see an ex in one of them
I had this exact same problem, where I would turn in work weeks late because I didn't feel it was good enough.
What helped me is realizing that perfection is impossible, and that some work is better than no work. Surprisingly many people understand and want to help
I'm up for trying to build some self esteem, I focus on negatives way too much

>didn't win the genetic lottery jackpot but got one of the small prizes where you win more than you spend on the tickets
>smart enough to do reasonably well at things despite being a lazy self-destructive ass who doesn't put any effort in and tries to sabotage my own success because of pressure issues
>have a supporting loving family despite what a mess of a person I am
>I'm proud of my lats and how they're starting to give me the v-taper I've always wanted
>I've never been fat and understand how easy it is to do so will hopefully be in shape until I'm old
>I might be aspie enough for tfw no gf forever, but I'm not autistic enough to be unable to appear like a normal human being, or be an unaware sperglord who smells and carries his My Little Ponies around with him

>I have ambitions and plans and I'm still hopeful I can be a better person
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well aren't these quads perfect? good job anon
I know all these feels too well
We're all gonna make it brah
Being a sad cunt will get you nowhere. It's not our fault that we're not born sick cunts, but it's all our fault if we don't die sick cunts. We're all gonna make it.
>FACE and HEIGHT, FRAME going well too
>nice smile
>140 IQ
Thread replies: 40
Thread images: 10

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