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What is the best island that can be visited and why?
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Palau if you want ALL OUT scuba bonanza.

But if you still want reslly good scuba with lots of rich culture and land based things to see, I would have to say Fiji.

Hawaii is also another good group of islands. They are relatively close, not too expensive to hop between, each island offers its own little unique environments to explore.

Which is your favorite hawaiian island for culture, and which for snorkeling?

I've only been to Maui and the Big Island, I think I like Maui more.
For culture, It really depends what you consider "culture".

I would say Oahu, although filled with meme tourists, has some amazing restaurants and night life.

For snorkeling, I'm not really sure because I scuba, so I dont know which areas are and aren't accessible to snorkelers.

Kaui has the best scuba IMO.

There is a place called forbidden island with rare hawaiian monk seals, lots of big ass sharks, walls of coral.

This stuff still exists off the coast of Oahu...
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Is Exofficio the top of the line for travel cloth or are there better brands??
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Icebreaker Merino underwear is amazing. I have never been so comfortable. Absolutely worth the 40 bucks.
I like uniqlo's airism boxer briefs. They hold their shape better than ex-officios if you wear them multiple times. And they pack smaller.
I haven't tried any of their other stuff but their boxer briefs are tits. Super comfortable, easy to sink wash, and then dry in a couple hours. They can be found for cheap sometimes on amazon if you scroll through the color options.

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I currently live in Michigan, USA and would like to move out of state due to the amount of the negativity in my life.
(I've had it with this place and these people)

My question is, how do I go about leaving and setting up a new life somewhere different without have to go there first?
(I am 22 years and currently unemployed with very little funds at the moment and want to start fresh somewhere new)
here new)
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you shouldve saved more money senpai.
I would have but its hard to when you dont have any to save

I live in Michigan as well. It's not that bad. Given that this is a travel board and not an advice forum, I'd suggest that you ask more particular questions and inform us as to your circumstances. I don't see how we'd be able to provide any information when your question seems to be so vague and open-ended as, "I don't like my life but I have no listed skills or qualifications. How do I go about moving and finding a new job?"

I don't think /trv/ is the right place for that question.

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I live in a temperate climate and have trouble adjusting to the heat.

I will be going to China this summer.

Are there any tips you can give me?
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light clothing, linen shirts will keep you cool. Heavy clothes like denim will make you feel much warmer than shorts made of some technical fabric

swallow ice for a quick cool-down

don't go out during the hottest part of the day (usually 12:00-2:00)

uh, use a fan?
Where in China are you going? They have temperate weather too.
Don't be a bitch if it's hot. Wear less clothes, don't wander at peak heat hours.
Don't be a bitch if it's cold. Wear more clothes, don't wanted during colder hours

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ITT we post reason why we hate where we live and fellow anons suggest places we should visit. I'll start:

>Southern California
>Just relax anon, everything is chill
>Why would I ever leave California anon? We live in the most beautiful place in the world!
>Nothing is walkable
>Muh sunny weather
>Muh microbrews
>Hiking through desert and ferns is...
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how often do you see skaters?
>hot and humid as hell in the summer
>Icy and gray in the winters
>Lots of drug burnouts, a lot of my high school class never left my small town. Working a dead-end job, having multiple kids before 23, becoming a meth head are all too common
>lots of fats, strongly connected to poor people
>an apparent lack of cultural identity
>retarded liberal busybodies...
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>shit everywhere
>no moneys
>no perspectives
>shitty weather all year
>life in a gommieblock ghetto
>stupid people "muh ussr muh pootin"
>greedy and unfriendly people everywhere
>police is worse than mafia

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How feasible is it to work in Manila for a couple of months with practically zero savings? I don't mind to WWOOF.

>flights to Manila already paid for
>$1000 in savings
>aiming for 2 months
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You want to work in a 15million+ slum with all the countryside bumpkins trying their luck? Won't happen.
Hence why I said about WWOOFing.
If you can find a WWOOF there, sure.
Though I'm assuming you know that WWOOF won't earn you money.

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Hey /trv/

I'm a 23y.o european and searching for advice for a roadtrip from Canada to California.

