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Hi /trv/ and Uruguayans,

I will be heading this Summer to Uruguay in order to play in this year's Festival Panamericano de Ajedrez de la Juventud. I will be playing in the 18 and under male section.

What can you tell me about Uruguay? From what I've read about it online, it seems like a very pleasant place. I have been to Latin America before and I know some Spanish.

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oh shit, i didnt realize how slow this board was. guess I'll wait for a while.
Hey. Sure, what do you wanna know?

General places to visit in Montevideo are the Rambla (coast zone), the Centro (center of the city, main street is 18 de Julio) and Ciudad Vieja (old center of the city).

In Centro there's the Intendencia Municipal that has like a square where people go to play chess... I don't know what you are interested in to visit?

Also, the Panamericano is in July, right? So, winter here. It can be really windy but you can still walk around the city just fine.
Hey. How much crime is there in Montevideo? It should be much safer than a place like Rio de Janeiro right?

What foods should I try while in Uruguay?

Those are the only questions I have for now haha.

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is it dead?

seems to me like it's just shills and adds now

the more normie tourists used it, the less usefull it became for realtravelers^tm
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I'm still a fan for getting a quick overview of the major sites in places I know nothing about. Tripadvisor is usually my first stop to learn a few of the biggest things to do in a new place, although there's a lot more research that I do before I put feet on the ground there.
Does it matter? I feel like most people end up going to the same sites anyway. I'll always use it to look for attractions and take a quick glimpse at hotel ratings. It's still relevant for the most part. That and reading books, it more or less does the job.
not even once

Hello from Russia yблюдки !In this tred are you find out about Russia and russian people !
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I'm excited to go to Russia this summer but read here to not be American in Russia. Think it'll be cool if I'm American if I speak some Russian and know some Russian songs to sing?
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I am going there in August with my wife and her friend and husband.

>I am half native american, look like pic related only younger

Will I be singled out for being not white?

Also how far in advance can you book Sapsan tickets from Moscow to St. Petersburg?
I think 45 days in advance for train tickets. If you want to go to the Bolshoi theatre, book those in advance as well... with the current exchange rate it has never been cheaper.

It is not a problem to be American in Russia. I am a westerner living here (not American though) and everyone is usually pretty happy to meet me. Russian people do not act like the Russian government.

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So I'm planning a ski trip to Japan with a bunch of m8s from Australia and I've been wanting to plan the trip myself instead of going on one of those group tours.

Can anyone share experiences in DIY ski trips with regards to (doesn't have to be Japan)
- gear hire/mountain passes/
- bringing your own gear on the plane/baggage
- Photography/tech for capturing runs
- Accommodation (in or outside of the resort)/bookings
- Perfect time for powder
- Insurance

Feel free to share your favourite destinations/resorts/mountains as well.
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hey anon
so I did a trip from Aus to Jap a year ago with a bunch of my mates from Canada. We flew from Cairns into Sapporo (through Osaka) which was roughly $750 return with Jetstar (each obviously)
I ended up renting a campervan for the trip which turned out a lot cheaper than trying to organize hotels and constant transport for the 5 of us. I think it was about $2000 for 2 and a half weeks. So we drove to Niseko first which is always fucking epic. Can't recommend that place enough. The snow was great the whole time we were there (which was early Feb) and they had...
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we also traveled to a few other small resorts around Hokkaido, but honestly they were all pretty crap. I'm sure there's other good shit out there but we just didn't have the best timing or plan..

If you're staying in Sapporo for any amount of time and you need somewhere cheap to stay, I'd check out the SOLE spa house. Its a brilliant male only bath house with sleeping pods, an amazing restaurant, lounge and spa for like $30 AUD a night each
Oh, and the best bar in town at the entrance...
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As for insurance, I normally go through World Nomads. They cover skiing and snowboarding abroad so you don't have to worry about any gnarly shit taking you out
And DEFINITELY get insurance on the campervan or rental if you go that way. The Japanese are extremely linear in thinking. Don't piss them off haha
But I wouldn't worry too much about learning the language. You'll anger them anyway because you're not Asian, but they're patient and generally can understand mimes quite well

What are some great non-touristy things to do when visiting California? I've been to Venice Beach, rode the rides on Santa Monica pier, and seen the Grand Canyon. While I'd do all these things again in a heartbeat, I'd like this trip to be a little different. I'll be in Long Beach for a week in August.
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slab city, if that's something you can like
Check out the Museum of Death
Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris on the far Eastern outskirts of LA.

