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Can you still hitch-hike across the US?
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only if you're attractive
I saw some hitchhikers yesterday. But I just kept driving, in my empty minivan.
It's still doable. Just be sure to clap as loud as you can once the car is within seven feet of you.

Greenland Thread

I'd really like to go visit Greenland this or next summer when it's warmer there and just explore the whole place like the nice little villages, the islands, icebergs, glaciers, ice caps and everything there. I'm just really fascinated by the place and how people live there and I'd really like to explore as much as the country as possible and I want t camp and hike while I'm there. I know it's really expensive there but that's not an issue since I have the money but I need to make the time.

Has anyone here been...
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New Japan General:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not...
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>Kabukicho has the best kappuru-kisa

Olive21? It's good, but my gf and I are trying to find a different place. Olive21 is crazy and very good for just pure action, but we'd like to find something that has more space and actually has a legit bar and lounge area.

If anyone has any good couple kissa (or happening bar) recommendations I'm all ears.
How much did you spend every day in Tokyo? Aside from lodging.

You mean how much will you spend? On average? I live here so I've never strictly experienced Tokyo just as a visitor/tourist, but I would say it really varies depending on what you're into. Obviously if you're a clubbing/nightlife person you will spend significantly more than someone who is not.

The whole "Japan is really expensive" thing is somewhat of a meme, it's pretty reasonable compared to big international cities like New York and London. But an expense that will add...
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So /trv/, I'm planning a backpacking trip alone but am afraid of a scenario in which I don't talk to anyone or anything during the trip. Have you traveled alone? What's it like
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Why does that scare you?
Are you a spagetthi lord back home? Why do you think that will change if you're some place else?

Are you a normie/Chad back home? Why do you think that will change if you're some place else?

Not OP but...

>Are you a spagetthi lord back home? Why do you think that will change if you're some place else?

You're away from your regular life and the people you are forced to deal with regularly. Fewer consequences and no one to judge you. That might make a spaghetti monster more bold.

>Are you a normie/Chad back home? Why do you think that will change if you're some place else?

Being in a new surrounding...
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I will be embarking on a trip to London in a couple of months. No car will be available, but the London Underground seems fit for my daily commute (Marble Arch-Liverpool Street).
Anything I should be aware of? Muggers? Buggers? Gypsies? Giant spiders? Victorian ghosts? Eurabian suicide bombers? Her Majesty dancing about in underoos during the five bongers?
Anything I should be mindful about when interacting with brits?
Also, what can you eat for cheap in London?
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I worked in London and took the underground every day.
I don't know where are you from but it's clean enough, I haven't seen any gypsy so far, probably because you need to use your ticket (or oyster card) for BOTH entering and exiting.

Unlike Paris. Damn, the London Underground is like heaven if you're from Paris.
The only place you need to worry about buggers is Soho or the catholic church, mate.
many thanks, perfidious albions

Hey /trv/,
First time poster here looking for advice on traveling to Geneva. I plan to stay for 13 days (12 nights) and was wondering if there are cheaper options from housing (eg. temporary room mate, etc...) to circumvent the hotels. Also, any suggestions of where to visit? I'll most likely be traveling solo. This is my first unaccompanied trip to Europe, although I have spent quite a bit of time in Bulgaria and Eastern Turkey. Any general tips/suggestions are also welcome!
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Why would you go to Geneva for 13 days? It's a extremely expensive small city that can be done in one day.

As for options AIrBnB is always a option as well as staying anywhere towards Lausanne as price will drop as soon as you leave the city lines.
I gave it some though and decided I'm just gonna be traveling around Europe. I'm going to Spain first, then Geneva for a couple days, then probably Bulgaria and Turkey. I'll finish it off with a flight to Bahrain to visit some friends. I'm probably just going to be training around in Europe since I have a Bulgarian passport, too.
Like the other anon said, don't waste more than a day in Geneva. Seriously. You will get bored very fast. There are plenty of options nearby, you can easily take a train from Geneva to anywhere else in Switzerland, or to France, even Italy or Germany.

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Ameriburger here, I am heading to Montreal this summer for a week and a half starting June 26th and will be there during Canada Day. If I knew Quebec's national holiday is on June 24th I would have booked during that time, but it's okay with me

I'm definitely checking out La Ronde since I like roller coasters and going up to Mount Royal, but is there anything else I should check out? What foods should I eat, what bars or clubs should I go to? What is Canada Day like in Montreal and what things I should do on that day?

I might also take a day trip...
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>Quebec's national holiday

Implying those welfare frogs are a nation
Why is there a thread about Montreal every couple days here and why do their OPs never bother to fucking use google?

