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Do any of you care what you look like when you travel?

What's your style/fashion look like?

ITT: Your travel fashion.
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People who spend too much time on their appearance usually aren't able to have much fun.

I just make sure I don't make any faux pas in my attire. If I'm going to a religious site I make sure to wear long pants and a shirt, etc etc.

I dress casual even for work and I pretty much wear the same thing when I travel.
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>dressing different when you travel

who does that?
As stupid as it sounds, when I'm traveling and staying in hostels I like to wear shirts with logos from places I've been to. It's a great conversation starter.

>oh hey, cool shirt, you've been in X?

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Hey /trv/,

What are your thoughts on travelling alone? I recently acquired about $50grand CAD, and want to drop $10-$15 on travelling Europe. I'm from Canada, and I have a sister who lives in London England.
I have no one to travel with, because my friends all have real jobs or school.
Is travelling alone a lonely experience? What is some advice for travelling alone?
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How did you acquire all that money? Sounds like a good idea anyway, but there are about five of these threads a week. Read around.

tldr: traveling is what you make of it. If you're lonely at home you'll probably be lonely on the road. There's added freedom, but no you won't have immediate companionship wherever you go. The general feedback is to choose your hostels wisely, be outgoing, and you'll come across people going where you are. Unless you're content to be very isolated, this...
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>How did you acquire all that money
grandmother's estate

> but there are about five of these threads a week. Read around.
I searched travel alone and alone and nothing relevant came up.
what do you think tldr means?

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What are some unconventional, or just plain weird, scams you've come across?

>Staying at a hostel in Istanbul.
>All goes well, it's a nice place, good staff.
>Leave, tell them I'll be back in a week after I've travelled elsewhere.
>Get back, stay again, all good again.
>A few days after I've left I log on to leave a review on the site I booked at.
>A review has...
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>in Istanbul
>late night, take taxi back
>fuck, I realize I don't have small change
>taxi driver pulls the "you gave me only 5 lira!" when I gave him 50

Took his picture and license plate down. Not that it helped me any.
Had something similar happen to me.
>take shared taxi (collectivo) to one of the archeological sites in Mexico
>40 pesos for the ride
>first one to exit the van, driver opened the side door for us, I give him 40 pesos in coins
>everyone exits, slowly take out wallets and pay for their ride, we all start walking away (new people I just met while waiting for the ride)
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>hotel staff are great
>nice enough to type a review for you
>save you time

I don't see what the problem is.

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I think this is where I should ask this.

I was wondering if there was a catalog or perhaps just some personal recommendations of unique fetish based resorts of some sort.

I've always wanted to perhaps go to a mildly kinky renaissance fair with a tavern where I can grope barmaids, or a "catholic school" full of "schoolgirls", or maybe even a "hospital" of sorts.

Surely there's got to be something like this out there. Not a brothel per se, just a themed adult experience.
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Basically you want to be a sex tourist... fuckup and you end up in prison for a long time. Good luck... I guess go pick up some newspapers from your local porn shop.. or find some forums and ask there.
Doesn't the play by mansion do shit like this?
Try contacting Hugh Hefner, OP
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>play by mansion

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ITT: The closest you've ever come to dying while travelling

Mine's not that great, but I'll put it out there to try and get the ball rolling:

>Be staying at Buddhist monastery in Nepal
>Only other white people there are three girls from Spain, France, and Germany
>There's a small mountain/large hill near the monastery
>One of the girls hears that the peak is an amazing place to watch the sunrise
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>driving scooter while drunk and on valium
>max speed about 110km/hr going through reds and shit cos I was high as fuck
>go to mcdonalds get food and come home and dont remember it
>gf tells me what happened the next day

Surprised not to get arrested or be dead
That's the thing about Nepalese. They're so eager to help even when they have no idea what they're doing.

