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Most bizarre/exotic place you've been to?
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ur moms pussy xd
Hiva Oa, Kauehi or Maupiti
Legion Etrangere...

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I just got my work visa approved for September in Sweden but not sure where I want to work. I was told Lund is a cool place and I was also considering Gothenburg or maybe Stockholm. All muslim jokes aside, what city has the best to offer in regards to food, people, atmosphere, etc..
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Stockholm, really. At least when it comes to atmosphere and food. Nightlife in Stockholm beats the other cities as well
Is the gypsy situation in Stockholm really out of control tho? Or are the news stories just exaggerated...
How long did it take Anon? I havent done my application for my students permit

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Hey /trv/
How is it called when someone offers his service (4-6 hrs/day) as a bartender or roomkeeper for free accommodation at an hostel. Can I book in advance for those services(guess not but just in case). How many days can I stay with such an offer, I guess it changes from manager to manager however better safe than sorry.

Thanks and sorry for the poor grammar.
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Try websites helpx.net and WWOOF. I just had a great experience with helpx. But I can't tell you what it is called though, volunteering abroad I suppose and I know some who refer to it as WWOOFing!
Hey, thanks. Is there such thing for hostels like not doing farming work but more like bartending? I don't mind the work it is just that I need a place close to the city I wanted.
A lot of hostels won't outright advertise that they're looking for help in exchange for a bed. It's against labor laws in a lot of countries to not actually pay you. If youre staying at a hostel you like just buddy up with the owners or someone working there and ask them if they need help in exchange for a bed. Most places will expect you do laundry and prepare beds for a few hours in the afternoon. Nothing to strenuous. I did it for about two weeks at a hostel in Lodz. I got along really well with the manager. When I asked him to extend my stay a few days he...
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Hey /trv/

So I'm heading out to South America in October for a few months and I'm designing a rough plan of my route (see pic)

A couple of questions for those in the know:

- What's the best (ie. most scenic, interesting, cheap) route between Salta and Iguazu; cutting through Paraguay or looping down through Northern Argentina?

- How viable is it to cut out Sao Paulo and head to Rio from Iporanga (a few hours north of Curitiba)?

- Any particular places you would recommend between Southern Peru, Bolivia, Northern Chile/Argentina...
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The best way to go to Rio from Iporanga is going tough São Paulo.

I recommend going to Balneário Camboriú in southern Brazil.
Enjoy your murder
Is it really that bad? I was under the impression that it has one of the highest average quality of life ratings in Brazil. I'm volunteering in Iporanga and it seems like I can only get there via Curitiba rather than straight from Florianopolis.

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Im goin to malaysia next month with my sister
any good place for video games? anime figure and so on? i tried to search but no luck
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I hear Tokyo is good for that sort of thing. Why don't you go there instead, baka gaijin?

Malaysian here. Your only bet is Kuala Lumpur's KLCC's Kinokuniya. Theres just a lot of officially translated mangas, but no figurines. You can NEVER find that stuff here. As for video games you can find them pretty easily anywhere, but nothing like doujin games or whatever.

By the way if you're ever visiting again you might want to remember to keep an eye out on our comiket. I don't really know their schedules.


I haven't...
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Stupid muslim whore.
Iranian expat living in kl here.
There is a mall here next to low yat plaza called parkson sungei wang plaza.

All figurines games and mangas comics etc.

When are u here i can show u around desu

I'm a little new to /trv/ so pardon if I'm not doing it right
I'm 22 and I'm saving money to leave SoCal
I've been highly considering moving to Oregon or Washington
Sure they get shtick for being a hub for the liberal hipster types, but I just love how beautiful and chill and carefree everyone is over there. I would absolutely love to live in some hick small town surrounded by forrest and wildlife. Not to mention I'd love meet a cute or punky, semi hipster girl. Can any Northwest bros share their experience living there?
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If you plan on moving to Portland/Seattle please fuck off were beyond full, we don't need more califags moving here. With that being said there are plenty of smaller communities in the surrounding area. The Olympic peninsula is beautiful and cheap, same with eastern oregon. For the love of god, don't move to Portland/Seattle.
I'm heavily influenced by shows and games. Any places in Oregon similar to Gravity Falls or Arcadia Bay?
>beautiful and chill and carefree everyone is over there
on a unrelated note, you might like to visit new orleans

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Has anyone here tried the vagabond lifestyle? How difficult is it to get by day to day?
Do you feel the satisfaction of being able to travel without being tied down is worth the struggle?
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Bumping this. Not OP. Wanna hear from some who have tried this lifestyle and hear what they have to say.
Real Vagabonds don't Internet.
sorry, english is not my forte but, vagabond is pretty much like homeless, right?

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road trip.png
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Criticize my plan.
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You're going to be bored out of your fucking mind from the start of Ohio to the end of Nebraska.
Bored out of mind the second you leave philly, then once u hit chicago you will be a little more interested, then back to being bored until you hit western Nebraska
>skipping denver
>skippinh the colorado rockies
>skipping yellowstone
>skipping northwestern montana
>skipping seattle and puget sound
>skipping portland
>skipping crater lake
>skipping san francisco
>skipping yosemite
>skiping the grand canyon

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I am a girl from Germany who will visit he states this summer, the country where my male online friend lives in. Known him for 2.5 years and have video skyped with him. I want to meet him irl for the first time when we are there, but he doesn't seem to want to meet me. The reasons? He thinks his family members will distrust me a lot because we met online and he doesn't want people to think that he was online dating me.

