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I'm doing some travel in the south of England in a few weeks time, are there any must-visit towns there?

So far I have Bath, Salisbury (for Stonehenge), Brighton, Devon, Torquay, Brixham and Weymouth on my list. I was interested in Cornwall too but I was told I'd be going during the off season so a lot would be closed, but I'd still be interested in checking it out. Time and budget are both flexible, bot I'm obviously not looking at five-star accommodation nor spending a long time there.

I've also been looking at train timetables, is that the best and cheapest way to get around?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Trains are generally your best bet, yes. Buses are an option, but they're not great in terms of timescales - they run infrequently, and they tend to be slow. Bear in mind that tickets for most travel in the UK by train are a lot more expensive before about 930am or so.
Is it OK to buy them on the day or better and cheaper to book them a few days in advance?
sometimes I get to the station and its more expensive so I always book online now a couple of days before travelling

Has anyone here taken the trans Siberian railway? How was it? Is it worth the cost?
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Not OP but I'm strongly considering doing that this summer.
Any personal experiences would be great.
I'm going this July from Moscow to Vladivostok. When are you going Anon? I don't have first hand experience obviously, but have done most of my planning if you have any specific questions OP. For a 18 day trip across with stops I'm looking at about 3k USD including visa costs.
I'm saving up for a big trip in a few years, road trip through eastern Europe, then transsiberian to Beijing, then train through southern China.
Gonna be long and costly, but I rally wanna experiment the trans siberian, and since it's a week long by itself I might as well slow-travel the whole thing.

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This question is slightly /out/ ish but do you think either of these backpacks are worth buying for backpacking through europe around autumn? I know Kathmandu is looked down on by some travel types, but both these models are on sale in my country, and don't look half bad.

I'll probably be doing some light hiking, day-trip out of country town stuff, but I'll primarily be lugging these around urban areas.


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What the fuck is wrong with you, dude? You're backpacking around fucking Europe, not going off to climb K2. Try on a couple of packs, read the reviews, and buy whatever seems durable and is comfortable.

I took my first four-month trip with my fucking school backpack and then another, longer one the next year with a 35L hiking back that I bought for $70 at Dick's Sporting Goods. Both held up fine and did exactly what I needed. Who cares if somebody is going to "look down on" your bag? They're an elitist prick.

Travel with something which works for you, regardless of if it's a cheap piece of crap or an expensive piece of crap with a helicopter built in.

Also, since my tone was already douchey:

>he needs a 60L backpack for a Europe trip
what the fuck is wrong with your attitude, dude? The first pack I linked says it's for "experienced travellers" (whatever that specifies) and opens longways, clearly designed for being multipurpose and not a hardcore hiking thing, second one is explicitly for "urban environment".

I'm not concerned at all of people looking down on my backpack, but I was referring to a poor reputation of the quality of the packs themselves, people saying they're overpriced/break easily, shit like that. I'm not informed enough to know how valid those assumptions are, so I asked.

You come across as a horrible elitist prick on a board I like to think as one of the most civil on 4chan. Good job packing as little as possible I'm sure than impresses everyone you mention it to. I know I can travel on less and yeah, fuck those 60-70 litre behemoths people take around, but I've decided 50-55 is a size I'm comfortable taking.

Yeah, sorry.

At the end of the day, it's your money and your decision. Have you tried checking out the reviews online? Have you can considered alternatives and gone into a store to look at your options? There's nothing wrong with taking in a tent and a handful of clothes, stuffing into a hiking bag off the shelf, and strutting around to see whether or not it's comfortable.

The mention about backpack size was just me meme-ing. What I was trying to convey - in admittedly not a very civil or proper manner - is that the choice here is entirely yours. You already know that, but there is plenty of information available online. Backpack threads on /trv/ never seem to gain much traction or go beyond people recommending various brands which are available in some parts of the world but not others.

I personally would not spend that much money on a backpack. Unless you're planning to go far off the beaten path, you don't need something overly rugged or extremely weather resistant. You'd be just as well served by something with a similar frame and attached rain tarp.