>solo-trekking the tour de mont blanc during the off season
>decide to do two days of trekking in one while crossing from france into italy cuz fuckit
>French side is ezpz
>cross over to Italian side
>fuck there's so much snow where's...
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>Get really drunk in a hostel with some other people in Rome.
>We decide to walk to the Colosseum.
>See a fountain on the way and climb it to take a picture
>Decide it would be a good idea to jump of the top of the fountain.
>With my entire bodyweight behind it, my ribcage smashes into concrete lip of fountain and I hear a large cracking noise.
>Stand up and can't breathe
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Air France.jpg
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What about this? Pictures you have taken in your trips...not only the typical ones( Eiffel Tower, Colosseum..),but whatever you want. Let me see what you have!
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Ask a guy who was homeless in Tokyo for 5 months and who slept in internet cafes and public libraries the entire time anything.
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Worked for the FBI for 7 years, quit to move to Japan with a load of savings, got a nice paying job, hated it, quit, ran out of money and had a financial situation back home that emptied my funds, apartment contract renewal was up at the same time, didn't have money to renew the lease nor for a plane ticket back home. Ended up sleeping in internet cafes until I had the money to return to the states.

That's the condensed version.
Scariest moment?

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I've been reading through the Western vs Asian clubbing thread and keep seeing people say it helps if you're white to get girls in Asia. Is this true? If so, why? Wouldn't they want a local guy who's just as wealthy as a white guy (for poorer places), and if they end up with a white guy, won't their kids be ostracized?
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If they are having kids, I'd hope they wouldn't make the children they are raising to feel that way, or think that there is actually any problem with that. As for the white people thing, generally speaking, ( you can Google the statistics ) people trust white people more. so that's probably maybe a thing.
because if you marry a chink, you're still a chink

but if you marry a murkan, you get to be a murkan and a chink

Also with a couple of exceptions asians want to be western. And there's a lot of asian girls who find western guys more attractive.
Plus, you're rich. And you can probably get them to move to Aus/Eng/US which would otherwise be out of reach.

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ITT: Places on earth you can visit/live in which made you feel like you had gone back in time or looked much more fantastical than your average city/village.

Yanshuo, China
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Yanhshuo, fuck.

Wulingyan, China
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Shiojiri, Japan
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Isle of Skye, Scotland

Have you guys ever gone over an improper control? It happened to me last summer.

I forgot to put my keys in the metal detector, so it rang and then, they body-searched me.

When I came back home, they told me to put my stuff through the scanner but the other people hadn't to.

So I went over 2 police control, on my way to my destination and on my way back home while I was doing absolutely nothing illegal.
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I've flown from Spain carrying sprays (deodorant) and liquids (hand moisturiser) and have had to throw them away when flying from other airports. Either they just don't give a shit in Spain or they are too paranoid in other countries.
>When I came back home, they told me to put my stuff through the scanner but the other people hadn't to.
Delta has a TSA-precheck for a while now. If you are checked in far ahead and they do a little background check you get to skip a bit of the security random deep checking, to generalize the process.

What you describe however is ignorance. You obviously look and act like a lost puppy and felt persecuted for them doing their job right one way and being casually (bad) on the...
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A guy in my work has had is ass-cheek spread and inspected on 2 different occasions. He told me it happened when he was leaving Florence to come back home. Apparently he had been keeping weed in some small camera film container and emptied it before arriving at the airport but the sniffer dogs still picked up on it.

The guy doing the cavity search was a bit of a cunt and said something along the lines of "isn't this humiliating for you?" To which my collegue replied, "you're the one with your head up a strangers ass."

Makes me laugh.

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Is it actually possible to get decent sleep on a plane? The few times I've been on a plane at night it seemed like an impossible task to stay asleep for more than 30 minutes at a time.
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I've never had much luck getting sleep on flights. It's usually too cold and bumpy up in the sky for me to stay down for long. Buses and trains on the other hand - oh god, I literally can't stop myself from dozing off. One of my friends who came with me from Istanbul to Tbilisi on a 36-hour ride got angry because I slept almost the entire way.
>Miss flight
>Get assigned new flight
>Exit row window seat at night
>Wearing short sleeve t-shirt and can feel the cold air creeping out of the door
Get ear plugs (ur just good phones with calm music) eyes mask (that ones that people use to sleep) and a blanket. You don't need anything more.

