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File: Spain-flag-map-plus-ultra.png (313 KB, 1615x1195) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If you had 1 - 2 weeks anywhere in Spain, where/what would you be doing? I don't know almost anything about what there is to see, but I will be on my way back to USA from Israel in early August and want to stop over somewhere I've never been in Europe.

I like history, good food and drinks, don't really care about beaches much but seeing the ocean/Mediterranean would be cool, speak Spanish fluently, want something of the hostel experience, and like rural areas/natural beauty as much as cities.

Spain General I suppose
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24 hours later bump
San Sebastian, Asturias, Salamanca.
I'm totally bumping this. I am going to have a week and a half to go from Barcelona to Lisbon, Portugal. I figure cutting through Madrid at some point. Anything else worth seeing?

Travelling to New York in 13 days.
I'll be living in upper east side, near the 96th street.

My friend, who's been in NYC is trying to scare me, saying it's very dangerous and shit but he's also known for bullshitting for his own enjoyment so I don't really believe him.

How is it currently?
I know Bronx is a bad area, but I don't plan on going there anyway.
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Manhatten is retardedly safe dude. Literally a festering shithole of gestapo police, theres more cops in NYC than most countries have soldiers in their militaries. That being said, if you arnt white and carry contraband, it will be very unsafe for you for this same reason.

You can pretty much go anywhere in manhatten and the city in general during the day, at night manhatten is still very safe but places like the bronx and parts of brooklyn can be sketch, however even those areas are much better these days. A couple of years ago i had to walk through the puerto rican...
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Ok, cool!
I already know that if it gets late and I'm far away I'm likely to take a cab anyway, not because of safety but because of laziness.

I've heard so many different stories about the area I'll be living in, some say it starts to get unsafe already at 80th street, some say 98th is the sweet spot, so it's good to hear that it's not as bad as some people try to make it out to be.

Not walking through dark alleys or parks as night applies to my city in Sweden as...
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Lmao NYC is a playground. Gentrification has done a great job of pushing niggers out of the place. God bless the power of the dollar.

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I am planning an european road trip from september.
I got a Jeep (pic related) and a caravan (WIP).
I am already using frying oil as fuel in my audi A4 (2.5 tdi v6), will keep doing on the Jeep.
Anyone have advices, experience about woofing ?
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What kind of a faggot are you? You can afford a kitted out truck but you're going to work unpaid slave labor on some farm and drive a shitty eco powered conversion truck? Why wouldn't you take the money that you spent on that fry oil conversion and stay in hotels and get drunk and fuck bitches?
>organic farming
>fry oil conversion

You don't even deserve a truck you cuck
Enjoy paying for blacks and rapefugees trough fuel taxes. That is true cuckoldry.

File: ZachCarson_Still-300x168.jpg (18 KB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thinking about moving to London, I have some friends there, but not the circles I'm looking for, I have a lot of artistic projects regarding anything, looking for people on the "alternative" side, the minimalistic-nihilistic-not desiring much money type, I don't have much money either rn. I don't want anything fancy
Is it a good place for people like this and to make a living out of art, or just a shitty job to get by and do my thing? What are the best boroughs to live like that (as in not caring much that its a bad neighborhood, but one where I might get killed)?
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Most of the art types I know are bankrolled by their bourgeois parents. Otherwise you'll need a job that pays to get by. Regardless of whether you can sell your art or not, London is one of the most expensive cities in the world
I know it's quite expensive, but I really like the place, mainly I like cities with a good art culture where english is spoken (I'm Spanish, I could go to Barcelona, but I really like the english language and culture) though I also like the US, Sacramento, NY, LA, SF (only been in NY though) so it really comes to living in an english-spoken country/city where modern art is valued and living cheaply (or just not really struggling) is possible
Honestly man, London isn't a place where you can get by working minimum with less than full time. Almost all of my friends that don't have big boy/girl jobs are just barely scraping by. I'm pretty good at making money and even I have reservations about moving there. I love the city too but it's fast paced or die

Will be heading out to Mexico City, Mexico soon.

