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Any manlets here had any experience solo travelling? What's it like? I'm 5.8ft for reference.
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i'm 5'6'', went 2 months alone to germany.

Trip was great, made a lot of friends, but i never had any hope on banging someone, as 13 years olds were already taller than me, I tried but got rejected by a girl smaller than me and decided to just enjoy the sights instead.
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>a lot of girls on me
>most of them are so short I have to lean/be uncomfortable when hugging

why do I even bother
What difference do you think height makes when it comes to travel?

The only thing I can think of is having more space in airplanes and on buses.

Does /trv/ use this site? I find it intriguing and yet sketchy as fuck. Has anyone had experience with hosting?
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I live in Europe and hosted two US girls for two nights. They were really happy and everything worked out fine.
Hosted 2 guys, 2 girls, everyone on seperate occasions. Was fun, would do it more if I wasn't so busy. I keep in touch with two of them.

Also looking forward to couchsurfing myself when I go travelling later this year
> that pic
have you ever been so fucked up on cocaine that you put montreal in the northwest territories?

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>Go to Empire State rooftop
>Go to 9/11 ground zero
>Take Staten Island ferry
>Go to Bronx zoo

>Travel by subway

Please add some other fine places.
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I had an enjoyable walk along the Coney Island beach when I went.

Yeah, that place seems cute in [spoiler]Cloverfield.[/spoiler]
Central Park

Also I'm jealous as fuck and plan to live in NYC within 3 years

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So I'll be in Brussels for a week with limited free time (early morn and late evening). Any suggestions on what to do? Love a good beer and some history but open to most things. Any local tips?
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right next to the Nord train station, rue d'Aerschoot, romanian prostitutes 40EUR fuck&suck 15min
oh and try a waffle from a yellow van (those are the best)
Molenbeek is fun

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>Locals being priced out by the proliferation of rental apartments for tourists, like AirBnB

>Polls show they consider tourism a worse problem than poverty

>Tourists over-crowding working-class neighborhoods with noise, drinking and vulgarity

>Famous market La Boquería is too crowded to even shop there now (I've personally noticed similar...
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Why don't they just move to suburbs/non touristic districts?
I live in a city centre of a rather big city in italy and i appreciate seeing all the tourists roaming around, they bring money and jobs.
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>Why don't they just move to suburbs/non touristic districts?

Why should they be forced to move? Barcelona's most famous tourist attraction, La Sagrada Familia, is located in a residential neighborhood. But it's impossible for locals to park their car or even drive out of their house as the streets surrounding the cathedral are full of buses of Chinese tourists blocking the way. Even simple chores like grocery shopping must be a major pain.

I'm not sure...
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unemployed retards showing the world why they are unemployed: they are idiots.
Nothing to see here, OP.

I'll be going to New York in may for my first time (From Sweden).

I'll be living at 96th street, Upper East Side through air bnb.

I notice when I look at google maps that it borders right next to Harlem (Or rather, East Harlem if there's a big difference).

Is it a safe area? I'll be carrying my camera bag around as I'm gonna photograph a whole lot, and I don't want to get stabbed by a crackhead when I go home for the day.

Also, what other parts of New York should I avoid?
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Same rules as in Sweden, don't talk to anyone who isn't white. Italians are OK though

Not even Asians? Asians are safe to talk to here.
To be fair though, the only people I will talk to will probably be strangers for directions when it comes to out on the street, other than that I guess I'll talk to somebody who works in the subway for directions and people in the pub when I go out at night.
Why are you even asking? Your shouldn't know your country is a Muslim Harlem

Hello. In three months I will have for the first time a trip to Germany/Münich. It is an exchange trip. All my friends and relatives are excited that I will go to that land but for me is a little bit different.
Now, my biggest fear when I arrive there is that now that the migrant crisis is there I fear that people will look at me like another immigrant that is there to cause trouble and being a nuisance. I speak german more than enough, I know the history, the customs etc.. I do not want them to look at me like that, I am not even neither muslim or arab, and I want to show...
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wearing an eye patch will not help
Where are you from?

Munich is quite conservative and staid by German standards, although it is loose and liberal by Bavarian standards... Anyway, my advice would be to not hang around at train stations all day smoking, in packs with 12 other of your teenage Arab friends and leering and making sounds at women all day. Also, don't grope them or rape them. .

If you look foreign, well... Germany is a little inherently racist like most of the world. If you don't look white, yes, you will be treated...
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You'll be fine. Especially as an exchange student at a university. The only thing you should worry about are the rents in Munich

and fyi it's Munich in English and München in German

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New Japan General:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your wee fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the...
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First for tokyo is a meme city
Anyone going to Tokyo on 6th of may or later on? I'll be leaving from Romania or Hungary.

How's this spot? I'll be 2 weeks in Tokyo.
https://goo doo.oot gl/KYEo1y
Post a valid url you mongoloid.

