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kinder surprise.jpg
29 KB,
Dunno if anyone has a connection in the USA, or if any euro anon's would be willing to "risk" shipping them lol. In Texas, US fyi.
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Just go to a European deli type of place, German, Polish, Yugo delis should have it.
dude they are imported like crazy, all grocery stores in the great lakes area have them in the checkout aisles.

I'm in Michigan, and I don't remember seeing any. Granted, I never really looked.

Hi. I'm Canadian.

I've tried going to the United States three times (all like over a year ago)
The first time was a success. I got pulled aside and questioned about stuff, but they let me go under the condition that I return within like four weeks (I was flying and had a return ticket for three weeks later). Everything went well.
The second time I tried driving across the border and they stopped me and refused me entry because I apparently don't have sufficient ties to Canada and they didn't trust to me to not just stay in the states forever...
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Good thing your not mexican
do you have a criminal record ? Where you born in Canada ? There's something you're not telling us here

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Any recommendations for a few days in Melbourne? I'm from Sydney and am looking to experience the nightlife and culture with a few mates.

Looking for good accommodation (anything from a good hostel to a cheap hotel) and for things to do at this stage, as well as some recommended bars/clubs we should check out.

Thanks for your help.
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Not so sure about accommodation, but I can give some recommendations for nice/comfy bars and pubs.

CBD: Loop Roof and Rooftop Bar are nice outdoor places. New Amsterdam, Workshop and E Fifty Five are cool and quiet bars. I hate clubs, but the Colonial Hotel usually has something happening on a Friday or Saturday night.

Collingwood: Good streets for bar-hopping are Brunswick St, Gertrude St and Smith St. Gertrude has my all-time favourites Catfish and the Workers Club; both have good music. Naked for Satan...
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And in terms of things to do, checking out the above areas in the day could be a nice outing; they all have their complements of interesting little shops and cafes. Carlton Gardens are right next to the CBD and Collingwood, and have the Exhibition Building (which you usually can't get into unless there's a convention) and the Museum.

The Art Galleries in the CBD are free; I enjoy going to them occasionally, but, y'know, it's art n shit.

Just wander around.
Thanks mate, we'll check those out

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I'm thinking about going to Croatia in early June. So far my plan is to start in Zagreb, stay there for a couple of days maybe, depending on how much there is to do there. After that I would drive down to Plitvice and then to Zadar. I was thinking I could end my trip in Sibenik or Split.
Are these places worth a visit? I want to see nature and experince culture (maybe go to a museum, see old buildings, stuff like that) and avoid places that are really expensive or just not nice. I don't think I'll be staying for longer than two weeks, most likely a week and a half.
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drop zagreb from your list...not a whole lot to see there.
Zagreb is a fun day, but not much more.

I loved Plitvice. The long walk around (Route K, the one you SHOULD do) takes roughly 6 hours. That's another day. Be there early (9 or 10) to beat the masses a little. It's incredibly beautiful.

Zadar is lovely! It's where I stayed for a week. From there you can do a day in Paklenica National Park (great hikes, try the Velika Paklenica trail, great climbing too), a day on Pag, a day-long boat trip to the Kornati Islands etc. The old town is great....
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The waterfall national park sounds cool, I think I'll go there. How much money did you spend on hostels/hotels and food on your trip? Did you take a bus to your trips or did you rent a car? Any opinion as to which is better?

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Hey trv!

Does anyone have any great tips for Krakow and surrounding areas?

Interested in anything that has to do with nature, culture, anything really.

For krakow city Im looking for great places to eat, drink coffee and maybe some underground jazz bars or something. Pretty much anything interesting.

Is Auschwitz worth it? desu it doesnt seem very interesting. So much political conflict and biases that i dont believe I will learn anything.

Salt mines look good tho, but are they really a tourist trap?
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If you don't learn anything from Auschwitz you're just kind of a fucktard.

Salt mines are touristy yet fun to see.
If there is one thing we've had in school its holocaust holocaust holocaust, oy vey the six trillion

Way worse things in history have happened, and Im sick of the focus on the holocaust. Anyways, wouldnt seem like its a good place to get objective information
Most Poles hate the fact that people travel half way across the world and instead of going to beautiful places around the country they visit a shitty place like this. Poland has a 1000 year history, all sorts of nature, and yet people go to a place jews made their own. Oh I wonder how that is...

Wieliczka is definitely worth a visit, even if it does have too many tourists.

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339 KB,

That's what he gets for trying to be a Real Traveler® and going to North Korea. Retards will continue to go to more and more extreme destinations to one-up their friend. I wonder did he post here.
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It's the definition of
>chat shit, get banged.

Been to NK, know at least 40people who did the same. They tell you to not fuck up a million times and that you will end up in a gulag.
Same as smuggling drugs to Indonesia, get busted, face a firing squad.

Play by the rules and you won't have problem.
Yes but he *had* to steal the banner so he could impress the girls at the hostel about the time he stole from North Korea. Simpy visiting North Korea these days is so blasé, especially as part of an organized tour group (ugh).

He could even post pics on Reddit and acquire all the glorious upboat karma.
Well, right or wrong, he knew the consequences beforehand. NK isn't a "walk-in" state and anyone going there is pretty familiar with the totalitarian dictatorship and their policies.

Sucker got caught in a political game.

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Hey /trv/, im in Turkey right now but im planning on going to Georgia next month. Pretty much going there cause the scenery looks really nice. Anyway, for those who have been:
What did you do there?
How long were you there?
How did you get around?
What was the people like?
What are the prices like?
How would you rate the country?
Which country did you arrive from?

