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south africa.jpg
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Just got back from a week in cape town AMA!
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So, what did you do there? Did you get out of Cape Town at all? Share pics?

I might have some questions for you, based on answers to those general points of information.
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DSCN4160 (2).jpg
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Camp’s Bay, Table Mountain, Hoho buses, Langa Township Tour, The Cape Convoy (Cape Point Tour), Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, World of birds (had monkeys climb on me), did a mini cruise, aquila game reserve safari, penguins (boulders beach), Long Street shopping/bartering, Kirstenboch Gardens (bridge that goes to the tree tops)

I didn't leave cape town, just there for 7 days.
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Also Bo-kaap and 2 oceans aquarium

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Considering going to South Africa soon, but I need to know: how's Joburg nowadays?

I heard it has a phenomenally high crime rate, but I've also heard that the crime rate has gone down and police response times have shortened in the not too distant past.
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Every 20 seconds someone gets raped there. This is a fact which you can look up. Enjoy.
JHBlive website. Plus Joburg city website.
Depends on the neighborhood. Having said that, I walked through Hillbrow, a notorious neighborhood, at night with a huge duffel bag around my shoulders that had my passport and tons of electronics, and nothing happened. I was an absolute retard and nothing happened, if you're smart you'll be fine. Petty crime is big, just don't look like a tourist. Joburg is a cool city.

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I'm a student and i will leave for munich during the winter semester. I heard it's a real pain in the ass for finding a home in munich. Does anyone ever lived there as a student? Was it hard finding a home? Anyone have a piece of advice about getting an apartment over there?
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Airbnb is getting crazy there because of the new german laws, but you can still try it.
There's also hostels, craigslist, couchsurfing, etc.

From what I've heard the prices are insane as in every bigger german city.
Search for specific groups in Facebook, and contact the Studierendenwerk München.
OP I hope you don't mind if I piggy back on your thread but speaking of Europe, I'm moving to the UK and I want to know the best way to transfer my savings over there.
My plan was to open an account with HSBC or Barclays and when I'm in the UK I'll access the money as needed.
Is that the best way? Honestly I'd carry it all in a bag if I could

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Please help me determine the language in the attached image
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Looks like thai (?)
No, this is fairly clearly a modified Latin alphabet. A few of the letters (particularly the backwards 'c', backwards 'e') look like letters from the African Reference Alphabet, and the diacritic marks look sort of Arabic, so I would suspect a language of some Muslim people of Africa.
what the fuck are you talking?
It's Thai mate

Going to Costa Rica for 9-10 days. Leaving on Tuesday and still don't have a good idea of what to do.

Any suggestions? Not looking to wreck myself hopping from one place to the next every day.
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Not big on tours, but that actually seems pretty cool. Might check it out.
Yeah, tours is tours, but shit -- it's sloths, and sloths are bros.

Poke around a little, there may be a less packaged alternative.

>Not big on tours

You'll get more useful answers if you let us know what sort of stuff you ARE into.

Couch surfing general.

Share your experiences, storys, adventures.

Im using it since this januari. Traveling all over SEA. meeting amazing people with such cool stories and unebelievable experiences from different perspectives.
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Is bad use it if you're planning to stay only one night in each city?
Although i did it few times. Its more fun to stay a few days. Talk and get some insiders info. Completely depended on how u comunicate with your host and how it clicks i guess.

I stayed for weeks at full serviced mansions/apartements/ gated comunnities.

But also shared small spaces with lots of other surfers at hosts.

Its a rather cool comunnity, if u can filter out the weird people and conect with like minded people.

Even then its always a guess.

I fucked one host

And bailed...
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I only let girls couchsurf at my place, so that I can fuck them.

Hi travelniggers!

Im going to Sri Lanka in july, does anyone have any great reccomandations?

I was thinking of driving down to Galle from Colombo, maybe stopping in Hikkaduwa (or is it a shithole?)

Then checking out the beaches in the south, around Tangalle, surfing a bit (any good ones?).

Driving up to Ella, hiking in the tea plantations and maybe even up Adams Peak which is 2 k masl. On the way stopping in the national parks etc.

Does it sound like a good plan? Any must sees? Hidden treasures? Wasn't really thinking about hitting...
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You had me at
File: PC030801.jpg (2 MB, 4032x3024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I was thinking of driving down to Galle from Colombo, maybe stopping in Hikkaduwa (or is it a shithole?)
Galle is easily worth a day, quite nice really. Hikkaduwa isn't much to look at, but there's nice beaches along that stretch of the coast. Road's quite busy though, and the driving style is rather Asian.

Don't know about surfing, but definitely an option.

Ella/Adam's Peak/National Parks are definitely nice, the scenery around that area is quite...
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>maybe even up Adams Peak which is 2 k masl
Do that. It's out-of-this-worldly beautiful. Bat as the other anon said, it can get busy.

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I'm guessing this is a bit uncalled for and some people may be upset about it but I'm here for a bunch of newbie questions.

Some background:
I'm a 26yo male from Israel.
In the past I've done some camping in israel (no more than a week long), and went on two 1-week vacations in Europe (sleeping in a hotel).

This October I'm thinking of going on a 1-month tour around Europe.
My initial thoughts are to go around a few countries spending 3-5 days in each country, using the train as my main transportation between cities / countries.

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Oh, and pic isn't related, I just don't have other macros on my laptop.
>mostly interested in meeting the country's people
>3-5day per country

choose one

you better stay longer or choose less countries.
Granted, I won't have any "deep and long built" relationships nor a firm understanding of the various cultures I may encounter, But I still think for a first tour around Europe it'll be okay.
I may reduce the number of countries to say just the 4 that I didn't list as optional, leaving about 7 days for each country.

