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What are some good place to visit without dying or getting kidnapped by Boko Haram?

I was looking at maybe Ghana, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania (including Zanzibar).
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Squad be lookin fresh
Boko Haram is in northeast Nigeria and they don't dish out tourist visas. Ghana is safe as well as Tanzania. South Africa you have to watch yourself in the big cities.

Did you get that image from /b/ a year or more ago? If yes I reckon that was my semi-OC from a YLYL thread... Classic picture

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Ayyyy what's up guys! So I'm moving from Palm Springs, SoCal to either San Francisco orrrrr Seattle, skipping Portland because bad blood haha uh. The entire situation is social and personal rebirth desu after an insane meltdown of all areas in my life (not even my fault surprisingly) so everything's being considered, but which do you seasoned travelers prefer? Visited SF a lot but never visited Seattle; Amtrak from my home is 90 bucks though so that's not bad to visit. Should I spend a couple days in both places? I'm 22, really into music music music,...
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>And what can you tell me about either place? Which neighborhoods are nice, how much and what kind of work is around if you know, etc.
Hello from San Francisco. I hope you know already that we are now the single most expensive rental market in the United States--a one bedroom in my pretty nice neighborhood goes for more than $3000/mo now, which seems completely mentally ill to me, and it's getting worse by the hour. And the market is quite competitive--you will be applying to any...
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Frankly, if your interests are mostly creative, you will probably wind up doing what most of our creative/artsy/freaky types have done over the past decade and end up in Oakland. Oakland has a lot to recommend it--better weather than SF, great restaurants, slightly lower prices (but this is changing fast). Culturally, it's on the upswing, rather than SF, which is getting more and more sterile. And the good neighborhoods...
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Damn thank you for taking all that time to respond so eloquently. It's funny cause since I posted this morning I was asking a few people that have some relative know how about it and everyone's been saying sublets in Oakland or Berkeley, at least to test the waters. People could live somewhere their whole life but I highly doubt most people could describe the evolving social constructs and economic direction that well. What do you do out there and what's your living situation? Just curious because of that maelstrom of bullshit you just delved into hahaha.
To be honest the whole experience would be less about establishing myself into a life long career and more so what you assumed - mostly personal and social betterment and rounding out some edges. Idk I just want to find somewhere that resonates as home and take things a couple steps at a time (although foresight is something I want to keep in mind as well).
I'm digesting everything you said though and took screen caps too haha I know this response lacks in comparison but I'm on mobile right now and damn it all if this screen fucks calibration up every ten seconds.

Side note to anyone reading, what are some stable jobs that coincide perfectly with travel for you guys?

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Hi /trv/, my mom wants to take me on a trip somewhere of my choice before I head off to college. Ive been wanting to head to the middle east/north africa because something unpredictable might happen in the area and I might not get to travel to them in the future. We dont have enough money to go for a trip to Dubai or Qatar or something, so it needs to be a bit on the lighter side of budgets, but we have enough to go to most places in Europe if I change my mind. (which it would be easy to) Most places in MENA have a travel warning in some way, but it's largely "dont go to the desert" for the most part. Countries that go boom-boom often are off the list obviously and Id also like to refrain from going to Turkey or Saudi. (even though I heard its really hard to go on a trip to Saudi Arabia anyways)

Any suggestions? Im open to reconsideration of the travel area, but if I were to go anywhere in the middle east/north africa, where would be the best place to go? Im not going to be making the decision for a while.
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Oh and disregard the more southern countries also listed in the map as North Africa, because I have no interest in going there even if they were ultra safe to travel to.

Sorry not everyone wants to go to North Europe or East Asia.
Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco are perfect for you based on your post. The order listed is the order recommended, as they are all interesting, safe and cheap (considering you avoid tourist traps).

>Just go somewhere you aren't putting your mother in danger.

kys, senpai

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American here.

Just graduating now with a decent degree from a decent school, could easily get a comfy office job making ~60k or so.

Problem is, I don't want to get sucked into that shit just yet. I've spent around 3 months backpacking Europe solo, and it was the greatest time of my life.

I'd like to save up some money and just go travel a bit, maybe for a year or more, but I have 2 worries.