File: new_jersey.gif (153 KB, 1412x1062) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I live in Central Jersey. What the fuck is there to do? I live in a rich white town where people only get in trouble for weed. I'm about an hour way from NYC and an hour away from Philly. What do? What do you guys do when you arrive in NJ?
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That's not really a travel question, is it?

But the answer is spend all your time browsing the web, specifically 4chan.

Or you could go deer hunting, although the rules are complex. There are a lot of deer in New Jersey.
What do I do when I arrive in New Jersey?

>wake up in pitch darkness
>try to remember where I am through pounding headache
>realize I can't move
>wtf am I tied up?
>hear squealing brakes
>slam against wall and bounce around a little bit
>hear footsteps crunching on gravel
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>land in Jersey
>get in the car
>drive to my house on Long Island
That's all there is to do in Jersey as far as I can tell

File: meh.ro2202.jpg (133 KB, 550x413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Stay in 30 dollar a night hotels in Vietnam
>free razors and toothbrushes galore!

>Stay in $100 a night 5 star hotels in 'Nam
>fuck all complimentary toiletries

...yeah. Anyway, hotel/hostel stories thread? any good stories?
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Even worse is
$50 hotel
>here's your complimentary wifi password sir
$200 hotel
>wifi is only $14.99 per night sir, would you like to purchase?
Even though it's a dick move, it doesn't happen if you have a loyalty card.
This is the worst. I stayed at a Clarion in Prague and they wanted €10 extra for WiFi, €10 for coffee/tea facilities (literally a kettle and tea bags/coffee) and had zip tied the mini bar so I couldn't use the fridge. In Prague you could spend a whole day sightseeing for less than €25.

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What do you know about traveling in Indonesia? Really want to go to somewhere equatorial this summer, Indonesia is my first choice, but I want to know more
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75% chance of ending up meat on a stick
25% chance of dying from smoke inhalation
Don't be a normie and go to kuta if you decide to go to Bali. North and east shores are pretty cool. Also Banda Aceh on the island of Sumatra is an interesting place to go. Think it's a bit hostile at the moment though.

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Hey guys, i'd like some help please.
I'll be moving to Dubai in a month or two, what can I expect?

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How Asian do you look and are you male or female?
File: extreme_heat.jpg (9 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Expect summers that you literally will not be able to comprehend.
File: hellooooooooooooo.jpg (84 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pic is me

I heard they have AC literally in every building?

Anyone else who scrapped all France related plans? The country isn't safe for kids anymore.
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>Hide thread.
Not to exaggerate, but seriously, just think about the following, two terrible things happened this year, and it looks like it will keep happening at least with the same intensity.

So from any year on now, there will be 2 days where if you are a tourist and shit out of luck, you die.

Great so 2 out from 365, big deal.

However if you are a tourist, the next days will also suck, since everything will be closed, museums, the tower, cafés, everything.

Not to mention who wants to fucking go sightseeing after 130 people were murdered a couple blocks ago?

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People still went to New York after 9/11. Don't be a pussy and bow under those bastards. Have a nice trip.

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if you will go to a south american country, which one do you choose? why?
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Depends on the duration. A few weeks in Summer? Live several months there like a student or forever?
One year
I already live in one, but I would go to Brazil, it's big enough to always find me some entertainment.

File: gondola_2654168b.jpg (111 KB, 620x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone been to Venice around January? I'm considering going because it's cheaper.

Apparently all the flooding happens around November so it should be safe, but is it worth going at all?And can you ride the gondolas and shit in winter?
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Going to be cold af. I would go somewhere else, warmer areas a bit further south will also be cheaper to get to.
>Going to be cold af.

It depends.
It's being hot as fuck this year, wouldn't be surprised to see 15C° as average.
>And can you ride the gondolas and shit in winter?
I'm actually curious about this now. the canals obviously don't freeze in general, but do people still ride the gondolas in the cold?

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Travelling to Japan in January next year for about 3-4 weeks. I will spend about 3 days in Tokyo with a friend and then do a week of snowboarding up in Hakuba. Suggestions on where else to travel afterward? I was thinking Sapporo because we could do some time at the snow in Hokkaido as well but really I just want to go do some interesting things. Taking lots of pictures of landmarks and doing tours is really not my thing though.