What are some must see/do's there and anything after that.

I plan to visit historical sites and some museums

after that it's mainly nightlife but i'm also down to check out other shit.

Any mexican anons please help out first time visitor. give me a rough guide or anything to the capital city and surrounding areas.
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go to the anthropology museum. it's really top 10 museums in the world and is in a dope location. might as well go to the castillo de chapultepec while you're there.

go to tlatelolco and sit on a bench and think about the government killing 500 people in that spot and its historicity. think about what 1968 meant as a year and mexico's unlikely involvment in that.

go to clubs if you want. i am the first person to say that DF is a world class city and is every bit as cosmopolitan as any other place on earth, but the night life has always bored me....
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What are the hostels like their? What is there to eat?
hostels are cheap. i stayed at one a few blocks south of the zocalo and it was maybe $20 for a 2 double bed room. split 4 ways and its fucking cheap and in the center of the city. i'm sure there's a lot of options like that.

eat shit on the streets. don't be a fucking pussy. ask for surtido and sesos and lengua and tripa and all the good shit you can't get back home. the cuisine is sort of a mex of everything. you might also be in season for chiles en nogada, depending on the time you go....
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File: 900px-Flag_of_Arizona.svg.png (33 KB, 900x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is Arizona a based state? currently living in Commiefornia want to move out of state... any ideas or suggestions?

what state you guys live in and how do you like it?
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Arizona is the Florida of the West Coast.
Utah is much better
yes it's a based state.

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Going to Cambodia for a week of meetings and fieldwork. Have about 2 days of prep time.

Where do I start?
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Cambodia is overrun with tourists and people trying to score drugs/sex.

Go down south to the beach and give Kep a visit. Less tourists and the seafood is to die for. You can rent some scooters and explore the area and then come back to drinks and seafood by the water.
Ditto. Head for the coast, Cambodia's in the middle of a pretty terrible drought at the moment.
And as much as I love the place, it is basically a massive shithole, and that is definitely going to be amplified at the moment.

If you have a really big book to read, take a boat to Rabbit Island and chill there a few days. If you want to get ripped and hit on backpackers, head to Sihanookville, and if you want to hate the world go to S4

S5? I can't remember. The Toeul Seong Genocide Museum....
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Trip will be 80% work in Phnom Penh and some farms in Takao province. I need to be able to be able to make good impressions on people, without knowing a damn thing about the place.

File: orlando-florida.jpg (133 KB, 900x609) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am a 19 year old guy who's going on a 4 day trip to orlando florida with my father for a convention. One reason for my trip there has just been trashed and that puts a kink in my plans, now I need to think of more attractions to fill the time gap and make the most of our trip. Does anyone have any recommendations for things to do or see while we're down there? I've done a fair amount of google-fu but I was wondering if there were any other cool / recommended places. Anything at all would be very helpful and appreciated.
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Well, the Kennedy Space Center is about an hour east of Orlando. You can see a fully intact Saturn V rocket, among other things. ...then there are the major theme parks, of course. I'll provide non-price-related park tips (all you need to know is they are officially the most expensive theme parks on Earth, but people still pay those prices in droves because they are the best theme parks on Earth) if requested.
you can easily spend 4 days at the universal parks alone
If you have an entire day and a car, you could always check out a natural spring

Hey mates. I have a 6+ hours layover at San Francisco airport in a few days and am researching things to do in SF.

Does anyone have a personal recommendation for the city? Thinking Fisherman's Wharf so far.
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Take at least an hour and fifteen off the six to account for BART from and back to the airport.
That plus controls getting out of & into the airport again.
Read 'Good Old Neon' by David Foster Wallace while you're stretching out the seemingly interminable goals.
Thanks. I know to allow more time as I've taken side day trips to other cities before. I just don't know much about SF other than startups and gay guys.

