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New Japan General:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your wee fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the...
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What store has the best 3dpd nudie mags in tokyo
Generally, convenience stores.
Them why didn't you use metric system?

Anyway I'm 1.7m 80kg and I'm near the border of the Japanese sizes. Clothes for me are LL and it goes up to LLL on normal stores. Maybe you can try using LLL or you can try the stores for foreigners selling american sizes but I imagine they will be considerably more expensive than in USA. I don't know how that would compare to your prices.

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Is Guatemala worth backpacking?
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Yes, it is.

I'm from Guatemala, ask anything
I just spend last February there backpacking. It's fairly easy and despite initial concerns I didn't have any single problem there.

There is a pretty obvious backpacker trail which is packed with backpackers and package tourists and then there are other spots where you won't find any of them
Absolutely. Never planned to go there but heard so many good things while I was in Mexico. The energy there is amazing and if you're into healthy living, hiking, nature, etc it has everything. The partying is as good as anywhere else but I'd highly recommend it

Hey guys, I'm going to China next Saturday. Do you know a good VPN to get internet access there?
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which city

how long, what do you plan to do there

File: 1459099966260.png (535 KB, 1916x941) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Want to move near San Jose

I can't figure out which option to use, but I'm leaning towards the train. I'm open to anything though, even backpacking. I want the best experience possible on the way there since CA will probably be so radically different and I've never been to a big city before. I also want to meet tons of people on the way.

I figured asking /n/ would be the best avenue here
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hope you have a lot saved up. first+last+security deposit is going to run you at least $3-5k, with monthly rent of $1500 for a one bedroom apartment, even in the shitty parts of town. and you need a car to reasonably get around, or be prepared for a 10 minute drive to take 90 minutes with all the stops and transfers.

sorry to shit on your parade, just want you to be forewarned instead of waiting til you get here to get hit by sticker shock.
SJ doesn't really have a big city feel, it's more like one giant suburb.

Grew up there, downtown is THE only place that gives that big city place. Be careful, crime of all sorts has been on a rise over the past few years.

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The general consensus is /trv/ is mostly white dudes traveling. My question is how does your skin color play out when you travel?. I've been pretty much all over Europe and i've been confused with everything from black to arab to N. African. But i'm a Hispanic (Dominican) from the US.

Some locals were friendly (Spain, Italy), others were kind racist (Germany, Czech,Slovakia) but didnt bother me, and some were curious (Montenegro, Serbia). So where are good countries to meet, hangout, and fuck locals as a non-white outside of the US and L. America?
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>the general consensus
nigga wut

>more and more /fit/ each month

You can guess the rest.
>Some locals were friendly (Spain, Italy)
Lol these countries are full of Hispanics anyway
Also helped that I can speak both Spanish and Italian.

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Hi /trv/

Have any of you ever gone to a school in Latin America with an intensive Spanish program for any long period of time (6 months or more)? I'm interested in going since I need to learn Spanish quickly and also want a short break from monotonic North American life.

Please share thoughts, experiences, recommendations for different cities, countries, etc.

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Don't learn 3rd rate Spanish in Latin America, go to Spain.
I did 5 days at Antiguena in Antigua and a couple of friends did a month there. I found it pretty helpful, my friends even more so. It cost me 100USD for the lessons and I paid an extra 65 for a homestay with three meals provided. The home stay was worth it, although some people complained about the meals, but I guess that depends on the family you stay with. They also offer a free excursion every afternoon which is quite nice.

I did feel that perhaps Antigua wasn't the best place to study Spanish as it...
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Though I'm not a spaniard I've lived most of my life in Barcelona. Apparently this place is really popular with tourists, so I thought I'll just offer some advice to any of you who plan on coming here or already are and want to know anything that isn't in your average tourist guide.

Pic related is my favourite tourist attraction (since I'm also an autistic /n/igger), a historic tram retaining it's original line from 1901 and original cars from 1906.
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Have you ever been to Primavera Sound, the music festival? I'm going this june and I'm really excited. Any advice?

[spoiler]South american whose main board for a long time was /mu/ and never really got the chance to see many of his favourite bands live[/spoiler]
Oh shit you got me there, I'm not really much into music, so I've never been to any of those festivals. I can help you with anything around it, though I don't know much about the festival itself.

lol, I was going to ask the exact same thing, also south american going there for the first time who used to browse /mu/

anyway, >>1095648 , are 4 days enough to do sightseeing around Barcelona? Other than Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou, beaches, Barri Gotic and Park Güell, what other things you recommend?

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I want to go somewhere solo in Europe in April. Things I want:

>outdoorsy activities
>day hikes
>scenery and nature
>preferably mild or warm

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There are like a dozen regions in Europe that fit your bill:

- Italian alps
- Slovenian alps
- French alps
- Pyrenees
- Sierra Nevada in Spain
- Mountains in central Italy
- Balkan mountains (Bosnia via Montenegro to Macedonia)
- Greece (literally half the country is mountains and wilderness)
- Inner regions of Albania
- and more
Are those areas hike-able in April though? That's my main concern. Afraid it might be too early.

