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I'm planning a trip to Australia that includes a tour through Sydney, Ayers rock, and the great barrier reef.

Any input on traveling here would be great, I also am brown skinned so If i need to avoid any places not kind to foreigners please feel free to advise.

i'm going to be bringing about $1000 cash.
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Belanglo State Forest is very nice this time of year!

Are you renting a car to get to Ayres rock or are you just flying or on an organised tour?

Tbh, one of the funnest things in Australia is to rent a 4wd and go exploring throughout central Australia and the Northern part of the Northern territory, so much to see and do.

Depends what time of year you go though, Darwin is shit during rainy season, but in the dry season there are so many national parks and waterfalls to check out without the fear of getting eaten by salties.
>Browned skinned
>not kind to foreigners
why not just collect your free citizenship and welfare and stay forever?

Will go to Moscow for a couple months. Where should I go / apps should I use to hook up with the locals? 20m in case some grill wants to meet up ;)
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Also what places/situations should I avoid so I dont get stabbed robbed or shit
It's pretty safe in Moscow, you aren't going to be robbed/raped for sure.
I studied abroad for a year in Moscow in college.

The hardest part about the entire thing was learning Russian, which I'm happy I can carry a conversation in now. Moscow is pretty safe, don't go down dark alleys, walk around by yourself at night, etc. Same shit as any big city. I had a couple of schoolmates who had family in St. Petersburg and we all went there by train a couple of times during the year to visit. If you are invited to someone's home, bring flowers/vodka/a gift.

Russian qts, and russians in general were hard asses at first, even...
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How do you maintain a work-travel balance? Have you had to make any major sacrifices in one or the other? Are you happy with the decisions you've made, or would you do something different if you had the opportunity?
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OP here, and not entirely happy with the decisions I've made, but also don't know how to change. During university I didn't do much travel except the occasional ski trip or interrailing trip, so after graduating I took a gap year. I did a volunteering placement in Africa, then spent a couple of months in central and southeast Europe, and had a great time. Then, at about this time last year, I travelled to Canada to work at a summer camp and had pretty much the best summer of my life. I've had on-off depression in the past and this was just the perfect cure...
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In my life there isn't really a balance desu, it all just boils down to 4 key times I know i'll be able to travel in my life, and trying to make the most of them. The rest of my holiday time is mostly about resting up and seeing family/friends.

>1. Gap year

Just out of school, it's a very socially acceptable time to take some time out to do shit. I personally did the classic thing of saving money while working for a few months, then travelling for a few.

>2. University Summers

Uni summers are really fucking long, so if you've had a job through the year or as in my case, some left over from my gap year you can go for 1-2 months for these years

>3. Mid-late 20s, between jobs and with nothing tying them down

One of the most common types of people you'll see abroad, people who have plenty of money from their first few years of work, but it didn't work out for whatever reason or they just needed to get out and do something while they have the chance. Easy enough to do when you have no kids and aren't so married to a career that you can't get away from it.

>4. Mid-50s to mid-60s

Again you see a lot of these, people whose careers are on the wind down or gone altogether, have tons of money from a life of work and nothing to do now their children are all adults, so they take advantage of the time left they have with good health to see the world.

And I think for most people that's realistically it. With a few exceptions (who you obviously meet a disproportionately large number of when travelling) you can't keep dropping your career for months at a time through your life because it looks bad, and even I could personally I'm not sure I'd want to. I love travel, but the things I do in my life at home are what I consider my actual 'life'. The travel is just a sidetrack.
So 30-55 will be the worst part of my life?

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Johannesburg...I'm planning to take a trip there and I want to know does the rand have a good exchange rate? Is it really that dangerous? As an American, can I eat the meat there...like braai? Best hostels there? How's the nightlife and using a taxi is a safe option? If I do plan to go out, what time should I leave to go home?
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R.I.P anonymous ;_;
Joburg... now why the fuck would you do that?
op gonna die

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Hello anons

I'm going for a short trip this weekend to Luxembourg. Going with some friends for a couple of nights

I've read a bit about it on wikitravel but it seems it's even smaller than I thought, and thus not too many amazing things (as in huge churches or whatever)

Anyway, was wondering if anyone might be able to suggest some interesting things to see there, that maybe aren't listed on wikitravel

General impressions would also be appreciated!