He is an 18-year-old who just graduated from high school when I will turn 20 soon. He doesn't seem to want to meet me (although he said...
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Is your name "Michael"?
He should come to you.
I am a girl so my name is not Michael?
He cannot afford flying to Europe. He has never been outside of North America.
Dont reply to this b8 thread, "she" posts it every week. Just sage, report and move on

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Hi. I am coming from Japan back to EU. I will touch in Turkey first; then land in Italy although I am from Austria. My passport is stapled with invoices from Japanese retailers because I was buying tax free.

Will I have to pay any additional tax once I come to Italy? Can I avoid it? What if I get rid of all these invoices once I land in Turkey?
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Nope as its schengen zone.
Australia isn't part of the EU
well meme'd

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Sup /trv/, Really want to learn to scuba dive but have no idea of what the best place is for this for me really. Im a White British and was wondering where the best place for it is? only mention this for language barriers etc Thanks!
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Maybe start with stating where the fuck on the planet you are? What a sad thread....
A scuba diving school.
Use google.
Go to your local dive shop and get your cert.

Concentrate on how to dive first before getting all worried about where you are going to go.

Places that are the best in the world... Indonesia ( Raja Ampat, Komodo, Lembeh Strait), Palau, Truk Lagoon, Fiji, Galapagos.

But seriously, get at least 20-40 dives in before you go to one of these places or you'll turn out on the news as some idiot diver dying. Some of these places have strong currents and noob diver will have a hard time fighting it.

Literally you if you make your try to dive at one of...
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I plan on backpacking eastern europe from october-january and just wanted to her from anyone who's done the trip before. The impression i seem to get is places like greece and cities such as varna, budva and hvar tend to be boring outside summer.

Im in my 20s and hope to meet like minded travellers at hostels up for a good time but dont know if they'll be there during this time of the year
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Ugh, friend. E. Europe gets snow during those months (realistically, December through March), so going to the beach (Varna, Bourgas, etc) in the middle of a blizzard can be boring, yes.

In Bulgaria, for winter we offer skiing and all other snow-related shenanigans.

Look up Pamporovo (chill, locals go there), Bansko (expensive af, the meme ski place in Bulgaria), Borovets (ez skiing for people from the capital (Sofia) who can take day trips there).

Rhodopa mountains are amazing to look at and stay during heavy snowfall, and I'm sure there's some...
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OP - I'll most likely be in bulgaria while its still autumn though. Pamporovo and Banksko still worth going to during then?
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Hey mate, nice dubs.

I would recommend the Pirin mountain region (Bansko) and Rhodopa mountain region, which is adjacent to Pirin (separated by the Mesta river). Seeing the Rila monastery is a must any time of year and golden autumn is no exception.

Attached is what to expect from Rhodopa region. Pirin is more rocky+lakes and mountain lodges. Should be a tad cheaper because it's off season (Ski Season 2015 kicked off on December 12 iirc).

You should get very favourable weather for hiking,...
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Just got done traveling the country over the past year. Hit all lower 48 states and 23 National Parks and a buncha National Forests, etc. etc. Money started dwindling so I had to settle down somewhere, and Boise is where I ended up.

Any Boise/Treasure Valley fags here have some suggestions of things to do, places to go, etc.? I've done some hiking around the area and have checked out a couple places, but I've been here a week now and need to get out and meet some people and check out the city. Suggestions are very welcome. The town seems pretty awesome and...
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wow that looka so beautiful. shame about the weather though
What you mean? The weather is gonna be one of my fav things about this place. 4 true, distinct seasons. So much better than the southeast where I was living with the humidity and brutal heat for like 7 months of the year.
Id rather enjoy hot summers than brutal winters to be honest. Enjoy the mountans and the view though

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hi there

i'm going to be moving to portland before the month is up. i have applied for some jobs and will continue to do so until i move, although i realize that's a long shot until i get there. currently in seattle though, so who knows. i am also looking for a room, but don't imagine that will be any easier to secure from miles away, so i was wondering if you guys had any recommendations on dirt cheap lodging options. preferably pet-friendly as i have a cat. i can try to arrange something else for him temporarily but would prefer to bring him with. i'm...
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I live in SE Portland, I may be able to help you out. My bf and I are trying to take a month-long road trip (appx. July 10-Aug 10th). We are looking to sublet our place for that month. It wouldn't be long term obviously but it would a hell of a lot cheaper than trying to find a place from Seattle, trust me trying to find ANYWHERE to live here is a nightmare. If you're interested maybe we can talk about it. We'd be totally cool with the cat situation.
that would be great! do you want to skype me with more details? delitebrite
just added you, I'm lucent_alchemy. fuck yeah x files!

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Someone know the town "Isla Vista" ?
Just next to UCSB (University of Santa Barbara).
I lived in this place but I return in France.

I will come back in US and I search cities like this one with party, girls, university mood ... Someone know a similar city ?
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there really isn't another town quite like it, at least not on the west coast.
Really ? Not same town with the same vibes ?
To be honest, the beach is optional for me aha
Not that I know of. Maybe look up a list of college party towns. I don't know if they have the same vibe though, a lot of their parties seem to be hosted by fraternities and such. idk.

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