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Twintails Thread
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I've come to post twintails and the importance body odour to girls.

Update is in the usual place and the next batch of spoilers incoming
>Aika hasn't won yet.
Into the trash it goes.
Forgot my trip. Meant to do this earlier but my boss had me sit in on a meeting where I was exposed to my company's more sinister dealings. Think he's lining me up for a promotion.

Previous 4CA spoiler batch >135726749

Chapter 2-B Start
>Umachan and Hina start interviewing their candidates one by one.
>Haruka's smug sure that they have no choice except for her but she goes through the audition anyway like a proper idol auditioning for a toku show. Umachan laments that she'd have all the makings of a good actress if not for her perversion.
>She busts out a shadow-poledancing routine, states her three sizes(88-55-83), says she's up for gravure and action scenes and if chosen will allow hina to fondle her breast all she wants. Hina marks her down for a fail because of that last part.
>Umachan tells her that her dance was not appropriate for a kids show but she reasons that these type of shows have dances at the end and she can't help it if her breasts sway every now and then and that sometimes they'd get complaints if there isn't any swaying at all. Hina tells her to perform something else.
>She does a high kick that intentionally flashes off her panties and explains that letting kids watch an older girl do it would be Noblesse Oblige.
>hina dismissess her and says they can't take her since they'd get canned for content before they get to sell toys.
>Hina brings out Gatta-kun as their 2nd candidate. Umachan blows a gasket and rapid-fires tsukkomis away like he's Kazama Kenji on an especially silly page. Note that he listed his residence as their pocket dimension. It ends with him rolling around on the audition table while Gatta-kun does an admirable job of auditioning.
>Umachan calls in for the third candidate, his pick. Hina goes into jealous girlfriend mode.
>Sakura Mitsuki comes in and Haruka's snuck in time to comment on her cuteness and sit down next to Hina without them realizing it.
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>Hina tries hiding her face but Umachan tells her she already knows who she is. Hina asks why and he reveals that she was the very first candidate he tried to recruit the year before and couldn't persuade her at all no matter how hard and long he tried.
>"......................What? I was HER replacement...?"
>Umachan timidly explains that their foremost requirement was someone to sell toys and she fit the bill. He satisfies her by saying that he's glad from the bottom of his heart that he ended up choosing Hina. Meanwhile Haruka's getting turned on at Hina's pissed off side.
>Mitsuki snottily tells them to get down to business because she has better things to do and plans to turn them anyway.
>Haruka snidely calls her personality cute as her appearance. HIna apologizes for the trouble but explains it'd be better for them to at least try this before letting Haruka take the job and get the world destroyed.
>Mitsuki cracks down on their efficiency and tells them to look at her entry sheet before asking needless questions. Her entry sheet is full of dubious details
>Current Occupation: Youtuier. Hina asks if she isn't actually mean to write elementary schooler and she replies that she's a 999 year old ageless immortal, the oldest toku fan there is.
>Hina and Haruka pass her pitying stares like only a pair of highschool girls can. Haruka says she set herself up for a viable target of sexual harassment and that she doesn't dislike that she's a pseudo-loli hag.
>Mitsuki calls them stupid and blames their tiny little brains for not getting her at all.
>Umachan explains that she's the sole heiress to a toy company with a major share of the market so she's got an eye for toys. She explains that she doesn't want to depend on her inheritance and wants to strike out on her own. She's focusing on toy reviews at the moment as part of the 1000 year Millennium Future plan and hopes to pull in 10% of the gdp through her online toy video reviews.
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This is how twintailfags actually live
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>2169 view, 605 comments, 53 likes. Umachan gleefully says he was responsible for 400 of those comments. Hina just asks him what the heck he was doing and he says he was hoping to draw in more attention to her videos.
>Mitsuki defends herself saying that her videos are too long and too high level for the plebeian masses to get but that's fine by her.
>Umachan explains to her what the deal is and she outright refuses on the basis that she's been watching Layer Sol's fights too and that it'd be disrespectful to the audience if they suddenly had her pimp out all those toys after fighting having long settled into a barehanded fighter.
>She goes on to say that Layer Sol's fighting had no flair to them and that it's only natural that humans wouldn't feel pumped watching her fights. Hina's feels that pierce right into her.
>Haruka threatens to tie her up to a chair and have bugs crawl up her legs for being so crass to her beloved senpai and scares her.
>As a producer, Hina tries to cozy up to her by calling Mikki instead of Mitsuki-chan. She tells her to knock it off but Hina goes on to tell her that the deal might be a bit rough but if she accepts she'll be sure to follow her up properly and pats her on the head. Mitsuki still frowns away but she's not pushing Hina's hand away and her cheeks have color to them. Hina evidently has the ladykiller perk. Haruka wants her to exercise that perk on her breasts too but Hina just backhands her away with a but of starmagic power to it.
>Mitsuki still refuses since she'll have no time to do her toy reviews and has no interest in saving the world but she then goes on to say she doesn't mind giving them toy advice from time to time.
>The audition ends