File: French_Ways_of_St._James.svg.png (508 KB, 2000x1683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am not particularly religious, but I have always been fascinated by the idea of going on a pilgrimage. I know in Spain there is the Way of St. James, but are there any other pilgrimages that one can undertake without bushwhacking or the fear of being picked up by militants or bandits?
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There are several Ways of St. James, that one's the French way - the most famous one. Check out the Northern Way for example, it's the only one I've tried walking because the other ways seems just so dry and boring.

Also the Ways of St. James start in basically every country in Europe going trough the whole subcontinent from the northernmost points all the way to Santiago de la Compostela.

You could check out some buddhist pilgrimages in Asia as well, South Korea and Japan have some nice looking pilgrimages which are safe for western travellers.
I did the Shikoku 88 pilgrimage. It's tough and long and you'll probably feel like you've been lightly psychologically traumatized when you're done, but it's totally worth it.

It's 750-1200 miles depending on the route you take and the extra temples you want to visit. I opted for something in the middle because I liked the idea of walking 1000 miles instead of 750.

If you're after some crazy stories, this is how you get them.
If you're not religious, why not just look instead for "Walks" which have some spectacular views and terrain changes. Although it's historical to pilgrimage, they're not always pretty.

Try england or Ireland. Should be safe enough. Could probably do the Ring Road in Iceland if you had a nice tent.

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Ultraman Tricycle.gif
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So I'm moving to Baton Rouge, LA for my new job. I'm from Chicago.
What should I expect? Where would be a good place to get an apartment? Where should I steer clear away from?
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A hell of a lot of niggers, not even kidding. Some places in Baton Rouge are more dangerous than Africa itself. The area between downtown and LSU's campus is the definition of a ghetto. Also the area directly east of downtown is also a no go zone. If you have a car and stick to the suburbs you'll be perfectly fine though.
A lot of traffic, especially when there's an LSU game. Most people live outside of Baton Rouge and commute
So between downtown and LSU, east of downtown, and where else?
Where would be a good place to get a flat then?

Im going to NOLA for 8 days in june. I dont drink but i smoke a bit of weed what should i expect? how are the women over there? any must see places?
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It's dirty. It isn't very safe unless you are in broad daylight in a touristy place like the Riverwalk. The zoo is nice. It rains a lot. Black people everywhere. The markets all sell the same shit. I don't really know what you're expecting from the women there.
Do you live there?
The women are freaky but you're very likely to catch a disease. French Quarter is good for everything, but some of the neighborhoods around it can be considered more "authentic". There's more sobering things such as the Audobon Zoo and National WWII Museum depending on your mood.

Hey I have 20k saved. I'm going to India for 6 months. What else should I do after that?
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You should give some detail on what you like, where you've been, what you want to do, whether you want to spend all that 20k (20,000 whats? USD, EUR, GBP?), etc.

20k Canadian. I'm thinking of spendin 1000 a month in India, then continuing my travels. Mabe hit up Sri Lanka then SEA. Never been there. Been to Some parts of Africa before.

With $14k CAD in Southeast Asia you could do anything from survive for years in a smaller town to live like a literal king in Bangkok for 6 months. Love the region but you should spend some time thinking about what exactly you hope to get out of the trip. Can't speak on Sri Lanka but if you're already in India then SEA is a tightwad's travel paradise.

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Going to the Philippines for 31 days, mid-April to mid-May.

I want to explore the country. Most of my time will be spent in Cebu and Palawan, with brief stops planned in Boracay, Bohol, and Manila.

Where else should I go? Where in Mindanao is safe for an Amerifag?

What are cool things to do in places I mentioned?
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donkey show
ping pong show
How is the Philippines for ladyboys?
Thailand is better. Philippines is more for qts who will do *anything* for a green card.

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Going to Singapore for 3 days.Any tips on where should I go or what should I do?
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Are you white? Male?
Male from Thailand. Going with my dad.
Any hints on what you like, hobbies, interests, what your budget is,how much time you have?

"Going to X, what do?" does not give us much to work with.

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