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I'm in a bad way right now. I'm really depressed, I have no motivation and I'm just fucking miserable. The last thing I did that I actually felt happy was when I vacationed to Italy in December. I think I want to work abroad for some time. I did some googling and found this website. Does anybody know if this is a credible program? Has anyone done it?


Please give me advice /trv/

Pic- Mt Etna from when I was in Sicily
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Bump! Not op but I'm interested to hear Anons's opinions on this one too.
Never heard of this particular one before, but it just seem like an easy way to get hardly-paid foreigners to come do shitty work. Probably not a "scam" per se, but when they say 'minimum 200€ per month', they probably really mean 'maximum 200€ per month'. If you have the money, go for it, if not, don't expect to make something close to minimum wage.

do you know of any other programs or opportunities? I'm American and I have no idea how to get a job overseas

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So my wife and me love traveling and we already did a lot of it. Now we have a child and of course do not want to finish traveling. We think about doing a SEA trip because it's not too hard to get along with a kid there.

Who can share some experiences? Not necessarily SEA-related, but rather about traveling with a child in general?
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I travel a lot with my wife and our two kids (6 daughter and 4 son). It can be everything from fun to absolute shit tier.

What I can tell you forget about the "real traveler" thing with a baby at least my wife was always up for adventures and doing crazy things, once we had our first daughter that changed not because of her but "we have to plan, we have to get x,y,z..." and most hostels are out of the equation.
Also you can't pack "light" anymore as you will carry kids stuff,...
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Get together all the toys your child would need to be entertained and then use them to entertain the child in your home until they're at least 10.

Bringing babies on a plane is incredibly disrespectful to other travelers and you're wasting your money dragging a kid to places he won't appreciate while he's too young. It's fantastic parenting to travel a lot with an older child/teenager but it's better off for everyone involved if you just leave him with grandma or something while...
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Fun places to travel where one can go to bars legally at 18?

Not including Germany, I'm already going there soon.
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pretty much anywhere in the world that isnt america.
I'm Canadian and it's 19 here ;_;
It's 20 in Japan.

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Is traveling a good treatment for depression?
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Not really.
Clinical depression or just feeling bummed out (which most people refer to as depression anyways). The latter, yes. The former no.
Clinical depression.

Tell me how universal health care, free education, travel years after highschool with monthly stipend, generous unemployment, up to 2 years off after giving birth to a child with 80 percent of your pay, and luxurious prisons isn't awesome?

How can I get out of americuck and move to the Sanders dream of what america should be?

Currently making ~170k/year working in tech, with no college education. Any way that they would let me in or am I fucked? Would I need to find a job at a nordic tech company? Is it enough to just say 'I'm already successful,...
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Do you have more than 5 years of experience? (Alternatively at least a bachelor's), and currently make over $70k? Just find a job and you have a good chance of a EU blue card, in Sweden at least. Which is the Nordic country you want to live in if you work in tech.
Yes - about 8 years. Will it be a problem if I bill as an S-Corp and not a w-2?
And no, I don't have a bachelor's. I've never attended a university.

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This Russian Visa process is confusing me....

I'll be visiting Russia after 3 months of Europe travel, but apparently the visa is only valid from 3 months after getting it?

Also, I have to make an itinary of everywhere i'll be staying, but I'll be spending about half my nights on the train?

Has anyone else worked out an easy way to get a russian visa in my situation? I'm australian btw, even just a link to sites that work out the visas for you would be fine thanks.
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Haдo чтo cилный пpoпpoбoвaть взять визy.
>Haдo чтo cилный пpoпpoбoвaть взять визy.
>google translate:Halo that strong ppoppobovat take visa.

try http://waytorussia.net/Travel/VisaSupport.html as it has alot of hotels listed in many cities. When going to your friendly local russian embassy you need to fill out the name of this company that has the website as the entity as the inviting part.

I suggest you write an email to the embassy and ask, as I only did a few flights and a road trip to one city. I think if you spend more than 24hrs in one city that you need to put it in your itinerary

Helo /trv/. Woke up today recalling that i dreamed about being in Latvia. I was in a hangar with some bureucrats and they were playing a game with match sticks. I won the game (it was money), then i went to the streets and just trspassing th door woke up. Now i want to go there.

How is it as a travel destiny?
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You should give it a try, I didn't get there for now, but it seems pretty damn nice.

"Don't let your dreams be dreams, just do it!" - Shia Lebeouf

i like the fact that it connects with russia, estonia, belarus and lithuania. i literally know nothing about the place or its surroundings, but the dream was pretty vivid, and i dont dream a lot.

I will go to Thailand next month and i would like meet some thai girls and she stay with me in Thailand. i was looking for travel companion when i stay bangkok and was stumple on this https://www.mizzthai.com site. is thai girls easy talk with and do they speak english good?
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They so horny.

They rove you rong time.
That's 'Nam, you dip.
if you don't look like shit go on tinder and you will match with literally every girl and they will meet you if you just ask.

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How long would it take to learn how to sail a boat by yourself and go around the pacific or somewhere like that
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Haven't you made this thread like 10 times already?
I've never seen it and I'm interested as well.