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>Haruka says Umachan's chosen path as a lolicon is fraught with thorns but she respects his choice. Umachan tells them he's just a huge fan of her reviews and that he's been refrencing them when he works on the show's toys.
>Haruka points out that she's their only choice now and Hina and Umachan resolves themselves to risking the world's end by settling for her.
>Starmagical Girl Riflayer Second Season staff: Umachan - Producer. Hina - Assistant Producer. Haruka - Actress.
>"S-so now, erm.......Hina you're going to have to kiss Haruka"
>"...excuse me?"
>"It's a crucial ritual to making Haruka a Starmagical Girl. From now on that's going to be an important task for you Hina."
>End part 2-B
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>Start part 3-A
>Hina asks Umachan whom she's strangling hard what he's going on about since she never got kissed when she started. She then drops him realizing something that makes her hold her cheeks in shock.
>"...U-Uma-can. Did you, sneak a kiss from me while I was sleeping or didn't notice...?"
>"Why would I?"
>He explains that each planet only has one pipeline to power a magical girl and there's no way to increase that number. Hina asks if they can't just transfer it over to Haruka and he says they can't since Starmagical power is dangerous and they need someone with the right heart to take it in. Until Haruka starts outdoing her in power she'll be the one mainly drawing from that energy source and has to keep passing it off to her till then.
>Hina notes the irony in raising her successor to be powerful enough to push her down for her own ends.
>Hina complains to him about this ritual but Umachan didn't come up with it and that it's a problem for their show too since it's too risque to air.
>Umachan solemnly tells her she'll have to keep on kissing Haruka till it happens. Hina screams in horror.
>Haruka's been quietly drooling away and thanks Umachan for developing such a wonderful system. She's starting to like him and offers to bathe with him as thanks. Hina grabs Umachan and says if anyone's bathing with him it's her. Haruka says she's jealous and says she'll settle for her instead. She almost gives in thinking it's compromise but realizes it was a trap just in time.
>Hina tries to head out and beg on her knees for Mitsuki to reconsider but Haruka points out she really shouldn't be going around kissing delicate little girls. Hina is at a loss.
>Umachan tells her to resign herself to it and think of it as a greeting between girls. She can't when haruka's impure intentions show up on her face.
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>She gets them to move on to the Cosmo Changer first. Umachan has to a do a cute little dance to pull it out and Hina momentarily forgets the danger she's in to adore him.
>He passes it to Haruka and reminds Hina that she needs to kiss her for it to work but the thing lights up in her hand.
>Turns out that because Haruka drank up Hina's soda backwash when she came the day before. It helped that she was licking it clean too. Hina laughs at her with a scornful look for thinking she got her by the ropes.
>Haruka refuses to go on without her kiss and Hina tries to go back for Mitsuki. Umachan tells her motivation is a factor for Starmagical power so she really does need to kiss her anyway.
>Hina relents and gives Haruka a very quick peck on the cheek. Haruka goes all maidenly and says giggling that Hina's lips are soft. Hina tells her not react like that.
>They move on to expplaining the cosmo changer and Hina does it with a geniusly fuzzy onamotopeia filled description I don't ever want to have to translate.
>Haruka generates her Starpiece and she comes up with the Earth's one and both Umachan and Hina take it as agood sign. Hina's is the sun btw if Layer Sol didn't give it away.
>Umachan cofirms one more time with Hina if she's sure she wants to let Haruka do this since it means she'll neve be Layer Sol again. Hina lightly tells her of course and Umachan nods a little lonesomely.
>Haruka transforms and becomes Layer Terra.
>The transformation looks pathetically weak and slow though especially compared to Hina's Gavan-esque nanosecond.
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>The transformation looks pathetically weak and slow though especially compared to Hina's Gavan-esque nanosecond.
>The costume is referred to as Styles here so when Hina asks why Haruka's one is different from her Uma-chan says he only designed the base and the personal touches and differences are all up to the wearer themselves so Haruka gets a more mage-like style while Hina gets one more suited for close combat. Haruka's a little embarassed at how cute it looks on her.
>Hina can't help but notice that Haruka's got a boob window for her ample bouncing busom and gets depressed in a corner blaming her lack of popularity on her lack of breasts and starts spouting breasts-related curses and remarks at her.
>Umachan tells Haruka that he'd like for Haruka to come up with a main concept for her main weapon and gives her a few days to come up with it before the next attack comes.
>They move on to Hina's unused weapons the main focus on the Prism Bazooka which Umachan tried to get Hina to shill during the final battle with machine empire ripoffs. It's made of five other weapons(Magical: Frypan, Mittens, Dish, Apron) and there's no obvious indication as to which way to fire it. Haruka marks it down for terrible weapon design immediately and Hina points out that's the reason why she didn't bother with them. She does like the apron's panda design though.
>Haruka goes further and points out that having Hina assemble 5 different weapons together for what would be a team combo weapon would make her look like a loner hero. Hina says that's exactly what she was. The designs also were a bit ambivalent since the base items were girly but the combined weapon was very boyish.
>Umachan defends his choices by saying that he designed with evert demographic in mind: boys, girls and even big friends.
>She digs even further saying that the bazooka is too big and kids wouldn't be able to have fun lugging it around because of how clunky it is.

