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>Traveling to Monrovia
>Thinking about bringing food for the extremely poor communities throughout the capital.
> also considering doing this as a resource for the locals.
>need better supply chains for bulk food and dry goods.
> I need some help to get this going
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>chocolate city
They eat people there, son. That's not even scare-mongering, the warlords all boast about it. Getting RealTraveller cred is fine, but consider less cannibalistic places.
No serious, I cant bring them chocolate! But other recommendations?

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nm map.png
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I'm going to be in New Mexico and Arizona in a few months, and I was planning on doing some exploring around reservations. They're interesting to me, because they're sort of like sovereign states with their own government and culture.

But I've run into stuff about permits and photography. Mostly I was going to see Oak Flat and Baboquivari Peak, Sierra Blanca Peak and maybe interview some locals on their thoughts on a land seize.

I know that Sierra Blanca requires a tribal pass (it's sacred ground), but I don't know what else does,...
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>How closed-off are Indian reservations, exactly?
In a way, they are like visiting foreign countries.

I am not familiar with that region, sorry, but if I were you, I'd think about looking at if there are any indian "concessions" that operate any exclusive tours to sites of interest. I'd also see if the state guides from the typical series like Fodors, lonely, whatever, has the research already done for you.
If you are a REAL enthusiast, accomplished photography...
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Thanks for the advice, I'm looking up some info online now. Most of the reservations have Facebook pages. What's so strange is exactly how different some tribal laws are from others. The Navajo Nation is absolutely fine with photography and letting whoever walk in and explore, but there's certain Pueblos that don't even allow visitors except for one day a year - and even then no photography.

As far as being an accomplished photographer, I'm pretty much just a rubbernecker who's...
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Hi OP, I'm from this part of the country. Some ideas to keep in mind.

1) photography and recording can be sensitive matters. i've heard people say that these kinds of technologies (and especially their proliferation in the digital age) are the new anthropologists, i.e., just like anthropologists showed up and took off with all their artifacts back in the 1880s-1940s ish, now people show up and record their ceremonies/ways of life/lives generally and put it on the internet. ask first, and err on the...
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I'm currently in Mexico and I am travelling to Guadalajara

What should I expect?
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Of course not.
You should expect the Spanish Inquisition.

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Hey /trv/ French fag traveling to Southern India in less than a month and I plan to stay 4/5 weeks before flying to Thailand. What to expect ?
>inb4: Shit designated streets
Pic unrelated
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Shameless self bump
Cool it my nigga, you're not on /b/.

People on /trv/ typically take a few hours to respond to messages. Just be patient. I'd say that if no one responds by tomorrow then bump this but until then you're better off just being patient.
It's gonna be a little hot, but not too bad, and maybe rainy, but other than that it'll be regular southern India stuff.

What specifically do you want to know about? Southern India is a big place with lots of cultures.

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Recently traveled to Seoul and had the best time ever! Post some other fun places you have been to.
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I went to the shops and back.
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Beirut was petty cool. I had no expectations going there and I ended up really liking it
details ?
I went there and it bored me to death, I guess it's not what I look for when travelling.

File: new-zealand-wallpaper-21.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Long time lurker of many boards on 4chan, this is my first post.

Anyone know of the best ways to get to New Zealand and things to do/see there? I studied abroad for a semester and have been out of the country several times.

I won't be able to do this trip for a while as I am still a student, but I'm really into hiking, camping, etc. and I want to do it in New Zealand real bad. Any advice from people who have been or New Zealanders would be appreciated. Cheers!
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NZfag here.

We are an island, so the best way to get here (unless you have some kind of irrational fear, or love being stuck on a boat for weeks) is an aeroplane.

As far as things to do/see go, hiking, camping, hunting etc. are all good ideas, the native bush here is amazing. The roads here are crappy, and people can't drive for shit though, so watch out if you plan on road tripping.
that's a plane that flies through the aero
The Wright Brothers founded the Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company.

People who work on aeroplanes are aerospace engineers.



Keep up, m8.

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Can anyone tell me about Boston? I've never been there before, but I'm trying to find a new place to explore on the East Coast. So I'm thinking about going for 3 days.

How is the food, sights, nightlife, and just things to do?

I like history so the Tea Party site, and Bunker Hill look cool. But I'm unsure what else to look at
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I'm from Boston and I'm telling you now its ass. The only good site would be the view of Boston from the Charles River. Other than that its all ass. Nothing special food wise. Just fucking pizza and burgers. Nightlife... Forget about it. Everything is 21 plus and the women are insanely uptight. Better chance getting laid in east bumfuck than Boston. If you're into history check the tea party, but itll be full of old gay dudes tea bagging each other/. I'm by Bunker Hill so literally the only thing...
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God dammit
Stay away from Roxbury if you're white. There's some decent seafood places and feel free to look at some shit they mention on Wikitravel. Don't wear Yankees shit or else the simian red sox fans will harass you/assault you if they're drunk

Thinking of making a 3 day stop in Jordan on my way back from SEA, anyone been to Petra, how was it?
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Amazing. One of the highlights of my life. It's like a more sparsely-visited Disneyland for adventurous adults. We were climbing down the sides of mountains, jumping from cliff to cliff, exploring inside old ruins... 2 days is a decent amount of time to see the whole place, although I could do more. It's massive, and getting around is very tiring. Bear in mind that it's about a day's travel there and back.
bumping for interest

So did the Israelis give you shit when you returned across the border? I hear they tend to hassle travelers a lot.

