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I'm a Canadian about to travel to the USA by car in a few weeks.
I'm going from Alberta through Idaho, and going to end up in Portland for a week vacation.

Last year I was arrested(bench warrant) because I didn't pay my "driving without insurance" fine, my friends came and paid it and I was in and out in 8 hours.

I have zero criminal record, but I was still technically "arrested".

Will this be a problem when I cross the border?

What do I say when they ask me if I've ever been arrested?

Also, if you...
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>What do I say when they ask me if I've ever been arrested?

You say yes. Both countries share criminal record data. They will know if you are lying, and it will probably result in you being banned from entering the US for many years

>Will this be a problem when I cross the border?

Highly doubtful
>Also, if you get refused entry, how can you get into the united states?

Do you not know what the word "refused" means? If they don't let you in, they don't let you in.
I dunno, my best friend has been arrested dozens of times for graffiti in Canada and when we were asked the question at the border crossing he lied and we were fine.

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Hey everyone
Planning a trip for uni holidays to ride from Sydney to Adelaide, stopping in at Melbourne on the way through.
Going with two mates and planning on bush camping most of the way and then staying in hostels at the big cities.
Any experiences or advice would be great to hear.
Also if there are any good places to drop into on the way.
Got a max of 2-3 weeks to be gone from Sydney.
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Wow, you sure have some shithouse timing

Try not to die OP


Also recommend hugging the coast as much as possible, the highways are quite boring. Wilson's Prom has some cool spots, the Great Ocean Road (south west of Melbourne) will be empty and has fantastic roads, and a lot of smaller towns to drop in to.
Cheers and I'll try
Leaving in July also so should be alright

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I've got a bunch of airline miles and vacation time and I want to travel abroad for the first time. Nicaragua seems to be a good place. Cheap, relatively low crime, interesting cultural and diverse natural sites to see.

Can anybody tell me places to definitely go/definitely not go? Managua seems to be somewhat sketchy and otherwise not appealing and I should only go there to and from the airport. Corn Island and Ometepe sound interesting, but I don't know if its worth it to travel there. I figured if I land in Managua, I'd go to Esteli and then circle down...
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i also want to know this, so bump
Come on, nobody?
Nicaragua has low crime? I always just assumed it was dangerous, huh good to know i guess

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I will be traveling to SE Asia in July; Thailand, Laos and possibly Vietnam.

I have never traveled properly before so need a run down of the basics, stuff that people have had to learn the hard way.

Firstly, what is the deal with luggage? What do I put in my carry on and what is the best thing to use for my check in, should I just get a big 70L+ backpack considering I will be moving around a lot?

How should I work out my money when Ill be visiting a bunch of different countries and don't have USD, should I just take my native currency (AUD) and convert...
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First and foremost:
-Check visa requirements.
-Check vaccination requirements.

Carry on bag: The basic stuff you'd need to survive decently (a change of clothes, your documents and money is the least).
Check-in bag: Everything else
Big backpack or not?
Depends on a few factors.
How long you're going to walk with it? Carrying a full 70L backpack is tough and it's not recommended to carry more than 10% of your weight on your back (unless you're a /fit/ trainer).
Also, a 70L backpack must be checked in, you won't...
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Get vaccinations and visas, that's the first step. Don't just stick to the requirements to the letter with vaccines, some diseases are common and unpleasant enough to warrant getting them out of your own free will. Malaria prophylaxis too - most importantly bite prevention, pills are up for debate.
Get a backpack if you'll be moving a lot, it's better than a suitcase for that, especially if you won't be renting a car.
Money - personal preference, but I like having cold, hard cash. I keep...
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You will almost certainly need a visa before you arrive in Vietnam, check for the other places.

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Me and a friend are staying in Amsterdam between the 16th-19th this month, and were wondering what people's experiences with hostels were?

We're looking for something more fun/lively, last time I went a few years ago I stayed at the Flying Pig downtown but they're booked to fuck for now so looking for other options,
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Flying pig was good, St. Cristopher is good too. Or are they the same? Shit I dunno.
Dude, this time of year, you can probably sleep in a park. It's warm all night, fucking do it.
I just read your post a second time and realized that I'm drunk and my post was supremely unhelpful
Nah man it's good

Experiences at St. Christopher's? Is it a good place to meet people etc?

