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Good non-touristy places to visit in the NM, AZ, southern CO area?
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The desert.
Canyon de chelly
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They have some pretty epic steam train rides in those places through sexy nature and stuff (the level of sexiness overall is overwhelming at times).

The biggest ones:
http://www.durangotrain.com/ (southwest Colorado)
http://cumbrestoltec.com/ (southwest Colorado/northwest New Mexico)
https://www.coloradotrain.com/ (southwest Colorado)
https://www.thetrain.com/ (northern Arizona)

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So, I have a friend that's going to college in Brooklyn and he thinks he's going to hate and get depressed because he thinks it will be just as pack and busy as NYC. So my question is: is Brooklyn just as busy as NYC?
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This is Brooklyn.
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This is also Brooklyn.
Shiiiiit I just realized I didn't put where exactly in Brooklyn, hmmm well when ever I know what part of Brooklyn it is, I'll post about it. Thanks for the pics though.

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Anything goo stuff to do in Manchester? I will be going there to attend an HR conference but will be only for one day. Any other things to check out in Manchester while there? Besides visiting Old Trafford, although I'm not a huge football fan.
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Visit the Manchester Museum of Science & Industry on the west side of town. They have a working replica of a locomotive built in 1830 for the Liverpool & Manchester Railway, the world's first modern railway (the museum building is its former terminus). They have other neat things, too.
John Rylands Library, Karl Marx worked there. Might be full of tryhard students revising there though.
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Imperial War Museum North is very good; the People's Museum is good too, but takes a very left-wing view (although seeing as it's on the site of the Peterloo Massacre...)

The Manchester Art Gallery has some nice local boy Lowry paintings. The Science & Industry is pretty cool too, if you're into machines and engineering.

There are free buses all through the centre of the city, so no excuse not to get around.

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Would it be possible for me to live in the Scottish country side for two months? I'd love to spend some time there and maybe work. I'm from the US. If not, where would I be able to do this?
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Yes probably, if you had all the right gear. It rains a lot.

I don't think you could get a work visa that easily though.
I think my passport allows me to stay six months. Are there programs that let me stay with a family. The reason for work is that I also want to be productive, not so concerned about money.
Is it possible for me to live in the Nebraskan country side for two months? I want to work, maybe. I'm from the UK.

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>never really traveled before
>going to NYC alone for 8 days
>staying at a hostel, just so I have more opportunities to meet people
how do i have a good time?

been to Montreal alone for work. t b h it felt lonely going to restaurants and places by myself. didn't meet anyone

things I plan on doing:
>hiking breakneck ridge (never really hiked before though)
>restaurants, places without waiters, so you can go alone:
>>halal guys stand
>>shake shack
would like to go to others (like sit in restaurants like ninja new york), but afraid of waiting in long lines by myself or sitting at tables meant for groups by myself
>>museum of modern art
>>central park
>>empire state and/or the rock
>>highline park
>>brooklyn bridge

i'm thinking of going to bars. but i don't go to them here at home (no friends to go with). i don't know what to wear, or even what to say to complete strangers at bars.

what do i even say to those at the hostel if i wanted to hang with other travelers?
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Don't worry OP, you're probably guaranteed to have a great time. you are at least 6'3" right?
what hostel and how much is it?
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it's called HI New York, around $70USD/night

>pic from the hostel's facebook page
>tfw see all these normies

I am planing on getting my Master's abroad next fall. If you had the option of living in one of these cities for two years, which would you decide?

Helsinki, Finland
Basel, Switzerland
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Copenhagen, Denmark

Close proximity to scenery/nature is a huge bonus for me. I'll be 25 when I leave, and know nobody. I grew up in Sacramento, so am very down to get somewhere with a cooler climate.
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I just can speak for Basel:
If your Master is Pharmacology related or anything close it might be your best bet as you can easily score a job there if you want and the university is funded by all the big players in the industry.
>you can be all over switzerland/france/germany within 4h so there's enough nature or travel opportunities
>You're about 2h away from great ski/snowboard locations by train
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Finland has lots of nature available everywhere and it's a huge part of local interaction and probably the greatest part of experiencing the country, but other than that I wouldn't recommend spending two years if you don't have anything solid to do here.