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Hi /trv/,

I suspect this question has been asked countless times, but I would like to hear from solo travellers, how you managed and whether you enjoyed it?

I've never travelled on my own, it was either with friends or family. I recently came back from a holiday with a friend and now itching to leave the UK and go somewhere close by (in Europe). Most of my friends are either working, or are boring cunts that don't want to travel in Europe, which leaves me by myself. I want to travel on my own (sometimes I prefer to be by myself when travelling), but...
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>this thread again
REEEEEEEEEE why isn't this in the sticky yet

Meeting people and making friends is easy af. Solo travel is the way to go because there's literally no strings attached, or that's how I feel about it at least.

Here's what I usually do:
stay in a hostel and take a guided walking tour they're recommending/offering, and at the end of the tour ask some people if they want to go grab a beer

voila, you've now made friends!
The fact that this sounds like a stupid question merely convinces me even further that I am socially retarded; I can't even wrap my head around the idea that travel might be better with someone else.
>Does it not get boring?
It's as exciting as you make it. You have no reason not to do precisely what you want. If you want to go to Sunny Beach and spend twelve hours sitting on the sand, you can. If you want to go hiking, you can. If you want to visit a Mongolian cattle farm, you can. If it's boring it's nobodies fault but yours but fortunately you don't have to consult anybody to change that.

>Is it not weird...?
No. Different, uncomfortable, surreal, relaxing, pleasant... You could describe it any number of ways. I don't know how you are on your own but you can change that.

>Can you make friends easily?
Of course. It's easier if you go places where English is still spoken but tourists aren't as common because they will be much more interested in you. Going to Majorca as a Brit will probably be met with indifference, but Tehran? You will be the talk of the town.

>What do you do to enjoy everything?
The things you enjoy. I know that sharing a trip is half the fun sometimes, but of you aren't enjoying what you're doing then you're doing something wrong.

Safety is too varied to comment on. Back alleys in Rio De Janeiro at 2am? Probably not a good idea. Midnight in the middle of Prague? No better or worse than any other city, just be sensible.

I can't tell you if it's better or worse because I don't know you. Going to Vegas alone would be dull, but going to a remote island in the Philippines could be quite cathartic.

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Backpack and suitcases recommendations?

Personally I would like some sturdy and durable backpacks and suitcases that don't cost me my life. I have a military backpack that seems like it will last many more years but didn't bring it with me to Japan expecting to get another good military one here but seems like the military otakus got all the good deals already.
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If you dont care for looks, you can get a us army duffle bag for about 30$. Get the newer version that opens on the side as well as the end. Its sturdy, cheap, and and you can carry it by the handles, with a shoulder strap, or with the backpack straps.
That looks good for camping and as a hand luggage on airplane but seems a little too much for urban environment. Isn't organization an issue on this bag? Also I still don't know where to go for army surplus where I am.
There are some sites you can try for buying milsurp online. And yeah, as someone who has been issue a couple of standard army duffels, they're just a big empty bag with no compartments. They're bigger than the look, and durable as hell, but they're mainly good for getting a large amount of stuff from point A to point B and not needing to get anything out of the bag in between. For what you want, I'd recommend getting a rucksack.

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Hey /trv/

I'm going to Vegas for the month of August on business. I'm going to be either renting a suite for the month from Vdara or getting something cheaper off AirBNB. For the first few days I think I'm going to stay at Caesar's just for the hell of it.

This is my first time in Vegas. Any tips on where to go/what to do/casino comps would be greatly appreciated. Does the "20 dollar trick" really work at getting hotel upgrades on off days?
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1.) Vdara is a non-gaming hotel. Closest casino would be the Cosmopolitan right in front.
2.) "Next door" is still a 10 minute walk from your room.
3.) The strip proper is 5 miles long
4.) Play table games and you can get drinks and then just tip the waitress. Sportsbook wagering requires a minimum amount bet before you get drink tickets. Comps are getting more and more hard to come by unless you're playing/winning some crazy $$$. Most of the time if you consistently play at the same casino, they'll at least throw you a free buffet if you play enough.
> I stay at the Encore when I go to Vegas and play at the Wynn sportsbook. I'm no high roller by any means but from just staying there they gave me some drink tickets right off the bat with my players card. Then I hit a few times and they gave me a whole stack of them for the remainder of my trip.
4.) Fremont Street is hit or miss depending on your personal preferences. It's like Vegas's "Bourbon Street" in New Orleans with a giant projector screen ceiling.
5.) People will hassle you on the street to buy shit and want to hand out hooker calling cards. I like to collect them all like they're Pokemon cards.
6.) Food is as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it. Just remember that all nice casinos on the strip will not be cheap for any meals really.
7.) Catch a show or two depending on your tastes. There's something for everyone.
8.) You will see an inordinate amount of Asian tourists who do not speak English and are very pushy. They travel in packs.
Thanks for the reply Anon. Any thoughts on Vdara as a whole? Do you know of any other places that offer extended (30 day) stays? My options are pretty much to rent a condo in Trump Tower or Palms Place through AirBNB or book through Vdara at this point.