Even Harper said so famalam
Because what's the point of a /trav/ board of you can't get advice when some fagggot retard says to just google. If that's everyone's answer in every thread, then /trav/ should be deleted forever

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Hello guys i am thinking of realizing a dream of mine, i will be making a video-journey from India, Nepal and Tibet on foot. while sleeping on the open throughout the whole journey
what do I need to get and how much should I save?
Any recommendations and tips are grateful for I have never done such a thing before.
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Buy good shoes and be prepared to buy new ones on the way when these ones get worn out.

When you say sleeping on the open, you mean in a tent, right? You have to remember there might be rain, bugs, and other things that making sleeping under the stars kinda shitty compared to even sleeping under a tent.
where are you going to post the videos
Youtube, and places where people can watch it for free

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So I'm 23years old and heading to Copenhagen tomorrow night and it will be my first trip abroad. I plan to stay there a few days then travel down to Berlin and through Germany. I plan to see the Netherlands and end my trip in Ireland.

I have zero time frame, I'm just going with the flow and hardly planning other then the basic essential plans.

What should I know? Anyone that's been to Copenhagen have any recommendations?

I will be staying in hostels and the most expensive thing I'll have is my phone so I'm to worried about theft.

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I'm more just asking any experienced travels to give me some tips to make it amazing.

I'm going alone and I'm not awkward or socially inept. I'm just looking to experience the Beauty.
I loved Copenhagen.
About theft, Copenhagen would rank among the safest cities of Europe. Just be careful, as always, just in case, but that's pretty much it. It's extremely safe.

I'm a History lover so I pretty much enjoyed the museums there. If you're into that, let me know, I can make a small lists of museums. I also did a small day trip to Hillbrod. Also, Danes like to close down shops on Mondays for some reason.
Go visit Tivoli gardens, especially at night. It's not as beautiful...
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Not OP, but am spending a week in Copenhagen in August. I'm a public history major so I'd love a list of museums to see while I'm there.

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>I don't have much friends
>I have a lot of social anxiety
>I'am almost hitting 38
>I haven't travelled because of my social anxiety
I want to travel and see the world before I get too old. I don't mind travelling alone because I don't have a lot of friends. But just the fear or going somewhere new and not knowing anything or anyone really scares me. The social anxiety just makes it worse. I want to see and do stuff that...
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Alright, I thought you must have moved back to this board. Left this message on the last one you made but kept it /tv/ related.

Just remember that nobody will ever care about where you went in life besides yourself. The people you run into or the memories you have on your travels might end up becoming the things that stick with you for the rest of your life. Now get out there and live it.

If you want something in life, reach out and grab it.

Traveling can be pretty individualistic activity. Actually it is most of the time.

You are just hearing too much of those yappy "yaaay I travel to meet so many new people like omg everyone was friends with me and so beatiful and I have so many new friends, like wow!!!"
That's complete bullshit mostly.
Oh well I guess I'll copy my response here too.
>reach out and grab it.
Easier said than done. But that is exactly what you have to do. right? If you don't? Well you get nothing.

Watched the movie. Great movie in a lot of ways. At the same time felt a little cringe. Not sure if the cringe was correct or not.

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Greetings everyone. This summer I will be taking my first trip across the country (by myself nonetheless). I'm planning on taking an Amtrak train from New York to Chicago. After going through my ticket selections and such, a thought occurred.

"Will I have to swap trains at some point?"

I haven't confirmed my tickets yet, but I'm curious to whether or not I will need to get off at an intermediate station to get on another train. The thought is kind of unsettling, but I'm just curious if anyone has an experience.
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You should go straight through to Chicago. Chicago is where you change trains to go to LA,SF,etc. Get the schedule from Amtrak website. Also be aware that trains can be late. Don't expect on the dot arrival.
There will be a schedule when you look at the booking.

By the way, there is no reason to be scared when changing trains. At least during the day time, anyway.
You may or may not have to change trains in Pittsburgh - look at your tickets.

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Hello /trv/,

Need help and encouragement.

Situations in my life have lead me to this point: I will be going on my first solo this summer. I have about 2200£ saved up and have 3 months off during the summer.

As this might well be the last time in my life I get this much time off and I have money saved up, I gotta go.
Gf dumped me and best friend bailed, so either I don't go or I go alone. I'm really scared of going alone tho.