Pic meant for here >>135979092
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>Mitsuki shows up since Umachan called her over to discuss the toys. She says she won't stick around for more than 10 minutes. She heard Haruka's comments and commends her critque.
>When they get to Hina's prominence staff toy, not wanting to feel left out from the discussopm Hina complains about its blade length being too short. The others state that it's obviously designed for the saftey of their customers than realism.
>They get to her action figure which has ball joint ahoge that can be transformed into twintails when they switch between Hina and Layer Sol. Mitsuki says its a standard quality one with some neat gimmicks.
>Then they strip it down to a leotard to do the transformation.
>"...........................this is a dress up doll of me...!!?"
>Leaking out her desire Haruka complains to Umachan on not being able to get Hina's figure completely nude when it has nothing to do with safety. He retorts that safety isn't the obvious concern with selling completely nude action figures of their star.
>They complete the transformation, hair color doesn't change apparently. Hina's a bit embarassed by the idea of kids playing with her but happy as well. The idea of big friends playing with her doesn't cross her mind.
>Mitsuki keeps eyeing the figure for some reason and Umachan tries to tell Hina something about it but changes his mind. Plot relevant info.
>They keep up discussion for a while and Mitsuki stays around all the way through.
>They later take Haruka to Hina's training grounds in a forest that Umachan owns through another identity. Hina's only used it twice since she got a handle of her strength quickly.
>She points out some craters and explains those were from some half hearted punches. If she went full power Aomori would be destroyed. Note that that doesn't indicate the upper limit of the destruction, just that all of Aomori would get caught up.
>Haruka punches a hole the size of her fist and Hina encourages her when she notes how much weaker she is. Umachan lets slip that Hina leveled a construction site the first time she transformed.
>They move on to magic and Umachan tells her to start with the starpiece, the gem she uses to transform. Hina does not what a starpiece is. Umachan is suitably appalled at her.
>The starpiece is the source of their magic and umachan's prepped up cards for hina to use that she neglected to utilize during her run.
>Umachan brings out the "Mighty" card. He explains it has the ability to amplify the user's strength overall or focus on a particular aspect. Hina takes a while to remember that it was the first card she ever used. Haruka asks why she would when she's so strong to begin with and Umachan blurts out she tried to use it to enlarge her chest but it didn't work and it disillusioned her faith in Starmagic being capable of anything.
>Haruka tries toslot it in but it takes no effect. Haruka gets down on herself for having no talent both her producers try to cheer her up and motivate her.
>Umachan tells her that if she imrpoves the Starmagic power that she'll be to use it under normal conditions too. He tells her not to use for anything bad though.

"There's no way I'm not going to. I'm totally gonna harass senpai sexually! Yessiree. Yup. I'll only use it for justice!"

