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>3 weeks
Left, because Yosemite. That place is the most surreal place in the country.
In fact right hits Yosemite as well, plus Grand Canyon. I change my vote to right. Oregon can wait, just don't skip Yosemite.

Australian traveling to SEA, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos.

What is the best option in regards to finance?

Do I take over like 1000AUD and exchange it as I go? Do I get one of those special travel debit cards and withdraw as I go? Do I exchange over here before I leave?

What option is the cheapest basically?
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Are you a drug dealer or something?
If not, put it in your acct. Withdraw via ATM.

Get 2 cards for safety.
Is it really that strange to have 1000 in cash?

Any suggestions for which cards are good?
Don't know if I'd say strange, but it's surely not common nowadays.

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163 KB,
im thinking about leaving the USA for the first time ever in my life - im 28.

Not sure where to go but I just want out.

Dont want to see a bunch of violent refugees, would like see nice exotic scenery,

Ill leave it at that - not going to write up an essay here and clog up your guys board (im usually a /g/ , /sci/ and /pol/ poster. Any and all suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

Have a good day/night/whatever

(stupid picture of otter face unrelated)
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bump, not sure how fast this board moves but ill bump like maybe once a day for a few days and if i dont get any replies ill take a hint and let it die
What are your interests in general? You won't see refugees unless you go looking for them, it's like asking to go somewhere without yakuza or French mimes.

Also our board is slow, no need to self bump more than once every 24 hours.
travelling is no big deal, basically anywhere you go you'll always find something new, if you are into it.
Or not, or you will find it boring and unexiciting, because you're just not into it.
Just book the cheapest flight to anywhere to Europe (good for first time travelers from the US as similar culture and easier to communicate) and enjoy.

File: 2000px-Amtrak_System_Map.svg.png (840 KB, 2000x1251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
840 KB,
Why does the amtrak system suck so much for South-East to North-West travel? If I want to go from Mississippi to Washington by train it takes 50 fucking hours.
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Amtrak is only good in the NEC, actually. If you divided the Amtrak network into regional sections and privatized them all, the NEC one would be the only one to survive.
I want to ride from Mississippi to Portland OR. If they would only make a line that goes diagonally like they did from NY to Cali, it would be easier.
Amtrak actually does not own any of those lines; it leases them all from the various big freight railroads that own them. The reason why there is not a diagonal northwest-to-Southwest route is because one was never built.

Flying is the best option for your route.

File: LA-v-SF.jpg (803 KB, 1000x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
803 KB,

Later this week my fiance and I will be traveling to the Bay area for a wedding, where we'll be for about four days. At that point, we'll be driving down to LA where we'll have four days as well. I was wondering if you all could recommend some great and interesting things you've done in those two areas. We're fairly adventurous but not "shooting heroine in an alley" adventurous. For the Bay area, it doesn't need to be limited to SF since we'll have transportation.

Big, tourist trap destinations are welcome but...
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Coit tower, Alcatraz, Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury, Pier 39, MOMA, Botanical Gardens, are all good, touristy things in SF. I'd recommend at least looking into those to see if you're interested.

Haight-Ashbury is fun if youre into alt culture of any kind. There are lots of fun and unique shops all around that area as well as other major tourist destinations all in walking distance (MOMA, Golden Gate Park, de Young Museum, botanical gardens, and the Japanese Tea Garden).

If you're into /out/...
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I've been a Bay Area native for 10 years and this anon knows what they're talking about. The designated tourist trap area of SF is Fisherman's Wharf, but Coit Tower, Chinatown, MOMA, Marin Headlands, etc. are all where the real fun is for someone visiting. I would add visiting the Exploratorium on one of their adults only nights if you're into science or want to see some Bill Nye craziness. The Berkeley campus has a problem with crime even though it's a really great school, so don't walk...
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Hey, not OP here, but have a flight to SFO booked. Is San Fran similar to LA insofar as it's impossible to get around without a car? I wanna cheap out as much as possible on transport and walk for a couple hours everyday, like 5-6 hours. Is it possible to travel from say for example, SFO airport to Union Square on sidewalks or would I have to go really off country? I know that renting a car is pretty cheap but I'm under 21 with no license. Do pedestrians...
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Do you guys have any advice for people that aren't used to cold climates? I'm a 19 year old guy from Brazil and plan to travel to Hamburg in February. I know it's really, really cold in there, but I mean, can I still get out at night and enjoy parties and stuff like that? I want to enjoy this trip, but I am really afraid that this weather is gonna kill me or something. Should I just go in July or am I overthinking? Thanks
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"There's no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes".