They have all kinds of rail stuff on display, but their star attraction is their collection of LA-area streetcars, many of which are operational and do trips around the grounds.

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So I've been having daily suicidal thoughts for almost 2 years now, the economy is shit, i can't get a real job and am stuck working service industry jobs despite a Bach of IT and several certifications, I can't live like this anymore so I've decided to stop living like this...

I am half way through a TEFL course, and plan to slow travel my way through SE Asia and East Asia over the next few years teaching English, going to start with Vietnam, looking at Hanoi right now but not committed or anything, almost committed to Vietnam as my first "stop"...
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Vietnam seems awesome indeed

There are some stories of pokerplayers who do "slow traveling"... it's in the twoplustwo forums if you wanna search
vietnam's cool but not Hanoi. Either Saigon if you like really big cities or look up some other place. Hanoi sucks (as do "communist" capitals in general)

Are you fucking kidding me?

Hanoi is amazing. I love the place. It's one of my favourite cities in the world. It has a ton of charm, amazing food, decent nightlife (if you can find it), and it's beautiful. It's a really quirky city. I'd love to live there.

>You use your own money and time to volunteer
>Time abroad should be spent travelling
>Volunteering in some shit-tier village is probably not very fun
>Living standards in the middle of nowhere is probably not very high
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It also gives those little shits an excuse that the
"at least are doing something about the world" mentality. These people need to fucking die
>You pay money to do a job for free that a local could do and be paid for.
>ego boosters
> paint a mural on a wall only for it to be whitewashed later for the next group of volunteers
Basically it's only done for personal gain and nothing more. People do it to feel better about themselves. They do it to fool themselves and others into pretending that they're helping the world. They do it because they think the world is a good place filled with good people. They do it for their careers, to pad their resumes and to impress employers with how worldly they are.

Many people are naive, especially in western countries where they haven't experienced hardships and don't understand...
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File: 1280px-Flag_of_Japan.svg.png (17 KB, 1280x853) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys, I am turning 21 on July 4th and wanted to visit japan for my 21st birthday some time during July is there anything fun or interested you think I should do? I am a bit of a stoner on weeb to give you some information about me.
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dont come to Japan...please
>im a bit of a stoner

wrong country for that
>on weeb

wrong country for that

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Hey guys,

I'm going to Portugal in June, we will stay in the Luz area. I've already been to Portugal twice, but I never asked anyone about sightseeing. So here's my chance. What do you guys think would be worth seeing? I don't want to lie on the beach for a whole week. Thanks!
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bumpity bump
Portugal is a fantastic place to spend a week but get the fuck away from the beaches full of package holiday English chavs and go north. There's lots to see and do in Lisbon; it's the most enjoyable city in Europe I have visited just to walk around in. Porto is very good too with a really nice music scene and great bars. If you are interested in history and culture you can spend a day in Guimaraes or Braga, too, and there is nice countryside and wine regions in the north, too. My favourite place in Portugal...
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Not the OP but I'm planning on studying in Portugual for a semester. Should I pick Lisbon or Porto? I heard that Lisbon is pretty expensive and I would like to travel through Europe, but then again I'm worried that I would have a much better time in Lisbon than in Porto because there are more people and more things to see and do.

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So, I'm going to move to Kyrgyzstan in August and I'm going to live there for around half a year, maybe more. I'm going to teach English in Bishkek, but I'd also like to take time to explore the country and also the surrounding countries(Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, China mostly). Has any of you ever been there or done a similar thing? The things I'd like to do includes:
-visiting nomads at the countryside
-climb a mountain( an easy one, since my physical condition is pretty weak)
-find historical places
-visit cool natural places, such as canyons,...
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Sulyukta sucks
Lake Issyk is beautiful.
File: IMAG0467.jpg (1 MB, 2688x1520) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2688x1520
What's up, OP? I taught English in Almaty for a year and might be able to answer some of your questions. Cultures are very similar and desu you couldn't even tell you were in a different country except for the landscapes. Congrats on this adventure you're about to set on, you chose a very RealTraveler™ destination.