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I no longer have a reason to stay in my home state of Michigan and have decided that I should live a little and travel. I don't have much money, so I plan on hitchhiking to California to see family and then see where I want to go from there. Any tips on hitchhiking/train hopping or being a hobo in general are appreciated.
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I also am considering something similar. Know the feels man.
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Have fun whoring yourself out at a truck stop.
G2know mate

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While traveling, where and what was the best thing you ever ate (besides "your Mom," of course).
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first place was about 15 years ago, at the great wall of china, -20f with windchill, bought a hot steamed yam for 8 yuan. most amazing, nourishing, re-energizing single item of food i've ever experienced.

second best was in denver a couple years ago, incidentally during restaurant week, my wife and i ate $200 worth of steak for $52.80. fucking phenomenal.
Tough question. I like eating.
New Orleans is pretty bomb all over. Fried oyster poboy, sweet potato bignets, king cake, grilled alligator, boiled crawfish... not to mention drinking a sazerac
I had haddock fish and chips in London, that was the best f&c I've had
My home town Albuquerque has pretty badass breakfast burritos, I never get tired of them.
West Seattle has a stellar sushi joint called Mashiko, and close to that is a little pastry shop that kicks ass too
Fish tagine in Dakhla. Dunno what fish they used; had massive bones, maybe it was swordfish or something. Seasoned to perfection. By god I licked the caramelized onions off the bottom of that dish.

Second place goes to another fish dish I had in Sri Lanka. At the beach town we were in, each of the hotels had a boat set out on the beach, packed full of ice, and displaying the day's catch. You'd point at the exact fish you wanted to eat and ten minutes later they'd bring it out to you, head still on, grilled and seasoned so it melts in your mouth. Wash down with Lion beer.

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Sup /trv/,

Im considering a big road trip through the US and possibly Canada. Im planning to go about 3-6 months (almost finished my masters etc). Because of the length of my trip i figured buying a car would probably be a better option than renting. As a (western) european owning a car (as well as driving one) is quite expensive. Probably more expensive than buying one in the US. Therefore im wondering what the price would be for a reasonable car in the US? That means that i dont give a fuck how it looks, it just has to work (and keep working). I've been browsing...
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Seems kind of tricky. A car isn't something you can just buy and be done with it. You need to register it in your state of residence... and seeing as to how you're a foreigner with no US permanent residence, no state residence, no state driver's license, I'm not sure it could be done. Not to mention, I don't even know if it's possible to get insurance without a US home address. You'd have to research that. The only way I could think of to get around all that is to find an American willing to have the car and insurance registered under their...
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yeah ive looked briefly into that. The car insurance seems to be the main problem. Ive read stories of people who were able to just insure their car with a dutch adress, others said that the adress of the hotel theyre staying at was accepted. A somewhat more expensive (but foolproof i guess) option is to insure the car through a dutch company, which apparently is no hassle at all (you just have to e-mail your purchasing bill of the car you buy in the US etc.). I agree its definetly something to think about but probably...
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I recommend you get one of the following:

>99-02 Volkswagen New Beetle
>Any year Volkswagen Golf
>1992-1998 Honda Accord
>1992-2002 Volvo V70 (bonus ability to sleep in your car)
>2000-2006 Volvo XC70
>2001-2006 Ford Focus

In general Volkswagens are fairly unbreakable, and the Volvo station wagons are tanks. All...
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Planning a trip from 4/4 - 4/18. Anyone have city recommendations? Must-see things?
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What do you want in a holiday?
Here are a few things you should look into: the blue mountains, the coral coast (ningaloo reef), uluru, the great barrier reef (obviously), swimming with whale sharks, melbourne nightlife, cains, red or white sand beaches in WA, airlie beach, byron bay, nimbin (Australias most well accepted stoned hippie town)
Party and chill and do touristy shit. I have no budget so I could really splurge.


seriously. Plenty of other weed-friendly towns that aren't third world shitholes.
As in, any town in a 100 kay radius of Nimbin.

Do any Americans here have experience travelling to Canada without a passport? Some friends and I planned a weekend up, but I didn't realize my passport card had expired. From everything I've read online, travelling into Canada as a US citizen only requires a birth certificate and photo ID, although I will bring as many documents as I can possibly find.
However, I can't find an easy answer on returning to America, and what documents are required to do so. I really don't want to get stranded at the border.
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It's all listed there. Are you driving or flying? It makes a difference.
I'm driving. So from the sounds of that link, I can get into Canada, but not return. Is that seriously right? That's insane.
drove up in October (through Michigan)
getting into Canada they searched the entire car, coming back into the states they just let us through, no problems.
It would be a really, really good idea to have a passport tho

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Advice for op moving to Ireland?

>Be 23
>Be from Boston
>Parents are from Kerry
>Have jobs lined up
>Have Irish passport
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>Advice for op moving to Ireland?
Well, Boston weather is pretty decently similar...so you already know how to dress...
but I think you should know that there is sheep shit everywhere, and it rains like London/Seattle rain, all the time. So consider what shoes you pack.
You will need a car. Fact.

I shld of mentioned I visit every yead, so I'm definitely ready for the weather and the sheep shit lol
Yeah, don't move to Ireland.

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Im driving up to detroit alone for a few days to photograph the city, but I need a CHEAP hotel/motel to stay at. The problem is cheap is usually in the bad neighborhoods, and I dont want to die. Where are the "good" parts of Detroit to stay?
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Gross Point, it's a world of difference. Though it's a suburban area so it's more expensive. The border from Gross Point/Detroit is freaky, totally "wrong side of the tracks".

Also check out the abandoned zoo, great photography location. Just bring boots and pepper spray.
The good areas are midtown, corktown, and downtown. Dunno about cheap and good tho
I'll never forget that police massacre in Mexican Town.

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