And I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for when you say 'cool', but Finland at summer isn't anywhere as cold as people seem to think. It can and will be as high as 35 degrees Celsius, and at most sunny days it'll be around 25.

t. mongol
I plan to study design. The place seems like a dream, sans the money aspect

My studies would take up most of my time. Do you think I would run out of things to do there?

My travel/backpacking clothes tend to start stinking after a few weeks out on the road. I know everyone recommends merino wool but it is both expensive and too heavy in terms of packing weight and hotness in the heat. Polyesters/Nylons are cooling, lightweight, and dry fast but they start smelling like absolute death.
Cotton is completely shunned by the travel community but I wonder if I took a bunch of solid white cotton t-shirts I could just bleach them in the sink every few days to avoid the stink and get rid of stains?

Does this sound like a good idea?
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Cotton a shit, wool a best. Look for lightweight merino t-shirts. Merino blends have acceptable smell resistance.

Or you could, you know, wash the clothes. Don't they make a detergent concentrate?
I do wash them, they smell regardless

I mainly use cotton/poly blends. If I go full poly they smell like absolute death even after washing.

Merino is great but at $40/pop it's a hard pill to swallow. Also, wool wears out pretty fast, especially with a backpack on and you've got to wash it like the baby jesus
Cotton isn't smartly shunned as travel clothing entirely, it just doesn't help against hypothermia when wet/damp if that is an issue for your travels ("death picks cotton"). It's comfortable, breathable and healthy on the skin so it has its purpose, and is alright in a wool blend, but it can take more than overnight if airdrying.

It's the poly and non-gortex nylon that smells, because I think down on the microscopic level it's pretty porous with little exchange like the plumping that happens with natural stuff, so soap doesn't really wash it out..memory. It's why they dry fast too, though.

Try a brand called Ibex or look to Patagonia. You could also pack some of the Sport Tide or a washing bag that scrubs the hell out of it. Or just pay for some hotel laundry, and skip the sink and air dry. Heat drying kills bacteria too, and resets those fibers and wrinkles.

so i think i kinda wanna make this road trip (solo i guess) in the next few weeks.

google says its a 30hr drive, but im only 12hr from denver so i think i might try to stop there too (if i follow through with this which is the point of this thread) but is there another cool spot between denver and oregon that i could/should stop at as well?

this is all something im kinda just coming up with as i go but im thinking;

drive to denver
stay the night
hang out there for a day
head out
stop at second town, hang out there a day
head to oregon
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lpp and whitney.jpg
4 MB, 3679x2445
time budget? money budget?

denver's cool. great food.

not sure what you're into, but from an /out/ perspective: yellowstone>salt lake city. coming home i'd jam south down i5 out of portland, maybe hit crater lake if time for the detour, swing west from sacramento to san francisco then take 120 east through tuolumne (hit yosemite valley while in the area) to 395 south through the owens valley to i40 east. stop at grand canyon for sure.
boise is pretty fun
park city, ut is great too and you can check out the nature if you have time

havent calculated money yet but ill be keeping it pretty tight.
and i dont work so i can have as much or as little time as i need. and ive got a high school friend that lives in denver so i imagine i can stay there while im in town and then the rest of the places ill either camp or airbnb i assume. im new to camping so i dunno how well that would go.

that sounds like a great route back though, im gonna map it out and see what the time difference would be.

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>Local asks you for directions and you correctly provide them
True Traveler™ only feels ITT
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>The path to your destination passes near a very popular national landmark
>need to take a 30min detour to avoid seeing it.
I know that feel

Almost the same, but
>Dozens of locals warn you that you can't send mail internationally from the post boxes that you're about to use
>They refuse to sell you stamps for the same reason
>Drop post cards in the post box with no stamps
>A few weeks later family says thanks for the cards

People at China Post, I owe you one.
>>Went to Icelend
>>Stayed 3 months
>>Hitchhiked, camped, befriended locals = free locomotion+free lodging+free food
>>Spent less than US$100 a month
True Traveler™

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I'd like some advice about work and live abroad. /adv/ does not work, so I decided make thread here.

Finished highschool with Information technology course. Couldn't afford go to university since lack of money and family personal problems. Father died couple months ago. Besides Portuguese, I do speak spanish and english fluently. Know a little of Italian and German, still can't speak in a fluent way. I've no problem to work in other areas that's not related with computers.

I did some research about some countries that...
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I did forget to mention, you can mention other countries that you think would be good and give me some advice about it.