We want to travel with a big car and we were thinking of going through these places.

We want to see the big cities but national green park or canyon too. Is it a good road you think ? And what are the greatest spots to see in these states ?
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>san juan islands
>crater lake
>san francisco
>las vegas
>grand canyon
>see canyon
its going to be a big detour but go to Utah

>go thru cali
no highway 1?
you gotta take the coastal road (highway 1) from san fran to LA most beautiful drive in the world plus redwoods!

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Hello /trv/,

I am doing a road-trip through the southern USA from 27 August to 13 September, starting in Houston and ending in Miami.

My itinerary is something like: Houston->Lafayette->Baton Rouge->New Orleans->Memphis->Nashville->Atlanta->Charleston->Daytona->Orlando->Miami.

It includes a fair bit of driving, as you can see, but that is what me and my friends are looking for. To get a real feel for the culture/food of the southern US.

Do you guys have any recommendation around this area? Maybe some hidden gem along...
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I've lived in the southeast most of my life, so maybe I can help a little. First off, if you've looking for good food, you're in luck; the southeast has the best food of anywhere in the country. Especially BBQ. Try BBQ in every state if you can; they all have different styles. Particularly, there's a BBQ place in Macon, GA called Fresh Air BBQ that's one of my favorite places. Also, in a town called Forsyth, GA (about 45 minutes south of Atlanta on I-75), there's a restaurant called the...
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You won't find much to do in Baton Rouge, don't stay very long and just keep driving through to New Orleans. If you insist on seeing something, spend an afternoon downtown but no longer.

t. Lived here all my life
On your way down from Nashville I'd recommend checking out Asheville, NC. Neat little town in the mountains full of hippies. Good bars though.

Also I'd almost suggest going to Savannah, GA over Charleston but I suppose that depends on what you want to do. Savannah has open container laws downtown making it a great city to drink in, with historic bars right along the river front. Many a good night there eating good seafood and throwing back Jameson in bars as old as our country.

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Hi /trv/,

Visa questions:
1. can the embassy actually check with the airline, if i have a ticket booked?
-> "hi airline XXX, this is the embassy of XXX, i would like to confirm a ticket reservation" - "sorry, ma'am, this information is confidential" OR "of course, ma'am, let me have a look...currently there is no reservation for this person" which one will it be?

and in regard: 2. best way to fake flight ticket reservations? there are a few sites where you can create a fake ticket, but not sure if this is the...
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Would be so much easier if you just asked what's the best way to fake a plane ticket for visa application (and if it works/is worth the risk).
I'd guess it depends on which country you're applying for.
thanks, for your reply. my question is not only about faking a plane ticket, but about the legal options/background of embassies checking with airlines. as a private person, you can not just call up an airline to ask if someone has a confirmed ticket. at the same time, if you want to do so (for whatever reason), you could just act like you are an employee at an embassy who wants to check a ticket confirmation and get very sensitive data about another person (e.g. in case of burglary etc..)
but yes, i am also interested...
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I'd expect airline companies to have at least an internal policy regarding giving personal information about ticket buyers.
So I don't think they'd just give it to anyone calling them and claiming to be from the government.
I'd expect they'd have set other, not publicly announced ways for governments to contact and get such info. But that's just what I'd expect and do if I were running a company.
As for plane tickets for visa application, you could always just buy a legitimate...
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my girlfriend and I each received $500 from United for them messing up some flights last year. now we're debating where to go. so... where should we go for $500 or less airfare each?

relaxing is a must. but with opportunity to explore.
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Where you can go for that price depends on what airport you start from. For example, Hawaii is nice, but I only see $513 fares from San Francisco, and nowhere else (not that I have looked very hard).
Not to hijack the thread, but I have $1200 in travel vouchers from Delta that I need to use by September 7th. Thinking either Brazil, Romania, or India, or some combination of multiple countries. Also have $300 in jetBlue credit.
Why do you have all that credit??

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What are the best/worst of Greek islands?

Particularly interested in Kos, Rhodes, Corfu and Crete. Which are best/worst to visit for holiday?
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I've only been to Hydra but it was amazing.
Mikonos??? Anyone know anything
None of the above. It's Zakynthos.