Also general Georgia thread
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Been there for 3 weeks this summer
>Tbilisi is an interesting city, part of it is quite damaged due to an earthquake
>really friendly people, except at tourist traps (mostly the Tbilisi sulfur baths, you'll most likely get ripped off )
>have been to kazbegi, very nice little village, absolutely stunning scenery, great for hiking
>conversation in English will be possible in Tbilisi, in more rural parts Russian is really helpful

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this pie looks delicious and i dont even know that is it. Cheesepie?
on second thought maybe its just bread hahaha..i just remembered that bread there looks this way. Still good

File: jXMx4mQz6MsnhP1FSKp2TJMt.jpg (199 KB, 1206x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Travelling to Paris tomorrow for the first time for few days.

Anything i should know?
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Expect the Champs De Lysse/Monmatre to be full of Arabs. You wouldn't expect Times Square to be reflective of New York, and so don't do the same with Paris. Its a great city, the best thing I can advise is to walk around and see it for yourself.
don't talk to gypsies.
don't talk to "deaf" gypsies either.

Prepare for disappointment.

Its 3rd world-tier.

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Hi, /trv/ been lurking here for a few weeks.

onto dis shit mane

I'm 20 years old and from America. Going to Europe this summer, most likely leaving early June, coming back whenever I go broke (4k-5k budget including flights, already have bag and shit tho) most likely july tho. Any suggestions on what to do? I would want to start in Dublin, where my ancestors are from, despite non of us ever going back since like 1830 to my knowledge. And then work my way through Scotland and the rest of the UK. Fly to Germany and then IDK. I love church history, art, music...
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I cant hold all of the American memes.
Interesting thing about that TR photo...it's staged. The hunting knife, for instance, has a carved silver handle from Tiffany's (he was from a rich family). Eventually, he did become a great outdoorsman, but not when this pc was taken.
If you tell an Irishman that bit about your ancestors they will laugh you out of the pub. Don't.

Definitely check out Fabric in London, despite its legendary history and fame, it remains beautifully dodgy, sketchy and run down, which is amazing because there is more DnB/dubstep history in that cramped, sweaty space than anywhere else on earth. Good array of drugs, too. Ministry of sound is the gigantic megaplex you'd think it would be, certainly lives up to the hype if a bit overwhelming, brixton (o2)...
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Seattle friend here. Heading to London, Bruges, Brussels and Amsterdam for the hell of it on April 1st. Bringing a baby (fuck off in advance, she's cool). Up for anything, love beer, food, history. Your advice will be appreciated. Also, happy to give any Seattle advice.
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How long will you be staying where?
If your driving around be extremely mindful of your speed in the Netherlands. They issue a ticket for 5KM over the limit and it's all electronically sent to the rental agency.

Personally clocked in at 480€ fines in 2 days of driving

Rotterdam is an architectural mess, very pleasant on sunny days tho

Grab a beer at Hannekes Boom (AMS) if the weather is great
6 days London, 2 days Bruges, 2 days Brussels, 3 days Amsterdam. We've been before (Bruges is the only new city) so we are looking for the "best" tourist spots but really looking for local/real great spots. Again, thanks for any good advice.

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I'm sure this is a common question around here, but how do you guys come up with the money to be able to travel? Being a wageslave and using your one week vacation out of the year sounds like hell to me. Being self-employed, however, would be ideal, as you'd be able to set your own time and you could have multiple sources of income.

I just want freedom; I'm sure I'm not alone.
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my job is actually pretty flexible. two of my buddies actually traveled throughout asia for two MONTHS and still had their jobs. it all depends on what you do too.
What is your job my friend?
Got a regular job, earn good money and on top of that I have 13 weeks of payed holidays each year (5weeks normal and I work 12min longer per shift to compensate for the rest) on top I can get up to 3 months of unpaid vacations every other year.

Could be worse.

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What books should I read during my cross country travel through the south of the States?
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I'd say Huckleberry Finn, but maybe that's too obvious of a choice.
Turner diaries
Uncle toms cabin?

If youre expecting some racist haven/caricature with people waving Confederate flags like on tv then youre going to be very disappointed

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Started planning a trip to New Zealand for about a month, was hoping some anons would give me advice.
Was wondering what people have used for getting around. The scenic bus and train passes seem good. Has anyone tried the Stray hop on - hop off thing? Traveling alone so vehicle rental is kind of expensive with no one to split.
Plan to hit both islands, is there any places anyone would recommend? Not really into big cities and going clubbing, want to relax and see cool scenery and shit. I also like beaches. Please share your experiences.
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Just hitch hike and buy a tent. Its safe and easy.
Inb4 not a real traveller blabla

The Kiwi Experience is the way to go. It's great, i did it 5 months ago, both islands for a month and i fucking loved it.

Anyway, Stray and Kiwi Experience literally go to the same places, but the Stray bus is smaller and usually more autistic. On our Kiwi bus we were 45 people, the driver was hilarious, we were drinking like 4 days a week, everyone was loving it, everything was great. And the Stray bus (the gay bus) were sometimes at the same hostel as us, and while we were 20 people drinking we would see the Stray group,...
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im spending a school semester in NZ and il probbably have a few weeks in NZ before school starts. Is The Kiwi Experience a good way to see NZ or is it mostly just a party bus?

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How's Montreal?
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Lived there for 2.5 years, now live in Ottawa 2hrs away, love going back. Great city. Definitely worth a visit. Drinking age in Quebec is 18.
Favorite things to do?

Montreal is a good city for party my friend. At my opinion it s like Las Vegas but with less prostitute. Exept that there s nothing to visit.

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New Japan General:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your wee fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the...
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First for tokyo is a meme city
Japan is a meme country
Moving to Tokyo om The 29th this month to study. School got pushed up so I now have one free week before it starts. What should I see/do during this time? My budget is kinda weak

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