Just make sure you have the right clothing, layers are your friend.
You'll acclimatize, though the rate at which that happens varies and it may not be useful for very short trips. How long will you be there?

Can't really go wrong with dressing slightly warmer than the locals.

t. some other faggot from the tropics
to elaborate on acclimatization:

I once went to the UK after years of almost never experiencing temperatures below 25c, and spent the first few days feeling like I was going to shiver myself to pieces. Was fine after, even though subsequent legs of the trip involved Germany and Scandinavia, further into winter.

Of course when I came back to the equator I had to re-acclimatize (briefly) to the heat again. Walking out the airport was like stepping into a bowl of steaming soup.

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So, I'm going to europe for the first time. Wife and I have a business trip to switzerland, we have 3 days on the back end of the trip to do whatever we want.

Where should a europe novice go if they only have 3 days? Switzerland's pretty central, at least.

Financially we're pretty good, so we can burn some cash if we need to.
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They hate yanks over there. Take care, and do ask the hotel staff where it is safe to go. You do not want to be in the wrong neighbourhood after dark.
If the weather is nice, spend all your time in small villages around Lauterbrunnen and see both the Schilthorn and Jungfraujoch
I guess I should have specified, yes American, speak english with a bit of german and spanish, but not enough to have much of a conversation.

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So what's the worst thing that has happened to you on your travels?

I write because my latest trip ended on a sour note. I was riding my motorbike around the US southwest on a 5-6 week long road trip and ended up crashing the bike in the middle of no where. Was about 3 weeks into my trip and missed out on some locations I've wanted to visit for years. I had to take a Greyhound back home and on the way they lost my luggage... The accident is also a major dent in my budget, all in all it will probably cost me around $2500. On top of that I had other short trips...
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I wouldn't view what happened to me on my first trip as a terrible experience so much as an interesting experience, but it ruined vacations for a lot of people in the area.

Back in 2013, when I was nineteen years old and taking my first ever trip overseas and alone, I ended up staying in a hostel five minutes away from Taksim Square in Istanbul. I was right in the middle of all the chaos when the Gezi Park protests erupted and got shot in the back with a rubber bullet by a police officer while walking down a street crowded with shoppers and cars. What happened is...
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599 KB, 1592x1194

law enforcement couldn't enter a political party's headquarters or offices under any circumstances which weren't truly exceptional).

Anyway, shit really took off by the end of the day. I remember walking outside and heading back to Taksim, where people were building a giant barricade and stopping traffic. I took a right towards a wide boulevard called Tarlabaşı to get back to my hostel and saw thousands of people streaming up towards Gezi Park. Things quieted down at night but absolutely...
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Was on a plane that had electrics knocked out by a lightning strike when I was a kid. Made an emergency landing at a small, and very closed, airport in Alabama, where we were on one side of a lowered security gate and vending machines, toilets, etc. were on the other. Got to go out and piss on the plane wheel, so it was not a total loss.

New Yorkers of /trv/ help me

I'm from San Francisco and my company is sending me to our NYC office in July, so I need to find a place to live. Is it true that you need to make 50x your rent in order to even get a place?

I'll be working in lower manhattan. What are some decent places (when I say 'decent' I mean that I won't get robbed/stabbed and has access to the subway, not some fancy ass trendy neighborhood) in NYC that I can live that don't have ridiculous rent stipulations? Also, is it possible for me to rent without signing a...
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Where's your office?
Ugh I missed the lower Manhattan part.

What's the closest subway line?
I don't know. My office is in the financial district.