I'm not looking to go too extravagant but I want my girlfriend and I to be comfortable. Vdara is going to run me about 4 grand. My AirBNB options are between 3 and 5.5k I'd like to stay in that window.

The Vdara is a great place and it's quiet since there is no casino. For an extended stay I'd say it's a good deal honestly and I think it'd be a better bet than an airBnB crapshoot.

They have a nice spa, but if you really want to treat your gf, go to the one at the Encore. Check it out online, it's totally on point.

You can take a trip to the north end of the Grand Canyon on a tour for about 125pp and the glass skywalk is another 30pp if I remember correctly. The bus will...
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Hi, guys.
I'm want to go to Germany but I do not know how much food costs there.
I'm talking about average breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Hope can you help me.
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Hard to say, depends on cities/regions, etc. - there's quite a range, the following are in my opinion "normal" prices for a city. There are places (Munich, Heidelberg) which tend to be a bit more expensive, though. On the other hand, rural areas and Eastern Germany can be much cheaper.

Breakfast: I'd say 7 to 14 EUR, depending on what, where and how much. You can go to a bakery and get a coffee and a bread roll for c. 3,50 EUR though

Lunch: 6 to 10 EUR in simple restaurants. A Döner Kebab is around 4 EUR. McDonald's menu c. 7 EUR.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I can confirm. I live in Heidelberg though, and you can eat for the same low prices, you just have to know where to find them. But the trick is not to hard, just leave the tourist road and go two blocks in a random direction.

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This September, I'll move to Moscow from Hungary for two years to get an MSc degree. I'll start learning Russian next month and I have a place to live near the university that's already paid for.

I'd like to estimate the cost of living (food, smoking, etc.).
Also, I'm interested in book recommendations, either fiction or non-fiction, from which I'd better understand Russian culture.
Any general advice about living in Moscow as a foreigner is appreciated too.
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1. Don't be black
2. Buy a track suit
3. Learn to squat
4. Start playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. tonight
>1. Don't be black
I'm not.
>2. Buy a track suit
I have one.
>3. Learn to squat
I can.
>4. Start playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. tonight
I played through that game in high school.

This was easy.

I spontaneously booked a trip to Prague for four days next month. I'm 18 and it's my first time traveling completely alone, but I have some experience being in foreign cities due to football matches.

What are the must-sees?
Where are the best parties locals go to?
Which are the best spots for sightseeing and street photography?
Are the people open-minded and hospitable? I also think about couchsurfing there for the first time.

Also, general Prague/Czech Republic thread
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I'm going in December. Can't wait. I've heard the museum of communism is cool.
What did you hear about it? Sounds interesting, but I could imagine it being very similar to the DDR museum in Berlin.
There's plenty to do in Prague. I was there for about 5-6 days and saw a hockey game (hockey is HUGE is the Czech Republic), visited Charles Bridge, Prage Castle, St Vitus Cathedral (which is gorgeous, pic related), Karlstejn Castle (not IN Prague but well within day trip distance), saw a movie (in English and subbed in Czech which seems common), saw a play, went to Pruhonice Park (a huge and very scenic park very close to Prague), did a walking tour that included a trip to a cold war bunker and gave some history on the Prague Spring and Czech's eventual independance....
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Curious as if anyone on this board has traveled Vietnam by motorcycle. I'm strongly considering taking a journey from Northern Vietnam to Southern this fall and I would like to know if anyone has made the trip before.

Also, anyone interested in going?
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How do you plan to spend your time when not riding?
I'll likely do this trip in about 3-4 years time. Doing a motorcycle road trip this year in the States before leaving for Australia when the weather cools off on this side of the equator.
I just made this journey. Flew into Hanoi, weather sucked to flew to Hué, bought a bike there, rode down to Saigon over 3 weeks.

I'm no stranger to adventure but this time has been some of the craziest days of my life. Definitely my best experiences traveling so far were here.

My biggest recommendation is to avoid the main highway like everyone else - highway 1 - but also consider avoiding most of the standard backpacker route. When you're away from places that foreigners go you're treated like a celebrity everywhere. It's so intense that it gets really overwhelming when you're tired from riding and just want a beer or food.

All that said I would strongly recommend against doing this unless you have a really good amount of riding experience. Even with that, about half of our group got hurt to some degree. Road conditions and the unpredictable traffic makes it difficult. I saw a guy that got hit by a bus because he wasn't expecting a bus to be coming at him in the wrong lane (as he went around a corner). It was bad.

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