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the city itself is tiny, not much to see. But there are some nice castles around in the country. As you can imagine, they are not very far, you can see 2-3 a day.
i live in germany at the luxembourgish border
thers not much to see, like already said some castles

other than that you can visit Schengen (where the eu free travel agreement was signed) not much to see there either, there is a piece of the berliner wall and some museum i never was inside

what else? maybe go to see Saarschleife in germany if the weather is nice
The city is pretty.

Lots of Portuguese people in Luxembourg. That should translate into some outstanding restaurants.

So this is it, we finaly made it!

Me and my GF are moving from Sweden to travel in Peloponnesia, possibly for the autumn, or for longer.

We are both vegans (cheap food) and look forward to eat all the fruit we can, and we are bringing our bikes aswell.

Now, we are checking places to stay in Airbnb and found a nice apartment in Patras to start with, for a month, but are currently looking after more places to stay at, the cheapest we can.

My main concern is that my gf has tons of money, whilst i don't Now i don't want to leech off her, and...
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you spelled "cunts" wrong.
i don't know much bout greece but you seem like a nice sincere dude. i hope you and yo gril find what you are looking for
>special needs-carer
You could start by taking care of yourself.

Why would you work on your vacation for significantly less money than back at home, with the added disadvantage of not knowing the language and looking for a job in a shitty economy? Just do some extra part-time work in Sweden and go loaded with cash by Greek standards.
Also lost it at foraging in the countryside.

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I'm going to be in Scotland for 2 weeks around new years.

I'll be doing some hogmanay related events ofc, but there seems to be so many to choose from? What would give me the best local flair?

Where is the best place to spend new years in Scotland? I'll be between Edinburgh, Glasgow, and maybe Inverness. A restaurant? A pub? Maybe a local festival ? I'm going with my girlfriend, so a romantic or highly atmospheric and fun place would be ideal.

What else is there to do for a history and museum buff in Scotland ? I'm sure there are...
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Op here,

Is an international driver license required for Scotland? I thought they are generally only required in countries that do no have English as a primary language.

Edinburgh reporting. Hogmanay is pretty good here and people come from other parts of Scotland for it (mainly the street party on Princes st) My folks go to a dinner thing in a castle turned restaurant sort of place but I'll have to get the name. I was there once and it was a very grand affair and would be something you could take a gf or whatever to if romance is your thing. Not sure about Glasgow but I imagine it would be quite atmospheric with just the sheer amount of people.
New year celebrations in Glasgow can be a very sketchy affair. The big one is Edinburgh.

Also worth considering is the fireballs at Stonehaven. http://www.hogmanay.net/events/scotland/fireballs-stonehaven

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Hi, /trv/! I used to hitchhike quite a lot, mostly alone. I would finally like to find an actual traveller companion, able to cope with troubles on the road. If you're but a pathetic dreamer who just finished highschool and want's to ride around the world or some similar shit, just leave.

About me:
I'm 23, male, polish.
I study CS and am generally interested in biology, psychology and basically anything involving some serious thinking.

I made over 50 000 km during last seven years, have been to most EU countries, Georgia, Russia, Mongolia (pic...
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>If you're but a pathetic dreamer who just finished highschool and want's to ride around the world or some similar shit, just leave.
>23 years old
>real travelerâ„¢

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Greetings, travelers!
This summer, I'm planning a trip from my home in continental Europe up North, over Calais to London and Edinburgh. Now my question is: what to do between London and Edinburgh? I know I could just sit on a bus for 9 hours and get to Edinburgh that way, but that doesn't sound appealing, so I'd much rather make the most of it and see as much as I can on my way. What lies between the two that I should not miss? Are they easily accessible by bus/train? Are there cheap places to stay?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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York, nice historic city with good transport links. From York it's a short train ride also to Durham, and from Durham there is a direct train to Edinburgh.