I would love to stay longer, but that's just impossible for me at the present time.

I would love some input regarding the other things, if you have some?

thank you :)

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Stuck at the airport for an hour overlay. What does /trv/ like to do while waiting for a connecting flight?
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get outside and see the city where i am stuck in
Wait for my damn flight. Either stoically or entertain myself.

>implying there is any city where you can do that with a layover under 4 hours

>not factoring leaving airport to centre (1,5 both ways)
>not factoring seeing or doing something (minimum .5hrs)
>security for 1 hour depending on airport
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Sit at the bar.

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forest sun.jpg
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>You're not a citizen so no local company will hire you after graduation
>Companies in your homeland will not hire you as you have no networks
>That girl you met when studying abroad will not move back to your homeland with you
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>>Companies in your homeland will not hire you as you have no networks
Most companies hiring are multi nationals m8, also having a degree abroad looks great on your resume for local companies, believe it or not companies in a certain country usually dont make 100% of their business within borders
Oh God. Not Brandon again.
not true at all,
I came from SE Asia, studied in Europe,
paid less than 1000€ a year for my master degree,
I had social security, health care and rental help.
After graduate I found a job in related field that pays well,
11 years after I'm still here and married that said girl, we're having a baby this summer.

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I always wanted to visit Louisiana, most notably New Orleans. But I live up north. Are there any Mississippi river boat rides that travel from the northern states close to New Orleans? I think that would be a nice little way to get out and explore.
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There are Mississippi river cruises, but they aren't cheap. (They have to pay their employees USA-tier wages, as opposed to ocean cruises, who can hire Filipinos for much less.)
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Im in new orleans right now staying at a hostel AMA
Just looked. You're not kidding either. One I looked up ranged from $10k - $15k.

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Hey guys, so I was just looking up things to do in the US Virgin Islands, and it looks like a blast. Between the historical shit and water activities looks awesome to me. I've never been diving before, and they have ship wrecks you can go explore. I am thinking about going for 3 days in July. Only thing is, I'd be going alone. Is the US Islands designed for families/romantic get-aways? Or would a single guy like me have fun there?
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The only issue being alone is safety. It's offseason right now, so not as many tourists to be company everywhere, and the locals have desperate economic times (it's expensive to live on an island and work is hard to come by).
I am a solo diver. You will need to research the dive company well, because you will be alone with someone who is either incompetent or won't have someone up top or so on. If there are other people going in the boat, it's better for them to save on costs, just make sure...
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>off season

I'd be going in July. But thanks for the advice anyways. It sounds really cool!

This might be a stupid question (I've never snorkeled or dived before). But do you have to get/be certified to do it? Even if you go with a licensed instructor? I'm not sure how it all works. I just think it would be sick to look at some shipwrecks off Saint Thomas.
Just take a cruise, see if you like it first. Saves you a little money, plus you won't have to do everything alone. I've been on several cruises to many of the islands. I don't know if I would go there and stay though.

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I'd like to go to France this year to work as a grape picker but don't really know how into. I've been lurking pole-emploi, found few ads but they are looking for an experienced worker and I've never worked as a vendangeur. Does anyone of you have some protips?
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Try to look into anefa.org too. This year's page is not online yet, but you can still send them an e-mail or call them all the same.
Contact the employers or the coop directly. What matter is that you're fit enough to do the work. They'll show you all you'll need to know in less than 5mn (there's even kids helping their parents around in some places, or kids doing a "green class" day. It's not that complicated). You'll learn...
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Thanks! I will contact them, that is what I was looking for. Would you recommend me some specific region of france?

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>have been chatting to an internet frned for 2 years
>only recenttly i will happen to visit his country so we are considering a meetup
>am a girl
>he said he is very inactive on facebook and he never uses it
>i asked him for his facebook as my parents may want to see it
>he gve me his facebook
>he only has one friend on facebook
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>a girl talks to someone forever
>make plans to meet
>gets scared

Every time. Every fucking time. Why are girls so feckless, cowardly and just pathetic in general?
His Facebook is so dodgey though. Only ONE girl there? Seriously?
Are you serious??????? Didn't you make this shit thread last month as well? Damn I thought we told you to fuck off already you stupid cunt. I am 100% sure you are here for attention and (you)s because you're a social slut and an attention whore.

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the gold rush 3.jpg
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how do you find people to travel with?

I meet people out on the road, but I'm interested in doing india and I have heard that it's better to travel with others because people are not so friendly
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People are very friendly in India if you actually talk to them. If you wander from tourist attraction to tourist attraction and only talk to the people who approach you (100% scam artists) then yeah it's gonna seem like people aren't friendly.

I've been to India 3 times for 2-3 months each time and I always find cool, friendly, generous people, but never at a famous tourist destination. The cool middle class people are in malls, it's like the 80s over there and malls are cool to hang out in. I've also met cool Indians at places where domestic Indian tourists go, but almost no foreign tourists.

Plus, there are a ton of backpacker/hippie towns where you can make new friends just by sitting down at a strangers table/pile of pillows acting as a chair and introducing yourself. I've never had a problem meeting new friends in India and it's one of the reasons why it's one of my favorite countries to visit.
so where would you go?

I'm thinking 1/3 of my time sightseeing, 1/3 backpacker places, 1/3 going out into more rural areas
where are you from originally

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