1.) Will this affect my ability to get a job after I get my fill? I definitely feel that a year of global adventure would cause me to forget...
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As popular as the nomad route is among young traveling types, I'm currently working towards early retirement in a career path with similar starting pay. Learning to live really frugally while you're in the US, taking advantage of your tax-advantaged investment options, and saving as much as you can would let you retire by your mid 30s in a career that paid like that.
thanks for the input. I definitely see the appeal in that choice and would definitely be able to save the majority of my income(I despise materialism) and retire quite early. The issue is that I feel I would enjoy traveling in my 20's far more than I would in my 40's, and presumably (hopefully) committed to a family. I'd like to be that dude that has insane stories from his youth about travelling to strange places and getting into weird situations. (I already have quite a few from my short 3 months)
It will definitely affect your job prospects negatively unless you find someway to make it seem like an educational or progressive trip. You can discuss how you taught English or some science abroad. You can also always BS that you taught whatever your major was abroad and it cannot be checked really... But be smart about it.

My brother took about a year off after college to figure himself out, but he then got a job. Although, to be fair his prior boss from an internship recommended him after he had an unsuccessful...
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Hey /trv/, I'm driving from Pennsylvania to Seattle over 3 days later this week. Do you have any sort of tips/tricks to make driving 12 hours or so a day not awful? How do you entertain yourselves on a long road trip like that?
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Listen to music, podcast or audiobook.
If it's too boring, convince someone to go with you so you can share your boredom.
Make playlists for certain "moods"
When I have a long trip, I have playlists set up for
>driving in the morning
>driving in bad weather
>driving during sunset (favorite one)
>Driving at night

Makes it feel like much more of an experience, and helps you get there in the moment. Listening to NPR is pretty fun too.
I did Georgia to Seattle in five days when I got out of the army, and I only stopped for a tiny bit of touristy shit - I went to the big air museum in Omaha, I went to Mount Rushmore, the Indian museum, Deadwood, the missile Silo museum in South Dakota. The rest of the time I was driving, the days I did nothing but drive I covered at least 1000 miles a day.

I guess you could do it in three days, depending on the weather. I was just fine listening to music and looking out the window. Not sure which route you're taking, but I90 through the Black Hills, the Rockies,...
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What do you think the future of travel is? Continued decreasing in flight prices and greater amount of options? Climate change or other factors resulting in a more limited or expensive travel world than now? Supersonic travel being the norm? How about what countries will be hot and which ones not?
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Pretty pessimistic. You look at how Chinese behave abroad. We're going to see more poorer countries become wealthy, and travel destinations will be full of people with even worse manners.
virtual reality
Hyper loop

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Does anybody get really stressed out when they go on a trip? Even if it's a trip you've been looking forward to for a long time?

The last 2 trips I've taken, I've felt really stressed during the travel and first day in each location. I don't know why. I mean I like flying, that's something that I've always liked, and I don't get air sick. But both times I've felt sick to my stomach before we had to board the plane. And then once I got to the place I was going, I felt very stressed and exhausted. And I feel like I can't...
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dont think about trips too much

not jetlag. This has happened even while flying somewhere in my same timezone

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What's a lower-end daily budget including travel between cities in Scandinavia? I've traveled like a hobo in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe before so I'm used to roughing it, but I'd really like to spend some time in the more expensive countries of Finland, Sweden and Norway. Is $100 a day (excluding my flight into and out of the region) enough to stay in hostels, eat from grocery stores, and travel around?
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Hard to say, but I think that would be fine. Take me as a swede, when in Japan I usually spend around $94 a day excluding accommodations but felt like I was living like a king with the cheap food, restaurant food will be pricey in Sweden but groceries are fine.
Check out SJ for some travelprices by train, busses are a little cheaper but trains are worth it, rail isn't monopolized any longer so there are other companies too for intercity travel, I usually go with SJ though.
$100 per day is enough to visit the cities if you stay in hostels, but in the countryside (in Norway anyway) there are no hostels and price-wise a lot of stuff is tailored for older European and American with money. If you want to travel in rural Norway on the cheap you gotta bring a tent and hitchhike or take local buses.

Is camping free in a lot of spots like it is in the United States? I'd be there in summer so sleeping outside would be doable, but then there's the obvious problem of having a tent and transporting it around the country.

