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What's everyone's experience like with Turkish Airlines?

I'm flying with them from JFK to TLV with a 3 hour layover in IST. Is Turkish Airlines generally dependable, and will 3 hours give me more than enough time to get through all the security checks?
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Lufthansa employee here, i work with them every day, cocky assholes. But from FRA at least one can say they are dependable, expect nothing special, they will get you there safely and on time. 3h in IST is enough provided you have no major delays, in wich case you will be rebooked anyways.
fly with them every second week. top service, very professional. you made a good choice, no problem on security checks. best european airline for a reason. please report back with your experiences when youre in tlv. have a nice flight :)
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I got through IST within an hour but I don't know if that was a very busy time or not

Got an cheap error fare to Tokyo, was able to reserve window seats both ways on the app, no bullshit, nice ride

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Hello travel Board! Next June i will be going to Koh Samui Island (Thailand), will be staying there for 23 days training and drinking. after that i will og from Surat-Thani by plane to Bangkok. when we arrive at Bangkok we will travel to Wat Bang Phra temple to get traditional tattoos and to give offerings (situated 50 minutes from Bangkok).
will also get tattooed in Bangkok but more personal designs etc.
after we spend one night there we will travel to Ho Chi Minh and stay for 5 days visiting old Vietcong Caves and shooting old guns from the Vietnam war. then we will...
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23 days for just Koh Samui, training camp With some MMA folks ;) then travel to Bangkok for tattos before going to Vietnam to meet old relatives and go Cave sightseeing and go to the gun range, then back to Bangkok to round up the trip With a little partying and a visit to a few gun ranges there aswell then home
if you are wondering about all the gun ranges then the answer is that we live in Norway so not alot of guns to shoot here LOL
also we just made another thing, Train from Ho Chi Minh to Cambodia to stay for 2 days before THEN going back to Bangkok to stay for 2 days before going home. plane, Train or bus from Cambodia to Bangkok?
We're the 2 other SEA generals not good enough for you to ask your question?

Hey guys i'm 20 years old from Australia. I want to backpack Europe in September for at least a month. Ideally i'd go with a mate but they are either busy or don't have money so i'm doing it by myself.

My question is, in your opinion what are the must sees and is there anything that is overrated and I should just skip it to save time?
I would love to see some incredible nature, and just really get outside and experience everything. I am not huge on the whole nightclub scene but any festivals or anything that sound appealing would be great.

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Forgot to mention I haven't left Australia other than a family holiday to Thailand a couple years ago. However I am heading to NZ/Samoa in 3 weeks
Do you have at least a vague idea of the countries you want to visit?
i'm from germany
i liked:

Was dissapointed:

Litarally nothing to do what you cant do anywhere else in germany/france/netherlands:

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Is there any way of doing the Iceland ring road trip on the cheap? If you've done it before, how much did you spend? Will cutting corners on prices just ruin the experience?
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yes, in March. Perfect time for northern lights. About 12 hours of sunlight. Everything is off season priced and like 80% less tourists.

You can rent a car that is turned into a sleeper car at e.g. www.campervaniceland.com

I don't remember how much I spent. The food and hotels are the most expensive things (after the car, duh), but if you sleep in the camper you can do the ring in like 8 days for about 1400 euro max.

But you need a car in Iceland, trust me. What you don't need is a jeep...
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1400 Euros for an 8 day trip sounds pretty expensive to me. If that's the cheapest it can be done then, hey, that's life, I just wonder if there's any way to do it cheaper. We're looking to go in July though, so I think either way, it'll be out of our budget - I've had a look at some rental prices for camper vans, and that alone would be too much this time round, I think.

What were your highlights of the trip? Is it definitely worth doing?
Hey, if you do it in summer you have to add another 50-70%.

It IS worth it but you do have to do it on the shoulder season, the amount of idiot asians is already high then, but it can be worse.

Highlights: waterfalls, northern lights, volcanoes, geysers, seals, giant icecubes on the beach, being stranded in a snowstorm, being stuck in volcanic sand.

There aren't a lot of hiking options in Iceland, it doesn't have an extensive network of paths or trails.

Iceland is expensive, there's...
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EU citizen here, going to travel to Russia's Far East & China overland trough Ukraine/Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. Is Eastern Ukraine safe enough to just pass trough there or had I better choose Belarus in this matter?
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lugansk and donesk provinces are not safe. (two in the south with border to russia)
the over 3 provinces should be safe

the road through belarus to moscow is better
Belarus is by far more safe than Eastern Ukraine, that being said, going there is not impossible. However, you can't cross from the yellow on your map to the red, at least not legally from either a Ukrainian or Russian viewpoint. If illegally crossing an active frontline is your thing, then sure, go ahead. If not, go to Russia with a double entry visa, go down to Rostov-on-Don, cross into Eastern Ukraine and go to Donetsk and/or Lugansk, then go back. They say you should find someone there to meet you and accompany you, an Interpals-gf for example. A foreigner walking around...
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Okay, I see that there is some border near the grey region. I'm still more comfortable with going to Belarus, although I will have to pay for visa

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Have any of you guys done wwoofing?