"At least make it so you accidentally swapped your internal and external dialogue! You just said all of it one go!!"
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>"So basically if I raise my level up enough to the point where I can use this "Mighty" more flexibly I should be able to greatly intensify senpai's sexual urges... And I could do the same to any aphrodisiacs I can get my hands on too!"
>Umachan doesn't really care so long as she gets stronger even if it leads to parts they can't use on the show.
>Hina prepares a fighting game training dummy for Haruka to practice with. It has an emoji head but a realistic body. Haruka is pleased and licks her lips.
>"It's kinda lacking in realism but I can totally get off on this if I think of it as senpai. You'll see trouble if you look underestimate the power of my imagination."
>"Hyahahahaha! I'll make you regret being born a woman!!"
>She tries to grab hold of it but punches her so hard and fast that they left afterimages. Haruka takes an uppercut and goes down.
>"Uwah. Since it was made from Hina's starmagic power it's got ridiculously strong combat abilities."
>The dummy does some quick footwork warm-ups and goes in for a low kick that looked like a flash at Haruka's thighs. An booming heavy noise results from it.
>Haruka calls for a break but Hina tells her to keep going with the spartan sparring.
>Not wanting to get nothing from it Haruka goes in to grope's the dummy's tits. Unfortunately for her they're hard and stiff. Hina just smiles and telepathically wills the dummy to get brutal.
>Back at the apartment, before Haruka goes home for the day Umachan tells her to have the weapon design ready by tomorrow. She suggests that she sleeps over and work on it together. Hina just bids her farewell and shuts the door.
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>Start part 3-B
>The evolivers are back on their ship watching footage of Layer Sol. Not their own but from Umachan's broadcast of the show. The men are complaining about her lack of muscles.
>Calamity Satan is in her moeblob mode scribing the meeting minutes. Gigantkumamushi announces they'll attack in a few days' time. She says under her breath in a tone colder than even her S&M Queen mode that that would pose a problem for her.
>Back at the apartment, the girls are wondering what Umachan's up to in his room. Haruka suggests that he's talking to his hometown girl and hina dejectedly says he wouldn't have such a person. Haruka says she must really like Umachan and Hina says she does and always wants to be together with him but isn't sure if Umachan feels the same.
>Haruka convinces her they should peek in on him. Haruka uses her stalker skills to sneak in quietly and they find him staring a picture of a pallete swapped pink umachan with a bow on top on his phone.
>He screams, tosses his phone away but Haruka intercepts. Haruka is surprised to actually be right.
><Gritty Font>"...I see... So you really do have a woman back home..."
>He tries to cover it up by saying she's just an assistant director who joined their company a year ago while jumping up and down for his phone. This is where Haruka asks if his people come in final battle orcommander variants with different color variations.
>"Do you think my people are plastic models or something!?"
>Umachan says he was just feeling homesick and that his lover is his job.
>"What do you mean your job? You mean me don't you!?"
>Hina's girlfriend routine begins. Narration takes a crack at her being a troublesome woman. Perhaps Hina's based on the author's ex or something cause he likes to poke at this in the narration.
>Umachan decides to come clean before she tears him in two and brings out a carefully laminated picture of his girl(temp name: Umako-chan) in hopes that Hina will take some distance between them.
>He explains that they traded cards the day they met he ended up getting confessed to. Hina's charging up world ending levels of Starmagic around her.

"...oh, this is one of those business cards with a fake name isn't it. She must be the type of woman who prepares these in case of troublesome business partners and keeps separate phones for work and her private life."


Narration describes Haruka as a hero unmistakably doing her duty in averting armageddon.

"The email address is totally business-like too. She probably just wanted to establish a connection with a producer. I bet that since Umacchi's show this past year bombed she's out there right now making kissy eyes at other men."

"Shut it you earther sow! My godess is... My goddess is...!!"

Umachan held the business card in his shaking hands as his body trembled. Sure, he sends her three mails a day and only replies to the first one. She was probably just bad with emails so he tried out the SNS tool RAIN(LINE) for casual exchanges but even then she just sends back random stamps(stickers) like a pile of poop and after that the "already read" mark doesn't show up even till now.

Wait, wasn't she just blowing him off?

"...No, wait... Hahaha, it's just, long distance relationships are hard so... It's just gotta I just gotta."