Do you have anything worthwhile to contribute?
only that it takes years of experience to do something of that magnitude, people literally die trying to cross the pacific or atlantic in a sailboat

do you own a boat?
if not, a good boat is very expensive

if you really want to do this your first step should be joining a sailing club, learn the skill, partake in competitions and such

I wish you all the luck in the world but this is not something to be taken lightly, nor is it a matter of practicing for a few weeks

it also takes a very...
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Hey /trv/, what do you think of Cyprus?

Having finally been to the North, I must say I greatly prefer it to the south (which I visited several years ago). In particular, I liked the Dipkarpaz peninsula, with its natural vulgarity over the extremely tourist leaning south (I won't profess to being a REAL TRAVELLER TM). I found some of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Med in the Karpaz peninsula, all naturally occuring - warmer water than Spain, France, Italy, and Greece whilst being almost entirely devoid of human life.
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Scotsman living down south here, can I ask what part of the south you visited while you were here?

I wont deny the entire economy relies on tourism down here, particularly Agia Napa. But when it comes to getting shitfaced and dancing til you get heatstroke surrounded by 6/10 essex girls, there's no better place for it. Anywhere, I think.

Of course, that's probably not your thing if your favorite beach is devoid of human life. Did you visit the beach where you can look into the dead zone?...
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I'll admit, it was on a lads holiday. Stayed in Nicosia a bit (which I'll say is much nicer than the Turkish side) before going to the clubs. I visited Famagusta - sadly can't access any of the interesting parts (i.e. derelict parts).
im planning a vacation in northern cyprus this may! just wanted to ask if you guys think its safe down there? are there any refugee camps? is cyprus even on the refugee route to europe?

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New Japan General:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your wee fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the...
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How is graduate education in Tokyo? I am specifically interested in a computer science doctorate.
How much should I need for 2 months in Japan eating decently and staying in 3 star hotels?
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I hope you don't mind if I ask a second time.

So I'm thinking of travelling a vague route like in pic related.

Start out in Tokyo, go down to Osaka/Kyoto (Is Hiroshima worth visiting?) and then going upwards towards sapporo via the other side of Japan, hopefully seeing some nice countryside, going for a hike and visiting an onsen on the way. What are some places that I should definitely visit on my way up to sapporo (and on the way down back to Tokyo)?

The whole trip will be a bit less than a month.

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So I am 25, and I never experienced a real adventure in my life. This year I started to work, so I get a little money to spend, and I found an intresting offer from a travel agency. 26 day long journey from China to Tibet, Nepal, and India.

I am very tempted by this offer, basically the program would be following in a tldr version:
China - Beijing, great wall of china, forbidden palace, shanghai, terracota army, pandas in sechuan
Tibet - Lhasa, buddhist temples, flight around mount everest
Nepal - Kathmandu, durbar square, rafting, travelling and observing rhinos...
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It's all good mane, we all start somewhere. The general consensus (from a current thread about solo travelling) is that it's orders of magnitude more meaningful and fulfilling.

On one side it's prolly worth it because navigating Asia for yourself might be hell, on the other side it isn't because you're doing memes and nothing else and it's guided, not really an adventure there.

Alternative suggestion: plan ahead and meet people from the countries/cities which you can meet, you can still do the memes and then find some interesting...
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Does the 3500 euro include flights? If so that's pretty darn good. I hope it doesn't mean the tour will include 40 other tourists.

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I have a flight booked to Brussels April 13th from Dublin. Will the airport still be closed by then?
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Keeping Belgium's main airport closed for that long would likely have a bad effect on the country's economy.

That said, it'll probably be filled with armed guards and things like the security check will take 3x as long.
I came here to ask that.
My mother is coming on friday and we are travelling together on sunday.
I wonder how much time it will stay closed. Belgium pretty much only has zaventem and charleroi, the rest of the airports are so small
Yeah, it'd be massive economic shutdown if they kept it closed for more than a few days. Don't worry OP.
Maybe worry a little bit. You can always call your airline for more info.

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Anyone here travelled with an equipped bus ?

With a friend we're getting our bus licence, we should be able to buy able for the end of the year and then start working on.

We're 8 people (possibly 10 by this time) and we were wondering if a 2-floor bus would be a good idea.

Is there country where bus cannot go ? Not place like jungle but country where for some stupid reason bus would be forbidden.
Also bus general.
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Imagine the shits every morning with 10 people
3 years ago we were 8 in 35m2 for 2 weeks and it was pretty ok, a 2-floor bus allow pretty much the same size so it should be ok.
>8 people (possibly 10)

You would want to be REALLY good friends.

How long are you going for? It would want to be for a while to make it worth it but the longer it is, the harder it will be to bear all those people in an inescapable space.

Two floors might be better because you could break up the group a bit and people could avoid the people they're sick of.

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hey /trv/, my gf starts to work for an airline in june (lufthansa) and i already saw the discounts we will get on stand by flights (she is in the training already and has an account). the prices look very nice but im wondering how it will be in practice. is the waiting time for a flight acceptable or is it not worth it to safe money on the flights? anybody has experience?
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I fly standby all the time. The key is you need to know if that flight is popular or not. Friday night flight to vegas? Not a chance . midweek , mid day , sure .
thank you for sharing your experience. how do i find out which flights are popular? vegas on friday night is an easy example. also im wondering when my place on board is safe? could it be that someone buys the full price ticket half an hour before departure and im out again?
flew standby from Chicago to England in 2013.
It was super easy, but we got a bit worried when our plane was 'full' a few minutes before we boarded.
Saved us a fuck ton of cash though.

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