Where you essentially work on a farm in a foreign country in exchange for food and lodging.

It seems like a pretty good way to travel on the cheap, and was interested in personal experiences.

Pic unrelated
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Yes! It is awesome. Definitely try it, but talk the host for bit first just to make sure they're cool
Where did you stay?
not OP but anyone done Workaway or Helpx?

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I am currently staying in rural Japan near Miyoshi, Hiroshima. This has been freaking me out lately, so are Suzumebachi common out here?
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Preferably, could someone with experience in them or living in Miyoshi tell me?
Hey, I have little to no experience with them or living in Miyoshi or Japan more generally (to tell you the truth I don't even know what they are and have never even been to Japan). But I will say that they are common in Japan relative to other parts of the world and they are venomous (you are right to be freaked out). My suggested course of action would be to google it or to commit seppuku (Japanese cultural reference).

Is that even it's true form?

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Sup /int/

Long story short, my girlfriend and myself are planning on moving to Japan at the beginning of next year, primarily to tutor conversational English.

Basically, I'm curious as to how Japanese people, in general, react to foreigners. Any answers would be appreciated, be it from Japanese locals themselves or from anyone who's had similar experiences. Also, we'll be based in Osaka

Thanks guys.
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Please take it to the Japan thread in the future, but before people start posting a bunch of distorted or exaggerated nonsense, Japanese people generally treat foreigners with kindness and respect, at least outwardly. They are polite people who hate confrontation (avoiding or ignoring problems is something Japanese are good at) so you should have no problems, especially in a big place like Osaka that has a higher % of foreigners than the countryside or a small town..Japanese people also want foreigners to have a good impression of Japan while they are here so that when those...
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Please don't, just stay in the states, you won't regret it.

If I took this crazy flight do you think I could leave my bags in LA while I explored the city? Should I assume they'd be re-checked for me?
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...and is there much one can do in LA on foot for cheap in 24 hours?
Do you like cars? They have a great car museum
Go to Koreatown

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4-1-2011 12-55-45 AM.jpg
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/b/ I went to Europe now I can't get high anymore... Anyone else know how to cure this?

Went to Amsterdam, bought a bunch of bud, then proceeded to go to Belgium, Luxembourg and finally to France where I rented a car and pretty much just smoked dank Amsterdam weed the entire time.

Now I come back to America and even though I smoke only the best West Coast hydro, I can't get high! I just get really lightheaded and feel like passing out.

What's the cure? Is my blood pressure fucked? Any /trv/estites know what I'm talking about and can give...
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Well now you know how shit your local weed actually is.
Your best bet is to lay off for a while.
You just need to take a break, I'm living in France and it happens often. 1 week is good enough usually but after a couple days I'll start not feeling it again. I should take a longer break like 1 month but life is too shit to stop smoking currently

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I'll be in London for a full day this saturday. What should I do? It's my first time there.
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Tower of London is cool then pub lunch?

Cocktails at the shard?

Where you from?
Walk from Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square then up The Mall to Buckingham Palace.

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Hey /trv/

My Girlfriend and I are planning a California to New York road trip for next year.

The plan is to buy some cheap and very American car in San Fransisco and then ship it back to Europe with us when we arrive in New York.

We're going to take our time and spend up to a month just driving all over the place and seeing all the sights, focusing mostly on the South.

Budget is roughly $20000 including car.

Does this sound like a good idea? is $20k enough money? what places should I definitely see or definitely avoid? I'd love comments thanks.
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5000 should cover your food, hotels and flight for a month by far. So yeah, 20000 is enough.
Have you looked into the cost to ship a vehicle out of the states and licensing it in Europe? That aspect may be very expensive. Other than that, I think your plan is doable cost-wise, although it is difficult to get a vehicle insured in California if you don't have a US address. As long as you are 25 or older, renting is probably a better option. $1200 will get you a one way rental SF to NY.

Buy some camping gear when you get to SF and a National Park pass and you can have some incredible adventures. Too many places come to mind to list, but a month will go by really...
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I tried to use google maps to post a possible route but it wouldn't let me use all the places I wanted in one big route so I will just write them out.

>Redwood NP
>Sequoia NP
>Grand Canyon
>Santa Fe, NM
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One of you is a local person and the other one is a stranger. Explain him the way to an interesting local place.
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Ann Arbor is a hick city. No worth of living.
come to stoke lad
get ur fill of pie and water
on your way out get more pie and water
leave with more pie and less water
Stay at home moms love Ann Arbor, shut up!

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I have a long stopover in Hanoi, Vietnam with around 12 hours free.

What should I do?

I really would love to see some of the city, but do I have time?
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Do you have a visa?
No, does everyone need one? I have a british passport
There was a temporary visa exemption for UK citizens valid through... I think it's this month. Check your embassy website to see if it's still valid.

If not, visas on arrival can be procured, but you have to sign up for them in advance... Lots of online travel agents doing this with 24-48 hour turnaround. You get an approval letter that you hand in with your passport at the VOA window. Easy enough to do.

Assuming you either don't need or don't mind getting a visa, and that you've...
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Going to San Fran
>from Texas

What's the coolest thing to do there?
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sucking dick
haight and ashbury

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