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im going to Prague for a week and i would like the usual, places to visit, cheap places to eat, good night clubs...any info about anything, thanks
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Head to the Dox gallery for some art, ][ club for music, sculpture museum for scuputes, communist museum is small but informative, food is cheap anywhere out of the city centre, look up what different exhibits they have in the different Narional Galleries. I've been a few times and really enjoyed it.
Prague is pretty fucking great. Food is cheap everywhere outside of the generic touristy areas, and sometimes within them, generally being of decent quality. Go see some cheap theatre if you're into that sort of thing.

They sell these ice creams that have cones made of a crunchy version of cinnamon doughnuts, and are normally layered with Nutella.

Be warned: if you want to go clubbing, there is this 5-story place, can't remember what it's called. Everything is massively overpriced because...
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>Be warned: if you want to go clubbing, there is this 5-story place, can't remember what it's called. Everything is massively overpriced because all the tourists are directed there.

so i should avoid that place, is that what you are saying right?

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Hi /trv/, I'm going to make my first international trip in August. The problem is, I experience some difficulties to poop outside of my home. The maximum time I've been outside of it was around 8 days and I got constipated. I managed to evacuate only once and not much would come out. Now that I'll be much more time outside, I'm worried about this.

Does anyone here have or had the same problem? How do/did you cope with it? I'm not gonna explode, right?

Any tips are welcome.
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Eventually you'll have to shit. You've trained yourself to behave this way, so you can untrain yourself too.

Hot liquids in the morning helps loosen the bowels. Of course, it's better if you can shit in a familiar place. I generally only shit in the hotel I'm staying, or in public places if they have clean, quiet private toilets. Take some laxatives with you, if necessary.
I don't have it as bad as you, OP, but I can't shit when there's other people in the room or within earshot. So I usually NEVER shit in the hotel room unless I'm traveling alone. Usually do it in shopping malls instead.
Play some angry birds or something.

Depending on where ya heading, you might consider eating at some dank places to maximize the chance of diarrhea, if you're fucked up.

You'll grow used to it over time, though. Being on your smartphone definitely should help though.

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Especially in Michigan.jpg
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Did you know that Michigan is actually split in to two distinct parts?

The mitten, and then the other part to the North. I will be traveling to Detroit for business next week; if I have time is it easy and or worth checking out the other part? I have never been to this part of the US before, and didn't realize there was an upper peninsula until consulting a map today.
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It's like several hours away to the UP from the Detroit area, bro. There's nothing to see up there unless you get a hard-on for nature (weirdo). There are a couple of cool history attractions in the Detroit area, though. Have you ever been to Greenfield Village or the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant? Those are worth checking out.
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2 MB, 1829x1127
I live in the Detroit area and own a small bit of property in the UP. It's a 5 hour drive to get up there and it is beautiful but there isn't much to do unless you are a fan of outdoorsy things. Camping, fishing, hunting. It's very much small towns broken up by huge patches of forest.
>unless you get a hard-on for nature (weirdo).

as a matter of fact.....I'm looking for the sort of place to build my unibomber-esque cabin.

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hey /trv/,

Last 2/3 weeks of august some friends and I are planning to do some travelling through the balkans.
We're 3 guys in our early 20s and do enjoy culture and scenery, but we also would like to have the option to party.
A couple of years ago we went to Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia, so those aren't really an option.
We were thinking Bulgaria/Romania, or maybe a trip down the Albanian coastline, ending in Budva.
Any tips/recommendations?
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Ayy, I'll be in Bulgaria/Romania for the last two weeks of August before I head to Hungary & Poland to meet friends. My itinerary, as of now, looks like:
Sofia - 3 days
Veliko Tarnovo - 2 days
Bucharest - 2 days
Sighisoara - 2 days
Budapest - 3 days
Krakow - 3 days

I'm in a similar position though, anon, still trying to find out more on the countries and some recommendations.
I heard Plovdiv in Bulgaria is very nice. A friend of mine suggested to skip Bucharest,
but I heard mixed stories.
I can recommend Plovdiv.

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