Where you from?
I'm sorry for your loss.
Good luck my friend

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Sup /trv/

Me and 4 buddies were looking to stay in spain a couple of days.
Any EU-bros know the regulations of what you can carry in your hand luggage?
I've read you're not supposed to bring any kind of liquid? Is a deodorant stick falling under that category?

ALso, nice places to visit in barcelona?
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A deodorant stick is not liquid, so therefore it is not a liquid.
But it has to be packed into a zip lock right?
Any liquids, gels and pastes need to be in containers 100ml or under and presented to security in a clear ziploc bag separate from your luggage. Your ziploc bag can be up to 20cm x 20cm and you can have up to 10 items in the bag. You just take it out before the security checkpoint and put it back in afterwards.

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Hello guys,while i traveled in thailand i talked with a lots of people who were working in australia in some farm and did a lot of good money while training their english.

My current contract is gonna end soon and i wonder if i could go or not.

Do you have some advice, some guide etc etc.
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Dont go fruit picking. Its modern day slavery. If you do rural you can stretch out your working holiday visa for another year.
Advice... yes and no. If you can get into shearing (well, technically rousing, which is a fancy word for picking up wool) you'll be onto a pretty good wicket. Very hard work, but easy enough to pick up. I make about $1,000 a week doing that, most of the work is over summer. You usually get fed as part of the deal, and a lot of the shearers follow the work so there's always somewhere you can stay.
Generally farmwork in Aus, at least where I'm from Victoria) is over the summer, so Dec-Apr, the rest...
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Yeah i heard that, not gonna do that if i can, otherwise i'll just chill in france.


Thanks for the advice, i think i'll try to find a job before going there. Otherwise i'll be a bit fucked.

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I need some holiday advice, kindof.
I was thinking about taking my partner on a holiday for a week or so to a place in Brisbane in about a month and a half, but we broke up recently and I kind of still want to go but I feel weird going myself. Nobody I know can go, and the few that could I don't talk to anymore
> 2015 was the year for losing friends
I don't like going to pubs and clubs alone, and I feel like I would maybe see the city and do some shopping one day, then just sit in the hotel room bored getting stoned, drunk and...
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I'd look up if there are any things like festivals (food, film, music, whatever) going on, check out places to eat, try to find any cool nature spots... those are all the ideas I have I think.
I'd go for it, it might get lonely but idk. It'd still be a break from your regular life. Which city are you from, out of curiosity? I'm melb
I've looked up a couple things that will be going on at around that time, but there's not really a lot I actually want to do. One of my biggest concerns is simply that; start off doing things I want, get lonely and bored and waste all my time doing nothing. I was going to pay for a friend of mine to come down so I'd have someone to go to clubs/shows with but he couldn't get any time off work. This will realistically be my first holiday since I was a child so I'm pretty keen, and after the last...
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mongol rally.jpg
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I don't suppose any of you have ever done this, but I just recently joined the military. I figure I'm going to save my cash, and before I go into college, I'll finish the journey with either a friend or a stranger. Any tips?

>buy a clunker car in western Europe (not technically Mongol Rally, because I won't be making the donation)
>drive through eastern Ukraine
>continue through Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan again, Russia and then Mongolia
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Haven't really done a trip using a travel agency, and I figure the paperwork would be the hardest. Is this accurate?

>go to travel agency
>get visas from them
>multiple entry Russian visas, try to find longer term visas for some of the more difficult-to-visit countries
>get travel insurance from them
>contact Ukrainian embassy to figure out if the east...
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How long do you think this will take? How much do you think it would cost?

Cause I'd be totally game to do this with you, depending on the time of year/timeline.
When I say stranger, I mean someone I barely know, like an acquaintance from high school or something. Sorry for the vagueness.

From what I've seen about it online, it can get dangerous in parts.

>guys get held at gunpoint at the Kazakh border
>stranded in the Gobi Desert and tugging their dump car for miles
>if they did this today, route goes through Donetsk and Luhansk

Plus Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

I am over the age of 18. If I use my own money for a trip and decide to meet an online friend when I am there without telling my parents, does my parents have the right to be angry if they find out?
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They can be angry if they feel like it man, you ain't the feels police.
Tell your parents you are 18 and can stick your penis in who you want.
I live with my parents and some people online pointed out that they may kick me out...

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