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1. Your city
2. How much is a 1 day bus pass in your city?
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like $13
Turin, Italy.

1 day 5€
2 days 7,5€
3 days 10,00€
They got rid of 1 day passes, you gotta get a Oyster card now
Oyster card is £2.70 a day I think

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Anybody here a "digital nomad"?

I've been a junior programmer at a startup for about a 1.5 year and been thinking about trying it out. The idea of freelancing while travelling around Asia sounds amazing to me.
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Its relatively easy to do, but you won't live like a king as a code monkey unless you go somewhere phenomenally poor. You're best diversifying as much as possible (stocks, PPC, SAAS.. etc), and making sure your finances are good before you embark, so that you're able to be more flexible where you live/travel.
Problem is, they will expect you to take the same sort of pay as the monkey they can hire who is in India.
I'm a programmer. I've done this for the last 2 1/2 years, since the gig got steady after working at it for half a year. It works well and I only work 2 hours a day on average. Probably closer to 1 1/2 hours. Traveled around Europe, hitting the UK, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Germany. Much nicer doing it in the cheaper countries such as Bulgaria, as I could work for a couple of hours and pay for a week in a hotel.

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Does /trv/ call or contact home while traveling? If you do how often for how long using which method (email, phone call, Skype). If you do not, why?
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My dad will email me maybe once a week just to enquire what I'm up to (and I guess make sure that I'm still alive). If I had a Facebook I guess I would just use that. I seldom contact home of my own initiative; I guess I am bad at keeping in touch with people in general.
I send my folks a message about every other day, usually just a text or Whatsapp. The longer I stay, the more I forget to do that, but they usually send me a message to check after a few days.
when I traveled long term I had an AT&T calling card and would call my girlfriend and family pretty often.

now I'm married to the girlfriend from that time and have a job that requires me to contact the office pretty regularly while Im out on my 10 days of sanctioned vacation a year. usually I send an email with a picture of something exotic to my bosses just to show them I wasn't lying about taking a vacation to avoid more work.

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Sup /trv/

Frequent poster here with a dilemma I thought a few of you guys might be able to relate to/advise me on.

I'm a Britbong travelling for his second time, currently in Okinawa. I spent my first three days with a girl from Singapore I met last time I was in Japan who now is thinking about getting into a long distance relationship with me. I can think of a lot of reasons why this wouldn't work, but I still want this to happen.

Experiences dating people you met whilst travelling/ are now in a long distance...
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I dated an Indian girl for around two years. Sometimes I'd go and visit her and sometimes she'd come and visit me. Needless to say, the only time our relationship was particularly easy was when we were actually together. I mean, we shared a lot of special memories and I learned a lot about her culture, but I don't know if I'd want to go through the same stress again unless I saw a definite future with the woman. When we were dating, neither of us had finished undergrad and she wasn't sure...
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it won't work

the natural rules of human interaction make this foregone
It can work. Military cats do it all the time. There are thousands of people on Okinawa with you right now in long distance relationships. It can work. How stressful it is depends on your own personality.

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Eyo /trv/bros it's Finfag here.

So the thing is that I'm going to SoCal for 1,5-3 months in 2-3 weeks to visit my uncle and his family. Escondido to be exact.

I love food, fixed gear biking and skateboarding (typical hipster I suppose).

I'm asking you guys what should I do there (must see places, must visit restaurants etcetc). Also where should I buy a bike (preferably used cheap one since I don't have lots of cash möney to spend). Mexico would be cool to visit too.

Sorry for this inconsistent text. I just woke up x)

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Shameless bump
Go to clubs and get endless pussy due to your accent. Doesn't matter if you look like someone dragged you down a gravel road, dumb American girls go apeshit for accents
Do Finnish have accents?

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I know this isn't a typical question here, but I'm in a bit of a dilemma.

My daughter was just born. I never really put much thought into what this really meant until I first held her in my arms. I want to provide her with the best life I can give her.

I am an American with dual citizenship with Colombia and my wife is also American with Ecuadorian dual citizenship. Our daughter is American but is eligible for Colombian citizenship and I'm pretty sure for Ecuador as well.