Also are bullet trains worth it to get around or should we just stick with regular trains? Anything that is interesting around Hakuba and Tokyo...
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>Suggestions on where else to travel afterward?
If you're thinking Hokkaido I've heard it's got the better snow/conditions for snowboarding. Hakuba is just more popular, I suppose because it's closer to Tokyo. I'm going for the first time to Hokkaido in about a week. If this thread's still up, I'll report back.
>If anyone knows if snow gear is cheap there that would be great too, its really expensive in Australia and I need...
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>I'm going for the first time to Hokkaido in about a week.

For snowboarding? Really? Hokkaido has only started to get cold recently (i.e., in the past 10 days or so) and there hasn't been much snow at all. Is Niseko or any of the other resorts even open yet?

Thanks man I'll look forward to your report, I think it's pretty early in the season though.

As for the pants it'll probably work but I think pants are the most important part for snowboarding so I wouldn't skimp. A friend of a friend said that gear is cheap as over there so you could potentially get good pants but I dunno if sizing will be weird and I really can't vouch for that information.

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Hey guys. I notice there's quite a bit of information about travelling to Japan in the sticky, but I'm after less generic information. My question is: what were your personal favorite places, things and events to see while in Japan that aren't obvious tourist attractions?

I'm going to Japan for 3 weeks very soon and am it will likely be the only time I go for a while so naturally, I'd like to get as much out of the trip as I can. I'm going with a group of what you'd call hipsters (I'm more of a weeb, that's why we're going),...
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The only thing we plan on experiencing is the Chichibu Yomatsuri, simply because it's the only festival on at this time. Any of you guys have any experience with this, or any other festivals?
Didn't see the Japan General. Should I repost that there or does this kind of thing generally get its own thread? Forgiveness please ^^
Pic looks like the Higashiyama District by Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto

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Hello, /trv/.

So, I'm flying to Tulsa, Idaho via Amsterdam and Detroit from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have a butterfly knife of value and sentiment. Will it be alright to transfer it via checked luggage?

Googling has left me with unclear and different answers.

I can leave it with a family member here so, it can be held for me. I was able to take it before in freight. But moving alone this time, having only my luggage and carry on, I'm not sure what to do.
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Well you can bring unloaded guns on airlines in America as long as its in a locked case in the cargo hold. Have no idea about euro standards
Guns are different than potentially illegal knives though.
Butterfly knives are legal in Idaho and Michigan. There are no federal laws regarding knife ownership. I would imagine you would probably get much more shit about it in Edinburgh and Amsterdam than anywhere in America.

File: IMG_20151119_121438.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So here's the deal.
I know that 4chan has plenty of good and bad guys. Witch includes also good hackers.
I'm 26 years old and i'm a proud single father. I've born indo Macau in 89. But in 91 my father decided to go back to Portugal and my mother didn't. So they divorced. I still live in Portugal actually. And my mom use to sent me every christmas eve some letters sayin that she was ok, and my older sister and younger brother were fine. She even came to Portugal to visit me in 99, year where i recieve my first gameboy pocket. And she invited me...
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Holy shit your dad was "the" Bugs Bunny?
What is it like having a furry celeb and a parent?
the photos would help I guess
So, did you mother send you every years letter, once per year, but you didn't send her back? Every latter has one address in the back, you know, you can use that to messenger who wrote the letters to you.

É uma história triste, OP. Espero que termine tudo bem.

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Hey /trv/ I am going on a big adventure solo this winter.

I have received a fellowship to learn algorithmic coding and defense contract programming in Tel Aviv.

My housing and breakfasts will be paid for. But I will need to buy dinners and snacks.

I have booked a super cheap flight ($450) to Rome with a 9 hour layover before going to Tel Aviv. I will be flying over Christmas.

I have a few questions:

Will I be able to see any of the touristy attractions in Rome in 9 hours? The airport is only 30 mins from the Colosseum etc, I will probably never...
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Fuck outta here with your huge jew nose. Hitler did nothing wrong. Free Palestine
I'm not Jewish. Tel Aviv is a tech capital. Also get fugged by the allies Sven and get keked by merkle and her refugees.
Bump please help

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