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Going to Moraine Lake for a week in June. Luckily I've got the benefit of staying at the lodge so I'll get early mornings and evenings without tourists. I know the obvious recommendations of visiting Lake Louise and the Banff Gondola/Upper Hot Springs but do you guys have any other suggestions? Gonna be a lot of hiking mainly but I'm also planning on going to Jasper for a day or two. Specific places to hit that don't get too touristy? Foods I have to try? Should I go overboard with bear proof containers for snacks?
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Not OP, bumping for info on bear proof containers in the area as well
Go fishing. Avoid all the asian tourists.
No Alberta natives on /trv/?

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I'm traveling with 2 family members (uncles). They're pretty open minded, but still not my crew. We need a cheap hostel in Berlin for June. Any tips?

I'm not very artsy leftist type of guy, more like sports. I'm also 22 years old.

Also, if anyone wants to hang out there xD
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i'll hang out with you xD
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I would recommend the Ostel, it is cheap, clean and close to public transportation. It is a a German-Democratic-Republic-Themed Place, witch is kinda weird but good enough for a solid bed and a good night sleep.
/www DOT ostel DOT eu/en/index.html
My Wife Loved it, too.
I've just come back from the Wombats hostel in Berlin, very nice and quite reasonable

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New Japan General:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not...
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File: 20160510_160410.jpg (125 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This fucking rain bleh
Currently in Osaka with 11 days left to travel wherever but it looks like its raining all over the country for the next week or more :(
I wouldnt mind if I was by myself and could just sit in an arcade all day, but women be shoppiiiiiiiiiing etc
Has anyone who has only traveled to Japan gotten then JE vaccine?
I'll be in Japan in July, but I am not sure if it worth the cost/risk.
*if the vaccine is worth the cost vs the actual risk of contracting JE

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Headed out to Japan for 3 weeks (also gonna make a 4 day stop in Seoul)
As a first timer to both countries, what would yall recomend doing? I would prefer to avoid very touristy spots/cheap tips
Also got a 7 day Jrail pass to see a couple other cities...favorites? Osaka and Sapporo seem interesting from a distance
Seoul tips are welcome aswell
Thankyou for your time!
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Go to Kyoto, it is touristy but it's worth your time if you like architecture. Nagoya is basically little tokyo. Akita is nice as well, not a lot to do but the scenery is fantastic.

It really depends what you want to get out of your trip. Culture? Food? Nightlife?
>>1113098 Thanks! Will look into those
I really dig the urban/neon/fashion elements of the country(s)
Aka: seeing/buying some of that futuristic/iconic tokyo look

Would love to shop for some sick souvenirs at a great/best price
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Stay in Takamatsu for a few days and take the ferry to Naoshima and Teshima

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2 MB,
Sitting in an airport thread.
Post if you're sitting in an airport, where you're at and feel free to talk about where you're going and why.

I'm just about to head home, at Austin,Tx international. Austin was pretty fun.
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Would never browse 4chan in a public place honestly, unless a really major thing just happened
Why not?
I would take a picture but i don't you would like seeing me taking a dump

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Hey, first time /trv/ poster, currently on vacation. I just had to post this.

German Tourist
> Gets up at 5 in the morning
> entire family uncomplainingly eats a quick breakfast
> happily chats with locals
> spends hours hiking through jungle and mountains to reach viewing area
> once there takes 5 photos and spends a good 45 minutes admiring view
> hikes back, happy with how day...
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You forgot something about the German tourist

>speaks only in german and only interacts with other Germans for the entirety of the trip

Swedes are guilty of this as well
German tourists annoyed the hell out of me when I was backpacking in New Zealand. I keked every time I heard one of them had their campervan looted by maoris.
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You forgot to mention these

File: 1462537777502-250020131.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm on my way to Paris atm, what should I visit?
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Visit the Bataclan. The concerts there are the bomb!
Shit, going there too. How's it going?
I hear the mosques are to die for

File: ;oilukjgvhjk.jpg (54 KB, 670x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Are there any funny YouTube channels for travel that /trv/ recommends?

