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Ask a guy living in the Cayman Islands anything.
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I'll be passing through there for a day on a cruise next month. What do?
Seven Mile Beach is the best bet if you're only going to be in for a day. There is also a really cool turtle farm up north in West Bay where I live. Depends on your interests really!
what line of work are you in that allows you to live there?

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I'm going to Amsterdam on the 12th of july with my cousin. We're both 21 and from Norway. I've booked five nights at " The flying pig downtown" hostel as I've read a lot of good things about them and it is relatively cheap.

I'm still kind of a noob when it comes to travelling in big cities and I'm usually not much of a party guy (introverted), but I want to let loose and come out of my shell when I'm here, have some fun and hopefully get some friends, and if I'm super lucky, maybe even a girl for a night.

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re: weed

tldr; smoke a little but not too much

young people smoke way too much weed at once, get sent to the stratosphere and then can't function the rest of the day

same thing with edibles, they will be too powerful for you so avoid them. just take a puff or two and go about your day/night

it's not a real great place to go club since booze is so expensive

just cruise around on a bike, find some cafes, read a book by the canals

at nighttime just hang out in the hostel...
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Good advice mate, thanks.
Shameful self bump?

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Hello everyone!

My girlfriend and I want to visit Paris for a week this summer. Do you have any tips or ideas about where we should go (besides the meme locations like Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame etc.)?

Anything we should avoid?
Know of any decent places that we could grab a snack from without being ripped off?
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>Anything we should avoid?
going inside anything in Pigalle.
You'll always be ripped off in Paris, shit is like London.
Walk a good bit from the touristy streets to avoid being ripped off

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Hi guys, I'm going to be in Germany for just under a week next month, specially in Hamburg.

What are some interesting things to see in and around the city for a non-Euro? Which are the best ways to travel around the city?
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The subway gets you everywhere pretty easily. And in the inner city you can reach a lot by foot. The 'Reeperbahn' is a famous street and quarter mostly known for its nightlife with casinos, clubs, restaurants, political activists, gangs, brothels, music/concert places and all kinds of things in a mix. Nice to have seen it at night but be very careful not to get robbed or scammed, don't let anyone talk to you and so on. Last time I've been there I noticed a lot of immigrants like to spend their time there too as they have nothing else to and might assimilate...
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Hamburg Native here.

Do not go to Bremen and don't even mention Bremen to any local. There is some serious rivalry going on, especially when it comes to Premier League Soccer. :)

If you need a break from the city, go to the Baltic Sea, not far away, city of Lübeck is especially beautiful, entire old town is Unesco heritage.

Well, Hamburg has a lot to offer, yet it is small enough to be able to be comfortable here.

Public transportation is expensive, but gets you everywhere safe and on a great schedule. You can also rent city bikes (www.stadtrad.hamburg.de) which is pretty cool, because first 30 minutes are free, so I always use it to get me from a to b, then drop it off and grab another one later.

Taking a Sunday walk around the big inner city lake (Aussenalster) is a Hamburg tradition.

Reeperbahn, as mentioned before, is the main party district with some strip joints and sex shops left, but is transforming more into a clubbing scene with bars, restaurants, musicals & theaters. On weekends the crowd can be somewhat agressive when drunk, but it is very well police enforced, so only real issue for a normal visitor is getting your wallet stolen when drunk.

Visit Hafencity (the newly built neighborhood at the river Elbe) with the new soon to be opened Elbphilharmonie.

Get yourself to Övelgönne (by bus or car or even bike) and walk along the river towards Blankenese, really beautiful. Famous bar for a sundowner for locals is called "Strandperle". Further up river another one is called "Kajüte"!

Do you need recommendations for overnight stay? Motel One is a chain that offers cheap room rates, standard, modern, clean. Nothing fancy but good value for price.

Food: Cafe Leonar, located in the jewish area of town with nice atmosphere.

Anyhow, if you are still around and have more questions, ask away, I shall check back periodically.