Or you could stop off at Berwick and check out the Northumberland coast and places such as Alnwick and Bamburgh, though that would mean looking up timetables for local buses which might not run very often

You should be able to find plenty of cheap hotels or hostels in York with no difficulty, not sure about Durham or Berwick though, might be a bit pricier. You'd need to work out the best way of doing it. It's easy on the train but not that cheap, but there should be buses running between these places as well.
Agree with all this. The railway line from Berwick to Edinburgh is one of the most scenic. Maybe somewhere to consider near your route, outside London, is Cambridge. Beautiful and interesting historic university town, of course.
So for instance London -> York -> Durham -> Berwick -> Edinburgh? Thanks it definitely goes on my list! Hadn't considered York! How long should you stay in Durham and Berwick to see the sights? I know that Durham has a cathedral, but other than that, I don't know much about it.

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Does anyone have any protips regarding airtravel?
Are there any secret/great websites that you use to find the lowest tickets and/or good deals and discounts?

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>wat is sticky
Use KAYAK to search all airfaire sites at once, this is the best method.
Didn't Google Flights make Kayak obsolete?

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Hi /trv/. This is my first visit amongst many future ones. To cut to the chase, I've been looking towards moving out of the US permanently (specifically Alabama). My sights are set on Finland (don't ask) and I've never travelled more than a few hundred miles in my adult life. What do I need to know and expect? I only have experience as a cook and want to waltz in prepared. I know not everything is so black and white, but perhaps someone well travelled can help me out. I would like to begin saving soon.
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Bumping for interest, another american thinking of visiting helsinki but not moving permanently

As a legal immigrant, or as an illegal? If I were in your position, I wouldn't be wasting time on what I "need to know and expect." I'd be finding out what I need to do to immigrate legally (I doubt it's easy) or if it's even possible (or worth it) to become an illegal. Everything else is secondary; everything else is just a fantasy.
Legal. I realized I'm not interested in the US or how shit it's becoming. I don't care about who's president, it's just becoming more of a shit-hole. I used to have a friend from Finland that spoke pretty highly of it. Also the statistic comparison between it and the US makes it seem phenomenal.

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Alright trv, you've never given me a bum steer. So I come to you for sage advice once again.
My sister and I will be traveling to Italy at the end of August. First time traveling overseas, we're landing in Venice, probably going to book a hotel there, and we'll be staying for eight days. She has no specifics she wants to see or do, but she wants to travel to Florence, Milan, and San Marino. I really want to explore as much as possible, so I want to know what traveling to Italy is like. How bad is the language barrier? If we're traveling to those four cities,...
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>sage advice

"Sage goes in all fields"

You got it
Trains are fine for city hopping, get frecciarossa if money is not a problem little, rent a car if you wanna explore little old towns, tuscany is the best area to do that.
Milan is not thar great for a tourist and will be super hot in august.
Food: of course pizza and traditional pasta is a must, its generally very good just avoid restaurant near main attractions that blatantly cater to tourists, go where the locals go.
You can get by without knowing the language in cities and touristy places, but expect awkward english and lots of gestures, it.can be fun tho.
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Haha this board

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Hello guys,
Is it possible to book cheap flights for 20?
All the engines offer up to 9 people.
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Call the airline and ask.
I doubt I'll get a good price
20 should be enough to qualify for a group discount, but that's one of those things they only offer if you call.

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What's up /trv/ first time post here. I'm gonna be driving from California LA to Anchorage Alaska all by myself in my truck. I'm gonna be fishing on the Yukon river for a week.

Any suggestions and tips for the road. I'm gonna be on the Al-Can! Also any places I should stop to take a look at. Any good eateries or bars. I'm 19 so drinking is a go for me in Canada. Any bars I should stop at?
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Hit up a couple titty bars, there usually littered among the roads up north for truckers, tell someone where your going and bring bear spray or a gun so you dont get eaten alive by bears.
Oh shit OP I'm leaving for a similar trip in a little more than two weeks.

Chicago to Washington to Alaska and back home east through Canada, about 9,000 miles in 27 days.
lets meet up in sopkane. I'm leaving July 17

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I'm okay with this.gif
2 MB,
I'm in Portland for the next few weeks, what is there to do here? I'm not 21
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Buy a ticket to fly away from Portland.
> t-thanks /trv/

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