Umachan falls to the floor, all trace of motivation gone.

"I can give you a kiss if that'll make you feel better Umacchi."

"I'll make you forget all about that awful woman..."

The smiles of these two girls loaded with the coldness called kindness pierces right through him

Hina gently passes the wailing Umachan back his phone. Haruka catches sight of the screen in a brief instant and notices that the home screen has been changed to that of Hina blowing air kiss. "Women sure are scary," thought the stalker girl as if she were a stranger passing by.

>An hour passes by and Umachan's just barely regained his composure. He's not given up on love but he can't ignore his job, the picture of a man contributing to society.
>Haruka passes him a sketch of what she wants, a staff with an hourglass at the tip that can turn into a rifle.
>Umachan approves of its playability value and Hina calls it cute. He asks why she chose a clock as and she explains that she'd like a weapon that can stop time.
>Umachan tells her that time manipulation is on even higher scale than dimensions and that it'd be impossible for her who's just getting the basics down. He's not even sure if Hina can pull that off.
>Hina guesses that she wanted it to take down enemies for sure.
>"I wasn't gonna use it for something as lame as that. I wanted to stop Senpai's time!!"
>"Since I'd never be able to match you even if I gave it everything I decided to go for a more vulnerable spot...I'll just use my support magic to wait even one day less to have my way with senpai."
>"And then while time stops I'll be sure to take as long as want to watch senpai's tinytits."
>Hina punches her out for the tinytits comment saying she knows a way to stop Haruka's time. Umachan thought to intervene but valued his life too much.
>"Hina's the only one who'd be able to bring out so much power after being enraged from having the meagreness of her chest pointed out..."
>"I am not! There has to be someone else in this huge universe! There has to be some other woman outher besides me that can turn their pride in their small chest into fighting spirt!!"
>"I see... It'd be nice if we could meet her someday..."
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>A hot tear that shouldn't have been streams down fhis face. Such a rare specimen would be harder to find than UMAs...
>Umachan shows them around his office where works on the weapons
>He uses /g/'s wet dream rig to draw them on a super pro tablet but it's all unneccessarily high spec for what he actually does with them. It gets on Haruka's nerves. When she sees that he's turned her sketches into a basic oden shaped drawing she goes ballistic. He then shows Hina's prominence staff was just a line with a circle on it and Haruka goes off to vent steam in the toilet and says his whole workflow is completely disrespectful to all creators out there.
>He then video calls Mitsuki and shows her the design and she praises him for all the detail put into. Haruka can't deal with their exchange.

One more post but still need to type it up before I'm done with this batch. Also pic meant for here >>135979031
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So where do I start? What volume did you start translating this? I see 1 and half of 2 on Baka.
Volume 5. Where the anime left off. And my translations aren't on BT. Google Ultimaguil and you'll find it. Nice to hear someone's started on vol 2.
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Also for the record BT's allowed to host my translations but they've got my isp on their blocklist so I won't be the one to post it there. Someone else is going to have to get to that.
Aika a perfect
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So is this new series good?

Full TL for twintails when?
Delicious Flattest Chest
Best twintails
It's got a good start, has nice scenes and character dynamics and is much easier to read. The climax isn't quite as hotblooded as twintails' usually is but it sets up quite a good number of things to look forward to.

Unless you scrounge up more translators twintails will likely finish way before I do.
>Next day after school Hina stays back alone in her class reminiscing on her past year as a hero in melancholy. She feels like she didn't make good use of that time and that her lack of popularity and toy sales reflects on her poorly as a person. She hopes Haruka won't end up the way she did and can already feel her memories of that time slipping away.
>Haruka then shows up and calls out to her saying she stayed back instead of going straight to train with Umachan because she wanted to walk home with Hina.
>Haruka notices that Hina's looking glum and Hina says she feels useless for not being able to be a lively hero and for not being able to help out much as producer and being so bad at training Haruka. She feels like all she does is cause trouble for everyone.

"Well you're a newbie as Umacchi's assistant and a newbie at being a trainer. You're just starting out with a lot of places. If you could do it all perfectly then you wouldn't be a Starmagical Girl, you'd be god."

"I don't have your talent senpai so if we don't get our act together I'm not gonna get any stronger you know. I'm a newbie fighter and you're my newbie trainer. The two us just have to take it step by step and get better at what we do!"