I worry about the future here in the United States. Things just seem...
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You're fucking regarded the U.S. is almost certainly the best country to be raised in (assuming you're at least middle class). Any Colombian or Ecuadorian to whom you said they were lucky not to have been born in the US would punch you in the face.

Maybe Canada would be more privilege-tier if you had the choice.
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taiwan flag.png
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Hey /trv/ Am planning to travel to Taiwan with a couple friends this summer of 2015. Anyone have experience there/advice/stories? From what I've heard it's a relatively inexpensive and fun country.
I have a very general idea of things to do but would love to get some input
-spend a few days in Taipei (5 or so?) go to the museum and do all the usual sightseeing stuff as well as eating good food, some shopping and nightlife etc...
-do some touring of the island possibly on rented scooters? or by train and head down south towards Kaohsiung and Kenting national...
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Lived in Taiwan for a few years. Yes spend time in Taipei. Do the tourist shit and hit up the clubs (Luxy yo). One you won't see in a guide book: join Facebook groups such as "frog in a sock" and go to one of the pool parties in Taipei. It's fucking fun, the people are cool and the bitches are hot.

It's very unlikely you will be allowed to rent scooters unless you have an international drivers license (get a Taiwanese to rent for you).

I would definitely recommend going to Kaohsiung then renting scooters from there, and riding to Kenting....
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Wow thanks for the advice will look into your suggestions
did you ever make it to the high mountain areas? are they worth visiting? they seem quite beautiful. also are there any night markets that are can't miss?

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A half year ago I have been to a ~100 people population area in northern coast of Estonia.
These cities up there are small as fuck, in the middle of forests which are in NOWHERE. You have no possibilities to go out on evenings to party or anything. You have one supermarket with a horribly small variety of wares. Basically everything is in extreme contra to bigger cities. To get to the next big city (which has 2000 people) is 45 mins with the car. The next really big city is Tallinn, the capital of Estonia which is at least 2 hours from these small cities.

In some of...
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Ask me anything you want and I will explain you why you have to visit this places.

The name of one of these cities was Pärispea by the way. Just to name one.
And the picture is a photo of the air view of it. I think you can imagine of what sizes we are talking here now.
File: 02_big.jpg (687 KB, 1622x786) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And here is a more zoomed out screenshot showing the area of all the 3 small villages in the area.
You see, it is literally nothing but forests for hours of drive once you leave the villages at the beaches.
Being a Lappish person myself I have a bit of difficulties understanding why someone would want to visit these bumfuck nowhere places. But of course in Lapland there's a lot of nature. Other than that why would you visit there?

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Has anyone here ever had a really long bus ride? I mean like at least a day. Thinking about doing it because I have no other options.
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If you travel in Mexico choose ADO. Their brands are: AU (shittier tier), OCC and ADO (normal tier), ADO GL (plus tier).
Uh, yeah.
>23 hours from Hanoi to Vientiane
that was shit because they packed us in like Sardines, it was slow, and you had to sit on sacks of rice for 23 hours
>26 hours from Kunming to Anshun
only took mountain roads through villages, pretty sure I've seen the entire southwest corner of Guizhou.
>36 hours from Urumchi to Hotan
bus broke down just outside of Korla, arrived in Hotan at 4am where I almost got parted from everything I own by a gang of uighurs.

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I'm taking the greyound across the united states. Got a 40 hour ride

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Armenia. I don't see many people talking about this part of the world to visit, but I have to say I absolutely loved it.

My wife and I started in Moscow, then drove south. Stayed in Rostov for a night then continued from Russia into Georgia onward to Tbilisi and stayed there for three days. From there we continued south into Armenia, driving to Dilijan. We stayed in Dilijan for a few days, then spent the rest of the time in Yerevan and the surrounding sites/areas.

My thoughts about the three countries, as it was my first time in all three.

Russia - had some amazing things to see in Moscow, but overall felt like another city to me (I live in NYC).

Georgia - Absolutely beautiful scenery, we drove into Georgia during sunset and the mountains were spectacular. Tbilisi was a great city to explore, as well was incredibly cheap. I honestly don't think I spent more than $20-25 USD for food for the three days. I would love to go back for a longer duration.