And I usually wear short sleeve and shorts while flying for confort.

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So, I've been trying to visit every country in the world. After about four world, I'm now up to 79 out of 200.

One absolutely pet-peeve of mine is when I am chilling in a hostel or whatever reading my guidebook, and someone comes up to me and informs me that I'm "not really traveling if I use a guide book" or that they are "more genuine" and "real" because they don't use guides.

Do they not realize how limited and horrendous traveling could be just a few decades ago? I've heard stories of travelers back in...
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There's a certain element of traveller who is so pretentious that they look down on people who use guides or visit landmarks.

These are typically the people who come back and have wasted months of their time away in travelling through the middle of nowhere , to hang out in the middle of nowhere.

There aren't really any hidden gems in the world anymore, so "going off the beaten track" usually means you end up in places that people don't go to for a reason...because they're shit.
Guidebooks are to be used as a reference, and not 'you must go there and there and do this'.
But I don't think anyone actually does that (save for japanese).
The good point in them is in the historical/cultural explanation they provide, which is not obvious if you just go there without any knowledge.
>There aren't really any hidden gems in the world anymore

This is a pretty good point. If something amazing is discovered, the whole world will learn about it. The only places that are awesome and can stay off the beaten path are those that are difficult to reach.

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Cycled from the northernmost point of Europe to the southernmost point of Africa in 2011-2012.

Ask me anything.
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Where are you from?

What was Syria like before the civil war?

What was the best experience?
> Where are you from?


> What was Syria like before the civil war?

One of the most hospitable places in the world, same league as Iran. Great people, not much of landscape, huge heaps of waste along roads.

I crossed Syria in Oct-Nov 2011, so technically speaking the war was already ongoing (fights in Homs, FSA being formed). Situation was very tense, I was checked my military many times, including total inspection of baggage.

> What was the best experience?

Hard to point at one, but here are some highlights:

Being invited by a local family to their home, while cycling in the night and in rain through countryside in Syria.

Riding alone across Sahara, sleeping under stars.

Paradise-like scenery and tranquility of countryside on Mount Elgon slopes, in Uganda.
What was the most dangerous situation you got in?

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Haven't seen a picture dump thread in a while so here we go. Pictures from my recent trip to glorious Nippon.

If anybody has some more pictures, feel free to join!

Starting with Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto. Fucking shitton of people there, but otherwise pretty nice.
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Ueno Park, with some weird fire/earthquake drill, where Middle/higschool girls were demonstrating how to behave in case there's a fire or an earthquake
File: IMG_5026.jpg (3 MB, 3456x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3456x2304
Imperial palace. Ended up there after wandering around for two hours, looking for Tsukiji. Also accidentally walked into the ministry of justice and got scolded by a policeman. Fucking jetlag
File: IMG_5031.jpg (3 MB, 3456x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nice looking train station

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I've never bought a suitcase before. Haven't travelled in ~10 years.

What should I be looking for? What are the things I'm probably forgetting to think about while buying one, since I've barely ever travelled? How much should I be paying?

I do plan to pack a decent amount of clothes. Few pairs of shoes.
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Hard sided. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbpKhHwwtiY
not OP,but thanks for the tip.
I much prefer backpacks, you can run for a flight with a backpack and it's vaguely easy. Suitcases are awkward, if you're tall then they always bash your legs and you have to stoop to pull them.

The security issues in soft-sided ones are valid (they can also sometimes just be slashed with knives) but hard ones can usually be forced with a crowbar or any length of metal etc.

Really you just don't valuable things in a suitcase, even in flights. Don't travel with guns and diamond-encrusted...
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