Where is the best Labskaus in Hamburg? :^)

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is the area around the Royal London Hospital a good place to stay for about a week?
I'm an Amerifag from the Oakland/SF Bay Area and I'm wondering if it is a safe/fun place to say.
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Tend to be a lot of amberlamps coming and going around hospitals -- and so lots of siren noise. How close are we talking?
Yeah dude a week would be decent. There are some cool pubs. the blind beggar is where apparently Jack the Ripper would hang out, also the kray twins shot someone in that pub.
It's close to Shoreditch which is a decent night out.
If you like smoking weed/hash there is a cafe you can buy/smoke at, maybe find some young locals/students and ask them. The cafe is just behind the hospital.

Bare in mind the whole area is very Muslim and if you are white you will be a minority, but it's ok and mainly...
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>Though maybe don't be drinking openly in the street.

Are you seriously telling me sharia law is in effect in London?

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Is it dangerous for a girl to travel to Latin America alone via student-run programs such as Aiesec?
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Typical Brazilian.jpg
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Not at all. Chile,Argentina & Uruguay are perfectly safe beautiful countries in particular.

Just stay away from Central America and Hueland and you'll be fine.
What is that
Is it because Argentina is full of white people?

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Hello! I will be going on a trip to the uk in march of 2017. I am interested in hearing what shops, attractions or areas I should visit or absolutely stay away from.

I will be visiting Dublin for 2-3 days, Belfast for1 1/2 days, Edinburgh for 1 1/2 days, and London for 2 1/2 days.
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Dublin's not in the UK, you'll upset a lot of Irish people if you say it is
Don't faff around at ticket gates, don't stop at the bottom of escalators, if you're using an oyster card on a bus you only need to tap once etc. etc.

Visit York if you can. Wonderful history and beautiful city.

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Hey guys, I´ll be living in Thai for around 9 months at the province of chonburi.
And got some questions:

Any advice abou thai and the sorroundings of chonburi?
Any advice on Thai ppl customs and manners?
How´s internet in Thailand?
It is cheap to travel through the country?
Are there things I should avoid beside traps?
Best Thai food dishes I should try?

Any adv is welcome, I just know the basic things about thailand.
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Check out Sriracha, home namesake of the sauce, don't let Pattaya's rep scare you away. It's the biggest city in the province and has more going for it than the infamous Walking Street. Especially as an expat. Don't worry about avoiding traps. It's a non issue. Try all of the food, even the bugs. You're there for months.
I envy you, OP. That's a dream for me, move there for sometime. As you see, i never lived there but i know a lot about "the land of smiles". I can't answer all the questions actually but i will try to help you.

>any advice on Thai ppl customs and manners?
As i told, Thai is the land of the smiles. Everyone smiles for everything, even if they are sad. But be careful, not every time it can be a positive smile, try not be persuated by it.
Also, Thais don't like people yelling. Don't touch thais head for no...
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Thanks for the adv anon, I´m from Mexico.
A Japanese company will be opening bussines here, so ill be sent as a trainee.

Also by the things yo mentioned and other things i have read by now, customs and manners feel a little bit like Japan.

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I'm considering moving somewhere other than the US for a while. What are some neat places to live comfortably for about 1300 per month??
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rural south carolina
Thailand for most cheap with modern infrastructure. Followed by Phillipines, then Vietnam. For checking out of the 1st world altogether Cambodia, Laos, Burma.

Not sure where Malaysia and Indonesia fall on 1,300/month.

Closet to the USA, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Belize. Is Costa Rica cheap? I hear Venezuela is cheap

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I always told myself that I wouldn't become a wagecuck after I graduate and live in America for the rest of my life. But now I'm starting to fear that it may become a reality. I always wanted to live in Berlin. People always told me to make these kinds of transitions soon after you graduate, or else it will be too late. Maybe I can work for a few years, master German and then move?

Any expats on here? Gib advice, pls
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I lived and worked in Holland, London (5 years) Germany and Malta. Ask me anything
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also now as a foreigner in the current political climate it's pretty difficult to get a work permit when you are born outside the EU.

you can't just go to Germany and look/apply for a job there.
I would like to live in Thailand for a while.