Armenia - Insanely beautiful. When we returned home I told people it was a complete hidden gem, and that everyone should go see it. The history of the various churches and historical sites are a marvel to see. Dilijan was perfect weather even in the summer. Yerevan was pretty nifty, although much much hotter. I really enjoyed the center of Yerevan. Armenia as a whole was incredibly cheap. Also, Armenians are overly hospitable. We went to go buy Lavash (thin bread) from a local farmer in Dilijan and he gave us a ride back to our apartment and a bottle of some homemade vodka.

If anyone is interested, I can dump some pictures.
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I hitched a ride from Tbilisi to Yerevan back in July of 2013 with a German couple who were staying at the same hostel as me and a friend. I didn't spend nearly as long in Armenia as I did in Georgia but I still impressed with the country's natural beauty and the hospitality of its inhabitants. Maybe this sounds silly, but I've never been somewhere where fucking borders guards seemed so genuinely happy to see a visitor from a faraway place - this one guy shook my hand, had this huge smile on his face,...
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How easy is it to get around if you don't speak the local language.

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Been to Bangkok for 2 weeks and of course want to go back. I am thinking Pattaya for 2 weeks and then back to Bangkok for another 2 weeks. Is there enough in Pattaya to keep me there for a month?
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Enough what? Whores, sunshine, alcohol and drugs? Yeah they aren't short of those anywhere in Thailand.
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Whores, sunshine and alcohol.
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So /trv/ I, like many of you who frequent this bored love traveling, however a lot of us don't get to do it as much as we'd like. For reasons such as finical burdens, career commitments or whatever really. We spend a lot of time dreaming about our next excursions or conjuring up memories of our past ones.

I'm low on money right now and traveling is not in the near future for me. I've sort of been on a search for films that express the essence and respect the aesthetic of a certain city/country, films that can help us bring back memories of our time...
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bump for interest
Naked, the essence of London.
Some recommendations that are also excellent films all around. I tried to stick to films made in that past 20 years that reflect the contemporary reality of these cities. Also yeah all Asia, that’s my thing.

Shanghai: Suzhou River

Hong Kong: City on Fire, Election

Tokyo: Lost in Translation, Tokyo Sonata, Ley Lines, Pigs and Battleships

Osaka: Osaka Tough Guys

Mumbai: Slumdog Millionaire

New Delhi: Amal, Siddhartha,

Varanasi: Water

Phnom Pehn: Phnom Penh Lullaby, Holly

Seoul: Park Chan-wook's Vengeance Trilogy,...
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hostel dormitory room.jpg
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So me and a bud of mine are thinking about staying in a hostel.

>are they safe?

>age requirements? (we are 18)

>personal experiences
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Yes its safe, yes 18 is old enough. Good way to meet other individuals in the same situation as you. Do it faggot!

>are they safe?

wtf man?
>age requirements
be under 30

>are they safe?
you may get an STD from fucking too many chicks

>personal experiences
a true gentleman never kisses and tells

Pick 3 of the following and reasons why:
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Budapest, Kraków, Vienna

Budapest for the nightlife
Kraków same as Budapest
Vienna for culture
>traveling for the nightlife

Lamest thing ever.

prague cause everything

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Since the old one is about to die

As always, feel free to ask about:
>places to visit / do in Japan
>How to become Yakuza?
>Teaching English in Japan
>stuff to do for weeaboos

>>If you can't get laid in your home country, you can't get laid in Japan.

The previous thread is here: >>935380
Please refer to the previous...
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Spending a couple of days in Takasaki/Maebashi on my next Japan trip. Anybody got any suggestions on cool things to do other than the Daruma temple? The basic plan is go up either Mt Haruna or Akagi since I'm travelling with a massive Initial D fan but outside of that I'm not too sure what else there is to do in that area.
I'll be moving to Aussie this coming month. But I am planning to visit Japan during Australian winter holidays, in August perhaps.

Any Aussie cunts willing to share how much they spend there? From SEA, it's rather cheap flying to Japan using Air Asia, I am afraid tickets from Aussie to Japan gonna be expensive as hell, especially during holiday season.
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What should I do with these?

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