"And luckily enough it looks like it's better for Umacchi's show if I don't start out so strong too!"

"...Yeah. I sorta feel better now."

"Oh! It's so easy to string along a naive girl who's not used to getting compliments. At this rate I just might do you tonight."

So I'm guessing the scent is of her 「愛」 right?
File: CWee5crWcAAk-in.jpg (76 KB, 599x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"Kukuku. Still though, you're in a bad spot senpai! I mean having to raise the woman who's going to push you down with your own hands, it's a complete riot ain't it?"

Hina lightly chops Haruka on the hed with her overreaction of a smile.

"Why do you always have to act so vulgar when you cover up when you get embarassed!?"

"I'm not covering anything up! I really mean it! From the bottom of my heart!!"

"You're overdoing it with immorality! ...you really do."

Clumsily and falteringly, Hina reaches out with her hand and takes hold of Haruka's beside her. Haruka turns to face Hina with a jolt but Hina was determined not meet her eyes. Haruka smiles contently and holds her senpai's delicate hand back in kind.

"...thanks, Haruka."

"...no problem."

Beneath the twilight dusk, the two shadows projected on the road meld together and move forward as one.

Having come to know the joy of having a friend there to confide in, that was the irreplacable bounty for her second year in.
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My osananajimi is pettanko and hips but alas, three dimensional of swines. At least there's Aika to gawk at.
How does she smell?
She reeks of love. I'm sure you can imagine why.
File: 1415538639343.jpg (85 KB, 515x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh my.

Also pretty fucking obvious with her name being literally Love+Scent, I wonder if it was planned from the get go.
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>ever winning
File: 1441033245447.png (486 KB, 600x848) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She's the most orthodox choice and she really works the hardest for it. I'd say Souji has better chemistry with Yuno and Aika with Twirl but it's hard not to want her to win after seeing how desperately in love she is with him.
Too desperate, turn-off.
Nah. Desperation can be a turn on. There are naizuri fans out there after all.
It can be, but if you ask me, Aika's gone too far.
File: 1436241733972.png (260 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260 KB, 700x700
Unless you're been reading it raw too you've yet to see just how far she goes. I can't think of a childhood friend as desperate as her.
File: FIGURE-012724[1].jpg (123 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I just don't know.
I'd suggest waiting. Twintails' last volume volume broke 10k for its first week sale. I'm told those are nice healthy numbers but I doubt that'll buy out all the Tail Reds next month. That said I've got mine on preorder already.
She must smell delicious
Looking forward to reading about that
Also fuck season 2 and 3 when? Reboot that actually adapts the novels well when?
What is sex with a twintail like?
Find a wig and try to have sex with that.
Should be mostly similar.
According to fatalpulse, twintailed girls like it rough and enjoy getting facefucked while you hold them by their twintails. Also almost all are tsundere and tsundere are perfect for anal sex, since they're mostly DFC with delicious legs made even better as they wear thighhighs

Honestly it sounds like an amazing time
File: 1417713941665.jpg (372 KB, 2130x2080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Any news on when the next novel is coming out?
File: 1418953915072.jpg (709 KB, 1280x1917) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oligatory reminder that there is such thing as too flat and Aika is it

>Layer Sol
>Layer Terra

Isn't Layer a slang for Cosplayer in Japan?


It seems that author likes to refer to Aika a lot
File: B5uII5OCMAAFWjY.jpg (46 KB, 600x515) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not yet but he usually releases something every four months. Likely april though I suspect Four Cours After's 2nd volume will come out before Twintails' 11.

Makes sense. I thought it was a reference to Angelic Layer and went with that. He likes to make fun of her chest. Pretty much everyone involved did. I think the only one who doesn't make fun of her chest is her VA since she empathized with her on that. She got a bit fed up with Souji's VA during a special commentary broadcast with him and told him knock it off with saying "back" every time Aika's chest showed up apparently.
Fuck is Aika that much of a beast?
>usual place
is this that guildy site? Can someone post the address, I can't remember
>"There's no way I'm not going to. I'm totally gonna harass senpai sexually! Yessiree. Yup. I'll only use it for justice!"
That girl has her priorities straight.
Assuming you mean a girl wearing them; it just means that the only valid position you should fuck them in is from behind, while grabbing their twintails like reins while you ram them nice and hard.
There's more than that >>135985166
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