Pic related I guess maybe
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IiteraIIy none. The pIace is a shit hoIe and interesting or funny peopIe post on their native video sites.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (228 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I always recommend Joe Goes (Badge of Shame)

He's a memer that tries (but not too hard) to make people uncomfortable. The best episodes are where the people actually go with it and some interesting bantz are had.

Post some of those, then.
Hes not really comedy but BennyHBK is pretty much completely unknown and makes fairly good travel videos.

If you want something more mainstream that has travel in it I would definitely check out Casey Neistat's channel (yes I know he doesn't focus on travel he just happens to travel some so he has made some good travel videos)

Also you might like the High on Life youtube channel if you don't already know about it (again not exactly comedy but they make pretty good videos even though some are hit and miss)

File: Bulgaria.jpg (42 KB, 615x413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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'Sup nerds, your resident Bulgarian here to recommend you to visit the country and answer questions you might have about it. As with the previous thread, I'll try and respond with an image I've taken myself so you can see some non-meme stuff that locals will do and are worth seeing/doing. To those that have previously visited, please share your experiences.

Country in general:
>4 distinct seasons, activities for each one
Beaches, Ski, Mountain Tourism, Architectural tourism, ATV/Horseback riding/etc

>Cheap af
0.35EUR (0,40USD) for 500ml water bottle
0.5EUR (0.60USD) loaf of bread (1kg)
12.07EUR (13.76USD) cross-country train (bus is faster and almost the same)

>Civilized and peaceful, guaranteed
Tfw no civil war or ethnic conflicts (Serbia all the time)
Tfw no government censorship or explosions every 2 seconds (Turkey)
Tfw no refugees cuz very secure borders and the accepted refugees are only in the displacement centers anyway

>Still in Europe (and EU, so EZ mode with regards to border)
With RyanAir or WizzAir it will cost you more to travel within England than to spend a weekend in Bulgaria.

>Shitty administration for citizens
Baggage from the soviet years

>Shitty roads for sure
The conditions of the asphalt roads aren't acceptable in 2016, especially when we pay such taxes on them

>Parking on the pedestrian sidewalks
Soviets artificially restricted the amount of cars built, so roads and parking were plentiful 20 years ago. Not now.

Cont. with some city and location reviews.
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Sofia, capital city and where I live
Thracian earliest recorded settlements, Roman (Byzantines), Bulgarian, Ottoman, Soviet buildings can be seen, touched and entered to this day. The city's architecture is like a ring, oldest in the middle and younger as you leave the center. Pieces of Byzantine/Bulgarian fortresses are in the middle, Tzarist architecture (1876-1944) inhabits most of the city's center stepping out to brutalist soviet living quarters in the outskirts.

The meme sights would include St...
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>Sofia is also the place where a mosque, an orthodox church and a Jewish temple are the closest to each other (within RPG range) on the Balkans, but we're cool

Recently I was giving a tour for a friend visiting from Argentina. We were out until 3 in the morning and coming back to my place, we saw many women just walking around, either home from bars or walking their dog at absurd hours. I do most of my shopping at 4 in the morning and...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
What's the deal with languages? In terms of practicality is it

If I was having trouble with languages, how much would a guide/interpreter cost, 20 Euros a day?

Are there gypsy problems? Or did they go to western europe, and it's just a few areas of them to avoid?

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Hello, guys. I'm going to europe for the first time, with my 2 uncles and doing a touristy route (paris, london, berlin, praga, budapest). If I was funding the trip, I wouldn't do this, but w/e not my choice.

HOWEVER, I have 2 extra weeks to go wherever I want to after that.
My interests are :
-people, culture
-interesting shit

I don't care much about monuments, etc, but seeing huge things or great nature might be nice.

I thought about Russia (to get to know that crazy place) or Sweden (to see if they are really as cucked as /pol/...
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Greece or Italy.
>-people, culture
>-interesting shit

Go Italy - Croatia (Istra, Split, Dubrovnik) if you want that.
Colosseums in both, old roman temples and remnants, fortified cities, awesome coast, mummies, tons of interesting shit.
>paris, london, berlin, praga, budapest
Your uncles seem to have pretty good tastes

You on the other hand....

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