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I'm looking to go to Canada over the summer. Any recommendations on where to go for a good week and a half trip?
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What do you like to do? Do you want cities and night life and tourist shit? Or do you want nature and hiking/camping? Really beyond Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver no cities are really worth going to for long.
Honestly I'd like to experience a bit of both. I was considering Vancouver but they don't have a lot of good ecotourism around there. Is there any place there with some good city stuff and culture along with some ecotourism?
>implying Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are worth going to for long.

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>separated out my vacation at work
>have 3, week long vacations
>plus there are 3 long weekends in the next 4 months
is a long weekend enough to visit a city?

I live in Canada, and was thinking of traveling to the US. what are good cities to visit for a week? any suggestions?
i have no friends, so what cities are best alone?

>tfw was thinking of going to Florida
>coworker told me he loved disney world
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Hostel culture is not the same in the US as abroad, admittedly I am not a hostel fan, period, but I definitely don't recommend it in the US. I am pretty sure you can get into Disney World by yourself, I know you can get into Disney Land in California by yourself. Long Weekends are enough for me with kids, but solo, I'm not sure, but there is nothing to say you can't visit again. You don't have to see everything in one trip.

Week long Cities:

Hampton Roads...
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i may have been wrong about disney world

will take a look at those cities

a cronut is a cross between a croissant and a donut. invented at some bakery in NYC a few years ago. i don't know if it's still popular (pic related)
Any other good cities to visit, any must do/see things?

Some of the national parks look cool, but Ive never been camping. Afraid I'll get lost out die or something. Haven't even been to algonquin, here in Ontario, Canada

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Alright lads, going to Venice for 4 days, one week from now.

Don't have anything else planned other than visiting Murano and Burano on Sunday because the museums are free.

What should I see/do/can't absolutely miss?
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I personally enjoyed a lot wandering through back-alleys and the less crowded streets. Apart from that it depends on your interests. I was really interested in the medieval history as well as the relics (specially the Byzantine ones). Some people are interested in museums, others in food, it really depends on who you are
Take a stroll around the city at night, when it's not a crowded hell.
Venice is fine but its nothing compared to Florence imo that might just be because i live 1hr away and see it all the time but 2 days in Venice is enough. you can catch a train for 50 euro to Florence or Rome from Venice menstra

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Hei f@m, I`am gonna be the whole day in Trondheim tomorrow and have plenty of time to do stuff but I do not know what. Any recommendations or pesonal experiences?
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Visit this castle
>cathedral I mean

And also this accompanying palace
There's other stuff to sight see, but when you get done with all of that, it is a college town, so hit up a couple of pubs

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Sup, /trv

I wonder what are you people's fav YouTube travelling channels. Last indication on this board was Rick Steves, but his videos are pretty boring.
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Don't know if it counts as travel related, but there is a Singaporean guy who posts some really great videos of North Korea.

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This guy's channel is pretty good, also.
Why so many dislikes and comments disabled?

So I'm planning a road trip from Houston, TX to Otto, North Carolina.

First time doing a trip like this. What should I expect?

Also, post your general road trip experiences.
Things to do en route.
Things worth deviating for in South Carolina, Alabama or New Orleans
Essentials for a trip like this 16 hours +detours and pit stops, I'm shooting for 20 all said and done.

I'll be staying in a cabin for a week then driving back. My new wife will be my co-pilot.
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Go through Tennessee desu. The entire state of south carolina is a empty shithole besides charleston
Anything good in Tennessee? Any regional food I should try or silly landmark?
Pigeon forge/gatlinburg has theme parks, go carts and other touristy stuff and going through Tennessee means youll get to see the smokey mts. up close.

anyone had experience traveling in india?

I know it's a bit vague, but I'm having a hard time gauging the different ways of traveling, I keep getting bogged down with landmarks and shill articles
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I've been to India six times since 2013 and lived in New Delhi for about a year and a half.

If you have any interest in going, I'd recommend taking the plunge and hopping on over. India is a magnificent country with a lot to offer, so far as cultural and natural diversity are concerned. Having said that, I will throw in this caveat - it's not for everyone, and I can understand why. As a presumably white tourist, you will meet people day in and day out who try to cheat you, scam...
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Have you been to Pakistan? I want to go see all the Sufi shrines and old mosques there and if possible go see the old citadel of Peshawar.

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