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Dark Souls 2:

>Hey you know, I feel like doing some PvP. I'll hit the arenas.
>Hey I beed a break from the arenas, I'll hit the fight club at Iron Keep bridge.
>Hey I'm bored of the fight clubs, I'll do some red invades.
>Well red invades aren't very fun, I keep invading noobs just trying to play through the PvE. I can see why people like it but it's not my thing.
>I'll go stand in Belfy Luna and invade and get invaded and earn Ore while I'm at it.
>Time to take a break from Luna, let's go to Sol.
>Ahhh, I'm tired of this too, let's blue invade all over the world.
>This is fun, I get to PvP all over the game, and I get to punish people for invading noobs.
>look at bonfire map, see several outline indicators displaying which areas have the most players in them atm
>Go stand in those areas with delicate string and dried finger active
>Periodically get invaded in between blue invades
>Fighting all over the game, wherever I want, punishing sinners, drawing sinners to my world, whenever I get bored of one style of PvP I go back to doing arenas, fight clubs, bell tower, etc.

Dark Souls 3:
>Hey you know, I feel like doing some PvP
>wow they really limited the PvP this time around...
>I guess I'll fight club?
>well that got boring fast, I guess I'll blue invade and punish sinners?
>oh, that doesn't exist anymore, I guess I'll dried finger and wait to be invaded?
>oh, I can't because I've already cleared the game and you can't be invaded after you've cleared the area
>Well I guess I'll red invade... oh wow it's a 1v4 and each enemy rolls behind his three teammates and chugs the moment I land one blow on him episode...
>Host has 2 phantoms
>Manage to kill both phantoms despite their roll out and chug tag team tactics every time I land a hit
>Host is alone
>Host spams roll infinitely around the bonfire area until he can summon 2 more phantoms
>Lose to host and his 2 new phantoms
>Immediately turn off DS3 and start DS2
>Have fun
I'm going to fight gwyn
I'm using Havel's armor, Silver knight shield +5 and zweihander +10
my stats are 40str 40 dex 30 vit 25 end
Am I ok?
This is the 3rd time you made this thread and each time I tell you the same thing.
No matter how contrarian /v/ likes to be, DS2 is NOT better than DS3.
Nobody cares about PVP, nobody EVER has. There's an entire grocery list of things wrong with DS2. The only problem with DS3 is the gimmick bosses and poise.

You're wrong. And this is probably the 10th time I've made this thread, but I haven't been counting.
>Nobody cares about PVP, nobody EVER has
Oh, that kid who started playing with DS3 or Blunderborne thinks he has an opinion.
keep doing what you do, ive always said DaS2 is the best souls game ever since release when the hate bandwaggon was he strongest
there's literally nothing wrong with dark souls 2 and all the "complains" are memes and shitposting

It will be awhile before I stop. All the faggots who spammed DS2 is shit need to see this every day until I feel they have been sufficiently punished.
doing god's work
Dark Souls 2 is only a good game if you like playing nothing but sterile controlled PVP instead of the invasions of Demon's/Dark 1
you pvp faggots need to fuck off. look at bb.
>heavy focus on pve, little to none on pvp
>pvp cucks complain its unfair and gems are too good
>from responds with BUFFS to weapons/gems in later patches, basically telling pvp whiners to fuck off
>try to focus on pve and pvp
>nerfs to weapons and spells, trying to cater to pvp kids
You faggots need to chill, From is already making patches to balance PVP

Yeah invasions are shit but give it time holy fuck

2 has more content right now and I like that it has more paths you can take but 3 just feels so much better to control and play. The dlc should push 3 ahead.
The ONLY good souls PVP is demon souls and that game is dead. Nobody likes giant dad's: the game or dark souls 2: bad hit box bogaloo
Too bad soul memory and the lack of a full invasion orb ruined Dark Souls 2 pvp
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>Nobody cares about PVP, nobody EVER has.
Thread replies: 16
Thread images: 2

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