Would you say it's better to fly directly to Jordan instead of driving around?
It was great, really beautiful. We crossed the border from Eilat, Israel, went to Petra for the day and came back. The bus ride there is also really nice. There are a lot of kids there who beg for money, besides that it was a really nice trip.

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Hey guys, bi-curios american fag here. So I want to visit Europe (not my first time) and this time I want to go to places with a strong gay scene. I want to do bars, saunas, maybe some cool clubs. Any suggestions on where should I go? Is Mikonos the best place? Are there any hidden gems? I heard Sitges is pretty openly gay, and awesome as well.
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Palma de Mallorca has a district that's more or less only LGBT.
Look up Plaça Gomila.

The places I knew about are closed now but I'm sure there are new ones.

Play safe, anywhere that is a melting pot of horny travellers is going to be STD central, you can get strains of everything from every corner of the globe.
Madeira is the LGBT hotspot in Europe. You can get a Ryanair flight out there for like 50 euros return

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Hey, /trv/!

This summer I am going to spend two months in Inverness, Scotland as a medical elective student. I have no idea where to begin. Do you perhaps have any tips on living in Scotland, socializing with the Scottish, finding local attractions? Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!
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Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen

Usual pish. Inverness is quite nice.
>living in Scotland
Get a good jacket, the summers consist of heavy rain and the winters of even heavier rain.
Don't be an autist and you'll be fine, even then the type of humour means even the oddest of people fit in. Just go to the pubs near your uni with a few people from your course and you'll be fine.

As for stuff to see, historical stuff up north, shopping and stuff in the cities as usual. Hope you enjoy it son.

You sound brown.

If you are brown what you want to do is head up to Nairn, just up the coast about a 10-15 minute drive. Look for some council flats, and some young people sitting around outside drinking buckfast, a tasty Scottish beverage, and a trademark for Scotland's welcome comity. Juts head over and say hello, and they will sort you right out.

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Planning on traveling to Israel in a few months. Mostly Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Aside from the epic /pol/ memes, do you guys have any tips and/or must see attractions? I'm mostly interested in cultural/historical sites, but am open to other options.

Also, I've heard about the comprehensive security measures at Ben Gurion Airport. If anyone has some insight on what to expect at the airport, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Israel is also secretly a sex tourism hotspot. There are brothels EVERYWHERE in Tel Aviv and prices are around $100 a bang with some Russian Jewess qt 3.14s.

Lol do you think these blood sucking parasites would sacrifice one of their own?

They enslave Russians because non jews are considered subhuman in their culture.
The airport is trying to find out if you are actually a tourist, can leave on your own cognition and funds, and if you'd get into trouble or create trouble while there, political trouble. They have known enemies, so they might ask you more than other countries. What you want to do is be ready and able to hand over an email and facebook password, and answer normal questions that any normal person could easily offer in response. Why would anyone worry about that? You shouldn't.
Open-ended and vague travel...
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Hi. I've been learning Spanish for quite a while now. I can read a lot of things in Spanish but my listening skills are shit as fuck. I think Hispanics talk super fast and I can only catch a few words. How to improve my Spanish listening skills?
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Spanish audiobooks, start at 0.75x speed and increase. Once you hit 2x speed you're nearly at native speaker.
YouTube, watch Spanish videos, just listen to it as much as you can.
Men...we do speak very fast. What's our problem

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Hey guys planning to go to Beijing and Hong Kong over 14 days in September, I have an itinerary already but i was wondering you guys had any tips or suggestions for staying and travelling in these places?
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>dem nipples
Don't eat sea food at the night markets if you don't want parasites as they often don't match health and safety standards. Watch out for pickpockets are what I can remember from the top of my head.
pic made me lel so replying

Not all Great Wall trips are created equal. Some of them are barely more than scams in which you'll be forced to stop off along the way at jade factories and Chinese medicine clinics (i.e. quacks who believe in magic). Also some destinations are overcrowded to the point of not being fun in tourist season. The "highest point" at Badaling, being the classic example. Do your research to make the Wall trip fun and not a bummer. I prefer the "wild wall" sections myself.

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hello, anons. I am going to be around northern Texas for the first time in early august. Has anyone been? Can anyone recommend things to do or sights to see?
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Good luck. Dallas is a sterile, yuppie sprawl. Denton has some appeal. Deep Ellum in Dallas is alright. Fort Worth is better than all of them. It's hard to pinpoint anything specific to see. just bars.
In Dallas, though, you can go take apiss on Cowboys' Stadium... so that's fun.

What exactly do you mean northern TX? It's a huge state, so that could mean Marshall to DFW to the panhandle. Anyway, I've been all over every square inch, so I'm sure I could help out.

File: 1297477767724_ORIGINAL.jpg (34 KB, 650x433) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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just out of curiosity

lets say if you were deported and banned from entering a country after committing a crime there.
would it be theoretically possible to enter it using a new passport with a slightly different name, and a different photo?

for example, some asian / middle eastern people have first names that can be spelled in 1 word or 2 words. if they're able to get a different passport that stated their first name having a space in between or lack of, along with a different photo

then would they be recognized as a different person and therefore...
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you're forgetting that fingerprints usually get taken in those situations. That's WHY they take fingerprints.
Depends on the country, I have heard immigration tell people when they get deported that if they change their name and get a new passport they can come back. I have seen it, in fact.
I've done this in Russia.

My name is Simon, I'm German. Now you can either pronounce that in German which renders as


or in English, as


Abused this to get double visa

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