For now I am thinking Indonesia June-August, roughly 3 months. I want to get my scuba diving licence, I want...
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I am also travelling to indonesia this summer for about a month. Solo and first time, i'd recommend what i did, find an indonesian girl on the internet so you have translator and travel guide. Going solo always seems better in my mind, you'll have experiences none of your friends will and it will make you step out of your boundries. I guess i would recommend bali if you're trying to meet surfers and hot girls. Otherwise lombok is supposed to be dank if you want slightly less tourist trap. Get excited m8 this place is paradise.
>you'll have experiences none of your friends will

as if that really matters

If you are going to go alone, do it for yourself, in the end you are never alone if you are sticking to the typical backpacker routes. If you really get "off the beaten track" then you'll be alone and sometimes it's difficult to handle oneself with loneliness. I have been travelling alone since I first tried it and I really enjoy it. It's not always wonderful, sometimes you just will feel homesick and in the necessity of socialising...
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What do you mean, is she going to travel around with you for fun? Or are you paying her to be your guide?
Yeah a friend was recommending me Bali and Lombock, he really enjoyed both. I still need to look into it properly myself tho.
I guess I want a bit of both: a bit of party and surfy in more 'touristy' areas. From there hopefully move on to more isolated places with people I meet.

I'm setting off alone and intend to do the cliche...
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Has anyone here much experience with trains in Eastern/Central Europe?

If one was to get to Zagreb, would it be better to depart from 1) Bucharest, 2) Cluj, or 3) Sofia?
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1/2 They are very different on the actual country. I will try to show you the main characteristics of them:

Baltic countries (LT, LV, EST): internetional connection only towards Belarus or Russia, otherwise good only for domestic travelling, mostly on very few lines. People use buses generally.

Belarus/Russia/Ukraine: Reasonable mean of transportation, sometimes only possible public transportation in the direction. Prices are low, all different levels of quality classes. Railway network is however not so dense and the spead of the train can sometimes drop significantly. Anyway, not really a problem to travel by train. Just be really careful when buying tickets, sometimes the capacity of the train is full long before the departure and you won't get ticket anymore.

Romania/Bulgaria: Slow and dirty mostly, however still somehow working and can be a reasonable way of transportation in some directions. Also some international trains still working. Depends on the line you take. Always double check for timetables as there might be different information on different sources

Albania: 404, if some train goes there, then it's only for true adventurers

Montenegro: Only two lines, but good working, OK service. Best way to travel from Serbia.

Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia: Depends on the lines, but mostly similar situation to Bulgaria and Romania.

Croatia: North of the country is OK, but to the south (Dalmatia) there's basically only one line. Cheaper and faster to take bus.

Slovenia: Good service, international connection to Italy is however little clumsy, maybe they canceled it definitely.
Are you from Europe?
Would you recommend taking a bus/coach instead of a train to get to Croatia (Zagreb) from Romania?
Also is it better/cheaper to buy tickets in advance?
Hungary, Slovakia: No problems, civilized railway, the offer of some connections is a little limited. Better check timetable in advance.

Poland: There are fast lines and then there are super slow lines. The capacity in some directions is low and trains can get easily crowded, also the price is IMHO pretty high for what you usually get. Also international connections are not so good as one would expect. Plan in advance, check timetables.

Czech republic: The best of the railway you get in CEE. Dense network, low prices, good international connections (Berlin, Vienna, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland), good frequency and timetable information. Some regional lines can be quite slow however and there are lots of outdated trains so the traveling might not always be really comfortable. But you get basically anywhere by train so it serves it purpose 100%.

Anyway, all I have written is only my experience so you don't have to believe me.

TLDR: Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia: OK to train
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus: also OK but requires some understanding
Baltics: OK to train but only domestic, international take bus
Balkans: You either know what you do and where to go or better take bus.

As for your questions: I did some research and I would probably prefer Cluj or Sofia. Bucharest is just too far and the traveling thru the whole Romania takes ages.

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I'll be going to Constantinople with le gf for a long weekend. Any non-obvious, (ie. not on wikivoyage; NYT) things to check out?

I'm especially interested in street photography so busy streets with (weird, interesting, …) people, markets, etc would be cool.
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>le gf

bump tho because im going there in July and would also like to know
Enjoy some class act genocide.
Enjoy the people that supply ISIS with weapons.
Enjoy the government that is close to switching over to a califate.
Enjoy the beaches that smell like gasoline.
Enjoy stuff the Turkish claim is theirs even though you learned in kindergarten that it isn't.
Enjoy the swing to right wing facism.
You forgot the part where roaches pretend to be people.

File: TrU6QMM.jpg (95 KB, 800x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm looking for a place where I can combine beaches/snorkeling/diving, and forests/jungle/mountain treks and wildlife exploration.

I ended up thinking of Thailand, and Ko Samui in particular, but I'm looking to add a few more destination ideas to my list.

I previously had a lot more vacation days so it was fine to do a lot of traveling within a country, but this time I'm pretty short on those.
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Southern California offers those things.
Taiwan, and less travel time between the two.

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