>visiting nomads at the countryside
There aren't many nomads these days as most people live in cities. There's probably more nomads still living in Kyrgyzstan than Kazakhstan due to economic hardship....
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File: Unbenannt.png (3 MB, 1383x789) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>-visiting nomads at the countryside

real nomads are mostly just in the south, not many left. During summer holidays there are many people living around the Issykul and have something like a restaurant in their jurta

>-climb a mountain( an easy one, since my physical condition is pretty weak)
the whole country is just mountains
>-find historical places

nomads dont leave anything. Close to Bishkek there...
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I'm planning on doing a large tour of the United States next year on motorcycle, with the possibility of hitting all the lower 48 states. I'm generating a list of places to see/things to do/food to eat/etc. and am coming up a bit short on the last one. Food is rather a big deal for me, and I'm looking to try dishes and drinks that are famous to particular cities or regions. Some examples include:

Chicago pizza
Garbage plate from Rochester
Cheesesteak from Philly
Bagels from Long Island
Clam chowder from New England

... and so on. Sometimes...
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If you hit Missouri stop in St. Louis.
Really good food and many micro/craft breweries as well as AB.
Local food
Stl style pizza
Toasted raviolis
Pork steak.
I have traveled a lot throughout America and say stl food if you eat at the right spots is on top tier list.
Which part of Michigan are you driving through
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it's not necessarily famous, but if you like grilled cheese hit up Cheesie's while you're in Chicago.

The best grilled cheese I've ever had and one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. They have 2 or 3 locations around Chicago as well as a food truck. If you go on a Sunday morning from 11-2 you can get a sandwich and unlimited domestic beer/bloody mary's/mimosas for $25, if you're into that.

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What's your backpacking essentials /trv/?

Both for hiking trips and more leisurely hostel backpacking vacations.

Rule of 3? Tropical & Cold weather climes, you name it.
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Pasport and credit cards are the REAL essentiials. All the rest I can buy. I never overpack. Just logic thinking.
do you guys carry one of those string wallets around your neck for passport? I'm going to a place where I need my passport 24/7 for the first time and I have no idea how to carry it.
Absolutely not. Never ever use those.

a) they're useless if you need to get your shit out quickly

b) they're supposed to fool muggers, but literally every mugger in the world knows about them

c) there are way better ways to carry your essentials that you want to protect like a concealable pocket along your thigh under your pants.

Hey /trv/, I might have an unusual request for you.

I'm about to graduate and have come to the conclusion that I'd like to bug-out with a stack of books to some small village with some great scenery and walking routes. I basically want to spend a month living in the lowest key, clearing my personal reading list as well as my mind.

This might be unusual for /trv/, as the only travelling I'd like to do is to whatever hidey-hole I slope off to for the month, with the exception of maybe visiting a couple of acquaintances en route.

Anyway, I was...
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Based OP. i would also like to know
balear islands in spain are good, just don't go to ibiza, that's the expensive one
mallorca is cool and peaceful
alternatively jump the ocean come to mexico and get lost in chiapas, a friend of mine runs a hostel there and tell me it's not that dangerous
personally, i would prefer mallorca
If you don't mind cold weather, you could always try somewhere in Canada or the northern parts of Scandinavia (though these might exceed your budget).

Have two weeks off in June and the tentative plan is to spend a chunk of time in Berlin then head up to those Scandinavian countries Probably do some combination of Copenhagen then some outdoors stuff in Norway.

Is Berlin a meme tier capital city? It seems pretty good for clubs and post-communist sights. Anyone have good/bad experiences in Denmark, Norway or Sweden?
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Sure thing man, Oktoberfest in Berlin is THE BEST!
it's just a generic picture from the country ... like I said will be there during the summer anyway, which should be good in terms of weather/daylight further north from Germany.
Just be aware of the several "no-go" areas in berlin. Don't take any trains at night and if you're a woman don't cloth yourself too smexy.

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I love to explore, and travel, and talk to people of other countries and cultures. It is absolutely beautiful, I wanna explore the world.

What would you recommend as a job that let's you travel a lot, and has good pay.

Also, how do people go backpacking through India and shit? I would like to do something like this as well.
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>how do people go backpacking

Not to be a dick, but is this a trick question? The "how" is pretty easily - not to mention obviously - answered. You buy a plane ticket, pack a bag, set off, and go around from city to city or locality to locality. You put in as much planning as you do or don't want to.
i think what he means is how do people go backpacking as a regular lifestyle, aka keep or find new jobs easily while affording and having the time to travel the world.

and with that I am also curious.
Be from a country where taking vacation is not seem as a bad thing helps a lot.
In other words, ditch US of fucking A, go to Europe or Australia or any other country where you can take 1 month off and enjoy the word instead of enjoying your office.
Or have a job that you can do remotely.

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