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What's some good shit to do in Miami beach?
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What's some good shit to do in Miami beach?
That's a disrespectful way to talk about women.
>What's some good shit to do in Miami beach?
1) Travel during Dec-Mar
2) Eat/shop/party

A local and tourist schedule should look quite similar to the following:
9PM get knockout gorgeous designer duds dressed to go out. Hit up Lincoln Road or Design District restaurant, get sloshed while people watching, wait for clubs to open at midnight.
Midnight: dance til 4ish or so, club hob, bar hop, maybe even an afterparty club
4AM-7AM breakfast on the way to your hotel, or at least a cuban pastele and cortadito at a walk-up window. Alternately, Pizza Rustica.
8AM Change into swimsuit, lay on beach til it's too damn hot at 10AM.
10AM Go to room. Shower. Lay naked in the air conditioning on your white sheets in your art deco hotel room.
10AM-9PM. Do nothing. Sleep. Watch hilarious Univision. Order takeout. Snack on smoothies or sushi. Eat low carb. Stay in the shade. Nap some more. Go to the spa. Get a Brazilian wax and pedi. If you must get up to eat, do a little shopping while out. Come back until Sun goes away or try the hotel pool.

Rinse, repeat. Seriously.
If it were Dec-Mar, you could actually be outside more early or even all day, a little earlier for sure, and there are a ton of festivals. Since it's summer, damn, it's unbearable. Remember locals only go out at night, and you need to hydrate constantly and move from air conditioned cars to buildings as fast as possible. What kinds of nice things are there to do in Miami?

Coral Gables: shopping, dining, historic homes x15, biltmore sunday brunch, venetian pool swimming.
ArtWalk night, a few choices for this combined with some wine and dine fun, maybe even clubbing. Be safe though :/
Fairchild, Matheson, Old Cutler, Coconut Grove Bike or tour it somehow. It's kind of dead/quiet at night. Day is best. Can be combined with Vizcaya, and right into a Key Biscayne sunset drink, or some partying off Brickell.
Get out on the water. Whether you take a night fishing trip out of Haulover, charter a sail on a catamaran, or something like the stars' homes tour out of Bayside on a party boat, do it.
Homestead mexican food, couple historical stops on the way, followed by a Keys drive, maybe a snorkel or dive boat at Pennekamp, drive down to Key West (3 hour drive each way), overnight it before coming back. Make sure to do sunset at Mallory Square and see Hemingway or treasures.
Everglades: Shark Valley tram (otherwise you'll be walking over gators). Maybe a air boat. Combine with some Little Havana 8th St fun on the way there or back, or some Pit BBQ. I suppose you could do bingo at miccosukee or catch a concert, but err if that's your thing. Winter is best. If you want to drive a long ways...go see Clyde Butchers gallery and do a night in Marco and Naples.
Thread replies: 4
Thread images: 1

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