Any expat or former in Thailand?

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Not trying to be edgy at all. I have a strong academic interest in the holocaust and would like to visit auschwitz.

What is transportation like getting there? How much time is needed? Better solo or group? Etc
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>what is google
I visited auschwitz three weeks back. Although I'd really recommend it, please keep in mind that it is very popular and will be very crowded. In my opinion that really diminished the experience.

In Birkenau we were the only ones apart from a group of orthodox jews, though, as it was the end of the day. Maybe you could try to time your visit towards the end of the day. They only let you in for a certain amount of time (about 3-4 hours) so keep that in mind.
don't ask pesky questions, they don't like that

especially about the 'gas chambers'

you can also tell that a lot of the buildings have been rebuilt or are newer construction than WW2. if you ask them about this they will relent a little but say it was for the purpose of tourist safety

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What are the best cities in the USA for college-educated, young professionals?

I'm specifically wondering about the job prospects and dating market.
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Austin, Denver, Boston
anycity, usa
San Francisco
San Jose
Las Vegas

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How old is too old for a hostel?

30 going on 31 anon here dont feel old and still like to party and have a good time but cant go as hard as in college.

Looking to solo travel because i feel like time is passing me by and want one last adventure before i settle down.

Have taken a couple of vacations to other countries but kind of want something different.

So i ask is a hostel a good meeting base or is it hit or miss? Will it be a bunch of young 18-22 kids just looking to get wasted and crush as much poon as possible?

The other problem i have...
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Old people can go to hostels without a problem. Just make sure to look at reviews in case it is some sort of designated party hostel.
From my experience, a lot of party hostels have a maximum age of 35.

Honestly, with hostels the cliché of 'you're only as old as you feel' does come into play. I've partied with people who were literally twice my age when I was 17/18. I've also hung-out with people who were 70+ years old and staying at the same hostel.
>is 31 too old for a hostel

of course not, jesus

have you ever actually BEEN to a hostel?

it's an all ages affair, literally there will be people old enough to be your gandparents hanging out in the common area

how else do you expect people to travel when they're old and on a fixed income?

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How touristy do you behave /trv ?

Are you sometimes ashamed how loudly and drunk you where being , visiting that temple in Thailand .
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You seem to be confused.

'Loud and drunk' is not the tourist stereotype.

The stereotypical tourist dresses in a ridiculous way, does not speak the language, has a map and takes pictures of everything.

>people that come to visit temporarily and spend their money in your country with minimal impact on your sense of culture are less preferable than people who want to stay permanently uninvited with no skills, completely different morality, religion, language, inability to integrate, and unable to contribute anything whilst being a permanent burden to your state and people

I do what I want, within reason. I make an effort to respect local cultures and customs without forfeiting my own. I basically just try to stay true to myself while opening up to foreign experiences. For example, I'm not going to wear a lungi in India to "fit in," as some people do, because I'm used to wearing pants and that's what I like having over my legs. However, I'm not going to do what I saw a lot of folks doing in Thailand, which is blatantly disrespect signs suggesting a certain...
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Me and my friend are planning on moving to Colorado by the end of July this year.

If there are any locals here I would greatly appreciate some pointers on looking for a good spot to live in. We would like to be in a suburban or even more rural area but within a reasonable driving distance to Denver. Some areas that I've been told to look at are Alma, Evergreen, Conifer, Superior, and I have a friend in Crested Butte who might be able to get me a job.
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As bad as it can get with the homeless in most major cities in America I've never been to anywhere else in America where such a large percentage of the population just looked poor (not homeless) when I was in Denver. You go inside a place and its nice, but you walk around the city and everyone outside of it just looks so poor
prepar for the cost of living and what you should be ecpexted to pay. have enough money to last till you get a job and finally hope your not banking on a mmj job that is about 2 years late to the party. if that is the case just grow from current location unless surrounding state.
Fuck off we're full.

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