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Cool shit in animu or mango you like. >dat intimidation Everybody
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Cool shit in animu or mango you like.

>dat intimidation
Everybody has a unique illustration to show the form theirs takes. Everybody strong has it. Fucking love it.

Not-so-thinly veiled Toriko thread.
So what happened to Komatsu? He got his heart back from the Back Channel after Toriko was able to phase there for a moment?
We don't yet know what exactly happened. That scene occurred right after Toriko grabbed Bambina's scrotum. Personally, I took that panel to show the 'calm before the storm' before Bambina flips shit after having his nuts grabbed, like a heartbeat, to show a split second.
I'm a big Toriko fan and really like that it finally get some recognition here, but don't over do it.

The other thread is only dead for a few hours, we don't need multiple threads a day and especially not generals.

This will only turn it into cancer, like OP, Bleach, Nuruto, BnHA and so on.
We rarely get threads as is. I completely understand what you're saying but Toriko doesn't even get a weekly thread every week. It's mainly increased during Monkey King arc. I'm not sure how it has been beforehand. I got caught up to the series shortly after the Ichiryuu vs. Midora fight.
He has seen the heart very clear though and i don't think it's a coincidence.
>I'm not sure how it has been beforehand.
I made a Toriko thread every wednesday when the new chapter got released.
I had to samefag like crazy to get a 50 reply thread going. That was it until next chapter.
I don't necessarily DISagree that there was no connection because with the new chapter, Komatsu may possibly be fine. I just don't understand it from a logical perspective:

>grab one of Acacia's dishes conveniently on the body of one of the Eight Kings
>shift into Back Channel
It doesn't make sense to me. I don't see that way being an entry point but I'm sure it'll be explained soon.

Okay. I didn't want to sound ignorant since I don't know how threads worked before I began reading. There isn't much of a fanbase on /a/. I made a thread a week ago asking for the other four guys here who read Toriko to poke their heads in.

I seriously doubt this will go the way of the super-popular series but I can understand that anon's concern.
>Toriko is 500lbs
He's also what, 7, 8 feet tall?
Confirmed for Space Marine.
Man, Air really got foreshadowed heavily beforehand. First the Air tree where Toriko entered Gourmet World for the first time ever, then Melk was working on a knife to handle Air with when Toriko met him for the first time in Heavy Hole.

File: ZebraNoLikeCockys.png (73 KB, 592x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 592x460

Zebra is larger still.

>255 cm
>310 Kg
The intimidation shadows Oh Great! does are pretty good.
His art just gets neurotic after a certain point.

Why is he so tsundere?

Everyone wants the Komatsu D.
Is this some Bara homo manga?
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Toriko v03 c18 - 10.png
647 KB, 1036x1519
Not at all, actually.
I dont know but I'm really waiting for them to run into a mature Emperor Crow. I just feel like that''ll end up being the most interesting King next to Monkey King.
What makes you think that?
Honestly I have nothing to base it on. It's more that I want it to be the most interesting since it's been my favorite king species so far.
Do you think we'll see many more Kings with as much awareness as Monkey? Heracles was more like 'stronk generic beast'.
So there is a wolf, dragon, crow and snake left. What else could they find for those kings.
Somethings gotta control the seas.
I'm pretty confident one of them is gonna be able to straight up speak. If for nothing else than the shock.
Thread replies: 26
Thread images: 11

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