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General info:
https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/China (preferred, the 'new' one)




Expat restaurants/supermarkets/bars:

Pleco (dictionary)
baidu maps/google maps


4chan: get...
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Trying to setup a PayPal account without luck. No idea why everything has to be so difficult when China is involved. Don't judge me, but I am trying to buy some World of Warcraft game time. I have a UnionPay card, haven't been able to get a visa card, and I would appreciate it if someone could say that it is possible (PayPal).
Someone tell me about Guiyang.

How farmer and backwards is the city? How are the average girls? I know they don't have a metro yet, and foreigners are supposedly still rare, though the expat community is already growing fast.
I'm going to be in China for 2 years. What's some MUST SEE shit while I'm there?

Obviously the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Terracotta Warriors, but what else?

hey guys just looking for a place to camp that isn't too much. we're just looking for a place where we can fish and swim thanks
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Lake Murray, Texoma, Arcadia, and thunderbird
thanks man much appreciated
Did u copy this exact post from the person looking for advise in stl area?

File: espanioles.jpg (790 KB, 2002x1413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
790 KB,
Hey guys, I'm thinking of booking a flight to spain this weekend. But ill be travelling alone. I'm excited but my friend strongly advised not to go as itll be boring as fuck. Can I get your guys opinion on travelling alone?
And also, out of Ibiza, Palmo de Malorca, Barcelona or Lanzarote where would you rec to travel?
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P.S. I'm mostly looking for a destination to find young chickas and party, while also enjoy beautiful scenery on daytime. Any advice appreciated!
To start, your friend is wrong. Travelling solo may be daunting to some, but if you stay at hostels then you'll meet random people who will be down to explore, party, chill or whatever. I backpacked solo through Spain and had a kickass time.

As for suggestions, one place to go is Granada. I had a sick time out there! It's a small college city, so all the wine and sangria bottles were maybe 1-2 Euros. Plenty of locals mixed with travelers, and there are cool caves you can check out outside of town if your up to it.

If your near Barcelona during the summer...
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Seconding Granada. Probably my favorite city in all of Spain.

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15 KB,

This Friday I will be flying in to Philly then going to Atlantic city for a wedding. Have already spent a few days in AC previously, mostly enjoined the boardwalk n the stray cats on the beach.
Any recommendations for Philly? What to do what to see best cheesesteak? I am in to good neighborhoods and love historic cities, good architecture and lively places. Also any thing in AC I should do other than the boardwalk?
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Check out Eastern State Penitentiary while you're in Philly. The audio tour is narrated by Steve Buscemi. Also, check out Old City.
Jim on South St for a cheesesteak. Avoid Pat's and Gino's, they are tourist traps, and mostly only good if you are shitfaced at 2am when the bars close, and want some greasy food to fill your gut.

Old City, and Independence Hall, if you want some history. You can see the Liberty Bell near the hall as well. Museum of Art on the Ben Franklin Parkway has some interest stuff, if you're into that. Also, city hall has some nice architecture.

Lively depends on your scene. If you're a hipster,...
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keeper of the light.png
415 KB,
>that empty feeling when you get back home after a trip

How do you cope, /trv/?
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Only empty feeling I have is my bank account for a month or two. I'm still on a high when I get home, reminiscing about everything I did while traveling, and planning my next trip
Start counting down the days until your next trip
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Unpack all the cool shit I got. Talk extensively about my experience with everybody. Plan my next trip.

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Hostel recommendations for Taipei and Japan?
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Eight elephants for Taipei.
The Meeting Place in taipei was great a few years back. Lots of great food nearby. Sort of place that has a lot of long term guys - not always a good thing, but they were fun there.

There's some one in Dulan called Dulan 21 or something, owned by a Dutch guy. Great for seeing the sun rise in the morning. Was in there on my own with a girl when I stayed there, but was too autistic to do anything

For Tokyo the Sakura hostel in Asakusa is pretty good. More like a hotel with tiny private rooms, but with a hostel vibe. Bit far from the main action in the city,...
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How about net cafes in Japan? can't get any cheaper and there are showers and free drinks

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